Slutty Hotwife Annabel: Friday Night Pick-Up

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Slutty Hotwife Annabel: Friday Night Pick-Up
Slutty Hotwife Annabel: Friday Night Pick-Up

Chapter 1

Friday evenings were ‘pick-up’ nights for Annabel. We would go into a downtown bar or club separately with
the intention of Annabel getting picked up by another guy, while I watched from nearby. The formula hasn’t
changed much since before the time we got married, almost 4 years ago. But her outfits have got ever more
slutty and outrageous; her flirting, cockteasing and flashing ever more brazen!

I waited in the living room for Annabel to emerge, all tarted up, from the bedroom. It was only 4.30pm but
tonight we had chosen a bar in the financial district that filled up quickly after 5pm with young city traders,
dealers and the like after they had finished work. They splashed the cash on Friday evenings but, by about 9,
they had mostly gone home to their wives, girlfriends or families, or on to other venues.

Annabel tottered out of the bedroom in skysc****r platform black pvc thigh boots looking stunning! She’d
put on a very revealing little silver minidress that looked to be made out of shiny roasting foil! It glistened
and crackled and reflected every light source. There wasn’t much to it. Small cups, shaped like a half-cup
bra, tried to accommodate her large fake tits. A panel of material, only about 6 inches wide, ran down the
front of the dress and was joined to a similar panel at the back by tightly laced up sides. From either side it
looked as if she might not be wearing a dress at all! The small panels of material, front and back, came down
to about an inch below her crotch.

Her long straight blonde hair, bleached almost white, had been backcombed a little bit to give her a slightly
dishevelled look…in a tarty sort of way. Her collagen enhanced lips were covered in lashings of bright red
shiny lipstick and her huge silver hoop earrings rested on her bare shoulders. With her heavy black eye makeup
Annabel looked, as she so often does, like an X rated barbie doll. Aided by her high platform boots, she
stood there 6 feet tall…with a body to die for! I’ve made no mention of underwear, simply because she hardly
ever wears any! Not at home, not at work and certainly not when she goes out!

Annabel slipped on her shiny black pvc mac and tied the pvc belt tightly around her waist. She uses either
this mac or her extra long tightly fitted black leather coat as a cover up. We left the apartment and took the
lift downstairs to grab a taxi.

Traffic was heavy and we got to the bar just after 5. Annabel went straight in. I could imagine the impact she
would have, covered in black pvc from neck to toe, confidently gliding up to take a vacant bar stool. I went
for a 5 minute wander before entering the bar, keen to ensure there was no connection between us.

It was a large curved bar with about 20 bar stools, around a dozen sets of tables and chairs in the central area,
further bar stools and high tables all around the perimeter and 4 horseshoe shaped alcoves with soft padded
sofa style seating at the very far end. I sat on a bar stool some way from Annabel but with a nice clear view
of her. She had already taken off her pvc mac and put it over the back of her stool…I wish I’d been able to see
the effect that had in the bar! She’d ordered a white wine and was looking content and assured. The bar was
around half full but there were more groups of city workers coming in all the time.

A group of 4 guys were sitting at one of the tables near Annabel. They’d already demolished one bottle of
champagne and were ordering a second. Must have done some great trades at work this week! Three of them
looked mid 20’s and the fourth was late 30’s at least. Probably the boss. One of the younger guys asked for a
fifth glass and, looking at Annabel, politely asked if she’d like to join them. She turned to face him…I’m sure
she parted her legs for a moment to cocktease him…and said she’d love to.

Once the 5 of them were talking around the table it was impossible for me to hear the conversation. With
more customers coming in the whole time, the background noise level was quite high. But I could see they
were laughing and joking a lot. A third bottle was ordered and then the older guy put his coat on to leave.
Probably going back to his wife and family in the suburbs. The two young guys sitting directly next to
Annabel had now both moved in much closer. I could see that one of them had his hand on her thigh and her
legs were definitely several inches apart now. Something they said made her stand up and pull her thigh
boots right up as if she was modelling for them. Two pairs of hands reached out to caress her long shiny
fetish boots and then carried on up her bare thighs towards her crotch. She made no attempt to stop them!

