Sons Turns His Sexy Mom Into Slutty Girlfriend

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Sons Turns His Sexy Mom Into Slutty Girlfriend

this story is about how seduced my mom and ended up loving her from head to toe. I am in the first year college doing my engineering. Natasha is my mom’s name and she is a 44 years old hot and sexy woman. Not that I always fantasized about mom but my first semester in the college changed everything.

My friends introduced me to this i****t concept and I heard a lot of stories about how they fucked their cousins and aunts. Hearing those used to give me a hard-on. What I didn’t realize was that someday I was also going to be enjoying it too.

So it was the summer vacation break and I returned home for the vacation. Mom had come to receive me at the airport. Let me describe my mom. Natasha is a high-class woman who looks younger than her age. Anyone looking at her will think she is just 30. She has maintained herself really well and always dressed to kill. She is 5 ft 8 in tall and has a really fair milky complexion.

Her skin is super smooth as silk. If you are a boobs-guy or ass-guy, my mom is sure to make you go wild about her. Her figure is 34D-28-32. She has straight silky hair with brown streaks and her lips are just too soft and juicy. All of this I found out when I made love to her.

So we went home and mom asked me to get fresh and get ready for lunch. As my bathroom didn’t have a towel, I went inside the master bathroom to get a towel. As I was about to leave, I saw a pair of silky black thongs. I really wondered whom they belonged to and then I realized it had to be mom’s! I knew mom was really stylish, but the knowledge of her wearing sexy thongs really made my mind to start running wild thoughts.

All of a sudden I took the pantie and smelled it. Immediately, I was transformed into a different world. It was intoxicating. The smell felt like take a puff of a joint and I was getting lightheaded. I smelled it more and rubbed it against my face. It felt good and I realized my dick was hard. All of a sudden, I realized what I was doing. So, I quickly took the towel and left. I told to myself that it was wrong and I shouldn’t.

I finally came to the dining table for lunch. Mom asked the servants to leave as she will serve herself.

Natasha: Varun, you have not been eating well. I have made your favourite butter chicken today.

Varun: Thanks mom, I missed it so much.

Saying this, mom came close to me and bent to serve me butter chicken. I don’t know whether it was due to the incident in the bathroom or just an accident, my eyes went straight to her face. And for the first time, I had seen it with such detail and attention. Perhaps, with the same attention, I would see a hot chick in the mall or a cafe.

Mom had such a beautiful and pretty face. It was so creamy and looked so smooth. Her cheeks were proportionate to the rest of the face. She had put light kajal on her eyes and there was a light pink lipstick. Her lips appeared soft, wet and juicy. All of a sudden,

Natasha: Varun, do you need more?

Me: Aahh… yess mom.

Natasha: Are are you lost? Do you need salad?

Me: Yes.

Now Salad was a bit further away, so mom went to the other end of the table. As soon as she bent down to get the salad which was right opposite to me, her pallu fell down. What I saw was the most perfect milky juicy soft cleavage I had ever seen. As she had bent down to pick the salad using both her hands, her boobs got pressed against each other, giving the perfect valley shape.

Mom’s mangalsutra had come out and struck right in between her cleavage and I was mesmerized by that and realized for the first time that mom was really hot and beautiful. Her blouse clearly wasn’t big enough to hold those two soft melons and they were really popping out.

I was really hard now and somehow finished my lunch and went back to my room. I just couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen. I knew it was wrong but my mind was simply out of control.

I finally dozed off and woke up in the evening. I came out and dad had come.

Dad: Hey Varun, how are you, how is your studies?

Varun: It’s good, dad.

Dad: Great. Get ready we will have a tennis match. It’s been a long time.

Varun: Sure, Dad.

Mom: Sameer (my dad), I am going for yoga. Let’s come back and have dinner together.

As soon as I heard mom’s voice, I turned towards her. I was like a hungry wolf wanting to see her. And guess what? I wasn’t disappointed. She was in those tight yoga pants and her ass appeared in perfect round shape. I had never seen her in such a body-hugging outfit and I immediately became hard. I tried to hide that when mom called me.

Natasha: Hey Varun, beat your dad in the tennis match and you get a gift from me. (She winked and smiled at me and left).

I can’t tell you how sexy that wink and smile was. I knew she didn’t intend it to be like that but my eyes were just stuck on that beautiful hot body of hers, giving me a wink. I knew that I had to win the match and which I finally did. Later Mom came back.

