She finds satisfaction in her father in laws arms

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She finds satisfaction in her father in laws arms
This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story.

Cheri hated this. She and her husband needed to get money from her in-laws — again. “Where’s Marsha?”

Dan let his daughter-in-law in, “My better half isn’t here right now.”

Shit, Cheri thought, now I have to ask him and he doesn’t like me. She sat in a chair opposite her father-in-law. “Adair and I need about a $1000 to get some stuff.”

“Of course you do, why else would you fucking come here?”

Cheri felt her face burning with embarrassment, “What do you mean by that?”

“The only time you or my fucking useless stepson comes here or calls is when you want something.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Fair! Let me tell you about that word. My wife and I are buying two houses; you and he live in one and pay nothing. We pay your electric, gas and your water bills. We are making the payments for your car and his. Now you think nothing of coming here, yet again, to get more money to buy another piece of crap. My wife and I both work our butts off so you two can fuck off. We don’t get a cruise or any other vacation. I have to watch my wife worry herself sick over paying your bills as well as our own. So I don’t really give a flying fuck what you think is fair!”

She wanted to tell the old son of a bitch to shove it up his ass, but she and Adair needed the money. “I’ll just come back when your wife is at home; you’re too much of an asshole.”

“Yeah that’s right. My wife is the only person left that believes the sun rises and sets on her son’s head, the rest of us know different. You two don’t like me because I’m the one person that will actually say what a worthless bum he really is. –”

Cheri just turned to leave but Dan continued, “– She’ll be back soon. She makes a hell of a lot more than I do, so she has the right to say where most of it goes. When you ask for the money look at the rings under her eyes where she hasn’t slept and the tracks of the tears on her face where she’s cried,” and he slammed the door.

With everything he had said running through her brain, she drove slowly to delay getting back home. Cheri hated having to tell her husband that they wouldn’t be getting the money, but she didn’t want to go back to ask for it from his mother just in case his stepdad would be there. She found Adair playing a video game. “I didn’t get the money.”

He chuckled, “Got my stepdad instead of my mom didn’t you?”

Cheri was feeling a little guilty because of what Dan had said, “Why don’t we just pay for it ourselves?”

“You have a part-time job that doesn’t pay shit, and I don’t have even that.”

She had an unpleasant feeling in her stomach. “You could get a factory job or something, all of our friends work.”

“Look if we’re going to get into it again, I’ll just go over and get it from my mom later, I always do.”

She hated to admit it but her father-in-law was right, Adair would do everything but get a job. He even went to college at the urging of his mom who had cosigned for the loan. All he did was screw off for two years and run up a bill. Cheri went through the mail lying on the table in the hallway, “You need to call the student loan people.”

“And tell them what; I don’t have any fucking money?”

Sighing she looked over the table into the mirror and barely recognized who was looking back at her. Cheri headed for the bedroom, she needed to think. After lying on the bed for few minutes Adair poked his head in.

“Want to fuck?”

Cheri didn’t respond but watched as he dropped his pants and climbed onto the bed. Her brain had shut down and she was numb as he pulled her jeans and panties off and climbed on top of her. Her husband said no words of love; expressed no compassion or emotion and never noticed the tears flowing down her cheeks. She felt nothing – her body felt the pressure of being penetrated but no other physical sensation. She realized he was done when he got off of her.

Without a kiss or saying anything, she watched as her husband left to go back to his video game. Turning her head into her pillow, her sobs racked her entire body. Sometime later she got out of bed, cleaned herself up and left the house. She didn’t really know where she was going. Finally Cheri had to park the car, her hands were shaking so bad she felt she would wreck. She just held her head in her hands.

“Are you coming in?”

She jumped at the voice, and when she looked up realized she had driven to her in-laws home. Why was her father-in-law inviting her inside? He had just slammed the door on her earlier. Her brain wasn’t really working right but she managed to get out of the car.

Dan refused to look her in the eye. He had blown up at her before and shouldn’t have. Letting her in, they went to sit in the living room, “Cheri I’m sorry about earlier…I don’t mean to be like that.”