Realising that they were attracting unwelcome attention, they all got up and headed off to one of the alcoves.
The 3 guys ushered Annabel onto the big semi-circular sofa first and then shuffled up close to her, one on
one side and two on the other. They seemed to have purposely positioned themselves so as to have as much
privacy from other customers in the bar as possible. I had a fairly good side view of their alcove. The guy in
a yellow shirt now had an arm round Annabel. She cuddled into him and his hand started to gently rub one of
her tits. He must have discovered her pierced nipples because his hand went inside her slutty little dress and
he was clearly pulling on the ring! The guy with long hair on her other side seemed to have his hand on her
lap. I couldn’t see what was going on under the big horseshoe table but I noticed Annabel’s head go back and
she was licking her lips! I knew exactly what was happening now…he was fingering her cunt!

I could see that Annabel, who was gradually sliding down lower and lower on the curved sofa, now had her
legs wide apart, giving the guys either side of her easy access to her cunt. She raised herself slightly off the
sofa and I guessed that a finger had now entered her asshole! Her right hand appeared to be on yellow shirt’s
lap but, as I looked closer, it was clearly bobbing up and down. Yellow shirt was staring straight ahead in a
goofy sort of way. He was obviously getting a hand job from Annabel. After a while she brought her hand up
to her mouth and started to lick all over it. My slutty hotwife was lapping up his cum!

Once yellow shirt had stuffed his cock back in his trousers he swapped places with the black guy who hadn’t
yet sat next to Annabel. Meanwhile, she’d turned to long hair on her left and he was now getting his hand
job! She repeated the process of licking the cum from her hand and then licked her lips as if they were coated
in her favourite chocolate!

I saw that Annabel was now giving the black guy her full attention. She put both arms round his neck, pulled
him in closer, and started kissing him with big open mouthed wet sloppy kisses. Then her head went down to
his lap. At below table level it was impossible to see exactly what she was doing…but I didn’t need two
guesses! The top of her head was just visible above the table, bobbing up and down at a rate of knots! When
she finally sat back up she was licking her lips like the cat that got the cream! Only the cream that she was
savouring had been pumped into her mouth straight from the black guy’s cock!

The third bottle of champagne had long since been finished. They’d also sunk a good few shots and seemed
to be making plans to leave. Everyone adjusted their clothing, put jackets and coats on…in Annabel’s case her
shiny black pvc mac, although she left it loose and unbelted…and headed for the door. Annabel hadn’t looked
at me all evening but she gave me a wicked glance as she left the pub with her three studs. I was sure that I
wouldn’t see her again until sometime on Saturday morning!

Chapter 2

It was before 8am when I heard Annabel’s keys in the door. She looked drained as she threw her mac onto a
chair. I offered her a strong coffee but she just told me to lie down on the bed.

“I’ve brought you an early breakfast, babe!” she said and proceeded to straddle my face with her cunt directly
over my mouth. “Open wide” she told me as she pulled her cunt lips apart. A thick stream of sticky, still
warm, creamy cum started to pour out of her puffy red cunt…which looked sore and tender and bore all the
signs of having been fucked many times during the night.

I lapped up everything that came out, needing to swallow several times. Annabel squeezed her cunt muscles
to get the last of it out. I thought she was getting up and I was thinking of running her a hot bath, but she
was simply turning around to straddle me with her back to me now!

“Wait, there’s more! It’s up my ass, darling!” She pulled her ass cheeks wide apart and teased her asshole
with a finger. Sure enough, another stream of sticky goo, creamy brown, seeped out of her ass and straight
into my mouth! Again she used her muscles to push the last of it out. I licked her clean around her asshole
and told her she should have a nice bath before telling me all about last night. But she wouldn’t hear of it.
She asked me to make that coffee for her and we settled down on the sofa.