Natasha: So who won?

Dad: It was him. Didn’t know he played that well.

Natasha: So finally someone beat you. That’s my boy, Varun.

Saying this, my mom came and hugged me.

Me: Mom, I am all sweaty.

Natasha: Oh come on, I am sweaty too.

I initially was just holding her lightly.

Natasha: What? You’re not going to hug me now because you are sweaty?

Saying this, she really pulled me really tight towards her and as a result, I felt my chest crush into something really soft.

I was dumbstruck for a while and as soon as I realized that, I quickly hugged her back and pulled her much closer. The bastard in me made me pull my mom closer and now my face was next to her neck. Oh my god, her fragrance was so sexy and seductive. I wanted to lick mom’s sweaty neck but I just continued to smell her sweaty body. I was getting crazy about her every time I saw her.

Me: So mom, what’s my gift?

Mom: Get cleaned up and come down and you will get it.

I took bath and came down. Dad was already down and finally, mom came in. She was wearing this black chiffon sleeveless saree and looked like a Goddess. She was wearing that saree so low that her beautiful navel was on full display. Dad was like:

Dad: Oh my! What’s the occasion? You look hot tonight.

Natasha: Well our son has come back home after a long time. So it’s time to celebrate. So, Varun, you are in college now and it’s better you start acting like an adult. And I want you to join your dad and me for a drink.

Me: Really? Can I?

Dad: Of course, son.

Mom: Up for scotch?

Me: Mom, you have scotch?

Dad: Oh you don’t know your mom. At our club, not a single man can compete with her when she drinks. No wonder she has so much fan following.

Mom: Oh come on, Sameer. Utne bhi fans nahin hai mere. So, Varun, should I make your first drink?

Me: Sure.

Mom: Come here.

As soon as I went close, the fragrance of her body was intoxicating. I didn’t need alcohol to get high, my mom was driving me crazy enough. I was getting rock hard by just seeing her and by smelling her fragrance. I knew my penis was desperately wanting to come out. Her slender white arms looked sexy in that black blouse and saree.

Mom: So, you first pour the drink in the glass and you need to have the correct glass for scotch. Then you need to slowly move the glass to let the alcohol burn, lower your nose and smell the fumes. Experience the smoky oak flavour. Feel your drink and then slowly take a sip and let it swirl in your mouth and let your taste buds feel the warmth.

I had lost her long back. I was just seeing those soft juicy lips, those big eyes and soft red cheeks. I wanted to taste the scotch from my mom’s lips. I wanted my tongue to lick her tongue and slowly lick the scotch off it.

Mom: Hey… try it.

As soon as I took my first sip, I started to cough and mom and dad started laughing.

Natasha: Oh poor, baby. It’s ok. You will get used to it.

That night continued and I slowly started drinking. Soon dad turned on the music and mom and dad started dancing. I just sat and continued to drink. I was already high and mom and dad were now dancing and kissing each other. I could see my dad holding my mom’s ass and crushing it while mom had already inserted her hand in his pants and playing with his jewels.

I don’t know if they realized I was on the bar counter, but seeing my sexy mom getting fondled and kissed made me really hard and I could no longer take it. I quickly returned to my room and in no time, I exploded. I had never cummed so much. I think I jacked off a couple of more times and then finally, dozed off.

It was around 4 am and I got up to go to the bathroom. I went to have some water and saw mom was lying on the sofa.

Her pallu was down and she was only in her black bra. Her left strap was down and her breasts were almost out. For the first time, I was seeing those soft breasts almost out.

I went closer and sat on the floor beside the sofa. I was seeing her face, her neck, and her breasts. I wanted to just bend and kiss her but I heard someone coming. I quickly got up and went back to my room. It was dad. He came and picked her up and took her back to the bedroom.

After a while, I could hear the noise. I went near the master bedroom and could hear mom moaning and saying, “Yes Sameer.. Harder.. Yes baby.. Fuck me harder. Bite me, honey”. I was shocked to hear my mom and instantly my hand went inside my pant and started stroking my dick. I just lay there imagining me on her and then continued to shag. After jacking off, I returned to my room and slept off.

The next day we planned a quick trip to Goa. Dad couldn’t come with us as he had some important appointments.