A smile came to her face as she heard the first words of tenderness she’d had all day, “It’s all right.” She sniffed, “Is that coffee I smell?”

“I just made some, want a cup?”

Cheri got up, “I’ll get it for both of us.” Having helped with many meals, she knew her way around their kitchen. As she brought it back and set his cup on the coffee table in front of him she saw him looking down her blouse. What made her smile and not say anything was that as quickly as he had looked he got a guilty expression on his face and glanced away. As she sat back down she wondered if everything was all right between him and her mother in-law.

Dan sighed, “Look, I think I can swing the $1000.”

“I thought you didn’t have it.”

“We don’t, but I can cash in one of our CD’s.”

Cheri turned and looked into his eyes, “Isn’t that for you and your wife’s retirement?”

Dan swallowed, “I don’t think that’s going to be necessary.”

Cheri felt ashamed; being so wrapped up with her own problems she just thought her father-in-law was a jerk. She had never noticed his pain. Her hand rested on his, “What’s wrong with Marsha?”

“I don’t know and she’s too stubborn to go to the doctor because all he ever does is complain about her weight and she’s tired of hearing it.”

Suddenly his daughter-in-law wrapped her arms around him and held him to her. Dan was all mixed up inside, he loved his wife but his daughter-in-law was nice looking, nice smelling and her full breasts were close — too close. He pushed away, “We shouldn’t do this.”

“How long has it been?”

Dan knew exactly what he was being asked, “My wife hasn’t felt good for some time, so I can’t bring myself to force my sexual needs on her.” He stopped, and even though they had moved apart her scent was drawing him. “I would rather do without than know she doesn’t want to do anything but is doing it anyway.”

The tears flowed down her face. Her father-in-law was officially the sweetest guy she had ever talked to. His love and respect for his wife had warmed her heart. After her disastrous evening with her husband she could only hope that someday Adair would be as compassionate and loving with her. Her arms wrapped around him again and held him, sharing the pain and the tears.

Dan pressed into her, craving tenderness. “When I was asked by her what I wanted for Christmas I told her I wanted her. When I was asked by her what I wanted for my birthday I told her the same thing.” He was getting her shirt wet with his tears, “You have no idea how hard asking for sex is for me. She buys me stuff when what I want is her. I know she would give me the other if she could. She’s up in bed asleep right now because she doesn’t feel good. My sex life is my hand and my fantasies and I’m almost out of those.”

Cheri had no idea her in-laws needed such emotional support. She cried for him, for Marsha and for herself. She told him of what had happened with her husband earlier. “After I left here, I was pretty upset. I got home and Adair and I had a few words about it. I realized he was what you said because he fully intended to come here and get the money from Marsha.” I went to our bedroom to be alone, I needed to think. Adair came in and asked if I wanted to fuck. I was numb inside and couldn’t answer. He just shoved himself in me. There was no feeling, he didn’t kiss me or whisper I love you. There was no tenderness; he didn’t even notice that I was crying all through it.”

Dan pushed away from her and this time he held her in his arms. Her entire body was shaking as she cried. “I’m sorry,” and he gave a heavy sigh, “Now I feel even worse at blowing up at you.”

“There was no love,” Her voice cracked with emotion,” Adair made me feel like a whore.”

Dan ran his hand through her hair, “You need to calm down. This can be worked out.” As his fingers slipped through her hair he noticed the light playing on each strand.

Cheri liked the way his fingers felt in her hair. Her mind found it hard to concentrate on her problems with his fingers making her relax. She knew she shouldn’t be like this with her father-in-law but couldn’t seem to make herself move. A soft sigh escaped her as he slowly started to massage her neck. Shifting slightly so that his fingers could move around a little, she realized that her face was inches away from his penis. She smiled because he wasn’t getting turned on; he was doing this simply because he was trying to give comfort and support. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, I hope that helped.”

