The Cabbie and I

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The Cabbie and I
I am going to take a break from the true stories about fucking my mother in law and the men and women in her retirement apartment building. This story is a true gay sex story about me and a cab driver, or cabbie.

I met the cabbie several years ago at the adult book store I mentioned in a previous story that had the rooms with the futons. When we met we were both there individually and started talking in the corridor until we decided to get a futon room together.

When we first went into the futon room he told me he has a rule. He said I can fuck him if I want to but if I do I am required to let him fuck me bareback and cum in me whether or not I cum in him. This was before I saw his cock but I agreed. We got completely undressed and got on the futon.

I grabbed his cock and noticed something that really turned me on right away. While he is about 7 to 7.5 inches, and cut, which is very average, his cock has a huge, and I mean a huge mushroom head. His cock head is very unproportional to the rest of his cock. The instant I started stroking his cock I could not keep my hands off of his huge cock head. The ridge of the underside of the mushroom head felt incredible in my hands. That is when I learned just how sensitive his cock head is. I noticed when I would stroke out toward the end of his cock head and my hand would rub and massage the underside of the ridge of his cock head he would moan loudly and pull his cock as I moved my hand and he would manipulate his cock or my hand to apply more pressure on the ridge of his cock head. Once I figured out how pleasurable it is for him I used it to my advantage and decided to edge him because I wanted his cum in my mouth, not on my hands. I figured if I make him cum hard enough and it feels great I will fuck him after and he will not be in the mood to fuck me. Not that I could not handle his cock, I just was not in the mood to be fucked the first time we met. I found out I was wrong and just how good of a lay he is. I edged him multiple times, so much he was leaking precum like crazy. He finally said he has to cum and to for me to just let him stroke it until he does. That is what I was waiting for. I dropped to my knees, took his cock in my mouth and when I pulled my head back I put a lot of pressure on the ridge of his cock head and ran my tongue along it. WIthout any indication he blasted a huge load of smooth, creamy cum in my mouth. When I say he blasted a load I mean very strongly blasted a cum load. There was so much force behind his cum being ejected out of his cock so hard the first spurt bypassed my tongue, hit the back of my throat and went right down. I did not get a good taste of his cum until the second or third spurt. And oh is his cum thick, silky smooth and very creamy. After He was done cumming he told me to lay back on the futon so he could take care of me.

I laid back and he started sucking my cock. He is an incredible cock sucker. He also started to finger fuck my ass which got me even more turned on. He asked if I wanted to fuck him. I was not one to say no. He laid down on the futon on his stomach, I got behind him, straddled his ass and started to fuck him. He was really tight and difficult to penetrate at first. But I finally got my cock all the way in him. He was so tight I think it bothered him a bit and he tried to pull away but I had him on the futon and kept him in place until I emptied my nuts deep into his ass. I think the first time I fucked his ass was the first time he ever got fucked, I think I took his anal virginity. After I was done and satisfied with filling him with cum I pulled out and got off of him. I started to get dressed when he asked what I was doing.

When I told him he said no, he gets to fuck me now. I laid down on my stomach and told him to use plenty of lube. He did and before I knew it he was on me with his huge mushroom head cock fucking deep into me. I was taken by surprise at first. But once I got used to it I started pushing back and pulling myself forward and squeezing my ass together as I did. I know he loved it because he would pull back while pushing my hips with his hands as he did. I decided to end his fucking me quickly. I moved my hips and squeezed my ass even faster and harder. All of a sudden he started cumming inside me. He blasted the inside of my rectum and colon hard. So hard I felt the thumping of his pulsing cock all the way into my cock.

After we were done we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet at least once a month at the adult book store for sex. We did so. Sometimes one of the two sisters who ran the store would join us and we would use the room with the large bed. Other times we would have another guy or another woman with us. Once we each had a woman, my wife was one of the women, he had a woman who I am sure was a prostitute and one of the sister’s who operated the store joined us. So there were three women and he and I. I know he and I fucked all three women, came in all three of them and then we fucked each other while the women would eat each other out or suck our cocks. We met there once a month until that book store closed. Then we lost contact for a while.

