Sugar and Spice this girl is really nice

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Sugar and Spice this girl is really nice
I could feel his eyes on me, ‘Fuck I must be getting desperate’, went through my mind. Here am I shopping in the local supermarket, looking for something they dont sell, I’m horny as hell and thinking about having a quickie, with anyone who is up for it.

Now before you get carried away wondering who I am, I am not a middle-aged woman in a loveless relationship, a nymphomaniac, or something like that, no I am a girl, under the age of consent, but in the body of a woman, desperate to fuck a man, I am in my cock hungry stage in life, and my pussy is gnawing at my panties to be poked.

So bear with my immature ramblings, as I walk around trying to induce men to follow me like the Pied Piper, pull my panties down and slide inside my gaping hole, yes it feels like that, but as I am a Virgin, I really would be tight as a gnats ass, honestly, I will squeeze your cock shaft so hard, you could not piss.

I walk into the fruit section, I look around and he is still close by, cool, so I pick up a cucumber and fondle as only the female can, I look around and look at him, I smile and do a little wank motion, he smiles, and I put it back down.

I am now on the escalator, he is behind me, no one else is, so I lift my skirt a little, pretending to be adjusting my under skirt, my eyes drift up and meet his, he is staring, so I lift it a little past what might be considered decent, and hold it there, only dropping it back as I near the end of the escalator.

I make my way across to the lingerie section, I wonder if he will follow, I cast a glance into a reflection on a nearby wall, yes, my heart skips a beat, he is, so I start looking at the more racy bits of underwear.

I choose a woolen jumper and ask to try it on. The girl points to the booths and I make my way there, step inside leaving the door slightly ajar.
I take of my jacket, and sneak a look through the thin sliver of light between the doors, he is there, my heart beats harder, so I pull of my jumper, look again, then take off my brassiere and stand in the cubical bare-breasted.

‘It’s now or never’, goes through my head, as my hand touches one of the swing doors and push it ever so slightly, it opens and I let him see my breasts.

Hi head turns left then right, then back to me. His huge smile shows it is clear, so my hand drops to my waist and I undo my leather belt, the button, and finally the zipper, which I ease down.

He stares, looks around and nods. We are communicating, he is my look out, he is making sure I dont get caught, so I release the door momentarily and push my denims down to my ankles, and push the door open again.

His jaw drops, he stares as my hand touches myself and I start to masturbate as he watches, I am cumming, it feels too good to stop, I can’t stop, it is just too strong and let go the door, which closes, as I buckle into a heap in the back of the cubical.

I emerge five minutes later, butter would not melt in my mouth, as I walk over to the assistant and hand back the jumper. She looks at me, as I shake my head in response to her wanting to know if I wanted to buy it.

Suddenly and without warning he steps in and offers to buy it. I say nothing, perhaps I deserve it for letting him watch a girl do something naughty with herself in a public place.
The package is handed to me, I tuck it under my arm and smile into his eyes, ‘Thank you’, I say and the girl assistant looks envious at me.

We walk to the entrance and I wonder if he will fuck me, if I follow him to his place, I mean I am really up for some cock, and would never tell anyone, even though I just had a fresh orgasm, a good cock in the cunt would be nice.

I look at him, the urge is too great, ‘Dad, lets go back to your flat’, he smiles, knowing what’s on my mind.

Life can be a bitch at 15.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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