Suzi the pig from Essex Part 2

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Suzi the pig from Essex Part 2
As l looked at Suzi, l still couldn’t believe that she had attracted this much attention. I wondered if it was just truck drivers away from home, desperate to stick their cock in anything, but there must be more to it? I spotted one of the older and fatter ones clearly playing with himself, so l invited him over. This wobbly old slag looked up, horrified at the sight of this short, grey haired cock wanking, and before she said a word, years worth of cum was spraying all over her face and hair. Her mascara was running down her face, mixed with cum and her hair was matted with spunk. Yet still she was attracting attention from this mixture of men. A heavily tattooed and muscles truck driver had become naked now and had an enormous,pierced erection.
’Hey, do l get a go?’
’of course, l replied’
’Well l want to fuck her, not look at her’ with that, he produced the paper bag from his burger and put it over her head.
’now then, that’s better, shame l can still see her floppy tits’ He pulled her up, so her ankles were still secured to the table legs, but she was more upright.
’I can see your floppy tits, but it’s not putting me off’ he said, as he slapped her arse with his pierced cock.’ My favourite colour is purple’ with this, he went round the front of her and slapped her tits. The left one reverberated round to he use of her body, and was still flapping about as he smacked the right one. He did this again twice each, until her tots were getting red. I could her Suzi whimpering with each one, though l could smell her pussy more strongly than ever. Then an amazing thing happened, Suzi shuddered on her own, and with a high pitched scream, she came. Hard and long. I’d fucked a few girls in my time, but l had never heard anything like this. So, this dirty, flabby, ugly slut had came by being restrained and smacked of her tits. Interesting.
The tattooed trucker couldn’t believe his luck. He positioned himself behind her, pulls her up by her sticky hair, and thrust his big cock into her.
’fucking hell, she’s soaking’ Up unto now, l’d barley heard Suzi other than whimpering when she was smacked. She was going for it now, moaning and groaning. Not only did l not want to see her, l don’t want to hear the slag either. I went back into my bag and found a gag l’d brought, as l suspected this might happen. The guy could see what l was doing, and kindly stopped his relentless pumping, so l could fit it round Suzis fat and sunburnt neck. It was a bit gag, so l pinched her beaten nipples (which were like bullets), as she gasped l reached inside the paper bag ,put the soft bit in her mouth and before she knew it, had closed her mouth on it. Perfect. The old bird was still attached to the picnic table, by her ankles, her tits were red, turning purple, spunk over her drooping tits, gagged and with a paper bag over her hideous face.Her greying pubes were stuck to her aged skin, and there was a muscular tattooed guy fucking her from behind as hard as he could go. I could hear her muffled scream from within the bag over her head. The guy was getting even faster and l could tell he was close.
’You know the rules’
’I really don’t think her face deserves my jizz’ he said. He had a point. He pulled out, stick his cock between her arse cheeks, and jetted spunk up her back. ‘Nice pussy, shame about the body’ he said. He zipped up and disappeared.
6 loads of spunk on this desperate cow.
Another one of the guys had his cock out and was wanking furiously. He came over, tore a hole in the top of the paper bag and came. I heard some muffled yells, he’d got her in the eye! I was chuckling to myself, when l heard an almighty scream behind me. It was a short tattooed woman, hair dyed blue. She was wearing a vest top and denim skirt, fishnet tights and spiked knee boots, with at least 4inch heels. ‘How dare you let my husband fuck you’ it was clearly the tattooed guy’s wife, who had only minutes earlier, been fucking this saggy old bird. ‘What the fuck? You’re a fat ugly old whore, why would he fuck you, look at me’ She was toned with a flat stomach.The heels made her legs look solid, although l suspect they were. ‘You dirty old whore’. She ran over, took off the remains of the paper bag and spat in her face twice, once in each side. ‘Think you’re good enough for my husband. She grabbed a handful of Suzi’s spunky hair, lifted up her head and slapped her hard, once in each side of her face, then spat in it again. Suzi tensed up and tried to scream, but her gag prevented her. ‘I want to hear what you have to day’ this lady said, and ripped off the gag and tossed it away.
Suz stammered ‘how could l, l’m chained up’
’l don’t want to hear it’ this woman said and slapped her again. Suzi cried out. The mix of spunk and spit was dribbling down her face, onto her tits.
