Sister became his wife

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Sister became his wife
Hi, this is between me and my loving sister who is now my wife. We are from India. Many might think this story not only as i****t but also something very sick. But let me tell you that this is my real life story and I am not only living with it, rather enjoying every bit of it.

Currently I am 28 and she is 26. We have been having sex since 4 years now. It was very difficult to achieve this. It took me years to make her fall in love with me. Today I am recounting all this, because we got married (to each other, by breaching all the society rules) just yesterday. So here goes my story right from the beginning…

We became 22(me) and 20(she) and I got a job in another city. I relocated. Although I kept visiting my family every 3 months, it was only after a year I noticed the development in her body. About 15 months later I came back to my hometown and I got to see a very matured and developed sexy sister. I again started having fantasy about her and masturbated again in her honor.

Just like today, I have always been writing a diary of my thoughts and sex with my sister has been a topic mentioned there quite a few times… one day she happened to access my computer and there she saw a word file where I had written my fantasies about her and how much love do I feel for her.

This perhaps brought some change in her, because that day onwards, I started getting a glimpse of her cleavage. Initially I thought it was all accidently. But one day I saw her cleavage for about 5-6 seconds and she also caught my eyes, but did not say anything, just smiled. A week later I along with my parents travelled to our native place which is around 600km away from our house.

My sister could not come with us as she had her exams going on. I stayed there for another 2 days and came back; my parents were insisting that we cannot leave my sister alone at home. When I reached home, my sister had just taken bath and her hair was still wet. She smiled at me and went inside her room.

I sat on the sofa in the living room thinking about what may have caused the change in my sister’s behavior. I switched on the TV and tuned to a movie channel. A very hot love making scene was going on. I was aroused watching it. Suddenly I realized that my sister was also in the room and had seen it too.

When I looked at her she looked me into the eyes and smiled at me and went into her room again. I followed her somewhat reluctantly… I asked my sister, “Can I kiss you?” She surprised and looked shocked, asked “what?” I said, “Can I kiss you… on the lips?”

She smiled and looked down. I took her face into my hands and touched her lips with mine. She was so shy and nervous, that her heartbeat rose to double. I was also in the same condition. We kissed again. Suddenly she took her face out of my hands and said this is not right!!! Well, after all, we were watching Unfaithful… the effect had to be there and the dialogue was bound to come… 😉 I convinced her somehow and she agreed.

This time I went a step ahead and convinced her for a little more than a kiss on the lips- a smooch!!! We smooched for a few minutes and then smooched for a few more times that day… That evening, while having dinner, I asked my sister, “You were not talking to me for these many years… What happened now? why sudden change?” She replied, “Just like that!!!” But I insisted on an answer.

And there came one!!! She said, “we are siblings and sex between us is i****t, so I did not appreciate you kissing me on the lips and that too when I am asleep! I would have talked to you, but you had attempted to see my panty the very next day and that angered me further. But about a month ago, I was using your laptop and there I saw this word-file you have dedicated to me- sorry,

to your fantasies about me… and there I came to know that you are not able to overcome this… as I read further, I understood that I was also falling in your love! So I started giving you signal by flaunting my cleavage… but you were so dumb that you didn’t get it!!! Today also when I was hesitant for the kiss, I was half yes and half no… I mean I wanted your kiss, but was afraid…”

We finished dinner and went to the living room. We smooched again and again and again… this continued for another 4 days. Our parents met and accident on their way back and we lost them. It was a big shock for my sister and she took about a couple of months to recover from it. Days passed and we became 24 and 22.

By now I had started fearing of separation from her as she was old enough to get married. Proposals were coming for her and she was rejecting the guys telling that she didn’t like any. One good day, it was 14th Feb. Since it was Valentine’s Day, we went out separately to enjoy. But I didn’t have a girlfriend. So I came back as early as 6 in the evening and was surprised to see my sister home.

I was thinking that she must be having a boyfriend as she has a good figure and she damn pretty too. But I was wrong and she told me that she has no boyfriend. In my mind it was a sigh of relief, for my sister was still a virgin, and moreover that she had no guy in her life. By now we were 26 and 24 and I was a little worried about her marriage, as I was only elder to her and no one else in the family.

One good day I asked her, whether she wants to marry in life or not. She said yes but, she wanted a guy like me, who would be responsible as well as handsome and will not marry until she finds an exact match. I also insisted that if she doesn’t get married, I will also not marry. We had a sweet kind of a fight and we didn’t speak for a couple of hours.

After that at lunch time, I asked her about marriage again and she said her answer was still the same. So I asked her opinion about me and she was, both, surprised and glad!!! Glad because she also had fallen for me and surprised because she had only thought of kissing me and smooching me… not marrying me!!!

She agreed to what I was saying and wanted to marry me too, but only under one condition, that we should leave the city and settle somewhere else and that I should marry her the next day itself. I also said yes quickly and we both went to a temple and married in a short ceremony. We came back home and had lunch and then started preparing for selling all the property and packing all the goods.

I asked my sister to sleep with me on the same bed that night. She agreed on the condition of “smooching and some love making on the body is ok, BUT NO PENETRATION as we need to plan our family well!!” I too agreed immediately. After dinner she reminded me that we were married now. I also smiled at her and we went to her room.

After latching the door, I and my sister embraced and kissed passionately. I took a look at my beautiful sister from head to foot. After finishing one smooch I said, “I want to kiss you like the love making scene in the film Dayavan.” She was shy and looked down. I said what happened? She said it’s a scene of Suhaagraat- the wedding night. I said right, we are married now, so let’s enjoy.

We went to bed. She lay down on the bed. I was about to start, but something came to my mind. I went to my room, and started my PC. Then my sister removed her wedding sari and put it away. She followed me, surprised and unaware of what is happening. I played the video of the love making scene and showed her.

