She finds what #11 Means PT3

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She finds what #11 Means PT3
Jessica could not believe the number of climaxes she had as he pounded her. She seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm. In her ecstasy, she was screaming, “Need your cock! Need your black cock so baaaad!”

Even though he was down the hall in the guest room, Jim could hear his wife’s rantings, their flesh slapping against each other, the bed banging the wall, Jessica beseeching for more and her shrieking orgasms. Marcus must have been a fuck monster the way he kept going into his wife. He couldn’t believe his spouse’s continual pleadings to be fucked. Marcus had turned his wife into a greedy married slut. In spite of his depression, Jim’s cock never got soft, as if he had been watching a pornographic movie. After Marcus let out an exultant bellow, things quieted down and he fell asleep.

Marcus had fallen asleep spooning Jessica, her firm rounded hips nestled against his groin, and his eternally stiff prick poking between her legs and into her drenched pussy. Jessica awoke and was immediately sensitive to the wonderful pressure in between her thighs. Even though she had been screwed more already that night than she had been in the last six months, her body still craved more passion. She started subtly moving her ass back and forth, shoving her firm soft cheeks into Marcus’ groin, and sliding his black shaft in and out of her slippery, damp pussy. Oh jeez, does that iron pipe feel so good in there, beamed Jessica to herself. She pulsed her vaginal tube around the rim of his cock head as it pistoned in and out, and she felt a deeper penetration as his prick extended. Oh, yes, a big cock like this is what I fantasized about! pondered Jessica as she thought about all the actresses she had watched.

Marcus took pleasure in Jessica’s awakening. He was thrilled that he had run into such an insatiable slut with a wimp husband. He let Jessica continue to slip her exceptionally constricted sodden canal up and down his dick. He could feel himself growing further up into her tighter areas which were gripping his expanding head vigorously. He let her know he was awake by reaching over and seizing her upper breast and kneading it, squeezing her nipple out between two fingers.

Jessica shoved her ass harder against Marcus. “Oh, yes you stud! Fuck me again! Huge black cock feels so good in my pussy!”

“Feel better than Jimmie-boy’s little dink?”

“Ohhhh, Gaaawd yes! A real cock! What every woman needs to get fucked with!”

“You my married weekend slut?”

“Oh, yeeeeees. Anything you want to me! Just keep your cock in me!”

Without separating from Jessica, Marcus got up on his knees and pulled her with him. He started stroking longer into her sodden cunt, pulling almost all the way out, and then propelling in to bang off her cervix. His hands seized her ass cheeks and mauled her spheres. His thumb traced up and down the crevice, and teased her rear access. Her pain was overwhelmed by the pleasure of his cock and thumb as they were driving Jessica towards yet another climax. Just as she was about to crescendo, Marcus slowed down to relish his gratification as her inner walls milked his hypersensitive rod. As he leisurely moved in and out, stimulating their vulnerable flesh, he pushed his thumb in past the tight sphincter of her ass. Jessica had never been penetrated there by something this large. Spitting on her ass, he lubricated the invasion so he could pump into her asshole faster. The stimulation of Jessica’s cunt was being replaced by a burn emanating from her butt. As the pleasure grew from this new source, she tried to shove her ass back to encompass more of Marcus’ thumb. As she increased the tempo of her efforts, Marcus’ cock again aroused her pussy. She was getting it from both sides and rapidly approaching an orgasm.

“Feel good bitch! You like me in both your holes?” Marcus snarled.

“Oh God yeeees!”

“Ever been fucked like this before?”

“No, neeevveeeeeeeer!”

“Like my cock?”

“I looooovvveee your big black cock!”

“Do anything to have it?”


“Yes, you will!” And with that he pulled his stiff pole all the way out of her hot drenched cunt. It was shiny and dripping with her love juices.

“Put it back, OOOhhhh pleeeese shove your cock back in me! Need to be fucked more!” despaired Jessica

“You bet!” And with that he pushed the expanded head to her asshole. Due to its girth, it would not slide in the puckered hole. Her tight virgin sphincter was keeping him out.

“Oh nooooooo, not there!” Jessica was terrified at what that enormous cudgel would feel like if it penetrated her ass. She was afraid that she would be torn apart.