’how would my husband get an erection looking at you, let alone fuck you? think you’re good,huh?
She went towards the trees and came back with a stick she’d broken off a tree’
’right, count to six, after each one, say l’m sorry’
She went behind Suzi and cracked her wobbly arse with the stick.
Suzi yelled and squirmed in her restraints.
’l never heard you, that’s an extra stroke’
Suzi yelled again, but obediently said ‘One. I’m sorry’
’ah, your’e getting the hang of it’
’Two. I’m sorry’
after the 7th, extra stroke, Suzis arse was red raw.
And then l heard that high pitched scream again. The dirty old slag had only just cum again!
’oh, you like that?’ the woman asked
In something that amazed even a pervert like me, she went across to the trees again and came back holding a handful of green stuff. They were nettles.She agin pulled Suzi up by her long hair, reached round and shoved what she was holding into Suzis tits. Suzi yelled and squirmed again. The woman then started rubbing these on Suzis very hard nipples.
’fuck my husband, and this is what you get’
I was absorbed by this, and despite my protestations, had a very solid erection. I hadn’t noticed the small crowd gathering, attracted by the sound of screaming orgasms.
The angry wife, who l gathered was called Jane,by her necklace had climbed onto the table, casually hitched up her skirt, had a hold of Suzis hair again, ‘well you made my husband cum, make me’ Suzi looked disgusted, the thought of tasting pussy didn’t appeal, despite her many years of easy sex, she’d never been with a woman. Jane had a bald pussy, which was pierced, just like her husbands cock. Suzi protested, but Jane sat up, grabbed her hair and pulled her on top. ‘Make me cum with your tongue, and l might ease up on you’ Suzi was torn, her tits and arse were aching and hot from the caning and nettles, she loved the caning but wasn’t sure if her tits could take anymore. Her nipples felt like they had been detached from her body. As she pondered this, Jane pulled down on her hair once more and she found herself with a face full of pierced pussy ‘go on then’ Jane said. Suzi reluctantly stuck her tongue out. ‘What’s that going to do? Lick it good you nasty old slag’ Suzi gingerly ran her tongue up this cheated woman’s slit. It tasted a little bit like cock to her, and she certainly knew how that tasted . She could mysteriously feel her own pussy getting sloppy. ‘I bet you’ve done this before?’ Jane asked. Suzi couldn’t reply as she was busy on Janes clit now. ‘ You dirty fucker, you’ve just made my husband cum and now you’re making his wife cum?’ Suzi hummed a reply onto Janes clitJane was getting very wet and all of a sudden bolted upright and away from Suzis old tongue. ‘Did you really think that was it’ Suzi looked very disappointed, her cum covered face was now glistening in pussy juice, her fringe was stuck to her cheeks.
Jane shouted out ‘Dave, here now’ withon seconds the tattooed guy had appeared again. ‘Is this the lady you just fucked?’
’yes, that’s my spunk on her back’
’is it now, what has she got with her horrible figure and ugly gave, that l haven’t?’
’well she was just there, l did put a bag over her head, and l had to wank to get hard’
’oh really, l can see why, well l don’t need to wank myself to an erection’ she held out her hand and Dave handed her a very fat, but very short dildo and harness. With expertise, she pulled it over her boots and upto her waist, the sight of this short angry woman, brandishing a fat strapon was enough for one of the onlookers to dump another load on Suzis face.
Jane stood behind Suzi, pushed her forwards and began to penetrate Suzi, who yelled out. ‘Fucking hell, that’s wide she gasped ‘that’s going to stretch me’
Jane smirked ‘lm sure it will fit in your slack old gash’ and thrust the remainder in. I watched in amazement as Suxis pussy lips gobbled up this 4inch wise fake cock. Jane began a rhythm with her hips, fucking Suzi with the fat dong. Jane let go of Suzis fatty folds and again grabbed her hair with her left hand and began spanking Suzis arse with her right hand. As she did so, the ripple from Suzis very red and fat arse met the ripples from her body, as Jane was fucking her. I’ll be honest this sight was too much for me, l was focussed on Janes hot little angry body as she rode Suzi like a horse. I desperately wanted to fuck Jabe, but that wasn’t possible, so l released myself onto Suzis piggy face. She looked up
and smiled ‘again?’ She said
l looked at her again, disbelief that this hag had made me hard and made me cum AGAIN. What if an osy l knew had seen?