Time went by and we ran into each other at the other adult bookstore that is still open today. They have stricter rules but we managed to meet there once a month and have great sex. I do not know why but he never wanted to go to my place and he could not host at the time himself. I got to enjoy his huge blast of cum either in my mouth or in my ass. There were even a few times when he blasted his load in my ass I would start cumming because it felt so great. We lost touch again. That book store went through a remodel or two and became less favorable to have good sex with people in it.

That left the gay cruising areas in the area. I got to know a lot of guys and they got to know me and my wife in these areas. My wife and I would go and pick up a guy, come to our house and fuck him. Sometimes my wife would go to these places alone, fuck the guy there, come home with him and his cum running down her legs and watch me fuck him in the ass as a “payment” for fucking her. A few times we would meet the cabbie. A while back I told her about his rule and that I am very sure I was the first to fuck his ass. I also told her I found out I am the only one to fuck him and I do not think he fucks too many other guys, other than me, after I fuck him. My wife and I made a rule of our own. He could only fuck her, if I fucked him first, came in him while she sucked his cock. My wife likes to mess with certain people sexually. She gets off on it. Her idea behind this is she sucks him so well because she knew about how sensitive his mushroom head is he will not be able to fuck her or me for that matter and I will have gotten all the pleasure from him by fucking and cumming in him. When we told him about the rule he agreed to it. So she started sucking his cock while I fucked him from behind. She did not hold back and let him cum in her mouth as often as he wanted because she wanted to make him so sensitive and worn out he would not be able to fuck me. I would edge myself as I fucked him while she sucked and sucked him swallowing every drop of his cum loads. When I finally could not hold back any more I blasted my load deep inside of him and he came in my wife’s throat one last time. When we were done I pulled out of him and my wife pulled off of his cock. She stood up and bent over so he could fuck her from behind. He tried, in vain, to get hard enough to fuck her, but he couldn’t. My wife said oh well but she needs to find someone to fuck her. There was another guy who was watching us and had his cock out stroking it. She bent over in front of him and told him to fuck her. He looked at me and I told him do what the lady is asking, stick your cock in her and fuck her until you fill her cunt with cum. He did much to the amazement of the cabbie. While they were fucking I talked to the cabbie alone and told him she is never going to let you fuck her, but if you want to continue to have her suck you while I fuck you that is fine. He declined that and asked about me and him. I told him we can continue to have sex with each other.

After that we saw each other about once a month to once every other month. Then we lost contact again until recently.

About a week or two ago I saw him at one of the gay cruising areas in my city. He recognized me right away. I got out of my car and he got out of his cab and we went into a secluded area. I was so turned on and horned up I did not wait until we got deeper into the area where we fucked to start taking my clothes off. I stripped naked, except for my shoes while walking ahead of him, and started bending over as I walked because I wanted his huge mushroom head and cock deep inside of me. We got to where we stopped and he took his jeans off, he was not wearing any underwear. I bent over a half cut down tree and presented my ass to him. I had already applied the Vaseline as lube to my fuck hole. As he lined up his cock, I reached back, grabbed it and pushed my ass back onto it. He popped right in and it felt great. I did not wait for him to grab my hips and start fucking me. I started moving back and forth on his cock emphasizing a lot of pressure by squeezing my ass together as I pulled forward. The huge ridge of his massive mushroom cock head felt great rubbing and scr****g the inside of my fuck tunnel. It did not take him long to cum and he blasted his thick load deep inside of me. As he finished pumping me full of cum we heard someone behind us say “Mmmmm I need a piece of that.”

The cabbie pulled out of me and his cum started running down legs, balls and cock. We turned around and saw a beautiful CD/TG with a very short mini skirt and nice tits under a very tight shirt. Her hard cock was sticking out from under her mini skirt and she is uncut.

