TGirl Kim Becomes a Slave for the Weekend; P1 Frid

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TGirl Kim Becomes a Slave for the Weekend; P1 Frid
::Xhamster doesn’t allow for all the things that took place that weekend to shared…but what can be, is shared below in Kim’s account of her slave weekend. The pictures are also not all of Kim but a representation of what occurred that weekend.:::::

“How about your all mine for the weekend” read the headline to the message Kim received. ?“No limits. When you say no, you mean yes. You spend the weekend and you do as you are told. 68yr old grandfather, lives alone and can host” ??

Intrigued Kim replied, “what do you have in mind?”

“Your mine for the weekend, whatever I want to do, I get to do” was the response. ??

It was already late Thursday night but Kim had no plans this weekend. She was gonna go on the prowl for some cum anyway and this….well this sounded fun. Kim was still a young trans in her teens. She had been with a few guys, one, a friend, often. She had sucked a bunch of cocks for her age, but didn’t have a lot of experience with sex, especially with strangers. She didn’t have any real limits that she knew of and she always had a thing for older men, but she was anxious and nervous. There were so many details to work out, like where she would tell her family she was and what did he mean “whatever he wanted to do” ??

Kim spent about an hour thinking about it, knowing she should say no, but not bringing herself to be able to do it. She wanted it. She needed it. She would be leaving for her first year of college soon and who knows what that would bring,
now was the time to be adventurous. ??

“I have one limit” Kim responded finally, “No s**t. Anything else, I am yours” ??Just typing it made her shake with excitement. She had no idea what Harry had in-store for her, but she didn’t care. She was committed and she was

??It was early Friday night, Kim packed her bags and was ready to go. She was shaved and waxed smooth, looking as young and fragile as she could. She put on her lingerie, a skin tight short dress, and thigh high stockings, the rest was packed into a bag. She struggled as she put on jeans and a long sleeve shirt over top of everything so she could get out of the house without her Mom noticing. Kim picked up her bag, took a deep breath and walked out of her room. ??“Bye Mom! I’ll see you Sunday” she yelled as she walked out of the house and into her car. It was time….she was scared but ready. ??

Harry had given her the address with strict instructions to be there at 7pm. Harry had on old farm house, with a lot of property around it and she pulled up his long driveway at just about 15 minutes to 7. It was secluded, dark, a perfect place for a slave. She parked her car in the driveway and while still in the car, removed her jeans and her shirt. She reached into her bag and pulled out high heels and some make up. She wasn’t going to be able to do all her makeup in the car, but she wanted to make sure she made a good first impression on her weekend owner. ??

With only 3 minutes to spare, Kim finished up her makeup. She stepped out of the car with bag in hand and nearly fell on the stone driveway. She had never walked in heels on stone before and it wasn’t easy. She made her way to the front porch and stepped up on the first stair. Her heels were loud in the silent seclusion of the farm and by the time she made it to the front door, Harry was waiting. ??
(Picture: Kim, ksk551)

“Hi Kim” he said “Come in” ??

“Thank you Daddy” Kim replied, trying not to sound nervous as her heart raced in her chest.

She stepped inside and was instantly met by two huge labs. As all labs are, they were friendly and raced up to great Kim.

??“The yellow one is Chip, the black one is Envoy” Harry said as Kim knelt down and pet her new friends.

??Harry led her down the hallway and into the living room. It was dimly lit but warm and welcoming. ??

“You can put your stuff over by the dog cage” Harry said to her, “That’s where you will be sleeping and spending your time this weekend” ??

So much for welcoming. It was the first surprise of many as Kim never considered where she would sleep but it most certainly never crossed her mine it would be a dog cage. She hesitated. It was big and had a dog bed in it that looked comfortable enough, but it was a cage.. ??

