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revenge on my little sister by ravisheddoe

“Ew! What are you doing?! Get away from me!” my little sister screamed in disgust after I flung her down onto the floor and started to straddle her with my cock swaying around freely above her face. I knew she hated it. She had always made fun of me for my … extra part. It had tormented me every time she’d done it, and now the thought of getting her back was making my cock harden fast. I couldn’t help but grin as I easily overpowered her and pushed her wrists down against her carpeted floor.

“Get off of me, you freak! What are you, some sort of pervert?! I’m telling mom!” she threatened in vain. That made me laugh. Our parents had gone away on vacation and wouldn’t be back for the next week. No one came to check up on us since we didn’t have any nearby relatives, and our neighbors didn’t even like us. I laughed, sliding my feet under her arms and putting my knees down on the carpet to hold down her shoulders. I scooted forward until my swelling sac was resting on her mouth and nose. She shrieked, clamping her mouth shut and closing her eyes tightly.

“Go ahead, Tasha. Try reaching your phone.” I chuckled, mocking her as I settled my weight on her squirming body. With my curves and her thig frame, there wasn’t much of a significant struggle, but I still liked the fact that she was trying to get away. I bit my lip, scooting forward again to try and cover her eyes with my sac but she screamed and dug her heels into the carpet to push herself back and away.

“Get off of me!” she shrieked, partially muffled. Her hands curled into fists and fought to get back up, which they actually did. My eyebrows rose in surprise as she began to try lifting my body up and off of her. I figured I ought to stop playing around. With some quick movements while she was mindlessly flailing around, I dug my thumbs into the corners of her mouth to force her mouth open and then sat up, pivoting my hips into a launching position. With a grunt, and a whining growl from Tasha, I thrust my hips forward, shoving the first six inches straight into my little sisters mouth, pushing it all the way to the back of her mouth and flattening her tongue down against the bottom of her jaw. I closed my eyes as an electrifying wave of pleasure swept over my spine, making my lips part in a lewd moan. Tasha’s eyes popped open as her understanding of the situation took a turn for the worst. I bit my lip, looking down at her as her body began to jerk about – her hands coming up to claw and pull at my own. Her mouth stretched open as my cock’s shaft began to slide further in, getting thicker in girth. She tried to scream a protest but ended up gagging on my head, which made me moan louder, and momentarily made my grip weaken from the pleasure shooting through my body. She used that moment to arch her back, trying to knock me forward. It succeeded in bending me forward, making me take my thumbs out of her mouth to push them against the carpet to regain my balance. She started wiggling under me, trying to scoot down to slide my cock back out of her mouth but I sat back on her collarbone. She bucked again, pushing me forward again and making me scowl. She pushed her hands up against my ass and tried knocking me over completely. I reached behind me and snatched one of her hands out from under me, making her one hand unable to stop be from sitting back down, shoving two more inches in in the process and making her gag again. I continued to fight for my control of dominance as my little sister fought to get my thickening cock out of her mouth. While holding down her wrist with one hand, I grabbed a handful of hair with my other hand, sliding my thighs apart and lowering myself down on her face while pulling her head up by her hair to shove another three inches in before tightening my thighs around her head. She gagged and coughed, her free hand clawing at my thighs and making them tingle. I smiled as I felt my tip poke past the opening of her throat and began to stretch it. She winced, realizing it as well and squeezed my forearm.

“Nnnghh!” she cried, shaking her head in a desperate attempt to stop my cock from getting any further down her throat. But it only made my body tingle and my lips moan. I tightened my grip on her hair, holding it by the base and making her whimper. Her throat and tongue constantly swallowed around my cock head with the threatening position it was it in.