“Well, you must have seen most of what went on in the bar, but I’ll fill in a few gaps for you. The older guy
who went home early wasn’t a trader. He was an administrator who handled their deals. They invited him for
a drink because he’d processed all their very profitable trades. Ian, the boss, (known to me as yellow shirt)
has an amazing condo high up in a block overlooking the river. The 4 of us went back there. As you must
have seen in the bar, I’d given two of them handjobs and Marcus (the black guy) a blowjob already. They’d
been fingering my cunt and asshole over in the alcove. Ian had been pinching my clit…he seemed to know
just how hard to do it and I was very close to orgasm at one point!”

“It was only a 10 minute taxi ride to Ian’s but they were all over me, pushing fingers into me, pinching my
nipples and rubbing my clit. I’d left my mac open to make sure I was accessible! My hands moved from one
to another, squeezing each of their cocks in turn. We even carried on in the lift up to Ian’s condo on the 12th

By now Annabel had fished my cock out from my dressing gown and was stroking it to full erection whilst
telling me of her adventures. She still had her little silver dress and long thigh boots on!

“Ian opened a bottle of wine and we all flopped down onto his big sofa together. I told the guys that, as they
had all only just cum in the bar, I was going to rim their assholes to give them a short rest. Charlie (aka ‘long
hair’ to me!) spoke for the first time almost and said ‘Fuckinghell, I’ve never had my ass licked before!’ He’s
the most shy of the three. Anyway, I got all three of them kneeling on the sofa, heads down, asses up in the
air and cheeks pulled wide apart. I moved from one to another and tongued them all in turn! You know how
good I am at rimming guys assholes, of course!”

My cock was leaking pre-cum by now as I imagined the scene that Annabel had described!

“I slapped their asses playfully and said ‘Right, who’s gonna fuck me first? I need cock and I need it right
now!’ We moved into Ian’s bedroom…he’s got a huge circular bed and it was covered with a black latex
rubber sheet! Very kinky, I thought! This guy’s got potential! No-one had actually said they were going first,
but Ian showed his authority by throwing me onto the bed and ramming his cock straight up my cunt in one
quick movement! I had taken my dress off because I didn’t want it ripped and ruined, but they had all insisted
that I keep my pvc thigh boots on!”

“We fucked and sucked for the next 2 hours. Ian’s cock was medium sized, a bit like yours really. Marcus
was a little bigger…well, after all, he is a black guy! Charlie was smaller but not too small. You know how I
like to push a finger into a guys asshole to give his prostate a nice rub just before he’s about to cum…well the
look on Charlie’s face when I did that for him was a picture! He exploded with an almighty cum and said
he’d never felt anything quite like that before!”

“Marcus seemed a bit intimidated by the other two…I think he would be very different on his own. I got the
feeling he was holding back. It was Ian who was the best fuck…by far! I knew from the moment that he very
expertly pinched and rubbed my clit in the bar that here was a guy who knew exactly what he was doing! He
didn’t disappoint…I had orgasms during the whole session but the climaxes he gave me were spectacular!”

“After a couple of hours Charlie decided to call it a night and went home. Marcus said he was staying and I
joked that I was only just getting warmed up! The three of us carried on fucking and sucking most of the
night! When Ian was ass-fucking me I told him to pull out just before he was ready to shoot and shove his
cock into my mouth! He was obviously impressed that I was asking him to give me ‘ass to mouth!’”

This particular disclosure from Annabel sent me right over the edge! Sensing that I was about to cum, she
halted the handjob, took my very erect cock in her mouth, moved a hand under me and pushed a finger up
my ass! I exploded into her mouth as she sucked hard on my pumping cock to drain every last drop of spunk
from it while simultaneously rubbing the most sensitive area of my prostate with her skilled finger. I told her
she was an absolute slut! She said ‘Thank you!’

“By the way, I’ve got a date with Ian on Monday evening!” And with that she left for her hot bath!

