The awakening of Anna

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The awakening of Anna
All rights to the book lie with the author and duplication, even parts of the book, is only allowed with the consent of the author. Should you find errors in the translation please let me know. I tried to translate the book into English for everyone and I hope I succeeded. In any case, I thank Googel for the help. All characters are allowed to do what they do and enjoy it. The whole book is available on Amazon under the same name.

Anna experienced buying a bikini you can read here as a sample. Have fun!

When we entered the store came from the side. “Went out or school? What are you looking for here? Are you old enough for a shop like ours? “She stood and smiled at us. The saleswoman, probably one of the many students who earn a degree in sales. She looked unusual and probably from the gothic scene. She was well made up and also had endearing clothes on. What now flashed through my head. Throw us out of here. Jana looked at me and then at the young woman.
“Yes, we should not be in here and we do not want to buy any perverted stuff. We have a problem and you might be able to help us with that. We are looking for bikinis and the other shops only have winter clothes. Will you help us? “She looked at the young woman and tried to look compassionately.
“So you are looking for a bikini in the middle of winter, then it’s clear that you will not find anything in the other ones. But you already know that they have a little bit of stuff with us. Since you need some courage to put on the. Oh what the hell before 4 is nothing going on here anyway. Come let’s see what we find for you. I’m Tanja and what’s your name for two sweets? “She came out from behind her back and went into a corner of the shop.
“I am Jana and this is my best friend Anna. We want to make an impression with the parts. “Now she told everything about Grandpa Heinrich and that we want to go swimming. Only that he stood on our asses that let them out, but stressed that the bikini should be quiet sexy, as we hoped for the travel fund to get something. Tanya looked at us funny and grinned.
“In good German, you want to offer him something, so he loosens money. Are you not too young for that? How old are you? At your age, I have … shit, I did that too. When I think about it, I did it with my grandfather and my uncle. As a result, I was the darling of the relatives and my pocket money was always good and, above all, abundant. I think I know what you need. Who asks you, you bought this on the net! Otherwise, I get really stress here. Do you want to buy on trust or at least try it? “Tanja stopped in front of a stand with whatever that was. I took a bar in the hand and was amazed that so little material can cost so much money. The lower part was actually a rope with a triangle with three not more than four centimeters edge length,
“Even smaller and Paul has free sight!” Jana and I laughed out loud.
“I think his name is Heinrich?” Tanja looked at us questioningly, whereupon we first told her who Paul and Jan is and she laughed with. “That’s definitely not enough!”
Targeted Tanja reached for a hanger and carried out two bikinis that were exactly what we were looking for. The pants were a string of the pussy in front of well hidden and behind only a thin band which disappeared in the ass crack. On the front of the fabric was a kiss mouth to see what gave the part the right whistle. The top was also a thread but you could adjust the fabric in front of the chest and thus determine how much to see. Both were in an innocent white as the base color and only the kiss mouth was red. Jana and I looked at each other and knew immediately that’s what we were looking for. Delighted I saw that the parts were set round and instead of 135 € only 60 € per bikini, which of course was a lot.
“That’s what we were looking for and who the size is ok now would be great.” Jana looked at the bikinis with happy eyes.
“Let her try on and show off sweets!” Tanja looked at us enthusiastically. Enthusiastically I took my, Jana looked only slightly surprised Tanja.
“How to demonstrate now? Here in the shop? Who comes in now and we stand with the nothing in the shop? We can not do that, whom that one sees. “She looked at me helplessly.
“What the hell, we’re not alone in the pool with Heinrich. Where is your problem? “I did not understand what she wanted.
“Do not you think it looks weird, who as a young girl hopping in here and dressed like that.” She looked questioningly at Tanja.
“Oh, do not worry, no one will come here before closing time. They are all still good at creating, that’s only about 4 again. I can let you know if one comes. “Tanja was already a cool one.