Fast forward, we finally reached Goa the day after that. Mom had booked a nice Villa with a private pool. As soon as we reached the room, I quickly jumped on the bed and lay down.

Mom: Hey Varun, we didn’t come here to sleep. It is Goa, let’s hit the beach and enjoy.

Varun: But mom, I want to sleep.

Mom: Varun, sleep when we get back home. For now, we just party hard. I will go and get fresh and you get ready too. We will hit the beach after that.

I went and got ready. I wore a t-shirt and shorts. I was waiting for mom to come and finally, she did.

Mom: So how do I look?

I was stunned to see her. She was in a two-piece black bikini. Her white milky body against the black bikini was driving me crazy. Her breasts were almost out and her pantie barely covered her ass. Her abs were perfect with the sexy navel and just enough of flab on the waist to make her look crazy hot.

Mom: Stop checking me out and tell me, am I fine?

Varun: Fine? You are looking awesome.

Mom: Thanks, dear. I was worried if you would like what I dress. You young boys are very picky these days. So I made sure to get this bikini.

She wore a transparent one-piece dress which ended just above her ass and clearly showed everything.

Mom: Let’s have some shots and hit the beach.

We had some tequila shots in the room and the few turned into 7. I already got a kick. We finally reached the water. Mom immediately went inside the water and started playing.

Mom: Varun, come here.

As soon as I went, she pulled me into the water. She made me completely wet and started laughing. I too pushed her and she fell into the water. As soon as she hit the water, her clothes got wet and it got stuck on those sexy curves. I was already high after those shots and seeing her semi-naked and wet, I immediately jumped on her and started throwing more water on her.

Mom tried to get up but I just pulled her and made her fall on me. As soon as her soft body hit me, I held her tightly and now my dick was poking on her ass. I was on my back and mom was on me with her back facing me. My hands were on her naked waist and she was trying to get away.

I continued to hold her with my left hand and my right hand was slowly rubbing her stomach. Slowly, my both hands were going to her top and she continued to struggle. My hands were now just below her breasts my hands were now pressing her breasts from below.

Mom: Hey Varun, you have grown very strong. Now let me go dear.

The touch of her soft breasts was driving me crazy. I continued to push more from the bottom and this time. I had moved my face to the side of her right neck. I was smelling her sexy fragrance and it was driving me nuts. I was slowly rubbing my face on her neck. The soft skin of her neck was sexy and seductive. I wanted to kiss her neck but wanted to enjoy this feeling slowly.

Mom: Varun, I think we should get up now.

I didn’t say anything and instead, I slowly placed my right hand on her right breasts over her bra and gave a slight press.

Mom: Aaahhhhh… Varun, what are you doing?

The softness of her breast was nothing I had ever experienced. I gave a slight press again and then gave a soft bite on the ear lobe. She was trying really hard to free herself, but I just held her tight. I slowly inserted my right hand inside her bra and felt the naked breast for the first time. As soon as I felt the soft breast and her nipple, I just couldn’t control myself and squeezed it real hard.

Mom: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh… Varun, let me go. What are you doing?!

Me: Mom, you have been seducing me since I have come back and now I want you. During this whole trip, you will be my girlfriend and I will make love to you like your boyfriend.

As soon as I said this, I quickly turned her around and made her lie on the beach. My wet sexy mom was lying on the beach. Her white top had moved up and I could see her milky white soft stomach. Her small pantie was barely covering her and her naked thighs were wet and covered slightly in the sand.

Mom tried to push me away and get up but I just held both her hands and pinned her down. Now I was lying on her and our faces were inches away from each other. I had pinned her hands and I could feel her breath.

We continued to look at each other and slowly, I came down and touched my lips with hers. I didn’t kiss her but slowly brushed my lips against hers. The softness of her lips was clearly felt. I slowly let my lips press against hers and kissed her lower lip. I continued to slowly kiss her lower lip and that’s when I heard some noise. A few people had come so I broke the kiss and got up.

I pulled my mom up too. We both didn’t say anything to each other and remained quiet. But I was already horny. I slowly slipped my hand and placed my hand around her soft waist and pulled her close to me.

Mom: Varun, leave my waist.

Varun: Mom, you will be my girlfriend for the rest of the trip.

Mom: But, how can I? I am your MOM!