I was the first to approach her and I grabbed for her cock because I did not know if she meant she wanted my ass, the cabbies cock or my cock. We found out she wanted the cabbies cock and my ass. I got down on my knees and started give her uncut cock a blow job. I lifted her skirt up. Her cock grew to about 8.5 inches and pop bottle thick. I used the cum running out of my ass to lube her cock and stood up to bend over. She told me to slow down she wants to fuck in a bed. I told her let’s go and started leading us to the parking area. By then the cabbie had redressed and was following. We got to the parking lot and saw a huge class A RV. The CD said it is hers and opened the for us. Right then the cabbie got a call for pick up and had to leave so it was just the CD and I or so I thought. Right then another couple of guys walked out of a different section of the secluded area. I had never seen one of them before but he looked like he had been fucked within an inch of his life. He was walking bow legged and had a very obvious wet spot on the back of his pants. He just went to his car and left. The other guy I do know and is a friend of mine and regular gay lover. He came over to us and we looked at each other, smiled, nodded our heads at each other and followed the CD into her RV.

She undressed right away and we saw that she is an actual mate to female, or MtF not just a CD. She had real tits and the only hair on her entire body was on her head. We then heard someone say in a fairly masculine voice “hi boys, care to play.” My friend and I turned to look and sitting on the bed, naked and legs spread wide was a female to male, or FtM. He, as he liked to be referred, is very chubby, still had a woman’s pussy, but small tits and was rather hairy. I immediately approached the FtM while my friend stayed with the MtF.

I got naked and so did my friend. The FtM laid back for me as I approached the bed and spread his legs even wider. I was hard as a rock by then and got between his legs and was preparing to shove my cock in him. He said first he needs to be lubricated and told me to eat him out. I found out later that when a female transitions into a male with hormones they tend to lose their natural lubrication in the pussy. I dove right into his hairy pussy and started to eat him out. Meanwhile my friend and the MtF started to 69 each other. Once I had the Ftm wet enough I got between his legs and shoved my cock deep inside of him. I expected him to be a bit loose thinking the MtF fucked him on a regular basis. I found out they do not fuck each other at all. They go place to place and find other guys and women to fuck. The FtM was really tight though, another effect of the hormones and the transition into a man. I did not last very long and emptied my cum deep inside of his pussy. My friend was just finishing cumming deep inside of the MtF’s ass. As we were relaxing we heard a knock at the door.

The MtF opened it and there was the cabbie. She invited him in. Now I knew things were going to really be fun. My friend and I looked at each other and nodded. Both the FtM and Mtf saw this and asked what it meant. We told them we like to sexually ravage guys like the cabbie hard and fast by double teaming them. I asked the MtF if she remembers the one guy coming out of the secluded area that just left and looked rather haggard and roughed over. She said yes. I told her that was only from being roughly fucked from my friend. When we double team a guy he can hardly move after and we have to let him stay with one of us to recover for at least one night or we do it at his place. But he does enjoy the experience and nothing is done against his will or permission. My friend then stated we are not anywhere that he will be able to recover unless we figure out how to get him home with his car. The FtM then stated he can stay with them in the RV once we are done.

That is when my friend approached the cabbiel, his huge cock swaying, and grabbed the cabbie, who was beginning to undress because we were all naked, and my friend helped out of the rest of his clothes. He then gently pushed the cabbie to his knees and offered his cock, which was just deep in the ass of the MtF. The cabbie eagerly started sucking his cock. As they were doing that the FtM, MtF and I got in bed and started making out. I told the MtF I’d love to see her fuck the pussy of the FtM while I fuck her ass. The FtM heard that and spread her legs and said its about time we fuck. The MtF lined up her big cock and plunged deep into his pussy. I got behind her and shoved my cock deep up her ass. By then my friend had his cock deep in the cabbies ass. I asked my friend if he was told about his rule. He said yeah and can’t wait to take his cock and proceeded to pound the cabbie hard and fast. I told him to save some for me and the MtF because we are going to want some of that too. I then started cumming deep in the MtF’s ass and he started cumming deep in the FtM’s pussy.