Chapter 3

Annabel slept until after lunch on Saturday. We had made loose plans to go out for a Chinese meal in the
evening. The routine we have established over the past 2-3 years suits us both. On Thursdays and Saturdays
we tend to go out together. Mondays and Wednesdays Annabel dates other men, Fridays are ‘pick-up’ nights
and we usually don’t do anything on Sundays or Tuesdays. It’s not a rigid rota but it brings some order to our
rather unusual marriage!

By 7pm we were both still up for that Chinese and Annabel went to get ready. It may seem strange, but she
doesn’t dress up as blatantly tarty when we just go out together as she does for other men! There’s a reason
for that. My cuckold tendencies are undeniable, but my masculinity is such that I don’t want to be dominated
or sissified, I certainly don’t want a ‘cock cage’ and I’m no wimp! However, I do get incredibly turned-on
when Annabel fucks other men, when she goes out in slutty ‘fuck me’ outfits and when she acts like a cheap
tart! I’m not the slightest bit bi around other men, but when she says she wants to watch me lick her lover’s
cock clean, I jump to it excitedly!

We’re always very open and honest with each other and one thing that Annabel has perfected is how to tease
me, torment me and humiliate me without ever threatening my masculinity. Central to this is how, when
we’re out together, she denies me the pleasure of seeing her all tarted up in the same extreme slutty style that
she dresses in for her dates with other men! Only last week she received a new outfit she’d ordered from an
online fetish clothing site. It was a sleazy pvc one-piece, a bit like a monokini, that didn’t cover much of her
and was intended for the bedroom…not for going out in! Holding it up to show me, Annabel said it would be
ideal ‘cock-bait’ for one of her date nights. Although she didn’t actually say it, she strongly implied that she
wouldn’t be wearing it for me!

So, when she appeared for our Saturday evening out…yes, she looked incredibly sexy…but it was toned down
a lot from the blatant slutwear she’d go out with other guys in! Her shiny black ‘sprayed-on’ leggings did
show an amazingly clear cameltoe and her bright fluorescent yellow fluffy woollen sweater, several sizes too
small and finishing just below her tits, well above her midriff, did look super sexy.

We went to a wine bar first, polished off a good bottle of white, and then on to an upmarket chinese that I’d
taken clients to lunch at before. The food was sumptuous and, with another bottle of white, we were in good
spirits. Annabel’s DD tits, pushing out the tiny little fluffy woollen sweater to its absolute limit, were getting
lots of attention in the restaurant. When she got up to use the bathroom she pulled her leggings up really tight
into her crotch before walking past all the other tables. The cameltoe on show was absolutely breathtaking!
Although it wasn’t a ‘pick-up’ night, she still revelled in the effect her cockteasing had!

When we got home we made love…her cunt had fully recovered from last night’s battering! We ‘make love’
wheras she ‘fucks’ other men! Sunday was lazy, as always. Monday was an early start for me into the office
but a more leisurely one for Annabel, who works the 11.30 to 3.30 lunchtime shift at a busy city pub. She
would be pre-occupied thinking about her date with Ian that evening!

Chapter 4

Monday evening I didn’t get home till after 7 and Annabel was being picked up by Ian at 8. She had
explained our relationship to Ian, knowing that he was an experienced worldly guy and would have no
trouble relating to it. In fact, she had high hopes of some 3-way fun later on! Annabel had finished her bath
and was gazing into her walk-in dressing room for some inspiration for what to wear! She suddenly
remembered the black latex rubber sheet on Ian’s bed. Yes, of course, she thought…I bet he’s got a rubber
fetish! That’s what I’ll wear then…a rubber dress!

Annabel had two black rubber dresses. One took a good 20 minutes to get on as it required a lot of talc, both
on the inside of the dress and on her body, before it could gradually be rolled on! The other had a 2 way zip
all the way down the front and, with a lot of stretching and a bit of talc, was on in 2 minutes. She chose the 2
minute option, but I still had to help stretch it around her so that the two sides met in the middle and she
could zip it up! It fitted her like a second skin. She asked me to spray it with special latex polish and to rub it
hard with a clean cloth until it was ultra shiny.

