Taking back my First Hot Friend. Part 2

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Taking back my First Hot Friend. Part 2
This post is based on a dream I had about my First Hot Friend https://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/5862333/my_first_hot_friend.html A bit of backstory, she was a hot slut but a bitch. She told me to fuck off after her horrible boyfriend told her too. Part one was about how I would take her back if she ever decided to break up and ask for my forgiveness. Spoiler, I would fuck her brains out and make her work for it. This is what I would do to her so she could earn my forgiveness.

So, after fucking my friend for the very first time and not forgiving her she was a little upset. I had fucked her so hard she was sore for a couple of days afterwards, which she kinda liked. We talked every day for that week, catching up on things as well as sexting She kept sending me nudes of her ass asking me if this was enough to forgive her. I always replied no with a pic of my cock. I had something special planned for her. When Friday finally came I told her to put on her corset and hot pants https://xhamster.com/photos/view/5862333-125877340.html#content and come over to my place.The slut was going to work for my forgiveness and I wasn’t going to give it easy.

When she got to my place, she was covered in a long coat, she immediately took it off , reveling her amazing outfit. She looked like a hooker and I loved it.
“What do you want me to do Seth ? My friend asked, sensually. I pulled her closer and started to make out with her. As I kissed her neck I told her to call me Sir and to do what ever I ordered her to do. I started to finger her as I told her the last part, and I could feel her get wet. “Ohh yes, sir. I’ll do anything for you” She moaned. I smiled knowing that this was going to be a fun night. I stopped fingering and kissing her and walked to my couch, When I sat down, I told her to give me a strip show. I sat back and watch her dance for me. I wanted to enjoy seeing her strip for me, I wanted to fuck her for years I wasn’t going to waste an chance like this. I loved watching her slowly strip out of her shorts, making me painfully hard. Pretty soon she popped her tits out of her coset and I told her to stop.
“Why, I’m almost done ?” She asked, “Almost done sir” I corrected her with a smile. “Now I need to spank your for that mistake, turn around” I growled at her. “What ? Really ?”She replied shocked. I looked at her, smiled and asked “Do you want my forgiveness or not ?” She nodded and turned around and presented her amazing ass for me. I gave her ass one hard slap, and she yelped. I gave her a couple of more good hard spanks, my cock harding with each slap and yelp. After that, I told her to turn back around, and asked her if she was ready to suck my cock. “Yes Sir!” She replied with a smile.
My cock was pressing against my jeans at this point, you could see the outline of it a mile away. She bent over and slowly unzipped my pants, looking at me and smiling as she did. When she finally took out my cock she gasped and smiled. “Oh Sir, I been dreaming of sucking your cock all day.” She took it in her mouth with no hesitation this time. I sat back and enjoyed her blowjob as I’ve wanted years for her to suck my cock like this.”Gag yourself on my cock.” I order her to do. She did as she was told, swallowing my cock to the base and I let out a good long moan. She took that as a sign to suck me more aggressively and oh wow she was good at it. I let my cock grow harder in her mouth before I decided to move on to the next step. I grabbed her heard and shoved her on my cock a couple of times before pulling her off and telling her “You want me to forgive you right? Well, lets make you earn it you little slut” I kissed her on the forehead as fished. She looked at me stunned, and ask”But why Seth ?” I got up and looked down at her and told, “It’s because I wanted to fuck you for so long but I didn’t. Now you come crawling back to me after treating me horribly, you don’t think I would be upset? I am and I almost said no to you but I want to fuck you slut.” I slapped her face lightly with my cock at that point. “And don’t lie, you love being fucked like this you slut.. You are a whore for my cock now” She look at me half stunned but with my rock hard cock in her face she agreed. “I know I did, I feel horrible about that.I treated all my friends horribly and you’re the only one who will speak to me now! I did all that because of my ex but he’s gone now. So I can fuck any one I want now” She ended with a smile “He sucked in bed anyway ” I smiled and pulled her up, “You are still going to have to earn my forgiveness you little slut,I’m going to fuck your brains out.”I took her hand and we went in to my bedroom.

