sister Erin

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sister Erin
(I did not Write This)

My sister, Erin, was nearly a year younger than me. Not quite a year. Our parents evidently had a pretty good sex drive and couldn’t wait long.

Erin had always been a pretty hot looking girl. She was always well built – even in grade school she was thin and taller than most of her classmates, and was among the first girls to start developing a shapely ass and breasts. Once her breasts started developing they kept on going. By the time she was 16 they were at least as big as the average woman’s.

I noticed her developing, but I was never attracted to her sexually. She was my sister! It never occurred to me that she was a girl like the other girls who took so much of my time, in fantasies or real life. Even when my friends would make comments about her looks, I didn’t think of her that way. When someone made a crude sexual comment about her, I threatened to beat the shit out of them, defending my sister’s honor. Still, even though I knew other guys saw her that way, I did not. I noticed other girls. I made crude sexual comments about them. And I never realized that I was doing the same thing to someone else’s sister.

As for me, I was also tall and well built. Our family had good genes. I took after my dad, with the same brown eyes and wavy brown hair that he had, though I grew my hair longer. I was athletic, but most of my physical looks were inherited. And it came in handy with other girls. I was popular, and though no Romeo, I had screwed a few girls. Yet I expected Erin to remain a virgin. She was a girl, and she shouldn’t do that stuff. Yeah, I know, it was sexist. But I meant well.

By the time Erin was 18, she was a knockout. Large, heavy breasts, small waist, great ass, and legs that wouldn’t quit. She was very attractive. Men as well as boys turned their heads when she walked past. Her deep blue eyes and long blonde hair completed the package. Still, I saw her as someone to protect, not someone to desire.

I had a good job, but still lived at home because it saved me so much money. Not a bad thing for a guy who just turned 19. I also had no steady girlfriend, so I needed no place for regular sex. On the few occasions when I got lucky, it was usually in a car or at her place. But most of the time I was on my own. Yes, that’s what I mean. Masturbating. And that’s what started it.

One evening I was in my room, as usual, daydreaming and fantasizing, giving myself pleasure. I was nude and had slowly worked my erection to its full size. It was a night that I was going slowly, not in a hurry to cum. Suddenly I heard a noise. Was it a gasp, a moan? I wasn’t sure, but I swung my head toward the door and caught a glimpse of my sister. My sister! Shit, not my sister! Then I realized that my door was open. I always close my door, always. She had to have opened it herself, then saw me stroking my cock.

These thoughts flashed through my mind, and my erection softened like the air had suddenly escaped. I was completely confused. I couldn’t even think straight. My sister had seen me jacking off!

After I calmed down a little, I realized that I had to do something. I slipped my boxers on and went to her door. I knocked softly, as our parents were asleep. When she didn’t answer, I opened the door slowly. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed, staring at nothing. I stepped in and closed the door, and said we should talk.

She nodded her head and I walked over and sat beside her on her bed.

“I’m so sorry I walked in on you.” she said, very upset.

“Don’t worry. It’s okay. I just really didn’t expect it. Are you shocked?”

“I was very surprised.” she said, with just a slight hint of a smile. Then completely serious again she said, “Something else shocked me.”

I tried to think what else would have shocked her more than seeing her brother jacking off. “What was it?”

“Never mind,” she said.

“No, really, what was it?” I repeated. “You know you can tell me anything.” We weren’t that close, but closer than most brothers and sisters. And when we were serious, we always told each other the truth.

“I’m too embarrassed to tell you.”

“Embarrassed?” I said. “You just caught me masturbating. I think I would be the one who is embarrassed.”

“That’s the problem. I know I caught you. I saw you. I saw your … thing.” She hesitated, not knowing what to say. “I can’t tell you.”

“Erin, come on. What can be so bad that you can’t tell me?”

“I liked it!” she blurted out.

I was confused. “What do you mean?”

“I saw you, and I liked it!.” She then said, much quieter, “It turned me on.”