“What’s the matter, Tasha? Can’t take it to the base? I guess you’re not as much of a slut as I thought.” I mocked, shaking her head around. She glared up at me as her cheeks began to burn. I began to work my hips into a slow thrust, popping my mushroom head into her throat, making her gag hard and thrash against me in what most likely a mixture of panic and disgust. But all I felt was pleasure and revenge. Sweet revenge. My thrusting got faster. Harder. Until my movements were but a blur, and all I could hear from my little sister was slurps and gags and squeals while she frantically held onto my wrists. I groaned periodically as I face fucked my little sister, my back arching each time her nose was close to making contact with my naval. Soon my ginger hair was shaken free from its messy bun with all the thrusting, and was skewed about my face, neck, and shoulders, sticking to them as my body began to work up a sweat. Tasha began to cough at the rough thrusting, her throat squeezing my girth with each convulsion and making me shudder.

Then I stopped mid-thrust to look down at her. And frankly, to catch my breath. I huffed, breathing heavily. I still held onto her dirty blonde hair, which was now a ravished mess in my hands. And still, after being ridden like an a****l, she glared up at me, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. But I didn’t care. In fact, I still wanted more. I wasn’t going to stop until I was balls-deep, and she was milking me for every last drop of cum I was going to launch into her. Her nails started digging into my wrists again after I had been still for quite some time with my dick still comfortably placed in her throat. I smiled, licking my upper lip and gripping her head tighter, making her widen her eyes. Had she thought I was done, perhaps? Poor girl.

I swung my legs out from the sides of her head, leaning back on her collar bone as I crossed them behind her head. Grunting, and huffing, I began violently pushing my hips forward against her face, twisting and pivoting to get the remainder of my length down her protesting throat. She screamed, squinting her eyes in what was probably pain, desperately trying to get her hands to my face to claw at. Realizing she did not have the leeway, she switched to trying to pull my arms away.


I hissed and jerked my arms away from her, holding handfuls of her hair as if they were the reins to a wild a****l, pulling her head roughly towards me and plunging my hips down onto her face. I snatched and grinded her face against my pelvis while leaning back for leverage as I held my breath with a bitten lip. Her eyes shut tight, sending the tears that were building streaming down her cheeks as her nose finally smashed against my crotch, anchoring me balls-deep inside her throat. Having gotten what I wanted, I hurriedly tightened my crossed legs behind her head to hold it in the position and fumbled to grab her wrists, pinning them to the carpeted floor. I let out my saved breath and smiled, throwing my head back and panting as if succeeding in squeezing into a pair of skinny jeans that was three sizes too small. My teeth sc****d across my bottom lip in bliss as I felt the disturbed walls of her tight inexperienced throat close around my shaft and continuous convulse, trying to expel it. She cried what she could, what with my cock half way to her voice box, and balled her hands into fists, trying to pry them from the pressure I was applying. Sitting back up, I looked down at her strained pink face and couldn’t help the smile that came over me. The sight before me was marvelous. My little sister had my cock balls-deep down her petite throat, her nose squished up against my crotch, my swelling sac on her chin, and was down between my legs in such a humiliating position. I was in heaven. Not only mentally, but physically. And what made it even better, was that I knew I was close to coming. The contractions in her throat were doing more than I ever could just face fucking her. She was so tight, and yet such an amazingly perfect fit. I groaned a moan, and rolled my neck around on my shoulders.

“Oh my fuck, what a cock sleeve.” I moaned with a heaving chest. I guess that made her mad because her attempts at freeing her hands were awakened. They pushed up against mine and I realized something. She could still breathe. I could hear it. Every pained struggle of air whistling rapidly past her nostrils. I giggled in approval. As long as she could breathe, I could keep her like this longer. However long I pleased if I wished. The thought of it made me ecstatic. Having my little sister as my personal cock holster. And with my new toy, that was exactly what I was going to make her. Letting go of her hands, I let her claw at my sides while I reached over on her bedside table for the restraint I had picked up at romantic depot. Her clawing paused as she watched the device with both curiosity and terror. I dangled it over her menacingly.