She exhaled in one long deep breath, realizing she should get up. What he had done felt nice and she had enjoyed herself. She mumbled under her breath, “I deserve better,” and stretch, rubbing across the front of his pants. She hadn’t meant to do it; at least she didn’t think she did. But as she heard him suck in his breath she found it irresistibly sweet. Cheri knew in her heart that it had been no accident.

At 24 she should be on top of the world and was as far from that as a person could get. Instead she felt fragile and bruised and needed tenderness. She not only wanted to get it but to give it. There was a need to feel another person’s touch being soft and delicate, not hard and rough. Her spirit craved warmth and compassion. Cheri knew she should end this and go home, but she also knew that Adair would just want to fuck and she yearned for a physical contact that was intimate and delicate. Her decision made, she took a deep breath and turned in his arms. As her lips found his, even as she placed the hand on her father-in-law’s pants and started to gently tease him.

He felt himself start to react. Dan placed his hand on hers and moved it away, “I’m honored you would think of me for that, but I’m afraid I could never satisfy you.”

They had shared pain and her need for solace joined with his in as potent an aphrodisiac as there was. Her father-in-law had no idea that he had already satisfied her. Wrapping her arms around him she brought her lips to his and felt him respond. “I need to be needed right now.”

Dan was extremely nervous as his tongue flicked against her lips. They felt soft and inviting, “I feel like a school k** experiencing being with a girl for the first time.”

Pressing herself into him, she parted her lips and accepted his tongue into her mouth. What he said just drew her closer to him. She nibbled at his lip and placed his hands on her shirt front. Cheri had large breasts and was used to having men stare at her. She knew her husband loved what she had on top and was surprised when her father-in-law played for a few seconds and then returned his hands to her hair.

“Did I ever tell you that I think your hair is like watching a rainbow? It’s soft and shiny and reflects the light. I could let my fingers play for hours.”

Her heart skipped a beat as she felt his fingers playing. So simple a gesture expressed to her more gentleness than she’s had experienced for quite some time. Adair hadn’t been her first. Cheri wasn’t a tramp but had been with her share of guys. They had all been around her age. She was an exercise fanatic excessing on each pound she gained and all of her lovers had been fairly trim. She wondered why she was so attracted to her father-in-law. He was nothing like the others. He was much older than her, and definitely a little overweight. She felt his fingers nervously explore what was beneath her shirt front. A smile spread across her face, he was like a k** in a candy store and it gave her a warm feeling to experience it with him.

Giving him a quick kiss she pulled her shirt off. Keeping her eyes on his face, she undid her bra and let it drop to the floor. She had expected to see lust, instead she saw something else. Her eyes closed as his fingers gently brushed across her nipples. Cheri was dumbfounded as realization sunk in. He was worried. All of the guys she’d been with were concerned with getting themselves off; he was concerned with getting her off.

If she hadn’t gotten pregnant she and Adair probably wouldn’t have gotten married. She had been a good wife for all of that, and remembered the faces of those that came to see her when she had miscarried. Adair had been relieved. Marsha, Dan and all of her friends had been sorry for her losing the baby. She thought about it trying to remember details, her father-in-law alone had looked in her eyes and asked if she was all right. They had communicated in that moment. He had wanted to know if she was okay, physically, emotionally and spiritually and she knew it.

Whispering in his ear, “Most women with large breasts don’t like them played with,” she almost burst out laughing when he moved his hand away like he was burnt. Standing up she held her hand out to him and helped him stand up. She moved to kiss him but licked his ear instead, “I do, and I really like having my nipples sucked.” She lay back on the sofa and held her arms open for him.

Dan knelt down and kissed her and let his fingers roam over her soft skin. He spent time discovering his daughter-in-law. He took in how incredibly soft her skin was and the light flowery scent. As his tongue traveled slowly down her chest, he spent time teasing as he licked all over her breasts except for the dark red spots that were drawing him to come and play. Leaving her nipples for last, when his lips finally closed around them and sucked he was especially pleased to hear her softly moan.