We heard a loud grunt and groan as my friend unloaded his cum deep in the cabbie’s ass. The cabbie pulled off of my friends cock and quickly got behind him and my friend gladly offered his ass to the cabbie. The cabbie shoved his huge mushroom head cock deep into my friend and started to fuck him. While the three of us were recovering the MtF went over and put her cock in my friends face and he greedily swallowed it down his throat. I started eating the cum out of the FtM’s pussy. It tasted great. As she was having an orgasm I looked over and then saw the MrF fucking the cabbie while the cabbie fucked my friend. The FtM then told me to get on my back so he can ride me. I did and he climbed on and slide my cock into his pussy. We heard a very loud moan and looked over and the cabbie was cumming in my friend while the MtF was cumming deep inside of him. The cabbie started to tell the MtF it was her turn to get fucked but I said not until I fuck you first, but you are not going to fuck me again today, I already gave you my ass once.

I moved over to him, got behind him, lined my cock up with his ass and shoved it in him as hard as I could. He let out a grunt in discomfort. But I did not let up. I fucked him harder and harder. I fucked his ass so hard my cock started to hurt a bit and the friction was starting to get to me. All of a sudden I plunged very deep into his ass and unloaded my cum. And then I pulled out, very hard. He said his ass was very sore and tender but the MtF did not care she wanted her a piece of his ass. She did the same thing I did and fucked him very hard. When she was done with him his normally pink love tunnel entrance was very red and very swollen and looked very irritated.

I had to get going and so did my friend. I went home and told my wife what happened and that I had a great time. She told me she went to see Sister Julia and Jess and had a great time too.

A few days later I went to to another gay cruising spot in the city. When I was driving the park loop road I saw the cabbie’s vehicle. I parked behind it and went to talk with him. But he was not in his car.

There is a foot path that leads to a secluded area. I took the path and toward the secluded area and as I approached I heard the obvious sounds of people having sex. It sounded like several and as I approached I saw I was right. I saw the cabbie completely naked with a guy bent over being fucked by the cabbie.. There were two other guys, one fucking the other and another guy sitting by himself stroking his cock. I approached the guy by himself first. As I did the cabbie motioned for me to come to him. I didn’t and went up to the other guy. As I approached I saw he is a younger guy, maybe 25 at the most. He is not too tall and really slender. I saw that his cock is not that big.

As I approached him I asked why he was not with one of couples. Embarrassed he looked at the ground and said they told him his cock is too small. I asked him to look at me, he did, and said it’s ok, not every everyone has a big cock, in fact most of us don’t. By then my cock was pretty hard. He said that is easy for me to say, your cock is big. That is when I said I have been with more guys with smaller cocks that mine than not and unfortunately there are too many guys in the area hung up on cock size. I asked him what he likes to do. He told me he has only ever sucked and been fucked but has never been sucked or fucked a guy. He said he has only been with other men when there is no one else available at the adult book store or gay cruising areas. I asked if he has been with a girl or woman, he hung his head again and said no. I told him there is nothing to be ashamed of and asked him to look at me. I then told him every one of us has a talent that we may not know about when it comes to sex. So even if you are not that well endowed I guarantee there is something you are very good at and better than others that will make people want to have sex with you. We just need to figure out what that is and I will help you.

I then told him you have described what you have done with men, but not what you like to do. He said he likes to do this things but wishes it was not because the other guys have no other options and wishes he would get sucked and fuck other men. I told him I want to and will suck you and want you to fuck me and it is not because I have no other choice because I could go have one of the other guys right now, it is because I want to enjoy your cock and want to help you.