“Okay, well then let’s try it. Are we going to a locker room? “Jana had her bikini and we disappeared in a cabin. Here it was not even tight and so we could move without being in each other’s way. Well, almost and when we were both in there without anything we collided with our bare asses and I had the feeling to get an electric shock. We had already touched who knows how many times, went hand in hand through the area. Now here it was something else and for the first time I perceived her soft skin.
“I did not want that and sorry.” I said, looking at Jana.
“No problem, you have a nice skin and your butt looks great. Nothing happens. Feels good at the little one. “Jana said and stroked my ass. Oh my god how beautiful that was! Go on! I thought still and was amazed how much I liked this touch. Jana kept on putting on her bikini and I watched her doing it. She had nice small and firm breasts. Not a single gram of fat on the skin and the thong she was wearing now added to her ass. How I would like to have touched and stroked now. What shoud that? I do not like my girlfriend or girl. I’m not a lesbian!
“Will you shut up? Why do not you put on yours? “Jana looked at me from top to bottom and stroked my small breasts. “Look at them, they are coming slowly and beautiful, they are already. Make that thing for me. ”
u*********sly, I stretched out my breasts and hoped for more, but she had turned around and held her hair up. I felt like I was about to explode. Paul set off to see what was going on and who I would have been home to now would surely have gone to my room and greeted him. I could feel like I was wet and collected my juices in my pussy. I believe in this second my penchant for beautiful women was awakened and never fell asleep again.
“Hello, I get a cramp. What are you doing there? “Jana looked grinning over her shoulder and I blushed.
“Nothing, I’ll do it, turn around.” I closed the top and put on my bikini. Stupid as I was then I closed my top and turned the clasp backwards. Jana looked at me with interest and I silly noticed nothing. “Hello you still live? I am waiting and want to see what, if I already risk my job. So get out there and show yourself! “Tanja called us back to reality. We left the cabin and lined up next to each other. If someone came in now it would have been a great sight. “How old is your Heinrich? This could have serious consequences for anyone who sees you like this. Again, who asks you one, you have the stuff off the net. You just look so horny and how old were you again? 18, no one believes you that way. You sweety should pull the fabric wider, such as! “Already she was on us and drew the triangles to my top. She touched my breasts and immediately reacted my body again and my nipples were stiff and poking through the fabric. Carefully and with a lot of feeling she stroked me over the tips and I thought it was amazing. “That seems to please someone! Do you like to be touched by other girls? I think it’s beautiful too, and it’s not bad either. ”
“I’m not a lesbian!” I said brusquely when I wanted it, I was not so sure.
“You can read them out more,” Tanja said to Jana.
“Oh, how far?” Jana asked and looked at Tanja challenging. “Show it to me!” Tanja smiled at her and also played there on the tops and Jana skillfully stretched out her breasts. Slightly longer than me, Tanja occupied herself with Janas top and felt her breast. Jana seemed to like it and she also breathed a “thank you” as she read from her. She stood in front of us and grinned at us.
“So girls I think that’s it then, you have to buy the bikinis, because we can not take back spotty things.” She looked at us on the pussies and smiled.
We automatically looked down and could clearly see the wet spots in our panties. Well I was wet I knew yes, but Jana too? I looked at her panties and could see that her spot was even a little bigger than mine. With bright red heads we looked at each other and then to Tanja.
“But the costs are a fortune? We can not afford that. We do not have 120 € for two bikinis, that’s way too much for us. We counted at most 60 for both. Can not you do something there? Please! “Jana looked at Tanja with a desperate look. I did not know what she had, we had even planned € 80. I did, however, and looked at her desperately.
“You are two sweethearts! Come in here and do not even have enough money to afford you the stuff. Then you also make stains in the panties and now? What are we going to do with you now? “Tanja looked at us like snake her prey.
