Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #1

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Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #1
Stella invites her best friend Marina to share our hot holiday in Spain.
We just had tried our first sub-dom role playing, which turned very kinky.
Stella discovered her sub-side, as well as a fresh fondness of lesbian love.
We hope Marina will like to play along with us, fulfilling our foxy fantasies.
Both are twenty, tasty and very pretty, but not very experienced yet in bed.

We get off and up as usually in our morning ritual of pleasuring each other.
We shower, where we have another quicky. I choose her shortest summer dress.
Wear nothing underneath, my love. I like you to feel kinky from the start.
We drive to the airport to pick-up Marina, the very first guest in our play.

We get her very curious and excited during the drive back, about our experience:
We had such a hot weekend! Wait till we get home to tell you all the details …
We sat down at the terrace with a view at the sea for some tapas and vino tinto.
We told her what happened during our two days of sub-dom games, reversing roles.

We were wise enough to postpone telling Marina the kinkiest things a bit later.
We proposed the possibily of moderating the sub-dom scheme we did to three roles.
We can all be boss twice, with the other two one as servant, the other as slave.
We would have a scenario for six sexy days and nights, everyone of us in all roles.

We had speculated before whether Marina might be up for such an improper proposition.
We knew her curiousity for Stella, as she told me, they once had masturbated together.
We also knew she was quite a feminist, more up to women’s rights than women’s roles.
We guessed as well she had a bit of a crush on both of us, which might tip the balance.

We proposed the roles of Mistress/Master, Servant and Slave. A Servant can speak.
A Slave can’t, only answer. Both should be honest. Bad behaviour may be punished.
A new day of play starts when the Mistress or Master wakes up and wants something.
A day of rule lasts at least till midnight or longer if the person in charge wants.

We proposed Marina to be the first to take charge, as she was our guest, new to the game.
As Stella was most close to her, she would be Servant first day and I her humble slave.
We both noticed how often the eyes of Marina gazed at the blond bush sexy Stella showed her.
We both smiled as Marina told Stella not to wear a slip tomorrow, also as her sexy Servant.

Day 1: Mistress Marina and Servant Stella slave Peter
Marina was horny all night with all kind of foxy fantasies going on in her naughty mind.
Marina had wondered what the recipe was for our so satisfying love making in the morning.
Marina had a hang-up about that, as she often pretended to come in intercourse with her guys.
Marina decided that she first wanted to see what Stella got from me and also try it herself.

Marina wakes up first. She spoons Stella in our bed and starts to fondle her firm titties.
Marina whispers to her ear: Make him do what he does every morning for you. I want the same.
Marina smiles, as Stella slaps my face and tells me: Serve your Mistress and me, you slave.
Mistress Marina and me want breakfast and your sexy servitude, dude. Now hurry up, lazy guy.

Marina isn’t sure how far she can go as a Mistress. Can I tell him to fuck me like he does you?
Marina, you’re my best friend! Don’t worry. You can order him to do anything! Just as you like!
Marina, just grab your chance. This is your day of power over us. It’s all for your joy, love.
Marina smiles as she sees me serving them their breakfast on bed. Big mug of tea, a warm dish.

Marina watches as I caress the full belly of Stella. She soon turns over and spreads her legs.
Marina sees how my knees spread Stella’s legs further apart and grind her down to enter her.
Marina is at the left of Stella, who looks her into her eyes, while her right hand rubs hard.
Marina sees how fast Stella comes from being fucked with no way to escape. She got hot and wet.

Marina wants a fast fuck like that as well. She lays down beside Stella. Mount me, my slave!
Marina moans as I fold open, kiss and lick the big butterfly of her large labia for a start.
Marina demands: Fuck me, my slave. Take me like you took Stella. Poke my pussy till I come!
Marina comes hard, almost as fast as Stella. As her slave, I don’t dare to shoot my load.

Marina wants to know all the dirty details of our earlier role-play love life from Stella.
Marina likes the privacy of our terrace to sunbath naked as Stella, litening to our story.
Marina seems shocked that Stella got so hot from her first ever spanking her bottom by me.
Marina loves the long lesbian sexy story of our naughty night with the neighbour girls.

Marina demands a demonstration of lesbian love lessons Stella learned from Anna and Belle.
Marina clicks her fingers to order at me more white wine soda spritzers to keep them cool.
Marina spreads her legs wide and invites Stella to show and share her fresh oral skills.
Marina moans as her hot sexy Servant eats her out till her Mistress comes hard in her face.

Marina turns to her belly to tan her back and bums while we massage our Mistress together.
Marina soon gets another idea to test the new pervy possibilities with us two and the tools.
Marina tells me to lay down and asks Stella to suck me to stand to her obedient attention.
Marina mounts my member with her hairy twat, presenting her virgin sphinxter to be licked.

Marina wants us to take her together in both her holes. Get that anal dildo strap-on Stella!
Marina loves to call the shots, even in her first ever double penetration by foxy friends.
Marina grabs her love lips, circles her clit as her hips dictate the threesome randy rythm.
Marina collapses in her sandwich witchcrafted orgasm wetting me with her hot pussy juices.

Marina wakes up when dinner is served. While we eat, she tells about her daring dirty dream.
Marina adds that she favours this fuck scenario for this evening just before the sun sets.
Marina first gets black coffee and a shot of Tia Maria. Next I mix her a Black Russian drink.
Marina is still as horny, as tipsy now, by the wodka with the black liquor from Aunt Mary.

Marina indeed ends up being taken from behind, while she bends out of our top-room window.
Marina wants her Servant to lick her till she comes, while her slave shall bang her holes.
Marina invites my finger up her tighest hole. Soon she want two, even three. Fuck my ass!
Marina is completely waisted from our combined sexy service. We carry her off to our bed.

Marina vaguely remembers she is still in command. Intoxicated, she simply speaks her mind.
Marina wants us to use her before she will doze off. Stella, ride my face till you come.
Marina tells me to take her hard and finally come deep inside her yearning yummy tasty twat.
Marina experiences her first time self-chosen slut servitude, longing for her role next day.

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