She’d already put her black pvc garter belt around her waist. The rubber dress was so thin and tightly
stretched that the outline of the 8 garter straps could be seen very clearly under her dress! She lengthened
the straps to just below the hem of her dress, which only just covered her crotch anyway. That meant there
would be a nice slutty looking 2 inch band of bare thigh visible between the tops of her tarty black fencenet
stockings and the hem of her equally tarty shiny rubber latex dress! That should get Ian’s attention!

Annabel grabbed a black leather fetish choker from a drawer. It was a good 2 inches wide and covered in lots
of silver studs and spikes…a real hardcore BDSM choker! She put similar style studded black leather wrist
bands on and then she got me to tie silver straps around the top of both her arms. Still not finished with the
accessories, she pulled on a pair of short fingerless black fishnet gloves. Finally, she stepped into a pair of
silver spiked stiletto heel ankle boots, looked into the full length mirror and said, out loud, “You slut!”

Still looking in the bedroom mirror, and knowing I was standing there admiring her, she couldn’t resist
tormenting me further. “How do I look, babe? D’you think Ian will get a stiffy when he sees me? I think I’ll
put some sluttier make-up on!” Which she proceeded to do. Then, looking in the mirror again, she started to
play around with the big zipper running up the front of her dress. She pulled it down at the top to see how far
it would go before her big tits fell out altogether. Then she pulled up the other end of the zip, from the hem,
to see at what point her bare cunt came into full view. Less than an inch was the answer! So she left both
ends of the zip in a position that was just short of being completely indecent!

The downstairs security door buzzer sounded and Annabel buzzed Ian up. She opened the front door of the
apartment and stood in the doorway, hands on hips and legs wide apart, waiting for him to emerge from the
lift. Now, Ian was a confident young man but, when he first set eyes on Annabel he was visibly shaking! He
kissed her on the cheek, for fear of getting covered in her jet black lipstick had he gone for her lips! He just
said “WOW!” and stepped back to fully appreciate the sight that was in front of him. Annabel invited him in
and did the introductions.

I remembered Annabel saying his cock was similar to mine in size. I saw a lot of similarities between Ian and
myself. Average height, average build, confident, polite and with a taste for slutty looking women! I liked
him immediately and we chatted easily together. Annabel continued to torment me by cooing up to Ian,
holding onto his arm, looking into his eyes and do everything but actually purr! They were going out to a
themed cocktail bar that was used a lot as a pre-clubbing watering hole. Annabel always left arrangements
open with her dates as to whether they’d come back here or go to his place. She liked to gauge during the
evening if her date was likely to be comfortable fucking her right in front of me or not! In Ian’s case she
already had a strong feeling that she’d be bringing him back here!

After subjecting me to the final humiliation, for now at any rate, of having to watch her gently rubbing Ian’s
obviously erect cock through his jeans, they left. I knew that Annabel would call me sometime during the
evening to say whether they’d be coming back here or not. It dawned on me then that she hadn’t put a coat or
a jacket on. That only happens for the favoured dates that she’s trying really hard to make a big impression

I got the call at 11.20. They were in a taxi on their way back here already! Annabel said, playfully, “I’ve been
such a bad wife already, darling! I was cockteasing one of the barstaff, as I do, and he called my bluff and
bet me I wouldn’t let him fuck me in the stockroom. Ian was egging me on, so I went and did it! His cum is
still dribbling down my stockings! See you in 10. Oh, by the way, Ian’s got four fingers in my cunt!”

She was clearly in good spirits and she’d probably consumed a lot of good spirits too! I waited to hear her
key in the door. When I did, it had been a lot longer than 10 minutes. Annabel told me straight away that the
reason for their delay was because she’d been giving the taxi driver a blowjob in the underground car park.
Apparently he’d been very good natured over the way she and Ian had been making out in the back of his
taxi. She told him he was a good sport and wanted to reward him with a special tip! That’s just such typical
behaviour from Annabel. I joked with Ian that, you take a woman out for a nice evening and she has sex with
two complete strangers before you even get her home!