’Dave’ l heard Jane say.
He was naked by now, his enormous pierced cock, standing up again. Jane let go of Suzis hair and pushed down onto the table.She climbed up so her heels were on the seats of the picnic bench and reinserted the fat dildo into Suzis gaping pussy. Suzi whimpered, she had felt empty for a few seconds and was aching to be filled again. Jane was hovering over the top of Suzis flabby arse and was still. With that Dave came up and inserted his cock into Janes pussy. The motion of Dave fucking Jane, led to Jane fucking Suzi.
’see, that’s my husband’s cock. I fuck it almost every day, you had it once, do you wish it was fucking you now?’’
’Oh yes, it was big’Suzi managed to say
‘Not as big as this strapon, you bid ugly old slag’
‘I bet you’re enjoying this, your stretchy old pussy taking this big fat fake cock’
’yes’ said Suzi
’well you’re not meant to be enjoying, l guess that makes you a lesbian now?’
’no, just being fucked by a woman’
’well, do you want Dave’s cock?’
Suzi couldn’t believe her luck. Was this woman offering her husbands big cock as punishment for previously fucking her?
Jane laughed. ‘So you like big cock?’
She motioned to me to release Suzis ankles from the picnic table they had been tied to for the previous hour or so.
Suzi was glad to be released and she felt the blood rushing back to her feet. Suzi was now free, yet remained bent over the wooden table.Jane again grabbed her hair and made her stand upright. She spun Suzi around so she was facing her
’Oh my god’ Jane said ‘look at you, belly hanging over your pussy, saggy tits and just look at that horrible face, well l can’t look at it. Dave, how could you waste your magnificent cock on this thing?’ She pushes Suzi down towards her fat strap on, so it was near Suzis cum drenched face. Suzi rejected this idea- she was never going to get that in her mouth.
‘Just lick it bitch’ Jane demanded and smacked her on both cheeks again. Suzi winced but do as she was told, as she as she could see some more nettles growing, and her glowing hot tits reminded her she didn’t want those again.
’Thats it slag face, get it all wet’ Jane looked down at Suzi licking this big dildo ‘slobber all over it, pretend it’s my husbands cock, you bid whore’
When Jane was satisified with the job, she lifted Suzi up by her hair and pushed her over the table again. Deep inside, Suzis pussy was aching to be stretched by that fat strap on again. She could send Janes body getting closer to hers, ast she could feel Janes spiked boots on her thick calves. Then she felt the tip of the plastic cock, in a split second of confusion, she realised it was any entrance to her arsehole.
’no,no,no’ she cried. But it was too late, Jane had put the tip of the fat dildo into the entrance of Suzis grey haired brown, Virgin arsehole. She left it there whilst Suzi was trying to get away from it, but nature took it’s course and Suzis arse muscles sucked it in. Suzi was screaming,but as she did, Jane pulled her head up and spat in her face.’You think you can just fuck my husband you tart’ Jane now got a handful of Suzis hair and wrapped it round round her wrists ‘You like big com and being fucked by strangers, huh?’ She began to slowly fuck the old slut, building into a hard fast pace. ‘Thing is, slag, l can’t cum with a plastic dildo, so will carry on until l think you’ve learned your lesson, bitch’ and carried on fucking this old woman. As she did so, Suzis body was rippling up and down, her trashed and stung purpled tits swinging from side to side. Her arse was wobbling up and down with Janes rythmn, 7 straight welts forming on her big bum, from Janes earlier thrashing.l’d forgotten about the small gathering, so turned round. There were maybe 5 or 6 guys there now, they all looked to be masrurbating, either with their cock out, or through their trousers
’OK guys, face or tits only’ one or two came up. Jane lifted Suzis head up, and carried on fucking Suzi. The guys who were wanking relieved themselves on to Suzis mascara and spunk ruined face. You almost couldn’t see how ugly she wasn’t now.
Then came that high pitched scream.The nasty old slut had cum again!
’oh yeah?’ said Jane ‘you liked this?’
Sui sort of muttered no. Her arsehole had been penetrated by another womans’ fat Dildo, it was aching like hell, yet she had just cum very loudly and very hard.