“We do everything you want. You can not sell them any more and we like them anyway, or what do you say Anna? “Jana looked at me and a grin lay on her face. I had the feeling that she now demanded what she still had good with me. I just nodded in agreement and was curious where this went. u*********sly, I saw again on Janas pussy and noted with final fix that the fabric in the places where he was wet was transparent. Jana noticed my look and probably only now discovered what the substance was about. As agreed, we both looked at Tanja. “Shit that does not work! Will the parts be transparent when they get wet? Since we can go swimming naked. ”
“Did not I tell you that? Hello, they are meant to be turned on and that’s normal! You can buy a hotpants and your pussi are no longer visible. Would be better for Heinrich also better! “Tanja briefly went to a shelf and gave each of us a hot pants in the hand. “I give you the bathing parts who you tried on the pants here now. Would then only 20 € per nose for the hot pants. Do we have a deal? ”
“No problem, we’ll be right back!” Jana turned around and started to go into the cabin.
“Stop! I said here and not in the cabin. There you can flee, but one should come. Oh, and because you wanted to get into the cabin you have to take off your bikinis before. “Tanja had something challenging in view and looked at us waiting.
“How should we undress now before you and then try on the pants first? But we get the pants but also for free! “Jana seemed to like the game and for me it was no problem to make me naked, only something was different than usual. I was meanwhile as horny as no longer and could not explain it to me , Something was here and now different than usual. For me and my pussy was all hell and who I had caressed over there would have gone off the post.
“Only who I can check if they fit right! With both of you! “Tanja already saw something greedy from Jana to me and back.
“Agreed to me and what do you say, Anna?” Jana looked at me and I knew that I had to join.
“Are they actually water resistant or do you also see who they are wet?” I did not want to know any more, I liked the game too. The attraction to be caught at any time increased my desire even more.
“Yes, you can go swimming with that and nobody will see what is going on underneath. Only above, I would call the parts, if you want to offer your Heinrich something. You know my conditions now? What does it look like? “Tanja said, smiling.
“No problem for me. Will you help me open the top? “Jana turned around and looked at Tanja invitingly. I watched in amazement as Tanja opened the clasp and then looked at me questioningly. As if automatically, I turned around and offered her my back. She opened the top and took three steps back. We took the tops off with her back to her and she said. “I wanted to see something!”
“Wait a minute, you get it!” Jana looked at me and winked at me. Now she grabbed the thong on the sides and slowly pulled him down. She made sure that she had to bend pretty low forward, so Tanja had a nice view. I could not help but look at that and what I saw was Jana’s wet blooming pussy. It looked so horny and so I did it just like Jana and Tanja read a soft moan. I liked to be watched by the twos and so I took my time before I stepped out of the bathing ring. After straightening up, I briefly looked at Jana, who was still standing with her back to Tanja. Jana just nodded and we turned around. We both had nipples with which we could play each and for the first time I saw in Jana how cool it looked. In peace, we unpacked the hot pants and pulled us slowly.
“You have the bikinis and the strings girls and the show was awesome. As I said you were never here and I do not know you, but if you feel like you can contact me privately times. You are really hot and your Heinrich will surely jump on it. I hope you know what you are doing. For you there would have to be a gun license. “Tanja was also powerful on sweating and saw us unabashedly on the breasts.
“Are the hotpants right? Did not you want to control that? “No that did not ask Jana, but me and I wanted to know now how far she would go.
“Yeah I think mine is tweaking something in the crotch. Can you take a look? “Jana looked directly at her and put her legs slightly apart.
“Do you really want that?” Tanya looked at us uncertainly.
“Deal is deal and control was there. Where’s the problem? You have to know as a shop assistant if your customers are satisfied. “Jana challenged her even more. Tanja slowly walked over to her and put her hand on her crotch. I could not see more from the side. Jana looked more and more hard in her eyes, breathing hard. No matter what Tanja did, Jana had to like it. After a short time she leaned forward and spread her legs even more. With her hands she clung to Tanja and moaned her lust out loud. “Oh my God, go on, that’s even better than who I do it myself. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … I’ll be there soon. Yes, that’s nice, keep it up. I’m coming … now. “What came after that no one could understand anymore. She embraced Tanja and stopped with wobbly legs. Now I knew that I wanted to experience too.
