She had to graduate

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She had to graduate
Patty sat in a chair in the principals office fidgiting nervously while principal Jones went over the file that sat in front of him on his desk. no words were said. on occassion he would just grunt, shake his head and look at her with disgust. She had no idea what he was thinking as she nervously straightened her schoolgirl outfit, pulling on her white blouse and tugging on her plaid, pleated skirt. Patty was a cute girl of 18 with long black hair dark eyes and full ample breasts that she had used to her advantage all the way through school, yet here she sat with Mr. Jones who held her life in his hands.
finally after what seemed like hours but was really only a few minutes, he stopped reading, closed the file and pushed it to one side. taking off his reading glasses he addressed her for the first. “young lady, I’ve been going through file of the past 4 years at this school and i don’t like what I see”. “oh sir”, she said trying to be brave and adult like i know I haven’t been the best student all I have to do is graduate next month and i will never set foot on your campus again. “Graduate, he said with a smirk, are your k**ding me, i have just been through your file and you are nowhere near being in any position to graduate. ‘Let me remind you what is in your record” He then put his reading glasses back on, pulled her file in front of him again opened it and began to read it to her. tardy, tardy, missed classes, skipped classes, failed test, asleep in class, failed classes. All this adds up to you repeating your senior if you expect to graduate.
Repeat my senior year no sir I can’t do that she said standing and her stomping foot like a teenage brat causing her ample breasts to jiggle which the principal noticed. “Well you are 18 you don’t have to graduate, you can walk off this campus right now and not come back we won’t keep you, you are an adult. “oh no sir she insisted, i have to graduate on time, my daddy is going to buy me a new car but only if I graduate on time. sir isn’t there something we could do that would allow me to finish on time?
“What do you mean” he said curious. Well sir she said, leaning over his desk showing him a bit of clevage. rumor has it that there is a room behind your office where you tutor your students who are having a hard time and help them to graduate. that after you tutor them there is an oral exam and if they pass, you allow them to graduate. Oh sir, I believe with your help i could pass the oral exam you give, i’m very oral and my brother helped me study last night.
Mr. Jones began to sweat as he struggled in his chair to hide his erection.
He quickly got up from his chair and ran toward the door in the back of his office, unlocking it he directed her to go inside ahead of him all the time trying to cover his crotch area.
inside the office she slowly unbuttoned her blouse taking it off then removing her bra and letting her 38DD breast flop free. she then removed her plaid pleated skirt and pulled down her her white cotten pantys.
As Mr. Jones began to strip, Patty sat in chair and removed her shoes, she started to pull down her knee socks, Mr. jones almost yelling said “No, no, don’t” Don’t what sir oh leave my socks on you need to remember I’m a schoolgirl she said with a knowing smile. you are a naughty boy aren’t you.
He finished stripping and stood in front of her with a huge erection. She looked at him licking her and said “I’m ready for my oral exam”. with that, she got on her knees in front of him took his eight inch member in her mouth and began to suck. mmmmm she slurped slobbered on his cock gently fondling his balls as she sucked. She thought of all the guys she had sucked during the school year and her brother the night and began to drip.
she then stood at the principals direction and leaned over the desk in his second office, he slowly entered her from behind and began to pump hard inside mmmmmm she moaned feeling him inside, mmmm goood he moaned to and spanked ass, “oh yes I’m a bad girl” With one last thrust he he blasted deep inside her cumming hard.
Patty got dressed and went back class, she graduated on time and got the car her father promised. Mr. Jones smiled proudly as he gave Patty her diploma at graduation.

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