Sex in the Suburbs pt. 1

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Sex in the Suburbs pt. 1
My wife and my friends, Annie and Frank, whom we have swapped with and gone to sex clubs a few times moved to Denver. Frank got transferred there, Annie went with Frank to find a house while Frank was working. She called my wife several times for opinions, but finally settled on a mid price house in an established neighborhood. What happened after they moved in was relayed to us by both Annie and Frank as they invited us to come visit.

Annie was getting to know some of her neighbors and had a few of the neighborhood wives over for brunch one morning. Now I haven’t mentioned what Annie looks like, sorry it took so long. Annie is about 5’6″ inches tall, weighs about 120 pounds and has a great figure 36″ 25″ 37″. She is olive skinned and looks about ten years younger than her age. She has dark hair and likes to dress conservatively sexy. Not slutty but she has always seemed to get men’s attention. Anyway the ladies all finished their meal and started talking about a party that night they were attending while Annie was clearing away the food and dishes. Annie asked where the party was since it seemed everyone was going, one of the ladies Melissa said she did not want Annie to think bad of them and that she would only tell her if she really wanted to know. Annie thought about it for a moment and said yes.

Melissa asked the other girls thought it would be okay and they all eagerly said yes, too. Melissa said that there was no use beating about the bush, they were going to the monthly neighborhood sex party. Annie said she got excited and said I was going to get around to asking sooner or later about if any of the girls did any swinging. She went on to say that she and Frank had been swinging for several years. Melissa said that Frank and Annie would be welcome tonight at the Miller’ house down the street.

Annie asked Melissa what the protocol was so that she and Frank would not alienate anyone on their first visit. Melissa told Annie that a different house each month hosted and that everyone came in normal everyday dress to not draw attention of non-participants. When everyone was pretty much there the host would provide a sexual encounter to set the mood for the evening. Then after watching it was pretty much anything goes. After everyone had partied, the neighborhood rule was that you had to leave with who you came with, when they left. Annie said that sounded great to her and she knew Frank would go along. Then Melissa said she would see Annie and Frank tonight at 8 pm. at the Miller’s.

At 8 pm. that night Annie and Frank arrived at the Miller’s. Several other couples were approaching the house with them and everyone started introducing themselves as they went into the house. Annie noticed the Miller’s had a spacious living area and the seating was arrayed in such a manner as to focus everyone attention towards the back wall which was lit up similar to a stage. Everyone settled in and Annie and Frank and Melissa and her husband Carl sat on a couch really close to the lit area. Annie was wet with anticipation and wondering what they were in for in the way of the preliminaries to group sex and how it would help or hinder.

Suddenly, the room lights went down, leaving the stage lighting only, Annie’s hand gripped Frank’s leg with anticipation. A man dressed as in regular clothing walked in and said, “Welcome, I am Tom Miller, you are all welcome in my home and that hopefully you were in for a treat.” And now without further ado let me introduce my wife Amy and our very old friend from Seattle, George. In walked a pretty-faced blonde women wearing a white bathrobe from one side and a large man with dark hair walked and a matching white bathrobe walked in from the other. Music started from somewhere, George and Amy moved together and started kissing. As their hands started exploring into and over the robes Annie noticed other people watching started caressing themselves or the someone next to them with just their hands and fingers.

She looked back as George and Amy opened their robes, Annie gasped. While Amy was about Annie’s height she was larger in the breast area with at least D-cups but there was little to no sag and they looked great, but what had taken her breath (and everyone else’s in the room) was George. He had the largest cock Annie had ever seen! She heard Frank give a low whistle in admiration and heard Melissa say “Oh. my!” It was fully 14 inches long but the girth of it was the amazing part. The head looked like the size of a small g****fruit and the shaft was a good 5″ in diameter and lined with thick veins that looked like small ropes. His balls were the size of baseballs and hung down to his thighs. When it came into view Amy eyes glazed over and she started moaning wantonly, she fell on her knees before the great cock and grasping it with both hands she started stroking the shaft up and down. People watching began moving around for a better view on the whole scene.

Amy began kissing George’s huge cock and licking it while she continued stroking it with both her hands. The shaft started to glisten with her saliva and she sped up her stroking as it became wet. Amy tried to take the head into her mouth and could not so she rotated her head as she sucked and sucked trying to suck on all of that huge head. She kept at it for several minutes while the onlookers were enthralled. Amy and George were glistening with sweat as Amy seemed to try harder and harder to please the great cock. Amy was now grunting and moaning with want for the huge cock. George’s body was dripping with sweat and was starting to arch his back and clench his buttocks in response to Amy’s relentless attack on his cock head and shaft. Amy was now stroking harder and harder, sucking and sucking on the head. Saliva dripping off the great cock mixed with pre-cum seemed to only cause Amy to strive harder and harder. Amy was now sweating profusely as she labored and sought George’s cum load.

Annie and Melissa were now stroking each other with one hand and their husbands pricks through their pants with the other. But none on them or the other onlookers could take their eyes off of the sex scene they were being treated to by Amy and George. Amy and George were now at a fever pitch, Amy grunting like an a****l and manipulating the huge cock relentlessly. George was moaning and writhing with pleasure. They both were dripping and furiously moving in rhythm with the slurping, sucking sounds of Amy’s efforts on George’s huge cock. Onlooker’s breath was coming in gasps and moans as they watched the heat of Amy’s assault on the great cock. Everyone was wondering how long George could hold off shooting his load. He was straining to hold it in but Amy was determined and would not be denied. She pumped harder and harder sucked more and more. George gave a loud shout I’m coming and everyone was transfixed on the end of his huge cock. Suddenly he lurched and Amy mouthed clamped down on the orifice of that huge glistening cock, her cheeks bulged and rivulets of thick, creamy cum came streaming out of the sides of her mouth. It was flowing down her chin and tits, down her stomach and furry snatch and pooling on the carpet. Amy was swallowing all she could and it was still gushing out.

Annie said she had an orgasm just from the amazing turn on, and said that Frank came in his pants. From the gasps and moans Annie and Frank heard from the others in the room others were experiencing the same pleasures. George was still
shaking and quivering as the last of his cum flowed into Amy’s limp mouth. Amy was just kneeling there not moving, dripping with cum, with her eye’s glazed over. She looked like she had almost passed out. The cum puddle under her was huge from her knees almost to her ankles. Her husband Tom picked up her robe placed it over her shoulders and helped her up to a chair. He then walked to another room and came back with a tripod sign that said wet floor and put it over the cum puddle and said he had seen this before. Tom said he hoped everyone
had enjoyed the show and that he didn’t know about the rest of them but he was horny as hell! (TO BE CONTINUED)…

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