“I said, put your stuff over there” Harry, now a little more demanding spoke up. “There is water in there for you and a blanket”

Oh, maybe he did care, Kim sarcastically thought as she dropped her bag next to her new guest room. She turned to face him, the top of her thigh highs visible from beneath her short dress. He was definitely old, maybe even older than 68. Gray hair covered the sides of his bald head. He was still tall, about 5’10” and skinny and had dark brown eyes that were gazing back at her. He stepped towards her.

“Have you ever done anything like this” he asked, approaching her.

“No Daddy” she innocently replied, “But I want to be your little girl. I want to be your little slave girl”

Harry reached out and grabbed her, pulled her close to him and leaning down to kiss her. He grabbed her ass as his tongue slid in and out of her mouth. Kim reached out and instinctively grabbed his pants where his cock was as she passionately kissed him back. It was impressive and felt thick through his pants. She massaged it as they kissed and it quickly started to get hard. Harry licked her neck and gently bit her ears has he held her close to his him, his cock getting bigger and bigger in her hands. He pushed her down by her hips, squatting on her heels, putting her face right in front of his bulging sweatpants. He didn’t need to say anything, she knew what she was here for.

With both hands Kim pulled his sweatpants down to his knees and a hard, shaven, thick, 7.5” cock popped out. Harry put his hands on the back of her head and she reached out, grasping his cock and slowly jerking it off. She begin to slowly lick down his shaft and back up to the tip, where she squeezed the first bit of precum out and onto her tongue. It tasted sweet as she moved her tongue to his balls, gently lifting his cock up as her hand continued to slowly jerk him off.

“Oh yeah” Harry proclaimed, “You are very good”

It hadn’t even begun, you have no idea Kim thought as she gently sucked one ball into her mouth and then the other.
Kim was young but she was experienced in sucking cock. She loved making guys cum and although this was the first time she had spent a weekend with a stranger, she had certainly sucked a few off in the past. It was time to show Grandpa Harry what she had.

Kim moved her lips away from his balls and pulled his shaft back in front of her mouth wrapping her lips around it, she slid it about halfway in, soaking it in spit and then, back out all the way. She looked up at him, he was looking down at her. His dark eyes peering into her young, far from innocent soul. She looked back at his cock and slowly, without stopping slid it back in her mouth, this time further, all the way down. She moved her hand so she could show Harry that it was all in her mouth, down her throat as her bottom lip was pressed up against his balls.

“Oh fuck” Harry moaned, as Kim held his cock all the way down her throat, looking up at him.

(Picture: Kim, ksk551)

Kim, slowly slid his cock out of her mouth, all the way, took one breath, and slid it all the way back in. Spit was just starting to drip from her lip and this time, with it all the way down her throat, she stuck her tongue out and caressed Harry’s balls with it. He moaned as she swirled her tongue around for a few seconds before taking his cock back out for a breath. However, it was a short breath as Harry quickly forced her head back onto his cock and pushed his cock back down her throat. This time, she gagged. Harry seemed to like that as he pulled her head off and pushed it back down. Without a second for a breath, Kim gagged again, hard. Harry held her there as her eyes started to water. She pressed her tongue against the bottom of his thick shaft as drool begin to drip out of her mouth and onto the hardwood floor. Kim pressed her hands against his thighs, signalling she needed to breath and Harry obliged, although only quickly.

Kim had time for a quick gasp of air before her head was forced back onto Harry and his cock down her throat. Again, she gagged and choked. She could feel her clitty beginning to squirt precum and her pussy tighten with every gag. Back out, Harry gave her another short gasp of air before gagging her again with his cock.

Kim could handle a cock. She could deep throat it very well and had never found a size she couldn’t, although admittedly she had never had anything over about 8”. When she was in control, she could prevent herself from gagging, but when she would get throat fucked, there was no stopping it. She could handle gagging though, she liked it.