Erin couldn’t look at me. She stared at the floor, at the wall, anyplace not in my direction. I didn’t know what to think, let alone say. Finally, after the long silence between us, she looked over at my face. I was still in shock, staring at her. I had to say something.

“It turned you on to see my dick?”

“Not just that. But it was hard, and long, and you were, you know, stroking it. I never saw anything like that. It just – excited me.”

“But I’m your brother,” I answered, trying not to sound too accusing.

“Yeah, but looking at your penis I just saw it, not my brother.”

I was starting to come around to some sexual thoughts. My sister was turned on by seeing my dick. My erection! And I did know that she was a hot girl. If she could have thoughts like that about me, why should I resist those thoughts about her? I was confused, but I was also noticing her long, shapely legs, and her large breasts barely covered by her thin nightie. Was it getting warm in here?

“Yeah, I think I understand.” I was beginning to.

“She looked at me. “Have you thought of me that way?”

“You mean, like you were an attractive, sexy girl? Yeah, I have.” At least I had in the past couple minutes.

“Are you thinking of me that way now?” she asked, with a slight smile beginning to show again.

I wasn’t sure what she was getting at. Then I saw her glancing at my shorts. With my recent thoughts my dick was starting to get erect, making a bit of a bulge in my boxers.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, shifting myself so the bulge wasn’t as noticeable.

“That’s okay,” she said. “If I make you think thoughts like that, then I don’t feel so bad about what I was thinking.”

“What you were thinking?” I was confused again. also curious, and a little excited. “Just exactly what were you thinking?”

“Really?” She was sounding more like herself, but still kind of shy. “You really want to know exactly what I was thinking?”

I didn’t mean it like that, but I went along with it anyway. “Yeah.”

Now really shy, she said, “I was thinking I would like to see it again.”

“What? You want to see my dick?”

“Well, yeah,” she started. “But, you know, like you were doing before.”

It took a moment for me to process this. “You want to see me masturbate?”


“You want to see me masturbate?” I repeated. “You mean now?”

“If it’s too weird just forget it. But, yeah, I would like to see it.”

“That is weird, Erin.”

“I know. I’m sorry,” she said. “But look.”

I thought she was going to say something else, but she was just looking at my lap. More precisely. she was looking at my erection. It had gotten harder, and was now forming quite a large a tent in my lap.

“Well, I can’t help that,” I said defensively. “Shit, Erin, you are sexy, and you are turning me on…”

“So you will?”

“That’s not what I meant,” I said, still thinking. Or trying to think. “You really want me to masturbate? Here? Now?”

Erin smiled. “Come on. Do it for me.”

It was hard for me to resist anything my sister wanted, and I was getting really turned on. I reached down to my boxers, pulled my erection over to the fly, and stopped. Could I do this? I looked at Erin. Her attention was focused on my crotch, with a look of anticipation on her face. I held my breath and pulled my erection out. My hand gripped it, and I sat still.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered, excitedly. “Go ahead.”

I tentatively started sliding my hand up and down my cock. After a few strokes Erin said,”Take the boxers off.”

I started to protest, this was too weird, but I was too far gone. I felt like I had no control as I pulled my boxers off and sat there nude in front of my sister. She turned more to get a better look, and had a big grin on her face.

My hand stroked my cock faster now. It had grown to its full hardness as I was very excited myself. I was on the edge of the bed, allowing my balls to hang and bounce as I stroked. Erin’s eyes shifted slightly between my balls and my cock. My hand was pumping harder and faster. I was ogling her legs, and her breasts that were almost visible to me. I was totally lost in the sexual moment now, just wanting release. I moaned softly as I kept pumping furiously. I heard a moan come from my sister as well. I was pumping so hard that I was bouncing on the bed, my whole body straining for its release. The head of my cock was flaring. This was much hotter than jacking off by myself. I couldn’t believe how excited I was, and how much I needed to cum. Please, I needed release.