“Said you would do anything for me, slut! I want your cherry ass!” Holding her still with his large black hands at the bend of her waist, he shoved forward. Her skin was blanching from where his fingers were digging into her hips. Jessica had nowhere to escape.

“Oh, that’s too much. Too big!” as she could feel the head of his rigid black rod shove against her bowels.

“Gonna take it you married slut. Make you mine. Wimp husband’s not man enough to take your tight virgin ass!”

With that, Marcus heaved forward and popped through her tight anal ring. Jessica saw lights flash as a searing pain tore through her bowels. She howled a blood curdling “Killing me, ripping me …apart. NOOOOOO!” This hair-raising scream of his wife’s conquest shattered Jim’s sleep. Once he became aware of what was happening, he knew he could only listen as her master had his way with his wife.

The snug constriction of Jessica’s ass was one of the greatest feelings Marcus had ever experienced. Her tight ring stroked his cock as he moved in and out. The yielding flesh of her buttocks slapping at his groin made his cum heat in his testicles. The tension in his rod became greater and greater as he conquered Jessica.

The agonizing searing at the point of penetration started to wear off, as Jessica became used to the immense intrusion. She felt so subjugated and nasty, that she took a perverse pleasure from the invasion, and she coveted more. She realized that being dominated by a strong depraved man like Marcus was her ultimate dream. Shoving back and forth, she was gradually working more of his imposing length into her asshole. She finally got so impaled that Marcus was smacking into her ass at full penetration and his large balls were striking her pussy. They acquired a real rhythm, Marcus pumping the full length of his rigid pole in and out, his flesh slapping against hers, Jessica succumbing to the ultimate pleasure and subjugation, and their pinnacle was fat approaching.

“OOOOHHHH GaAAAAwddd! Fuck my ass.”

“Baby, got such a fine ass. You can take my whole cock!” said Marcus in admiration.

“OHHHH! Pound it hard with your big black cock!”

“Baby, you’re mine now. You got no hole left that hasn’t been stretched by my black cock.”

“OOOHHHH Yeeeeesssss! Love it!”

The tight sphincter finally stroked Marcus’ cock to culmination. His cum banged against the walls of Jessica’s guts. She could feel his explosion and it set her off, tremors throughout her appendages, boiling inner turmoil throughout her entire ravaged body!

Marcus pulled out and shot cum on her ass. Jessica collapsed on the bed. Macus lay on top of her with his huge cock in the well lubricated crease in her ass. Thoroughly satisfied!

Jessica had been a slut for Marcus the rest of the weekend. She had sucked his cock as they showered together, and sat on his massive cock in front of Jim while they nibbled at breakfast. Out by the pool, he fucked her oiled tits and blew his cream all over her face and chest, which Jessica proceeded to lap up. Jim heard the springs creaking, the head board banging the wall and all the moans and screams as they went upstairs for a “nap.” And Saturday night, Jessica dressed like a real tramp in a gauzy peasant blouse with no bra that exhibited a lot of cleavage and her dark nipples, a short black leather mini-skirt, fish-net hose with 5-inch heeled black strap-ons. Marcus took her to a black dance club for drinks, dinner and dancing. Marcus arrogantly paraded his white married slut for the other patrons, and had fun playing with and groping her at the table and on the dance floor. The other men weren’t shy about asking her to dance either, which Marcus happily allowed, so they could learn how hot his married white slut woman really was. Consequently, on the dance floor, she was felt up by all kinds and sizes of men, and she experienced all shapes of cocks rubbing against her hot pussy. The one common denominator was that all the black dicks were all big and made her pussy very wet and ravenous.

Jessica was enraptured as Marcus publicly fondled her tits and played with her pussy. As they sat in their booth, people would gawk openly, and even make comments about how hot she was and to provide encouragement to their touching. Jessica thrived on the depravity of being a white married woman publicly committing wanton acts with her black lover. Marcus fingered her to a climax, and then she got on her knees under the table and joyously sucked him off in their booth.