Kim pushed on Harry’s thighs, all but pleading for a breath of air. Her eyes were really watering now and spit was starting to pool under where she knelt. This time, Harry didn’t give in to her request to breath and held her there. With every gag, her throat tightened around his shaft, massaging him, tears begin to drip down her eyes and her eyeliner began to run. She needed to breath and she pressed harder, he held her there. Kim, now just worried about getting a breath, tried to move her mouth around to get any kind of air. Spit poured from her lips and onto the floor and another quick gag forced even more out. Kim was starting to panic, she NEEDED air, she pushed back harder, Harry held her in place. She squirmed, he held her in place. She was getting tunnel vision, she was going to pass out. Then, as if he knew, Harry released her.

Kim pulled his cock from her throat and took a deep gasping breath for air, then another, and another. She dropped to her hands and knees, into a puddle of spit as she continued to enjoy the sweet taste of oxygen.

“Wow” Harry said, looking down at her, his cock still hard above her head, “You are incredible. You are going to make a great slave this weekend. No limits?” Harry asked.

“No limits, Daddy” she looked up at him, still breathing heavy has she replied.

“Climb up” Harry said as he tapped on a high granite, “Let me get a good look at you”

Kim, using a high bar chair, climbed onto the cold, hard counter top. 3 small pendant lights hung above her, illuminating her blonde hair and flawless, smooth skin. On all fours, she arched her back, her short dress pulling up above her ass, revealing a black thong covering her tight, teen hole.

“Beautiful” Harry proclaimed has he put his hands on her ass cheeks, rubbing them and spreading her ass a bit. “Not a single hair anywhere”

“No Daddy.” Kim replied. Even unshaven Kim had very little body hair. What she did have was only a small patch by her clitty and a little under her arms, both areas were very light blonde and thin. She always stayed shaved and because of how thin and blonde it was, there wasn’t even evidence of hair when it was shaved off. When she first started to get some, she let it grow just to see what it was like, but her friend told her she should shave it off and since he was her primary pleasure, she did. Ever since then, she was hairless.

Harry continued to inspect her, touching her thighs, her hips, her back. He looked her over closely as if he were buying her. He found no flaws. He slid her thong to the side, revealing her tight, pink pussy. Smooth and perfect, he grazed it with his thumb.

“You’re incredible” he said, looking at her perfect fuck hole.

“Thank you Daddy” Kim replied, arching her back a little more and spreading her round ass for him.

Harry leaned forward and touched his tongue to her inner thigh, making tight small circles with it. Kim let out a little moan as she pushed back towards him. He rubbed her ass, lightly touching her pussy as he moved his tongue a little further up her thigh, his nose softly touching her hairless, tight balls. He lowered himself behind her and into one of the chairs, reached around her thighs and touched her already dripping clitty, pulling it out of the thong that held it in place. He pushed his face further between her legs now touching her balls with his tongue before making a way from the back of her balls and to her pussy, never removing his tongue from her.

Kim squirmed lightly as pleasure took over. Harry’s tongue caressing her tight hole as he slowly massaged her clitty. She could feel her clitty getting hard, precum slowly dripping from it every so often. She moved her hips around, gently grinding against Harry’s face. He pressed his tongue harder against her hole, pushing it in ever so slightly and pressed his thumb against the bottom of her clit, sliding it forward and making a big drop of precum fall from her and onto the counter.

Moaning as she rolled her hips back against his face she let out a quiet “Yes, Daddy”.

“I got you a few things for this weekend” Harry said to her, hand still on her clitty, “Would you like the first gift”

“Yes Daddy” she replied, excited as she didn’t know gifts were involved in the deal.

Harry reached into a brown bag and pulled out a slopply wrapped present, handing it to Kim as she spun around to sit on top of the counter, legs crossed. She pulled the packaging open, like a c***d at Christmas, revealing a brand new, black fishnet bodystocking with hole cut out of the back to show her pussy.

“Aww, I love it” she exclaimed.

“Take everything else off, put it and your heels on” Harry said smiling at her.