I moaned and pumped as I felt that point of no return, where I knew that it was on its way. My hand squeezed harder as I pumped up my shaft, then again, and I felt the cum shoot out of my cock. It shot across the room, further than I could have imagined. Then another and another before the strength of the ejaculations seemed to lessen. I pumped a few more smaller spurts out, and then I finally stroked softly, milking the remains out of the tip of my cock. I groaned, a little louder than I should have before I caught myself.

When I was done and had regained some of my composure, I let my hand drop so that Erin could get a good unobstructed view. She was leaning in close, fully enthralled by the whole scene. “My God,” she said. “That was amazing!”

I was looking at her and my dick, but she was looking only at my dick. Well, my balls, too, I suppose. It took her a full minute to finally come out of her trance and realize she was staring at her brother’s cock, which had just blown a large load across her floor. It was still dripping cum.

Erin looked up at my face, then looked away quickly, embarrassed. “Thank you,” she said, fluttering her eyes toward me, trying to look at me but not quite able to. “That was great. Better than I expected. God, is that the way it always is?”

“No, not really. I usually catch it in a cloth or a tissue. Unless it’s in a girl,” I joked.

She suddenly came out of her shyness and punched me. “Fuck you!” she said, laughing. Unusual language for her, but it didn’t seem out of place in these circumstances.

She reached around for a tissue and handed it to me. “Thank you,” she smiled. “I mean it. That was great.”

I started feeling very uneasy again all of a sudden. I wiped my dick with the tissue, while I grabbed my boxers and got up, heading for the door.

“Will you clean that up?” I asked, pointing to the cum streaks on the floor.

“Yes, I will.” she said, smiling. “Don’t get caught,” she warned, referring to me going out into the hall, still naked.

I opened the door, checked that all was clear, and gladly left the room. I was still very confused.

The day after Erin got me to jack off for her, things were a little strained. Most of the day went okay, because we weren’t around each other much. But in the evening we hardly said a word to each other. We didn’t say much to our parents, either. I felt very strange, and she must have as well. Hell, she was my sister.

The evening ended. Our parents went to bed, as always, before us. Erin had gone to her room, and I finally decided to go to mine. I was in my bathroom when the door opened. I looked up to see Erin shyly slide into the room and close the door.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” I replied. I felt uncomfortable in the situation.

“I felt pretty awkward talking to you today,” she said.

“Yeah, me too, though we didn’t talk much.”

Erin smiled and nodded. “I think Mom and Dad noticed, too. Maybe they think we’re sick.”

I smiled, but didn’t know what to say. She was the one who came in, so I just waited to hear what she wanted to say.

She finally spoke. “I wanted to thank you for last night. And wanted to know if you were okay with it.”

“Okay with it? Yeah, sure. I am if it didn’t make you feel too strange.”

“What was strange? My brother masturbating in my room in front of me?”

“Hey, you asked me to!” I said, defensively.

“I know,” she said, smiling and putting her hands on my arm. “I know I asked you to. And I wanted to see if you were okay with it, or if you regret it, or if maybe you wanted more.”

“More?” I asked.

“Okay then, more.”

“That was a question, not a choice,” I corrected her.

She laughed again. ” I know, just teasing. But I enjoyed watching. How did you feel?”

“It turned me on. I mean, I was shocked at your asking. I would never have thought it would happen. But once it did, I got pretty turned on. But what do you mean more?”

“Well,” she said, “if you liked it that much, we could do more.”

I had finally noticed she was only wearing panties and a tight t-shirt. That was her normal clothes for sleeping, and I had seen her in them many times, but all of a sudden it seemed very sexy. There was no doubt, she was an extremely sexy girl. I wondered why I had never noticed it. I also didn’t notice my penis beginning to get hard.

I looked at her and said, “You want me to do it again?” It sounded exciting, but I had reservations.

