South African Hadji

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South African Hadji
In 2007 I met this sultry, widowed shopkeeper. At the time I was 40 and I later found out that she was 50 yrs old. She was a very rude bitch who liked to swear at people. I bought my daily paper from her shop every morning before work.

She was quite sexy, had small tits and a big ass. When she walked, her ass would jiggle. A person could see the thong sticking out around her hips. I just though “damn, a 50 yr old with lacey thongs” I decided I just had to see her in just the thong.

I decided to start flirting and eventually asked her out. She said she could not as she recently returned from her Hajj in Mecca. I asked if everybody who are Hadji’s are so sexy and sensual. She asked whwt I meant and I told her that seeing her lacey thong riding up her back made me so horny that I had to skommel (jack off) every day I get to work. She just laughed and asked what I would get her for her birthday which was on Good Friday that year.

The Friday evening after spending a day in church with my frigid wife, I decided to make my move. As I was about to ring her doorbell, I heard moans coming from a window. I peeked through the window and to my surprise saw the Hadji on her knees! Not praying but being fucked from behind by her friends husband!! I took out my cell and recorded the scene. I called the next day and she was a bit off handed. I thought for a moment and decided to send the clip to her lover and his wife!

When next I saw her she had some scratches on her face and looked down. I heard from her teenage son that his aunt came to swear at her and had attacked her. I went over again the next Saturday after I learned that her son was going out for supper and a movie with her sister. I was greeted by her wearing a nighti. I could see she didn’t have on a bra by the way her tits swayed. As she served coffee. I nearly fell over as she gave me a view down the front of her nightie.

After some chit-chat I leaned in for a good nite kiss on the cheek. As we hugged I could feel her tits pressing against me. This time I went for anothr kiss and fed her my tongue. She was flusterd and I held her close. My hand rubbing her nipple! She breathed heavily into my mouth and I reached around to squeeze her ass. Doing this I discoverd she didn’t have on a panty . I dropped my head an began to suck her nipple. She responded by rubbing the front of my pants and telling me I’m making her Jags.

She led me to the bedroom and pushed me down. She fished out my cock and began to clumsily lick it. I lifted her over me till we were in 69 position. I began lickin her puffy pussy lips. When I sucked on her clit, she came over my face. She then asked me to Naai (fuck) her please. I pushed my cock into her and began slowly fuckin her. As she came again in torrents she asked me ” Naai my poes Hard. Maak my seer”

I flipped her ovr and started to pound her doggy- style. I smacked her fat ass as she beggd me to hurt her. I them wet my finger and plunged it into her ass hole. This drove her crazy and she asked me to ” Naai my in die hol. Sit jou piel in my hol” I rubbed my cock on the brown eye and pushed in with force. She screamed and then I started ramming it into her. This fucking bitch was a hypocritical hadji. Then she started to cum and I could feel my cock being sucked into her ass and I knew I would explode soon. I pulled out, ripped of the stained condom and shoved it into her mouth. I came and wen she started to spit out, I started my video. She started swearing at me for cumming in her mouth. I smacked her tits. Pushed her down and I took her hairspray can from the bedside cupbord and shoved it in her sloppy cunt, I bit her tits and gave her love bites all over her neck and tits. When she came again, I took the ass soiled condom and shoved it into her mouth.

This made her gag and she threw up. She swore at me and chased me out of her house. The following monday, I went to the shop and she glared at me. I asked her for her number and told her I wanted to send her something, As I drove off, I sent her the video clip of her almost chocking on my cum and her cunt filled with a spray can.

I still fuck this bitch on a regular basis. She likes it and I love degrading her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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