Annabel had pulled Ian down onto the sofa next to her. She was undressing him as fast as she could and
saying how she wanted him to fuck her hard and rough! Ian wasted no time in putting her on all fours,
getting behind her, thrusting his cock into her soaking wet cunt and started to pump away at a furious rate! I
noticed he had an unusual cock ring on. It had an attachment above it, about two inches long, made of black
rubber and covered with lots of hard black rubber pimples. As he thrust in and out of Annabel’s cunt the
pimples were cleverly positioned such that they would rub along her clit to stimulate it! Annabel was having
wonderful orgasms after only a few minutes of such intense stimulation. She put her arms back to pull Ian
deeper into her and started shrieking!

Ian was definitely hitting the mark. Annabel still had her rubber dress, stockings, garter and boots on! She
looked a sight and a half. Then, to my amazement, she started gushing! In no small measures either! All over
the leather sofa! That’s only ever happened about four times before, ever since I’ve known her. And on the
previous occasions it has always been during a gangbang with a group of hugely hung black guys! I could
see why she was so taken with Ian.

When he couldn’t hold back any longer and shot his load deep into Annabel’s cunt, she clearly wanted more!
So I stripped off and took Ian’s place for sloppy seconds. Without the magic attachment that Ian had used on
her to such great effect, Annabel returned to a more normal fucking mode. Although it was me fucking her
now, she couldn’t stop going on about what a sensational fuck Ian had given her and how she’d had some of
her best orgasms ever!

“Darling, I’m gonna get you one of those cockrings with the fancy gizmo that sends my clit wild. Why
haven’t I discovered this thing before! Ian, you’re an absolute genius. I had more climaxes in 15 minutes than
I’ve had for the past year! Now, to thank you properly, I want to do whatever your biggest fantasy is, your
darkest secret wish…however filthy, perverted or kinky it is! Nothing’s off limits!”

With that thought I exploded into Annabel’s already sopping cunt, although she was on such a high from Ian’s
fucking that I think she’d almost forgotten that I was still in her!

Ian had been thinking about his reply. “D’you know, there’s no one single kink or fetish that I’m hooked on.
Your rubber dress tonight is right up there at the top. As is the way that you fucked the barman and blew the
taxi driver! They were incredible turn-on’s. If I’m being honest with you guys, the thing I’d like most of all is
to take you out on dates like we’ve had tonight from time to time. When you can dress up real sexy and
behave ever so badly, like tonight.”

“That will be my pleasure!” Annabel replied straight away. “But there’s one condition! You can’t ever forget
that amazing cockring!” We all burst out laughing. Then Annabel added “It’s win-win-win for all three of us
isn’t it?”

Ian had work the next morning, as did I, and he got dressed to go. We both took his number and he took ours.
Annabel suggested Monday, two weeks out, for another date. Ian said he’d look forward to it the whole
fortnight and left as Annabel was still trying to cover him in wet slobbery kisses!

I made us some coffee and we curled up on the sofa with our nightcap. “Ian definitely ticks all the boxes. I
think he can join the regulars straight away, honey!” she said.

The ‘regulars’ are a few special guys, 7 now to be precise, who Annabel is comfortable dating on a fairly
regular basis, as opposed to the many one-off dates she goes out with on most Mondays and Wednesdays.
Some guys make it beyond a one-off date but will never fulfil all of her requirements to become a ‘regular’.
That is, they must be an incredible fuck, they must never seek to threaten our marriage, they must be ‘fun’
guys who’ll never be embarrassed by the outrageously tarty outfits Annabel loves to wear or the crazy things
that she often gets up to! Most importantly, she insists, they should get on well with me, feel comfortable
about me being involved in most of the sex that’ll go on and, ideally, share my strong liking for Annabel to
look like and act like a complete slut!

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