I dropped to my knees took a hold of his cock and put the entire time in my mouth. I was also able to out mouth around his balls. He was shaved completely bare and very smooth which felt great in my mouth. He instantly got hard fast. I started sucking him taking the head of his cock deep in my throat. He started bucking his hips and fucking my mouth and throat. I knew he would not last long. All of a sudden he started cumming in my mouth. His cum was very sweet. I greedily swallowed it. He kept shooting his load of cum in my mouth. Pretty soon he came so much it I could not keep up with swallowing his cum load. He held the back of my head tight with my face buried against his smooth pelvis. He let up a little bit but kept cumming and cumming. His cum started running out of my mouth and down face and chin. He moaned in pleasure as he unloaded his sweet cum. The amount finally started to diminish and his cum was down to just a small trickle. He he finally stopped cumming I figured it took a good 5 min or more and he came three to five times as much as other guys before he stopped. I pulled my mouth off of his cock and stood up.

He started to apologize. I told nothing to apologize for and we may have found his talent. He asked what and I told him the amount he can cum at one time. I asked him if he cums that much or a lot when he jerks off, he told me he does. I asked if he looks at porn and what kind, he said he does, both gay and straight. I asked if he cums more with or without the porn. He told me he cums more with the porn just as he came a lot when I sucked him. The other 4 guys, especially the cabbie and the other top, were done for the time being and started to come over. I recognized the other top and know him to be a real jerk and an asshole. He is not nice, he is very aggressive and when he wants to have sex, especially with a bottom he borders on having sex without their consent or ****. He has a very nice sized cock but that is no excuse. I used to work with him and he was a jerk and an asshole to coworkers and clients. He is bi and he used to aggressively pursue women for sex which is why the company we worked for fired him. He made sexual advances on a female coworker and though she had had sex with a lot of the guys in the office what he did was unacceptable. The men she would have sex with was set up by subtle flirting in the office, then dinner, etc, which lead to hot sex with her. I was the one who saw him making sexual advances and reported it which got him fired, he never found out about it. I was also the guy who took his anal virginity to take him down a peg or two with the way he treats people, but that is a different story.

The young man and I were talking as the four of them were coming over. I did not recognize the guy with the cabbie but he had a nice cock that was very hard. I did recognize the guy with the jerk/asshole, and knew he was not forced to do anything. I had been with him before and he is a total bottom and an absolute tiger in bed sexually. The jerk/asshole spoke first and said he could not believe I sucked the k** off with such a small cock that he has. I told him to shut the fuck up and if he is going to act like that he can leave. I asked the cabbie who his friend was and he told me someone he has known for a long time and who is bi. I told him he has a very nice cock. He looked to be about 7” and uncut. He said thank you and told me he has been with the young man I just sucked and noticed the amount of cum he gave me and said he would like a taste of it. I stated that is up to him, for right now he is with me and I do not want to do a threesome, etc. The jerk/asshole said we will see about that. That is when I told him to just leave if he is going to act that way. The guy that was with him agreed and so did the others. The jerk/asshole said this is a public park, I do not have to leave. That is when the young man said you are right, but we can and started walking, grabbing my hand with which I followed. The cabbie, the guy he was with and the guy who was with the jerk/asshole followed us. As we walked away I told the jerk/asshole do not follow us.

He did not follow us but just in case he would try and figure out where we went we left our vehicles parked where they were and went to another secluded place in the park. When we got there I told the young man I want him to fuck me. The cabbie and the other two guys started making out. We all got naked and I bent over a picnic bench for the young guy to shove his cock into me. I wanted to feel his huge amount of cum in my ass. It did not take long for him to get hard and penetrate me. I also felt him get a lot thicker and a bit longer when he was in my ass. I told him I think we found another sexual talent. He asked what and I told him. He proceeded to fuck me hard and fast. I also helped by living my hips back and forth and squeezed my ass as I did. I knew he would not last long but I wanted to draw it out as long as I could. I managed to edge him a couple of times before he let loose his huge torrent of cum. He grabbed my hips, ans pulled me back hard and tight against his pelvis as he slammed his cock into me and started cumming. Pretty soon he filled me full and it was leaking out and not dripping, but running down my legs, and balls. He kept pumping and pumping his cum deep into me. He lasted longer and emptied more cum than when I sucked him. The other three guys who had started sucking and fucking stopped to watch. When he was finally done, he gently pulled out and cum came gushing out of my ass. The three guys all started saying things like “mmmm very nice”, “hot load”, “I want him to fuck me”, etc. I then asked him if he wanted any more to do with us. He said not then but he asked if I knew of any women. I told him, yes I do, my wife would love to fuck him.