I got a bit irritated and in a snap, I tore her white top and pulled it away. She was only in her two-piece bikini now and her body was on full display. Everyone now started to notice her.

I pulled her closer to me and placed my hand on her waist and went to a shack. I ordered a couple of shots. I drank mine but mom didn’t. I went close to her and whispered, “You don’t want me to strip you off your bra in front of everyone, do you?”

As soon as she heard this, she quickly took the shot. We continued drinking and I made my mom drink at least 7 shots. She was now really high. I mixed a naughty rabbit in her last drink and it was now working. She had started to act free. While we were drinking, a few men in the shack were talking and I overheard:

Man 1: Wow, check out that babe. She has the perfect figure. I would just do anything to play with those boobs.

Man 2: Lucky guy to have a girlfriend like her. I bet he will be drilling her hard tonight.

I decided to move closer to my mom and placed my right hand on her soft thighs. I slowly started to rub her smooth white thighs and it felt so great. The white rabbit had started to take effect as she just closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. I immediately pulled her face and sucked her lower lip and bit it. The men saw us and I could see their tents.

I started to suck her lips and slipped my hand inside her pantie and squeezed her soft ass. I wanted to strip her and fuck her there itself but I controlled myself. I just held her by her waist and we went back to our room.

As soon as we entered the room, I closed the door and pushed her against the wall and took off her bra. It was the first time I was seeing those huge white soft boobs with erect pink nipples. I just grabbed both of them and started sucking them like crazy.

Mom closed her eyes and held my head and pushed it against her breasts. I was biting those nipples and she was moaning. Her “ooooohs” and “aaaaahs” was so sexy that I bit her even harder. If I could, I would have eaten her breasts.

Mom’s boobs were so soft and smooth that I just put my face between those marvellous juicy jugs and enjoyed her sexy body. I am sure if I had left her alone in that shack, she would have been ravaged like a bitch by those hungry dogs. Well, not that I wasn’t ravaging her now.

Then I inserted my hands inside her pantie and found her leaking! She was breathing heavily and I slowly rubbed her wet cunt lips.

Mom: Oh son… What are you doing, I can’t control myself.. Stop teasing me now and just do me..

I just picked her up and threw her in the private pool in our room. The water splashed everywhere and there she was. The hot babe, all wet like a mermaid. I was just going crazy about her. I just jumped into the pool, grabbed her and started smooching those luscious soft juicy lips. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and she started sucking it.

I was squeezing her in my arms and we continued to suck each other’s tongue. My penis was rock hard and all I wanted now was to feel her juicy lips and soft tongue licking and sucking my cock. All of a sudden, the bell rang. I asked her to go and check.

Mom was going to wear a gown. I asked her to just wrap herself with a small towel and go check who it was. As soon as she opened the door, it was the room service. We had ordered for drinks. The room service guy was just shocked to see a hot sexy woman all wet and barely covered in a towel standing in front of him. He could hardly take his eyes off her. I was enjoying all this.

After he left, I got out of the pool and pushed her against the wall and lifted her arms. Her clean smooth armpits were still wet. I went near her and slowly licked it with my tongue. The touch of my tongue instantly made her moan.

Mom: Oh Varunnn… Aahhhh.. Don’t do it… I can’t control..

I continued to lick her armpit and mom held my hair and pushed my head towards her armpit. As soon as she did that, I went crazy and continued to suck and lick her juicy soft armpits. I can’t tell you how hard I was at that time. The feeling of licking my mom was sexy.

She took my hand and placed it on her breast. I knew she wanted a tight squeeze. I squeezed her hard and bit her neck. She was moaning louder.

I immediately pushed her on her knees and held her hair and made her look up. There she was, my sexy slutty bitch all naked, wet and sexually charged up. Her soft pink lips we so inviting that I just took my penis and inserted in her mouth.

Mom started to suck my penis. The feeling of holding her soft silky hair and her soft lips and wet tongue on my penis was awesome. I could hold her soft silky hair and fuck her mouth forever. She continued to suck my penis while caressing my balls.

Then I took out my penis and made her suck my balls and as soon as my ball entered her soft wet mouth, it was as if my face was buried between her soft white cleavage. She continued to blow me and after some time, I couldn’t take it anymore and cummed all in her mouth. I made her lick my penis dry and she lay back on the floor all tired.

To be continued.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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