“It was very interesting,” she said, sounding sexy. “Would you like that?”

“Maybe,” I said. My mind wandered to sex in general, and my eyes wandered to her large, heavy tits. SUddenly they seemed to be stretching the material tight. “What about you?”

“You want me to do something?” Now she sounded surprised. Or she tried to.

Why not, I thought to myself. So I said, “Why not?”

She moved slightly closer to me. “Well, I was waiting for you to say something like that. I was afraid you were freaking out, but I am surprised at how much I’ve been thinking about it.”

Her one hand slid down to her side and landed on my leg. It settled on my boxers, on the front of my leg. My penis had been about half hard, but when I felt her hand it jumped. She smiled, but didn’t say anything.

“So you want to see it again?” I asked, though my voice sounded a little strangled.

“Yeah, I would,” she answered, while her thumb pressed right at the base of my penis. It was nearly erect. “Is that okay?”

I gulped. “I don’t have much choice, do I?”

“Of course you do,” she said as she pressed harder at the root.

“No,” I said. “I don’t think I have any choice at all when you do that.”

“Good,” she smiled. Her thumb slid down an inch or so onto my erect penis, enough to get some leverage. It then pulled my penis to the side, until the tip slipped out of the opening, popping into full view.

“Oh!” she said. She smiled, looking at the erection, and sliding her hand down the top of it. Her fingers pushed down lightly on the top, and when they got to the head she asked, “Is this okay?”

Come on, what could I say? “Oh, yeah.”

Her hand wrapped around my shaft. She pulled on it, slid her fingers around it, getting to know it very well.

I moaned. She paid particular attention to the ridge underneath the shaft, and the head. When she twisted the head, I moaned again.

“Do you like that?” she asked.

Dumb question. “Oh, yeah! I like it a lot! I like it all.”

“Good,” she said. Her hand wrapped around the shaft again, this time pumping down and back up.

I was so turned on, but also conflicted. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked.

“Of course,” she said. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“You know,” I said, trying to think while feeling so excited. “You’re my sister. It’s… It’s… Isn’t it wrong?” I meant to say it was wrong, but somehow it came out as a question.

“I think it’s natural,” she answered while stroking my shaft slowly but firmly. “You’re a guy, I’m a girl. It’s natural. I mean, we couldn’t get married or have k**s and stuff, but we have to be curious, and experiment. Why not with you?”

“Oooohh,” I answered, as a shiver went through me. She stopped stroking and slid a finger over the slit at the tip. back and forth, while leaning a little closer for a good look.

“You really have a nice looking penis,” she said.

What was I supposed to say to that? Thanks, s*s? “How many have you seen?”

“Just a couple,” she answered. “Yours is the prettiest. And the biggest.”

“I like the biggest comment. I’m not sure if anybody wants to hear they have a pretty penis.”

“Why not? It IS pretty.” She ran her finger around my dick as she gave herself a tour of it. “This beautiful, smooth head, and this big ridge around it.” She laughed lightly. “I bet that feels good … inside.”

She looked and sounded shy as she said that. It surprised me how she could do what she was doing and still seem to be shy. But I suppose I was feeling kind of shy myself, even though my cock was sticking straight out with my sister playing with it.

She continued her tour. “And what’s this ridge on the bottom?” It was rhetorical, as she didn’t wait for an answer. “That’s very interesting.” She ran her finger along the ridge, and had to add her thumb on top to apply enough pressure. Then she added a couple fingers to stroke the length again. “It feels so soft, yet it’s so hard!”

“Like a breast,” I said. “They are so soft but very firm at the same time.”

“I never thought of that,” she said. Then she looked up at my face, shyly again, and asked, “Do you want to see my breasts?”

Damn! “Sure,” I said quickly. I wasn’t crazy, but I hadn’t even thought of how it would escalate things.

She let go of my dick. I knew I couldn’t keep from cumming at this rate, so I was grateful for the break.