I asked him if he wants me to set it up with her right then. He smiled and said sure. I called her and told her what just happened and asked if she wanted to break in a young male virgin. She said sure, she’d love to, but she is at Sister’s and Jess is with them. I told her let’s take it easy on him and not freak him out too much and meet him at our house, I am going to stay and fuck in the forest with the cabbie and two others. We said goodbye and I gave him our address. The k** left to meet her at my house.

After he left I offered my cum filled ass to any of the three that wanted to eat me out, then fuck me. The bi guy who was fucked by the cabbie said he wanted it. He started eating and rimming me. It felt incredible. I motioned for the other guy to come over and suck my cock, while I gave the cabbie blow job. The guy did not want to suck my cock, but did shove his dick into the cabbies ass and started fucking him. After a little bit the guy who was eating the cum out of my ass stopped, stood up, lined his nice cock up with my hole and rammed it in me, hard. That caused me to jolt my head forward and swallow the cabbies cock whole, causing him to do the thing I love most about his cock, forcefully blast his hot, creamy load down throat. This caused the guy who was fucking the cabbie to cum inside of him. The guy fucking me slammed in me a few times more and emptied his nuts deep inside of me.

When the three of them were done coming we all relaxed, stood up and got dressed. That is when I realized I had not cum yet, in fact I had not even been sucked by or fucked anyone. I was really horny at this point. As I walked back to my vehicle I called me wife. She told me the young man had just left. I asked her how was he. She told me absolutely wonderful. She said he filled her mouth, throat and stomach with cum, so much that she had to have him give her a pearl necklace and cum I’m her big tits. She said when she got fucked him he came even more and harder. She then told me what she was not expecting was what happened when he fucked her. She said when he shoved his cock in her pussy two things happened. It felt his cock size most doubled and he started cumming almost from the very beginning until he had his own orgasm by showing that he did with sound and facial expressions. She said she is a wet, sticky, cummy, mess. She has cum on her neck, all over her chest and tits that is starting to get sticky and dry and she has a lot of cum leaking out of her pussy. She says she is getting ready to get in the shower and wash the sheets. I told her I have not cum yet and I want sloppy seconds. She told me to hurry home.

I rushed home and when I walked in the bedroom I had not seen a sexier site in a long time. There was my wife, naked, on her back, legs spread wide, a lot of cum leaking out of her hot pussy with dry, stick com coating her chin, neck, chest and tits. I got naked really fast and got in bed with her. She did not want me to lick the dry cum off of her, she just wanted my cock in her mouth to get me hard and then in her pussy. I gave her my cock, she swallowed it down her throat, got me really hard. I pulled out of her mouth, got between her legs and shoved it hard into her pussy. She immediately wrapped her legs behind me, locking her ankles together and started bucking. When my wife has cum in her pussy, especially from another guy her pussy gets really tight. She is in her late 40’s but I often tell her when I fuck her after a guy has cum in her it feels like I am fucking a 25 year old pussy. This was no exception to that. I did not last very long from her bucking and really tight pussy. I could also feel the young guys cum still leaking out of her. It was running down my cock shaft, and balls. In fact I hardly had to move at all. With her bucking hard on my cock she milked the cum out of me. When we were done I got off of her and we both laid there for a moment. We then got up, took a shower together, where I fucked her hard again from behind and went on with our day.

My next story will be about fucking an SSBBW woman named Emily.

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