Sex Studio Secrets #13: Lisette-1

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Sex Studio Secrets #13: Lisette-1

Lisette is a friend for a few years, we shared my sexy smoke several times with some Mary Jane

Lisette looks lovely, she is a slender sensual sexy sweet tender terrific tasty tiny tit teen
I invite her to my sex studio for an interesting intimate interview on her sexual experiences
She gladly accepts with a blush and a smile, so I give her the address and the code to enter
Easily we set the date for her visit, which will be her first ever naked appearance on camera
Tasty you look in those cute cut-offs, I do love your looks! I tell her as I take her coat
Thank you Professor Peter, perhaps I will show you even more, when you get your camera going?
Easy does it – I like your style! – Please come upstairs through my BDSM-shop to the studio!

Lisette likes to tease me in this sexy setting for her, full of new naughty nice tasty tools

Lisette lets me look at her legs and awesome ass as she takes the steps of the steep stairs
I love to watch you move your bottom love and how you purposely take your time each step
Kinky things I saw in your shop, almost anything I noticed is new to me in my private life
Everything any lustful lady might want to add spice to her love life is available it seems?
Several items you might try for first time later love, first I want to listen to your story!

Lisette likes to cut her long love and sex story short as she longs for other things on camera

Long story short: You know, I was early at everything! – I masturbate as long as I remember
Usually girls start that when their boobies start to grow, but I already had my first fuck!
Soon I experimented with everything: two guys at one time and anal, or grabbing girlfriends
Teens are hot and horny all the time as soon as they discover sex! – Seems the same for you!
First time nice or a bummer like for most girls as far as I know, how was your inauguration?
Usual for first fuck: he came fast, even inside me, too quickly for me to get a proper orgasm
Long time I didn’t have to wait when an elder man properly probed my pussy long enough to come

Lisette slowly strips and starts to tease her love lips, play her pretty pussy and explodes

Lisette I long to see all of you and watch while you play your pussy, show me your love lips
I love that fat twat and beautiful butterfly love lips with your thick clit taking a peek at me!
Feel like showing me now your first ever orgasm on film horny hottie lovely looking Lisette love?
Enormous sexy surprise when within minutes lovely Lisette sexy squirts so hard she wets my mirror!

Lisette longs to make love in front of so many mirrors and all cameras cued at her sexy actions

Lisette longs for love in front of camera like fucking her boyfriend with those mirrors in my studio
Only problem is that this sex-shop is for ladies only, she wonders whether she shall dress him female
Now that would be very funny, but sooner or later Professor Peter will find out when we will undress
Gosh why is life so complicated if you just long to make love in front of the camera? I’d better ask
I like to come again but time next with my boyfriend, can I bring him along to this palace of sex? No man except me has ever set any step in this lustful ladies’ beautiful boudoir, you young yummy!
Gosh, can’t we talk about it? I’ll be sweet and good to you, you know! — Haha, now you’re talking!

Lisette listens carefully to my curious ideas and propositions for a sexy compromise between us

Lisette looks very sexy and seductive with her blushes and full lips from her fresh enormous orgasm
Old Pete has a weak spot in his heart, where his principles melt at the sight of a sexy tasty teen
Very well, let us negociate lovely Lisette – I am sure every one can get happy with the outcome
Extreme exception it would be, the very first even! – Listen to my propositions for now and then!

Another acrostichon
or name-game poem
with first letters
each line reading:


To be continued soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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