Erin stood up and pulled her shirt over her head and off. Wow, what gorgeous tits! They hung on her chest, topped with big, swollen nipples sitting in a large, dark field of skin. My hand automatically reached up to cup one, and I groaned aloud when I did.

Erin giggled. “You like?”

“You have awesome tits!” I said.

She giggled again. “Thanks.” I guess that was a good answer after all. “I could tell you liked them.”

She was referring to my dick, which started twitching. She reached down and held it again. “Have a lot of girls done this?”

“Some,” I answered.

Laughing, she said.”Yeah, I’ll bet. A lot. They’ve gotta love this.” She was stroking it now. It seemed she was all done exploring, and was enjoying the power now. I wasn’t sure if it was the power of my erection or the power she had over it.

She was watching her hand sliding up and down my shaft as I felt the first stirrings of an orgasm. I tried thinking of other things to keep calm. I couldn’t let go of her tit, though, as I kept it firmly in my hand. My finger and thumb pinched the hardened nipple while the rest of my hand enjoyed the firm flesh of her breast.

Erin continued. “I know my friends would love a cock like this,” she said, squeezing it harder and stroking faster. “Would you like it if I told them how nice it is? I’ll bet some of them would love to fuck you.” She didn’t usually talk like that. Her face was also a little contorted. She must have been turned on, too.

“You want me to fuck your friends?” I asked. I wasn’t even thinking about it, really. I was thinking mostly about her hand working my cock. We both felt it swelling, the veins bulging, and the head had turned darker.

“Oh, they’d love to have this big prick stuffed up inside them,” she said, noticeably aroused. Her hand now was nearly abusing my cock as she tried to force it to cum. “Imagine this monster spreading their pussies wide!”

Well, I had reached my limit. With my mind thinking of that spread-open pussy, my hand squeezing her tit, and her hand pounding down the length of my cock, I felt a shiver deep in my groin. I let out a groan and shoved my hips forward as the cum shot out of my cock, splashing onto the sink and mirror. I groaned again along with a couple more spurts, and as I slowed down Erin squeezed all the cum she could out of my dick.

I braced myself on the counter with one hand, my other hand still latched on to Erin’s breast. I felt a wonderful calm come over me as she gently stroked my shaft, fingers running over top and the slit, playing with the cum, rubbing it into the skin.

I breathed hard, tried to catch my breath, and let out a low moan. Erin leaned in towards me as I returned to feeling normal.

“Let’s go into my room,” she said softly.

She let go of my dick, turned, and walked out the door, looking first to make sure no one else was around since she was still topless. Not thinking much about it, I did a quick wipe of my dick and followed her. I was glad the hall was empty when I realized my cock was still sticking straight out in front of me.

My erection hadn’t eased much, but it regained whatever it had lost as I walked into Erin’s room to see her removing her panties. Her pubic hair matched her long blonde hair, light enough to allow a nice vision of her crotch. Now naked, she crawled up onto her bed and expected me to follow, which of course I did.

My hands headed directly for her gorgeous tits. Her hands met them and helped guide them in, then landed on my upper thighs. They slid slowly up towards my crotch until they met, trapping my upright erection in between them.

Erin smiled.”It doesn’t get tired, either. That’s nice.”

“How could it?” I asked, only vaguely knowing what I was talking about.

“Touch me,” she said, sexily.

I was going to protest that I was touching her, as my hands covered both of her tits, at least as much as they could. Then I realized what she meant. I dropped one hand to her leg, watching her face to make sure that was what she wanted, then moved it into her crotch. I wasn’t thinking at all if this was right or not. Erin had become a girl, not my sister, in my aroused thoughts.

Her legs spread as my hand pushed in between them, and I reached her pussy lips to find them swollen. Two fingers slipped between them to find an overly wet cunt. She moaned and stiffened as I slid my fingers up and down her slit from one end to the other. After a minute of this I slid a finger into her hole and made her gasp.