As she reacted to him, the pure joy she saw in his eyes made Cheri feel like she was on d**gs. She had never experienced being with someone that was more interested in what pleasure he could give than get. Her hands feverishly opened her belt and jeans. He got the idea and as he tried to help her off with her clothes she had to raise her butt up to help him. The look on his face seeing her nude made her heart skip a beat. When his hand touched between her legs she grabbed it and placed his finger inside of her. Biting her lip at the pleasure, she kissed him. “Ah…um,” he had already gotten her so wet his finger slid in easily.

She closed her eyes to the pleasure as he added additional fingers and gently made the heat spread. Most guys were rough and scratched as they used their fingers on a girl’s sensitive area, in a hurry to get to the fucking part. He wasn’t in a hurry and was being so careful; she could feel the difference as her father-in-law played.

With his lips and tongue, he gradually made his way down her stomach, and lower. Dan was mesmerized – his daughter-in-laws pussy was shaved. He kept running his fingers over it and in it. He listened to her softly sigh as he rubbed her clit between his thumb and finger. “Can I go down on you?”

Cheri choked on the emotions she was feeling. “Doesn’t Marsha let you do that?” Dan shook his head, still unable to take his eyes away from between her legs. She nodded and watched him lower his mouth. His appreciation was written all over his face, she wasn’t getting but giving. A moan escaped her as his tongue started licking. The pleasure increased as she felt his lips nibbling as well. She grabbed the cushion of the sofa as waves of sensation spread through her. “Oh shit,” she didn’t understand why Marsha didn’t like it.

She buried her head in the pillow to keep from making a loud noise. She was biting her lip and having trouble breathing – damn he was good at this! His tongue was everywhere. Her voice was raspy with passion as she tried to whisper so they wouldn’t wake up Marsha, “Stop…or…I’m going to cum.” She was stunned at the pure joy on his face.

“I can’t think of a more wonderful gift from a nicer person, please don’t make me stop.”

Cheri’s heart jumped in her chest. She certainly didn’t have feelings like this toward Adair and hadn’t had them for any other guy she’d been with. What she was feeling for her father-in-law she simply didn’t understand. “Then don’t stop.” As she felt his mouth and tongue attack her again, she also felt his fingers in her pussy and ass.

Dan loved the aroma of a woman in the middle of enjoying having sex. He loved the taste of her and the way her sensitive flesh felt against his tongue. He never used his teeth but he did use his lips to nibble her clit as he licked all over. As she got more excited she reminded him of the sweet smell of innocence mixed with a touch of naughtiness.

She gave herself over to whatever he wanted to do to her and the pleasure he needed to give. She’d had oral sex before and had gotten off that way but it was usually just a way to get to the fucking part. It had never been like what she was experiencing. Her father-in-law could give those younger guys lessons on how to treat a woman. It was getting incredibly hard to keep from making noise. His lips and tongue were going crazy and seemed to be everywhere at once. His fingers sliding in and out of her pussy and ass felt like she was getting fucked at the same time.

Cheri flushed with the heat of passion. It started under her breasts, and then spread to her nipples, chest, face, hands, even the soles of her feet. She placed her hand in her mouth to keep from screaming. She was close to exploding, her heart beat faster and she was having trouble breathing. Finally the muscles in her entire body tensed. The explosion was accompanied by a low guttural moan. The waves started at the base of her stomach, and delightful sensations of pleasure shot through her. “I’m Cumming,” it wasn’t her telling him she was there so much as pleading for him to stop, but he didn’t stop. Her orgasm continued on and on as he didn’t let up.

Finally she begged, “No – more – please.” Cheri was almost grateful that he stopped. Red-faced from the sheer intensity she could only lay there on the sofa and try to breathe. The sensations slowly subsided and her brain started to work again. She realized that her father-in-law had laid his head on her chest. She absently ran her fingers through his hair.

Dan whispered, “I like listening to your heart. Thank you for letting me share such a special a moment with you.”

Her arms came went around and she held him to her. “I didn’t think you liked me.”