“Will you help me” Kim replied as she stood up, a coy smile on her face as well. Kim turned around revealing a zipper for Harry to release her from her tight dress. He pushed his body against her, Kim could feel his hard cock in his sweatpants as he slowly slid the zipper down to just above her ass and pulled the straps gently from her shoulders. The dress, effortlessly fell to the ground, where Kim stepped out of it, bending over to unstrap her heels, pressing her ass against Harry’s bulging pants. He unclipped her bra, revealing small, but perfect A cups. She stepped out of her heels, staying bent over has she slid her thigh highs down and off her hairless legs. Harry put his fingers into her thong string and slid it down squatting behind her as she was still bent over and licked her pussy as she stepped out of her tiny, last remaining item of clothing.

Kim, stood straight up and turned around to face Harry. She was totally naked, her small clitty was hard from the attention. As she stood naked in front of this old man who was a total stranger less than an hour ago, she felt vulnerable, but she liked it. He stared at her, still as if he was inspecting her. He reached forward and held her bare hips and slowly turned her all the way around, looking at every inch of her as he did. When he was satisfied, he handed her the bodystocking. Kim opened the packaging and unfolded her new outfit. She slid it over her legs pulling it up and on her shoulders. It fit perfectly. Her little clitty was held in place, and her pussy was revealed by the hole cut in the back. She bent over again, putting her heels back on and standing back up in front of Harry.

(Picture: Unknown)

“Put this on” he said as he handed her a brand new pink dog collar. A small metal id tag hung from it in the shape of a heart, and on it her name was etched “KIM”

She reached out, feeling loved, took it from Harry and put it around her neck. She had never worn a collar before but she liked the submissive feeling it gave her.

“It’s beautiful on you” Harry said, “Now climb back onto the counter for me”

Kim went back to her position on the counter, noticing a few small drops of where her precum had dripped earlier. She once again arched her back as Harry put his hands back on her ass and begin to lick her. His tongue felt amazing on her tight hole and his hands worked their way back to her clitty, this time just rubbing it through the fishnet bodystocking. She could feel herself still dripping has he would put pressure on it, dribbling onto the counter as he licked her pussy.

“I have something else for you” Harry spoke up from behind her, “don’t move”.

Obediently, she stayed. He was going to fuck her, she thought as she took a deep breath and exhaled, relaxing her tight hole in case he wasn’t gentle. No, that can’t be, she thought, she is too high up for him to do that. She could hear him ruffling in the brown paper bag again, but she didn’t look back as she was instructed not to move. She felt his tongue back on her pussy, very wet this time but it was brief. He took a finger and slowly slid it into her.

“mmm” she moaned and pushed back showing him she was ready for it.

For a few seconds he moved his finger around, spreading her pussy apart before sliding a second one in. Her clitty was dripping now pretty consistently and she looked down to see a puddle forming of precum. He pushed his fingers in past the second knuckles and spread them apart, stretching her tight ass. She moaned again.

“My god you are tight” Harry said as he pulled his fingers out.

The sound of a lube bottle opened behind her and she again took a breath to relax. He spread a thin layer of cold lube on her hole, sliding his fingers back in briefly and stretching her back out a little more before pulling them back out. Then she felt it, the cold silicone of a toy pressed against her slightly stretched fuck hole. She raised her head and shoulders, arching her back further in approval as Harry slowly slid the toy inside her. The toy got bigger and bigger as it went further inside. It didn’t hurt, it wasn’t that big but how big was it going to get she thought as he slowly pushed it in a little and pulled it out before pushing it in a little further and pulling it out. She took deep quiet breaths as the toy continued to stretch her further than Harry’s fingers had. Now it was big, it still didn’t hurt but it was big. She tried to push back on it a little exploring how much further it had to go when suddenly, it slid in further, got narrow and stopped. Her pussy grabbed it pulling it in to the base….it was a butt plug, the perfect size.

“Good girl” Harry said as he reached back up to her hips and moved his tongue back to her balls for a brief lick.

