She is in control

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She is in control
Another story sent to me by my married “friend”.

It was just after 5pm a sleepy Wednesday in Winter. She closed up the shop and began walking away. Bracing herself against the cold air as the daylight faded. She saw him up ahead. He was standing outside a shop. Not quite facing her but clearly waiting.
She was not in the mood for this. Her mind raced with thoughts and feelings. She just wanted to get home and relax. But she decided to walk up to him. To give him a minute to speak. “I was just”, he began but stopped. Was it her expression? His hesitance was welcome. She had no time or inclination for small talk. “Just what?” She replied. Already turning to go.

She carried on walking slowly, showing his company was welcome on this level and not much more. But then her head told her to say something. “Come down here with me”. She took his warm hand and led him down one of the many dark, and secluded, alleyways.
She stopped and put her back to the wall. “On your knees” she commanded, in a firm but quiet voice. “I’m sorry, what?” He began to speak, but she cut him short. “Do exactly as I say”, she retorted firmly. He lowered himself to his knees. She could just see the look of fear on his face. This was good.
“Now you are going to do as I say, exactly” she commanded once more. She pulled her dress up to reveal the top of her stocking and underwear. She tugged her knickers to once side, revealing her shaved pussy. “You will lick my clit with the tip of your tongue. Nothing more. Do you understand?” She saw his fear change in the fading light. She could tell his mood had risen. “Yes, I understand” he replied quietly.

She watched as his head tilted forward and she felt the warm dart of his wet tongue. Pulsing in and out quickly. Straight away her heart beat began to rise. The pleasure in her pussy began to throb intensely as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Her hips moved back and fourth on instinct, as she raised one leg for greater access.

She had a brief flash of seeing herself turn away from him and showing her arse cheeks saying “do as you please!” But this was her time. Her indulgence. She was in complete control. She came back to reality as she noticed a person pass the alley. They did not walk through, but she still felt a jolt of fear mixed with excitement. He hadn’t stopped, but she could feel his hands on her thighs.

She instantly slapped him across the side of the face aggressively. “I told you the rules you cunt. You didn’t follow them!” He looked up dazed and fearful. “I’m sorry” his stammered. His voice trembling. She dropped her skirt down and raised him up by his lapels. His face was an inch away when she whispered in his ear “let me taste it!” Their lips met, as she tasted she warm sex in his mouth. Darting her tongue into his mouth and kissing him passionately.

She finally stopped and pushed him back. “Go on, fuck off!” She whispered into the cold, darkness. Before watching him leave. She walked unsteadily out of the alley, smiling to herself. It had been an emotional experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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