Once there,I pushed her on to bed, turned her over and pulled her ass up. She was still wearing her corset, fishnet stockings and boots. She looked like a hooker and I loved it as I was going to fuck her like one. This was the dress I jerked off so many times, and I wasn’t going to waste my chance to fuck her in it. “You can’t believe how much I wanted you just like this on my bed.” I told her while fingering her wet pussy. “I wasted hours jerking off to you, thinking of how your cunt would feel on my cock you little whore” She started to moan, and I fingered her faster. ” Now I get to fuck you in real life, and I’m going to savor ever minute of it” I tell her as she starts to cum on my fingers. “Ahhh Please fuck me Seth !” She moans. Not calling me Sir earns her a quick spank. She yelps and thats when I get a really naughty idea. I start to spank her hard, knowing that she likes that and for a bit of revenge. “You know you really hurt me when you told me to get lost” I say as I slap her ass again.”It was very bad and you were a very bad slut” I spank her again and again, and she starts to moan a bit. “Tell me that you’re sorry !” I order her while still spanking her.”Ohh I’m so sorry Seth, I ‘m sorry!AHh” I start to spank her faster. “Ahh I want your cock Sir please give me your hard cock fuck me with it !! Do what ever you want to me with it just please fuck me I need your cock in me Sir!!” She starts to beg I’m rock fucking hard looking and listing to her beg for my cock. I waited years for this moment, her naked on my bed, begging me to fuck her. and I take a minute to soak it all in. I drop my pants, get behind her, and shove my cock in to her tight wet cunt hard.”AHHH SIR! FUCK!!” She moans as I start to pound her. “TAKE IT BITCH TAKE MY COCK!!, I yell at her indicating that she’s not all forgiven yet. Her pussy is so fucking tight and wet, she feels better than the last time I fucked her. “FUCK YOU ARE SO FUCKING WET, YOU LIKE BEING TREATED LIKE A SLUT DON’T YOU ?” I yell at her while grabbing her hair. “YESS YESSS SIR FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHH!” She starts to cum hard almost screaming. I can feel her pussy gush and tighten around my cock. Holy fuck she feel amazing. “OH FUCK YOUR CUNT IS SO FUCKING TIGHT, I SHOULD HAVE FUCKED YOU YEARS AGO!” I yell at her. “AHHH I FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK OF YOUR SIR! I’VE BEEN A BAD SLUT !! PUNISH ME WITH YOUR COCK SIR!! She moans out. Fuck, that gets me going. I start to fuck her with every thing I got. “TAKE IT YOU WANT IT SLUT TAKE MY COCK!!” I yell at her. I fucking her hard at this point my cock is a blur in her pussy, my hips are smacking on to her ass so hard I can barely her her moans. She’s practically screaming at this point. Pussy juice is dipping out of her and covering my cock and legs, fuck she was a good lay. She was barely forming words at this point, I could only make out a few random fucks, omg, and yah from her. She was close to cumming again and when she did she screamed out: “OH FUCK SETH OH FUCK SIR YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM YOU’RE MAKING ME CUMMMMMM!!!!AHHH OH FUCK!!!!!!!” She backs into my cock hard and then drops down on to the bed, out of breath. “Holy fuck Seth,I havent been fuck like that in years. My pussy is oh wow. Seth that was amazing. Did you cum?” She said. She was dripping sweat all over her body, I hadn’t fucked a girl that hard in a while, and amazingly I was still very hard. I smiled and said no.

I walked over to where her head was, with my rock hard cock dripping wet with her juices, and told her to clean it off. She smiled and slowly took my cock into her mouth again. As soon as she did, I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth for a bit. After making her gag a bit, I laid down next to her, with my cock still hard. and told her to ride me. She agreed and watching her bounce on my cock was amazing. For years I wondered what her tits would be like riding on my cock. She looked amazing. I grabbed her hips and started to pound her once again. “OHHHHHHHHSIR OHHH SETH OOOHHHAAAAH” She moaned taking my cock. “FUCK TAKE IT YOU SULT!!!I yell as finally cummed in her pussy. She moaned and looked at me shocked. That final thrust and my cum exploding into her left her speechless. “I forgive you slut” I said her.

She dropped off my cock and laid on her back. “Oh fuck thank you Sir, that was amazing.” She whispered, ‘You’re welcome, but you are still my whore” I told her.”You are still going to have to take my cock anytime I want” She looked shocked, but then said “Well if you keep fucking me like that I don’t mind”
Good I replied

After years of wanting to fuck her, she’s going to be my slut. She’s going to worship my cock.

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