’you’re my fat slut now’ said Jane ‘fuck my husband and l fuck you. You still like his cock?’
Suzi nodded
’Ok then’
Jane asked me for the dressing gown cord again. She pushed Suzi over to the tree where l’d tied her up earlier, and did the same. She put Suzis hands behind the tree and tied her wrists together.
‘Watch this bitch’
Jane picked up the twig she’d previously caned Suzis large behind with, and caned Suzis saggy tits. One each side. Suzi yelled and flinched at each one. Her already sore tits were unbearably aching now.
’Take any more?’ Jane asked. She slapped Suzis stinging face again and forced her mouth open with her fingers. ‘Not so clever now?’ She spat deep inside Suzis mouth, in her face and hair. She knealt down and smacked Suzis dripping pussy. Suzi jumped as high as her ties let her,
’look at my hand, it’s fucking soaking’ said Jane. ‘Dirty old slag loves it’ and do it again. Suzi knew she was right, she could feel her hopeless pussy getting wetter and could feel the juices trickling down her dimpled thighs.
Jane motioned on Dave to come over, his pierced cock was still glistening from the short fuck with Jane, earlier. Jane put her hands on Suzis floppies and bent over. Dave came up behind her and inserted his cock into his wife’s wet slit.’oh yes, that’s big, right there’ Jane said. Suzi could feel the humping through James grip on her tits, and desperately wanted that cock.
’see, my cock’ Jane said ‘ l can feel that ring up and down my pussy, do you want it in you?’
Suzi nodded. Although her tits arse and now pussy were throbbing from being canes by this angry woman, never had she wanted cock so much in her life.
’ha ha’ said Jane ‘it’s all mine’ she released Suzis tits frpm
her grasp, just long enough to give them another slap, before grabbing them again and twisting them. ‘My god your nipples are like stone’
Suzi knew this was also true. She really wanted attention on her pussy but couldn’t do it herself. I asked one of the gathered if they’d like to help. A normal looking bloke had his cock out and came over. He positioned himself under the fast fucking Dave and Jane, and easily inserted two fingers in the slippy old cunt. ‘That slid in easily he said’ he bagan workingher pussy with his left hand, whilst wanking with his tight
’she can take more than that’ Jane just about managed to say, through the fucking she was getting. He guy withdrew fingers and formed a fist
’yes’ said Jane’easy old alut will take that’
with that encouragement, he slowly inserted the top of his fingers in Suzi. Then he pushed. Slowly the old pussy accepted his knuckles, and then he was in.
Suzi was yelling, the man’s big cock she wanted was fucking his wife, who was leaning on her tits and she was being roughly fisted by a stranger. A familiar blood curdling g scream ring out. She had came again. The dirty old skank. Jane was laughing, although she could feel she was getting close herself. The poor bloke underneath was also close.
Jane let go of Suzis tits again and moved away, so the guy could finish his business. I released Suzis wrists and pushed her down onto his cock, he pushed it into his hair and let his spunk fly. Out of nowhere another guy ran up and did the same!
l heard Jane getting moaning, throughout the sound of slapping bodies, her body barely moved as she was geti gfu led, it was that toned. I really wished it was me behind her, and not her big cocked husband. He was grunting and with a yell he shot his load deep in his wife’s tight little pussy.
’Right, now you wanted his spunk’ said Jane. She laid back on the table and got Dave to lead Suzi over.’Finish what you started then’ Dave pushed Suzis he’d down to his wife’s sink filled pussy. Suzi knew what to do. She stuck her tongue out and stroked up and down Janes pussy with it.Dave spunk had stated to seep out, and it was on her tongue and ever grotty face. Jane sat up and pile Suzis face tight into her pussy. Not forgetting that Suzis aching pussy was empty, l invited the remainingcrowd closer. A younger guy had his cock out and in no time had I deep inside the old birds pussy. ‘Ooh’ said Jane. ‘I can feel every thrust’ so too, could Suzi who was
gettmg vwry turned on by a col in her pussy and a pussy in her face. She screamed into James pussy, as she came, this encouraged the young guy, who pulled out and unleashed his sperm over Suzis used arsehole. He casually pulled up his trousers and left. Suzi was still working Janes pussy with her tongue. Jane pushed Suzi away and came violently, squirting all over Suzis spunk and spit drenched face. I dont think any of us were expecting that! I realised there were still two guys watching the events. I pushed Suzi down and invited them to spink on her. One came quickly, but the other took his time,he eventually came by holding Suzis eats and fucking her mouth. It was late evening by now, Suzi, me, Dave and Jane in this small picnic clearing.