“Do you know what this is, Tasha?” I asked playfully. “It’s a cock holster.” I said, opening the multiple buckles. I slide it around my back side and strapped the back to my ass by buckling around my waist. “Or should I say … A cock holster holder.” I chuckled, looking down at her. She must have started putting two and two together because she bucked her hips up to try to throw me off. But with my position with my legs crossed behind her head, I wasn’t about to go anywhere. One by one, I fought her struggles and buckled in each of her wrists to each of my hips, securing them in place. All that was left now was her head, which I was holding with my legs. Her fists pulled and tugged at the buckles as she squealed and cried, staring up at me with what was now pure fear. Taking my sweet time, I took each end of the buckles and wrapped them around her head, careful not to disturb its position. And then with sudden aggression, I tugged the buckle tight. Tighter, and tighter I pulled until the rod had made its way to the last buckle. I then, all together, took my hands from her, and stretched out my previously crossed legs along the floor. There she was, helplessly bound to my log of a cock, tensed, gagging, struggling for air, humiliated, with only me to look at. And here I was, body relaxed, legs spread out, hands resting on my thighs, panting softly, having my cock massaged by my little sister’s throat, with an orgasm that would fill her to the nostrils well on its way. This could have very well been the best day of my life.

But then the night took a turn for the unexpected. I would have been grateful for a knock on the door. A knock would have signified that it was someone unknown, or at least someone without a key. But no. What I heard, seemingly ringing in my ears, was the turning of the lock of the front door. My parents. My head jerked in the direction of my little sister’s bedroom door in sheer terror. My eyes went wide at the thought of them catching me doing such a thing to Tasha. Not only that, but what I was about to do. I looked back down at her, swearing under my breath before looking around the room in dismay.

“Rebecca? Tasha? You guys home?” Mom called out from the bottom of the stairs. Tasha screamed and gurgled on my shaft and I hissed, smacking her across the face. She whimpered as I scowled.

“Shut the fuck up, you fucking cock sleeve.” I sneered at her, but only succeeded in getting her to be louder.

“Are you guys upstairs?” Mom called out again. I could hear the creak of her placing a foot on the first step. “Henry forgot his wallet so we had to come back to get it. Can’t go to Hawaii without a passport, right?” she laughed, slowly making her way up the spiral staircase in what sounded like heels. My mind raced. I was dead. I was so dead. I thought to myself as I looked around the room again. Tasha continued to scream her muffled cries as if her life depended on it – because frankly, it did. But I had already gotten an idea. And a brilliant one at that. I smirked down at her, making her screams pause as she looked at me with renewed fear. I reached behind me and flattened her legs against the floor, and then carefully, began sliding back. I did this until her entire body aside from her strapped head was tucked under her low bed, hidden away from the world. The bed was low enough to stop any kicks or bucks she may have wanted to do, and her bed sheets were long enough to drag against the floor to hide her shoulders. I scooted back until my back was against the edge of the bed, and quickly reached up to grab three pillows and Tasha’s laptop, which she had been on before I had turned her into my person cock holster. Tasha gurgled again in protest, her hope for escape quickly depleting. I couldn’t help but laugh as I set one pillow by each of my sides, and the last on top of my lap, making Tasha virtually invisible to anyone who was to walk in. Mom’s footsteps grew closer as I paced Tasha’s laptop on the pillow to hide the slight bump her head made beneath it.

“Now be a good little cock sucker and stay quiet, will you?” I say under my breath. Cracking her password, I went to iTunes and blasted the longest techno song I could find, just as mom started walking down the hallway.

“Tasha? Are you home?” Mom said, walking into the room. I looked up at her with the best nonchalant express I could offer.

“Hey, Mom.” I said casually. Her eyebrows rose as she looked around the room.

“Oh, hey honey. Why are you in Tasha’s room? She’s not home?” she asked, crossing her arms. I shook my head no, and felt the throat of my hidden little sister constrict in agony.

“Yeah, she said I could use her laptop. I think she went bowling with her friends or something.” I said, looking down at the computer screen and trying to stifle a moan and steady my breathing.

“Oh, alright. Well, try not to mess up her room too much.” She laughed. I laughed with her, the best I could.

“It’s already pretty messy. I thought you and Dad were going to Hawaii?” I said, trying to be casual.