“Everything’s OK with you? Sit down first. “Tanja put her on a stool and wanted to go back behind the cash register. Jana looked grinningly at her stool and I stupidly rum around in the area.
“We are not finished yet.” I said to Tanja. She looked at me and came towards me grinning.
“You mean with you tweaks it also in the step? Should I feel there too? I do, you just have to say it! “She stood in front of me and I parted my legs apart, that’s all I needed to say. I felt like she put her hand on my pussy and did nothing there. “Tell me you want it too!”
My pussy was already roller coaster and already the feeling of a strange hand on her was really strong. “I want it!” I just got out of it. She drove me to the sides of my pussy with her fingers and tried to get to my labia what she quickly succeeded. With her fingers she drove into my slot and after a while one of her fingers greeted Paul and massaged him. My pussy was in flames and everything around me was like a smoke screen far away. Now she played at the entrance of my pussy and slid a finger and then even two fingers into the hole and I got soft in the knees. It was amazing and I never thought that I liked it so much. Oh, it was crazy! Now she massaged my Paul and my lips again. I said something, but I can not say what. I just scream out my lust. The waves of lust were getting bigger and as she takes my nipples in the mouth everything is too late. I come with a small torrent and hang her on the neck so I do not fall over. Our mouths meet and we kiss like two lovers. Slowly my orgasm ebbs and I can stand alone again.
“Sit down first with your girlfriend and I’ll close the curtain. When you’re ready again, just come out again. The pants are just right, as are you two. “She led me to Jana and we sat leaning against each other in the cabin. Both of us felt the experience and were happy for the moment. After 10 minutes or more, I looked at Jana.
“That stays with us? It was amazing and my knees are shaking now. Did you have so much fun with it? “I saw her smile.
Jana came up to me and gave me a kiss. “Yes, it was the madness and the first time someone down there was on it. I mean besides myself. Tanja can do it and I thought it was amazing. I would like to do this with her every day. ”
“Why that, are you lesbian now? Yes, it was so nice and so, but every day? Well, I did not think it was so nice. In any case, I have done my favor. “I stroked her head.
“But you only believe that, sweetie. That was just so we did not have to pay that much. We both did that for us and I do not regret it either. You? “Jana looked at me with that smile which made me weak each time. “If necessary, someone else has to serve, if Tanja does not have time.”
“Let’s see, but we should start slowly now.” I said and we got up and got dressed again. Tanja smiled at us and packed our “shopping” in a bag.
“Too often you should not come over, otherwise my boss goes bankrupt. I hope you are satisfied with your purchase. Incidentally, my mobile number, I have written down to you, note is in the bag. You know that you are two sweet cream slices and let go with Grandpa Heinrich a little quieter. “She came to the door and gave us a kiss on the parting. “Otherwise, remember, this has never happened.” We left the store in a really good mood and wanted to eat a nice ice cream from our saved money.
“This was just a really cool action and Tanja has a great feeling in her fingers. I know that we like to play with us, but that was something completely different, as it did. I was completely ready and it was so nice my pussy is still very wet. I know now what you have to do next, whom I sleep with you. In addition, I will buy more of the hot pants. The things then remind me of today every day. How was it for you? Anyway, you screamed pretty loud. You went off pretty well, you say so. Incidentally, you have a great butt in the hot pants, which looked even better than this string. I’m still on felt, I can just once again a round. “She looked at me and somehow I could understand her. But run around naked and today was a difference.
“I also liked it and I do not know, are we lesbians now? I liked it and yes I was right on it. When do you want to sleep with us again? The next holidays are still a while and my birthday was short. We would have to come up with something. Have you already thought about when we want to go bathing with Grandpa Heinrich? We’ll do that again? “I looked into her eyes and said. “I love you!”

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