“I was angry at Adair for using his mother and for her letting him. I’m sorry if I directed those feelings at you, I didn’t mean to.”

Cheri had never experienced such an intense physical moment. Some guys had gotten her off but most of the time she didn’t. In her heart she knew they weren’t just having sex, it was more — much more. “I want you.”

“Could you…I mean…would you…oh boy…I would love it if you would be on top.”

Cheri pushed him off of her and made him lay on the floor. His cock had gotten soft; kneeling beside him she watched his face as her mouth closed around him. She was surprised, not that he liked what she was doing but that she liked him enjoying it so much. As he got hard she teased with her tongue, licking under the head. Making wet marks down his length she sucked and licked his balls.

Strange feelings flooded through her. She had always been very strict about who she had sex with. Her men had to be young, fit and hung. This was what was needed to satisfy her, before they ever got inside of her body. Yet her father-in-law wasn’t young and although he wasn’t fat, he hadn’t been near a gym for some time. As she sucked him, her eyes kept straying to the light playing on his graying chest hair. Cheri needed him, not just wanted him, and didn’t understand it.

Straightening up, she threw her leg over him and used her hand to guide his cock into her. She couldn’t help but compare him to her husband and she felt very protective. Her father-in-law wasn’t as big, but it wasn’t something he would ever hear from her. As he slid into her, a warmth spread though her. He may not have been any of the things she thought she wanted in a man, but the look on his face made her know he belonged there.

“Um, that feels so good.”

It was awkward at first; Cheri hadn’t done it this way for some time, but a rhythm soon had him sliding in and out of her. Adair said he didn’t like the feel of someone’s weight on top of him. She suspected it was because he couldn’t be in control. Dan’s cock slipped in and out and it felt delicious. “Do you like it?” To her surprise he rose up and kissed her.

“It feels wonderful because you are wonderful.”

Cheri never guessed that her day would have gone where it did, especially as she never once thought of her father-in-law in a sexual way. Watching his face she contracted her vagina muscles and saw the added pleasure he received. It was fun giving pleasure especially to someone that appreciated it.

Pushing him back down, her movements started getting faster and more demanding. She wanted him in her harder, she liked it that way. Grinding herself into him, she was determined that they weren’t going to stop until she got him off. Even as she used her knees to bounce up and down, she heard his breathing getting labored and he was making soft grunting noises. She knew he was close. Cheri was very agile and bent down to kiss him even as she kept him moving him in and out of her. “Cum for me, I want to give you this.”

Months of nothing released from him. Dan kissed her soft sweet lips, “I’m cumming.”

Cheri felt his hard cock jerking inside of her, “More, I want it all.” Suddenly she felt his hands under her butt raising her up. As he supported her weight he rammed his cock into her harder and harder, faster and faster. “Yes – yes – yes,” she made herself continue to whisper. Finally, he let her down and she lay on top of him, her lips to his, his softening cock still in her. He may not have been as big as some of the younger men she’d had but he definitely knew how to use what he had.

Dan kissed her, “Please don’t take this the wrong way. Tell Adair that I will go to the bank and cash in that C.D. next week.”

She smiled; he didn’t want her to think that what they had just done had gotten them the money. She didn’t. “Don’t you dare, if he wants money he can earn it.”

They stared at one another, each thinking their own version of the same thing. Cheri saw it in his eyes – what now? She certainly had never intended of doing anything with her father-in-law, and she knew he had never thought about doing this with her, but that didn’t change anything.

She knew she should be getting back home. Yet even as she thought this, she was already wanting them to be together again, being alone so they could do anything. She especially wanted to be able to scream as he made her cum again with his mouth. That would be wonderful. She wondered if she should spend a lot more time in her in-laws home taking advantage of every opportunity. Her imagination ran wild as she pictured doing so many things with him, wanting to tease and to please him in so many ways.

Cheri placed her hands on either side of his face and looked deep into his eyes. Her lips brushed his and she felt him return her kiss, softly, tenderly. She sighed, what should she do?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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