“We are. But your father forgot his wallet of all things, so we had to turn back.” She said, taking a look around Tasha’s room and shaking her head. “I told that girl to clean up before we left.” She huffed disappointingly. I got another squeeze from Tasha’s throat along with a muffled squeal that was easily drowned out by the music. I gripped the sides of the laptop, breathing out heavily. I played it off as a sigh.

“k**s, right?”

My orgasm was coming fast. And I didn’t know what to do to stop it. Having Mom in the room, a mere couple of feet away from me while I was using my little sister’s throat as a cock sleeve was making it come even faster. I could feel my sac swelling on Tasha’s chin in preparation. She must have felt it too because she beginning to try and squirm around. It went unseen to the naked eye of course, but I could feel her body tense and jerk beneath my own. I breathed out again, looking at the ceiling and trying to concentrate.

“I know.” She laughed. “You were the same way when you were her age. Just look at this mess.” She said, bending down and picking up some of her dirty clothes. My body shuddered and there it was. I gripped the sides of the laptop and turned the volume of the music up by two notches as my orgasm burst down my little sister’s throat. My mouth shot open and I closed my eyes, unable to hold back the amount of pleasure that was taking over me. My sister spazzed under me, trying anything she could to get away from the onslaught of hot, thick spunk, filling her windpipe. It was to no avail, of course. The most that was seen of this struggle for freedom was a little ruffle of the pillow on my lap, which was covered by the laptop. I let my moans out in swift exhaled breaths as the stream continued. She cried out, gurgling on the large amounts of fluid that was painting her throat and insides. The amounts were so much that they bubbled over and leaked from her mouth and nostrils. I could feel the hot spunk pouring down her cheek and onto my crotch. I throw my head back in ecstasy as she had no choice but to gulp it down if she wanted even a partial airway.

“Milk it … Fucking – mmm, milk it you fucking brat.” I breathed out, tilting my head to the side. My mom turned around in curiosity.


My eyes snapped open and my head jerked upright. I had almost forgotten where I was. I stuttered for a moment before being able to even get out a word.

“I just … love this part.” I said, hoping the it sounded like I was referring to the song that was playing. My mom looked down at the laptop. She hated techno music. She gave an uninterested shrug as Dad called up the stairs.

“Come on, Marie! Leave the k**s alone!” he shouted. My mom’s head went in the direction of the door as she started walking towards it.

“Guess he found it. Alright, honey. You be good. And tell Tasha to clean up this room when she gets home.” She said, walking out of the room. I couldn’t even respond, my body was beginning to shake with pleasure. My orgasm was still flowing into Tasha, and she was still gurgling out noises of protest as she reluctantly slurped it all down – or as much as she could. I waited until I heard the door slam before stopping the music and removing the laptop and the pillow on my lap. The sight I then saw was too perfect for words. My little sister’s red face was tearing and crushed against my crotch, with globs of white strings exiting her nose and mouth as she continuously tried to gulp down my come. And almost as if remember, I reached up onto her nightstand to grab my phone. I switched it to record as fast my shaking fingers would allow and began filming her. Her eyes narrowed up at me and she screamed in protest as she swallowed, trying to wriggle her head free of its bounds. I recorded with an open mouth, which was constantly licking or tugging at my bottom lip.

“That’s right … Show me how much you love milking my cock dry.” I said in a musky breath, reaching down with one hand to teasingly stroke her bangs to the back of her head. Again she wriggled her head, but it only appeared as if she were trying to take my beyond the base. Ending the video, I took a couple of pictures, smiling.

“Guess where these are going to end up if you tell anyone about this?” I said, making her eyes widen in shock. I nodded, spreading my legs out again and relaxing against the edge of her bed.

“That’s right, Tasha … Your life would be pretty much over.” I mocked, closing my phone. She whined, her eyes tearing back up. It only made me smile, as I continued to stroke her hair.

“I think we’re going to have fun during vacation together.” I said, settling into my newly fitted holster and imagining the days to come.
the end

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