She was so excited to see it and once it was over, I asked her to do exactly like in the video. She was shy again and agreed. I played the video again. This time she studied it carefully… every movement of the actors… then she asked me to wait for a few minutes and went to her room. I started searching for some good i****t porn on net. She called me from her room after about 15 minutes.

When I went to her room, I saw her totally prepared for the lovemaking. She had worn her petticoat till her chest with horizontal bra inside, had done some make up with adequate lipstick of red colour, her hair free… she was giving me very sexy looks and was inviting me to her bed.

I went onto her and started kissing(in fact smooching) her… she followed every action of the girl in the video ditto… we had planned only of kissing and love making on the neck, throat, chest and back… But I felt like sucking on her breasts. So I asked her s*s, can I suck your breasts please?” She was shy and said, “Yes b*o” and then looked down like a newlywed typical Indian bride.

My sister unbuttoned her bra and gave her breasts to me. I lovingly fondled my sister’s soft breasts for a while and then took her left breast in my mouth and started sucking. My sister hugged me closer and ran her fingers though my hair affectionately as I sucked at her breasts. Then she gently drew my head towards her right breast and I started sucking alternating between her two breasts.

We lay down on the soft bed and kissed again. Then I asked her if I can give her the ultimate joy of lovemaking. She said, “brother, I am your sister and also your wife. You do not have to ask me my permission to do anything with me. Everything I have is yours. Take me, my loving brother and husband” and spread her legs wider to give better access to me.

Well, this was out of plan, but I was so aroused that I could not control and asked her and she too agreed. I bent my head and placed my lips over my sister’s pussy and pressed it hard over the warm softness. Even through her skirt, I could smell the fragrance of my sister’s girlhood and soon I could also feel her wetness.

After planting several kisses, I started untying the drawstring of her skirt. My sister felt eagerness and shyness at the same time as me undid the drawstring and started pulling her skirt down. She lifted her back a little so that I can pull her skirt off completely. Now she was totally naked before her beloved brother/husband. I was stunned by my gorgeous sister’s body.

There was not too much hair on her pussy and the brown lips were glistening with her love juice. I positioned myself between her long legs and put my lips on the soft fragrant petals of her sex and showered kisses on them. Then I parted the petals and took the little clit between my lips and caressed them with my lips.

My sister started moaning at the first ever contact of sensitive clit with my lips. It was a pleasure unknown to her so far. She pressed my head against her pussy and crossed her legs on my back. I kept sucking at my sister’s clit arousing her more and more. Suddenly I felt her raise her hips and jerk several times and a gush of juice poured out of her pussy.

I pressed my lips tightly against her pussy and sucked all the juice which tasted heavenly. My sister lay back now slightly trembling after her first orgasm. I moved up and looked at her. Her chest was heaving with heavy breathing and her eyes were closed.

The nipples on her lovely breasts were hard and she was sweating slightly. When she opened her eyes and saw me, she said, “Oh brother, I love you so much. You are making me so happy. I am glad I am your wife. Tell me what I can do as your wife to make you happy”. I was touched by the expression of love by my sister.

I kissed her warmly on her lips and stood up to remove my pajama and reveal my dick to my beloved sister. My sister’s eyes went wide when she saw my stiff dick. She wanted to take the beautiful thing in her hands and fondle it. She sat up and took hold of it and lovingly ran her soft hand along its length.

Then she brought her lips to it and kissed the head. She said, “brother, you look so wonderful”. I said, “My darling sister, I not only look wonderful. I am going to make you feel wonderful too now”, and pushed her back on the bed and positioned myself between my sister’s beautiful thighs. Then I put my prick on the entrance to her lovely pussy which was now almost sloppy with her love juice and slowly pushed it inside.

My sister’s cunt was tight but because it was now well lubricated my prick slid inside with slight pushing. My sister gasped as my prick entered her girlhood and caressed the sides of her sensitive pussy. In a little while, I felt the obstruction of her hymen and suddenly pushed hard and broke it. My sister jerked and bit her lips at the pain.

But it passed soon and she felt more pleasure as my prick entered her pussy fully. As I started sliding it up and own her cunt, her sister’s pleasure started building up. As for me, I was in heaven, feeling my loving sister’s warm cunt gripping my prick and massaging the sensitive veins.

I caught hold of my sister’s thighs and pulled her towards me, burying my prick deep into her with each thrust. My sister was thrashing her head from side to side as I pushed and pulled my prick into her pussy. She soon reached her climax and arched her back pushing her hips towards me several times.

I held on because I wanted my sister to remember our first union forever by climaxing several times. I kept fucking her until she had three more orgasms and then let go load after load of my i****tuous sperm into my lovely sister’s warm cunt. As she felt my cum splash against the walls of her cunt, My sister had a feeling of fulfillment. She was now really her loving brother’s wife.

After releasing my love load into my darling sister’s pussy, I lay down on her side and hugged her and kissed her and spoke loving words to her. I also moved down and planted several kisses on her pussy which was now my property. After a while, my sister shyly asked me, “Can we do it again?” I was of course ready and we had a wonderful intercourse again.

brother and sister did it again three more times and by the time we drifted into sleep, it was almost morning. When I woke up, it was afternoon. I saw my sister lying naked beside me with a slight smile on her beautiful face. My saliva had dried up on her breasts and her pussy was matted with my semen and her own cunt juice. I gently kissed her and woke her up.

After kissing some more, she got up and put on her wedding sari again and I put on my dress. In about 3-4 weeks we sold all the assets there and moved to a different city. We now have a k** and it’s amazing. The life’s so happy and wonderful and we are both enjoying sex sessions almost 3-4 times a week and planning for our second. It’s our parents’ blessings that are with us.

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