“Thank you” Kim replied, but there was something else. Now that his hands were on her, the weight of the plug felt heavy, as if it was pulling down. She bent her head down and looked between her legs and she saw it, Kim had a tail. Harry had slid a plug with a black furry tail attached to it in her. She arched her back again. She was going to sleep in a cage, drink water from a bowl, wear a collar and a tail….she definitely didn’t see all this coming, but she liked it.

(Picture: JoyValentine)

“Ok, off to your cage” Harry said, again, a little more demanding than he had been.

“Yes Daddy” Kim replied as she climbed down from her counter and started to walk to her “guest room”

“Wait!” Harry stopped her. “You dripped on the counter, clean it up; with your tongue” he instructed.

Kim, turned back to the counter and saw a small puddle of precum on the granite. She walked back towards it, her tail tickling her thighs as she did. Putting her hands on the counter she bent down to clean it off, taking a quick look up at Harry before she did, he was intently watching her. She stuck her tongue out and wiped the puddle of precum clean. She loved the taste of her own precum and she lapped it up quickly, swallowing when she finished.

“Good girl. Now off to your cage. Take your heels off” Harry said as he pointed.

Her heels were loud on the hardwood as she walked over to the cage. She bent down in front of it, removed her heels and placed them neatly outside the cage door. Then got on all fours and climbed into the cage and onto the bed. The metal cage door was solid as it clanged shut and Harry closed the latch. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small lock placing it on the latch and the cage door, Kim was locked in.

“Now stay” Harry instructed, as if she had anywhere to go, before he walked off and out of the room. Leaving her with the dogs who had been quietly sitting on the couch. They stared at her, confused, and she stared back as she lay down on the bed.

The cage wasn’t small but there wasn’t a lot of room. She had to curl up to fit on the bed and had to manage her tail constantly flopping around. She went to move the blanket around and found her tail was sitting in the water bowl. The dogs watched her every move, mocking her clumsiness with the tail and the cage. Kim could hear Harry upstairs walking around but had no idea when he would return. She was thirsty. He wasn’t around so instead of trying to lap the water up out of the bowl, she just picked it up and drank out of it. She moved back to the bed and laid down, putting her hand out of the cage a bit.

(Picture: Credit in the picture)

Envoy jumped up and came down to see her. He licked her hand as she pet his nose through the cage. They were becoming friends in this confusing situation.

An hour had almost gone when she realized she had to pee. What is the plan here, she thought. How long is he going to keep me in here. She moved around a bit, hoping it would go away but it didn’t. Being cramped in the cage gave her little room to stretch out and that wasn’t helping the situation. The plug was still stretching her and though it felt good, she had a feeling it was contributing to the need to pee. Now of course, she was thinking about it and it quickly got worse. Another 30 minutes passed and now she was squirming.

“Daddy” she called out.

“Yes, hunny” was the reply from Harry upstairs.

“I have to pee”, she tried to sound cute but she really had to go.

“I will be down in a minute” Harry responded.

Hopefully it was a short minute, Kim thought as now the thought of being able to pee made her have to go even more. By now only Chip remained on the couch as Envoy had gone up to explore what Harry was doing. How did the dogs get more rein of the house than she did, Kim thought. Finally, after what seemed like an agonizing 5 minutes, Harry came down the stairs.

“Sorry hunny” Harry said as he appeared still in his sweatpants, “I was getting some work done”

Work now? Kim thought as Harry bent down and unlocked the cage. She climbed out and stood up, stretching her legs for the first time in nearly 2 hours. Her bladder was full and she could feel it bulging out a little as Harry reached his hands onto her neck and brought her in for a kiss.

“Where do I go” Kim asked beginning to squirm a bit as she struggled to hold it back.

“Come with me” Harry said walking towards the back door. He picked up a leash off the end table and turned to her. She walked towards him and he clipped her in.

“Gotta make sure you don’t run off” Harry proclaimed as he opened the door.

He led Kim, who was now very confused outside and down the back porch, across the path and onto the soft grass. Thank god it was secluded and dark because she was outside in nothing but a fishnet bodystocking, collar, leash, and dog-tailed butt plug. It was weird, but the thrill excited her and she felt her clitty move a bit.