“How many guys have done this?” I asked for some reason.

“Ohh,” she sighed, “nobody as good as this.”

“Are you a virgin?”

“No,” she answered. I wasn’t thinking of fucking her. I suppose I did still realize she was my sister. And as far as I could tell she wasn’t thinking of fucking me either. But with my hand in her vagina it seemed like I should know if she was a virgin.

Knowing that she wasn’t a virgin, I stuck another finger in and pushed it as deep as I could. She groaned and gyrated her hips towards my intruding fingers.

“Oh, God, yes,” she moaned.

She had only one hand on my cock, but it was squeezing hard. It encouraged me to keep attacking her cunt, and I did. I felt a soft, squishy area inside her hole and rubbed it, making Erin moan as I did. She began crying out softly as my thumb found her clit. I rubbed around the bud, getting a small yelp each time I flicked over it.

My fingers still pinching her nipples caused a reaction as well. Her hips drove into the mattress, onto my fingers, as she was being overcome with excitement. She wrapped one arm around my head and pulled our heads together. Side by side, not into a kiss. She needed the extra support as her climax was coming quickly. I tried to get another finger inside her, but her hips were exerting so much downward pressure into the mattress that I couldn’t. I did flick her clit more, though, and began pinching her nipples harder as she moaned and groaned toward her orgasm.

Her body stiffened as she came hard, then twitched and twisted so that she almost knocked herself off balance. She abandoned my cock as she used that hand to balance herself. I kept fingering her G spot and she kept cumming, out of control and loving every second.

She orgasmed for quite a few seconds, and came down off her high slowly. I let up my attack but kept stroking her. I held her head against mine and stroked her hair, and stroked her pussy lightly and slowly as she gradually calmed. It was then that we heard a scream from the doorway.

Our heads jerked toward the sound and then froze in terror as we recognized our mother standing there. She was in shock, too much to utter a word. I tried saying something but nothing came out. I’m not sure what I had tried saying anyway, evidently being in as much shock as Mom.

We had sat up straight immediately, but it took a few seconds to realize that my hand was still in my sister’s crotch. I jerked it away, which caught my mother’s attention. My penis had been sticking straight up between us, on full display for Mom, but it had by now fully deflated. Erin and I both tried covering ourselves up however we could. Mom left the room without a word.

We heard another small shriek from Mom. She evidently had gone into the bathroom and seen my cum splashed over the fixtures. Erin and I didn’t say a word, but quickly got off the bed. She grabbed for some clothes as I left the room and headed directly to my own. I slipped on underwear as I heard Erin’s door shut, then muffled voices. I couldn’t make out the words, but Mom’s very excited voice was talking – or yelling – at Erin. I didn’t hear Erin’s voice very much at all. What could she say? After several minutes Mom’s voice calmed, but she kept talking. Gradually there came to be longer pauses between sentences, and eventually I heard mostly silence.

After a few minutes of silence, Erin’s door opened. I held my breath, waiting to hear what was going to happen next. I was surprised when Mom came into my room. She took just one step in and stood there looking at me for what seemed an eternity. Finally, in a low, falsely calm voice, she told me I should pack some clothes and leave the house. I was in shock at this, but I understood that I was to do this now. She said she wasn’t telling Dad about this until after I had left. I immediately knew this was a good thing, as Dad was likely to take a baseball bat to my head if I was there when he found out. I felt terrible about leaving Erin in that situation, but at least I knew she wouldn’t be harmed.

I packed two suitcases and left before dawn, eventually moving in with a friend until I found a cheap apartment. Erin was fine, though grounded completely. After a week or so I spoke to Mom by phone, and even in person a while later when we met in a parking lot and she gave me more of my personal belongings. We had little to say to each other, though. Mostly I told her I was sorry. I still haven’t spoken to Dad, but I think he has made peace at least with Erin.

Me? Only time will tell.

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