‘Well’ said Jane, we’ve felt disgusted having to fuck this fat saggy old tart, it’s your turn’
l was horrified at the thought, yes she’d pulled me off in the pub all those years ago and ld been ribbed for it ever since, and yes, ld wanked in her face earlier, but that was just for my own relief.
’aw com on’ l said ‘how could l get a hard on for that’ Jane smiled,
knealt down and put my cock in her mouth. It was heaven, cute little toned tattooed girl sucking my cock, against the fat old saggy slut not a few feet away.My cock instantly stiffened. As it did Jane realeased and pulled Suzi over. Her big bruised and red arse was inches away from my cock.
‘No’ l said, but just as she had always wanted, Suzi pushed back, and with a littler help form Janes hand, l was inside the stretched old pussy. It was very wet, after a few thrusts, l could feel her juices dripping from my balls. l don’t want to be i there at all, but the more l tried to resist, the more Suz pushed back.
’see, l always get what l want’ she said
l was annoyed at this and thought ld make her pay. I grabbed hold of her hardened spunk filled hair and began long hard stokes.As l fucked her, her body rippled like waves. I spanked her arse, just as Jane had earlier done. Mistake, l could feel her getting even wetter. This isn’t happening, l thought, so l pulled out, as held the tip at her arsehole
’you still want me?’ I asked
’not there’
’shut up’ l held her spanked arse cheeks apart and pushed my com into her arsehole. It gripped by shaft like a vice. It wasn’t way tighter than her well used cunt. I reached under her and held her nipples in my fingers. She flinched and it only made her grip my cock more.
’lm going to fuck you in the arse so hard, you’ll never speak to me again’ l said
’is that right?
I grabbed hold of her arse cheeks and fucked her as if my life depended on it. To my horror l found myself fingering her soppy pussy. I felt it contract and she let out that high pierced scream. Her spasms made me fuck her harder and within seconds, l’d I loaded my second load of spunk that day, deep in her rotten old arsehole. I’ve never felt so ashamed in all of my life.
Jane giggled at me and Dave just stared. ‘Bet you didn’t think you could fuck that monster like that’ ‘wel no, but it was your wife’s small little mouth that started it all’
’yeah she’s good at that, she mine all the time and you have that slag’
‘Well she not mine’ l said
’looks like it now’
l turned round and Suzi was lying on her back with her fingers buried deep in her cunt.’
’ Eventually’’ she said ‘lm thinking about you right now’ and she let out that blood curdling scream, as she came again. As she was lying there, Jane went and stood over her.
’ Now, l believe you still have my husbands spunk on you’ She again pulled Suzi upright by her jizz matted hair, squatted and let out a jet of piss all over Suzis head
’ l’ll need to wash it off’ Jane said and just carried on pissing all over Suzi. A mixture of spunk and piss dripped off her floppy ‘‘tis and saggy arse.
Suzi protested but was met with a slap on the face, from Jane.
’Still think you ca fuck my husband and get away with it? Look at you know, flabby body, purple saggy tits, grey pussy, welted fat arse’
Jane was right, Suzi looked more horrible than ever. Her mascara was literally running off her face, with a mixture of cum, spit and piss. Her hair was stuck to her face and back.
’ I can help’ said Jane. She produced a make up bag and took out some lipstick. She applied it to Suzis lips and said to her’ come over to the gate where there more light’ I seen Jane pick up the handcuffs from the grass and lead Suzi over to the gate by the road. She opened the gate and they both walked through, still naked. I heard the honks of a few cars.The hat closed the l heard the clock of the handcuffs. I heard Suzi yell. Jane reappered and we all got dressed. As l pulled out of the truck stop, l seen Suzi, naked by the side of the road, handcuffed to the gate. Written across her flabby tits, in lipstick was ‘Slut pig fucked my husband, please fuck her’
l never knew how she got home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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