Sex Studio Secrets #19: Hakima-2

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Sex Studio Secrets #19: Hakima-2

Hakima and I meet her tasty teen twins in their traditional village up at the mountains’ poor side
We are welcomed as most honoured guests and served specialities by old fam1ly traditional recipes
Hot Hakima watches with satisfaction how my trousers serve as a tent, hardly holding in my hard-on
We love the looks of the tasty tiny tit twins who serve us bare breasted by old standing tradition

Hot Hakima and I fly one week earlier to Bali before the lesbian couple will arrive as our guests
We need time to train the tasty teen twins: the two nice nieces, who live there and will serve us
Hakima is horny all time since she helped to me to set up the scene, she showed me their pictures
We need necklaces with different colours to help me tell them apart, like lapis lazulis and rubin

Hakima and I buy the precious stones and leather necklaces and also blue and red hand-cuffs for them
We book seats at last row of the direct flight from Amsterdam Airport and Hakima has the window seat
Hot Hakima is as sexy as submissive, so she wears no underwear underneath her sexy short silk dress
We alternate between her instructions how to discipline her tasty teen nice nieces and her orgasms!

Hot Hakima gets secretly an orgasm as a reward for remembering each scene of our sexy strategy well
We enjoy our privacy at our back row, where only the slender sexy stewardesses see our fornications
Hakima comes about once every hour, so about a dozen times! She longs so much for my mighty manhood
We do not allow her to touch it! Not even through my trousers which look like a tall tent at times!

Hakima and I drive the white limousine with darkened windows from the airport to the twins village
We want to impress the locals there, who live at the poor North side of the mountain of our choice
Hakima and I are guests of honour and the tasty twins serve us food first, in traditional costume
We both admire their bare tasty little tits, so firm, so pure, never been touched by a man before!

Hot Hakima gets emotional seeing her relatives after so many years again, a bit intoxicated by arak
We both like the local wine and our sweet sexy servants, so the feast lasts all evening and longer!
Hakima and I share a small bed in the second bed of their ‘guest room’, where the twins are as well
We are both breathtaking hot by now by the sexy sights so Hakima offers me her bottom on two pillows

Hakima tries to be silent when she comes. It doesn’t help us much. In the moonlight I see shiny eyes
We just gave the twins a sexy show, I whisper in her ear. I bet their twats are as wet as yours now!
Hot Hakima sighs sexily and whispers back to me: Tomorrow you can inspect them intimately my dearest
We doze off, but in my dreams I hear how their breathing deepens and some soft sighs. Is it a dream?

Fine friends share their wealth with those trusted ones, who earn their sexy share of all foxy fun!
French friends are best in bed or at least on long evenings and nights full of foxy fun and laughing
Fine erotic example is how we three run into naughty Nono never refusing a tight tasty twat on offer
Ferocious fucking for five: Nono and Hakima in the garden. Me and the tasty teen twins watching them

Fast forward a few days after the teens are already disciplined well enough to come out with us two:
For proof how small the world is for fine friends, we meet by chance my French friend Nono up there!
For sure Hakima is hot at him! I notice how her nipples harden under her slight silk short shirt …
For sure her tasty teen nice nieces notice nothing as they follow my orders to keep their eyes at me

I invite my fine French friend for some sexy foxy fun at the fine secluded villa up the sunny side
I am not amazed that Hakima gets hot for her first French lover, hoping for his firm ‘French kisses’
I notice how she shows her shaven slit to him by ‘bare accident’, licks her lips as she sees a tent!
I tell the tasty teen twins to follow me to the bedroom with my wide screen seeing everything outside

Nono knows to take his sexy chances as he sees the seed-hungry shine in the eyes of hot horny Hakima!
Not a time and place to lose time, he realises and orders hot Hakima to come closer to open his pants
Nono has an enormous hard-on! Hakima forgets my instructions, starts immediately to munch his member!
Not an offer to be refused as a guest, thinks Nono and he allows her to swallow first sip of his semen

Montre moi tes orifices ouvertes ma chérie! J’ai envie de t’enculer, ma pétite!
Maitre Nono donne ma Nana sa bite. Ma Nana suce le super grand gros gland blanc
My chérie, à quatre pattes s’íl te plait! Nono wants you to bend over on all fours
My sexy sub hot horny Hakima eagerly follows my order to serve my French friend!

To be continued soon …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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