Outside in the parking lot, he pushed her over the hood of the car and took her from behind much to the enjoyment of other departing patrons. Jessica was oblivious as she was only aware of his enormous black cock plowing in and out of her greedy pussy. She sucked him on the way home, and then sat on his cock in the family room in front of Jim while she bragged to her husband about their degeneracy on her night out. Even though he despised what Jessica was doing with Marcus, Jim could not control his own lust and the responsiveness of his cock as he pulled his hard-on out of his pants and started stroking it. Watching the Marcus’ big black tube slide in and out of his wife’s soaked slit was so erotic it took Jim no time at all for his cum to dribble out of his five-incher. His wife kept up her bouncing for at least fifteen minutes until Marcus arched his back, contracted his buttocks lifting Jessica and pumped his sperm way up into her womb. As Jessica was slowly sliding up and down the still rigid black shaft after their joint climax, Jim could see the copious amounts of their cum running out of her stretched pussy and down the insides of her legs and on to Marcus’ thighs.

Jessica finally disengaged from the massive shiny dark cock, and took Marcus upstairs to the master bedroom. Jim had a fitful sleep that was constantly interrupted by the rhythmic noises of the bed and the moans and screams of his wife and her insatiable black lover. When he woke up late the next morning, the house was quiet again. As he was sitting drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper, a worn-out and tired-looking Jessica wandered into the kitchen wearing a short silk robe. She didn’t say anything to Jim, but just wandered over to the coffee pot.

“Where’s Marcus?” said Jim, since he could hear no other noises in the house. “He had to catch a plane, so he called a cab this morning at 6:30,” mumbled Jessica. She turned and looked at her husband with doleful eyes. She shuffled back to him, placed her coffee cup on the table and hugged his neck with both arms. “I’m so sorry Jim. I’ve behaved like a horrible tramp,” she whispered. “But it was something I just had to have!” Jim’s silence said volumes about his feelings. She hugged tighter and said, “Thank you Jim, thank you for letting me get this out of my system!” Jim’s mind wandered, but mostly centered on the question, How did it get into your system?

That night in bed, Jessica curled up against Jim, but when there was no reciprocal response, she just clung to him until they fell asleep. As the week went on, the frost on the relationship slowly thawed, and they started getting back to their normal routines. Thursday night, Jessica put on a sexy see-through peignoir which displayed her full round tits and her shaven pussy. She paraded around the bedroom and noticed the sheet over Jim’s groin moving. As she rubbed her nipples in front of Jim, it was obvious his cock was raising the sheet. Good, he still responds to me, and Jim couldn’t deny that his sexy wife still affected his hormones. Jessica pulled back the covers, and crawled across the bed to Jim so he could see her hanging tits bouncing against each other. She reached down and stroked his cock through his boxers and could feel that it was fully erect. Crawling down his body, she stripped his boxers off and enveloped his cock in her hot mouth, swirling her tongue around the underside, easily sliding down to the base and containing the whole organ past her lips. This was something she had never done to him before, but after her weekend and having sucked Marcus’ huge black cock, it seemed easy. I sure couldn’t take all of Marcus like this!

After Jim was moaning, Jessica straightened up, stripped off her negligee, and lined up her wanting pussy with the tip of his cock. She effortlessly slipped down the rigid organ until she was fully impaled, but she could barely tell he was inside her. In spite of the loose fit, Jim was so excited to have his wife fucking him, that he forgot his anger. He was moaning and rolling his head side to side, and arching his back to penetrate his shaft deeper. Even with a longing feeling in her pussy, Jessica wanted to make up to him for the past weekend and kept humping on his small cock, and feeding him her tits to suck on. After only a few minutes, Jim arched his back and roared and Jessica knew he had cum in her pussy, although she scarcely was aware of it. “Oh, Jim …so great! So good! Thanks honey!” she murmured as she kissed him delving her tongue into his mouth. Damn, wasn’t the same as Marcus…was just getting started! She wanted to revive their sex life and relationship, but she wasn’t sure Jim was going to be able to satisfy her recently developed enormous desires any more with his inadequate equipment. A wave of guilt sweep through her, but she was overcome by an urgent need in her pussy. As soon as Jim fell asleep in a couple of minutes, and Jessica found her dildo in her bedside drawer, she went into the bathroom, and brought herself off fantasizing about big black cocks.

As the weekend and the next week went on, Jessica was the aggressor sexually as she tried to repair the disconnection between her and Jim, and to satisfy her own highly charged sexual needs. While Jim thrived on the increased sex, Jessica was very frustrated and resorted back to watching her CD’s and fucking herself with her dildo to attain some sense of fulfillment. She was growing tired of the movies that she had been watching over and over, so she decided that she needed some fresh stimulation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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