“You can go anywhere” Harry said to her, as if this was normal. At this point, she didn’t care, she had to pee and quickly moved towards a tree. Pulling the hole of the bodystocking forward to let her clitty out she got ready.

“No no. On all fours” Harry instructed.

Kim didn’t bother to look back at him or attempt to argue, she had to go. She got down on all fours, collar around her neck still attached to the leash in Harry’s hand and she quickly found a new problem. Because of her tail, her clitty wasn’t hanging out of the small hole in the bodystocking anymore, it was back, held in place by the fishnets. To late, it didn’t matter. She squatted back slightly to keep her tail from going under her and on all fours in the backyard of a strangers house, she started to pee. Her pee quickly found it’s way out of the fishnets but not before it went up to almost her bellybutton. It was a hot, heavy stream that seemed to echo as it hit the grass in the quiet backyard. It felt so good that her eyes nearly rolled back in her head. She looked over to Harry as the stream slowed to a trickle and saw him with his one hand down his sweats rubbing his now hard cock.

“Good girl” Harry said to her as the last trickle dribbled out onto the grass, “Good girl”

(Picture: Spanky59000)

Harry gave her a little tug on her leash and Kim stood back up, her tight stomach still wet with her piss, she followed him back inside. Envoy and Chip were at the door waiting and Harry let them out as Kim and he walked inside. Oh, they don’t need a leash or someone to watch them, Kim thought as they quickly did their business and returned back inside.

“Put your heels on and lay on the couch” Harry instructed as he unclipped her leash and hung it back up.

Kim walked back to her cage and strapped her heels back on bending over to reveal her full tail to Harry. She then, loudly on the hardwood, walked over to the leather couch and lay down on her back, putting her heels off the one side and a pillow under her head. Harry walked over to her and knelt down beside her rubbing her small tits with one hand and her thigh with the other. He looked at her and her wet stomach and moved forward, licking her nipples, lightly sucking them, and lightly biting them. Harry slid his tongue off of her tits and down onto her piss covered stomach, licking the remaining piss from her. He moved his hand up her thigh and begin to rub her clitty once again. She moaned and ran her hands through his gray hair and across his bald head.

Kim could feel her clitty getting hard and dripping and Harry noticed. He gently licked her precum from her and ran his tongue across her bodystocking and over her cock. His hands explored her thighs and found her tail, where he pulled lightly on it, putting pressure on the plug that was held firmly in her tight ass. He tugged a little harder and with a moan and a pop, the plug was released from her. He quickly pushed it back in which made Kim arch her back and precum drip from her once again as a little yelp was let out.

“You are such a good girl”, Harry said as he stood back up in front of the couch, slowly pulling his sweatpants back down to reveal his throbbing hard, thick cock.

Kim spun around on the couch, sitting now in front of him, her heels on the floor as she reached for him. Once again she started to suck him in the same manner as before. Slow at first and soon swallowing his whole cock down her throat. It was perfectly shaped to slide down with ease, and though thick, it fit nicely. She loved sucking Harry’s cock and Harry obviously loved it as well. He was more gentle this time holding her deep for only a few seconds at a time and not throating her nearly as hard, but his cock was throbbing and leaking onto her tongue.

“Get on all fours on the table” Harry told her pointing to the coffee table in front of the couch.

Kim quickly obeyed and Harry sat on the couch behind her, hands on her hips. She spread her legs showing the plug that was attached to her tail. Harry grasped the plug and slowly pulled it out. Kim relaxed as the thick portion popped past her hole and Harry removed the rest of the plug revealing her pink, perfectly smooth pussy with now a small gape to it. He placed the plug down on the table and immediately put his tongue back on her, his time, it easily slid into the hole created by the plug. He circled his tongue around her and used it to try and stretch her hole even more. Kim moaned with pleasure as she arched her back higher and spread her legs further. Harry reached forward, rubbing her clit through the bodystocking but never removing his tongue from her.

(Picture: Kim, ksk551)

The hole in the bodystocking wasn’t big enough for him to pay attention to her clit, but he was able to lick her balls a bit and then go right back to her exposed pussy. Kim was in heaven, this slave thing was pretty easy she thought. Has his hands again pressed on her clit allowing som precum to drip to the table. Then, Harry moved his tongue away from her and applied a quick hard slap to her ass. Kim jumped and yelped as she didn’t see it coming.

“Yeah, you like that” Harry asked.

“Oh my god, yes Daddy. I want you so bad” Kim all but moaned the words.

He stood up behind her and removed his sweatpants totally this time. This was it she thought as she again prepared herself to take his cock. Deep breath in and exhale, relax. But it wasn’t his cock that met her ass at that moment, it was once again the plug. This time, not so slowly, Harry pushed it back into her. It slid in easier than before and she, again, felt the weight of the tail pulling on it. When was she going to get fucked and if he wasn’t going to fuck her, why did he take his pants off, Kim thought. Another drop of precum fell to the table as Harry walked around the table and stood in front of her. Kim looked up, ready to suck on his perfect shaped cock again, but he was soft. She reached for it.

“No” Harry stopped her. “Don’t touch it, just be a good girl” he ordered.

Kim looked intently at it and back at him. What did he mean?

“Open your mouth” Harry ordered as he reached forward, put his hand in her hair and pulled her head back a bit. Kim did as she was told.

Harry rested the tip of his mostly soft cock on her bottom lip and stopped moving. For a few seconds they stayed in that position, nobody moving at all. Then, without a warning, a warm dribble started come from Harry. The dribble quickly turned into a trickle and before Kim knew it a warm stream of piss was filling her mouth. It was hot and slightly salty but tasted pretty good. She had tasted her own on many occasions and had been peed on by her friend where some had gotten in her mouth, but never like this. She struggled to get her top lip wrapped around Harry’s pissing cock so she could swallow but it was happening so fast. She closed her lips around him piss poured out from her mouth and onto the floor. She swallowed. Harry didn’t stop as more piss flowed freely from his cock and into her mouth. Again, she closed her mouth to swallow and piss fell to the floor; again, she swallowed. Kim repeated this process 2 more times before finally the heavy stream turned to a trickle and then a dribble. She closed her mouth again and swallowed his hot piss down. This time, she left her lips wrapped around him and deep-throated his cock.

(Picture: Unknown)

Harry held her head all the way down his cock as he did before, but this time he was still soft and she was able to breath. However, as he held her there longer, Kim could feel his cock growing and getting hard. It grew further down her throat and filled more of her mouth, yet Harry still held her there. Still with Harry growing in her mouth, Kim slid her tongue around the base of his shaft putting pressure on it, squeezing out a few remaining drops of piss into her mouth. Harry’s cock was growing faster now and she could feel it start to fill her throat. She took a deep breath through her nose just as his cock grew large enough to block her airway. She had a breath but she couldn’t breathe anymore, and Harry still held her firmly in place. She flicked her tongue around her mouth pressing it on his shaft before opening her mouth slightly and sticking her tongue back out to caress his balls.

Now Kim needed a breath again and she gently pushed his thighs with one hand to signal that. As before, Harry didn’t seem to care and he held her firmly in place. Panic started to set in and she pushed harder against him, he pulled her head harder onto him. She squirmed trying to pull back but his grip was hard and he held her in place. Kim begin to feel dizzy and again it started to go black, she tried to make a noise, but nothing came out of her filled mouth. Just like before, at the last second Harry released his hands from her.

Kim pulled back gasping hard for air but she had no time and only got a quick breath or two before Harry’s cock was forced back down her throat. Immediately she gagged hard and tried to pull back but he wouldn’t release his grip. She gagged again and squirmed desperate for air. Harry released her and she gasped for air again. Just like before, he gave her no time and almost right away f

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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