The Call Girl Has A Foursome

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The Call Girl Has A Foursome

Last time I lost my virginity to an ultimate sex machine (let’s call him Ali) when I convinced my best friend to let me into the call girl business with her. I knew he was a Muslim from his circumcised penis and was tall and strong and I mean both his body and his cock. Things got pretty interesting when I heard knocking on the door while Ali was still near me hugging me close to himself.

When the knocks increased Ali got up and opened the door. At that time I was lying curled up on the bed so that any one who saw me from the door only saw my curled legs and my big ass.

When Ali opened the door, a short and fat man entered the room with Rita. The man was just wearing boxer shorts. hours body was hairy. He was barely shoulder level to Ali. He was very fair and his round face was clean shaven. He looked like a hairy Pillsbury baby.

But Rita was the one who shocked me. She was just a total around her waist and she was not wearing any top. She had her bag of spare cloths with her. Also her boobs were red as cherries with hard as rock nipples. I realised the Pillsbury baby, Sabu loved it rough.

Sabu : ‘chutiye. itni der kyu laga d. socha tha ki tum jaldi khatam kar Chuke hoge.’

Ali :” kuch samay to lagega hi. bitch was a virgin man…”

Sabu :” what! a virgin! has she bathed yet? ”

Ali pointed to me. I was sitting up with folded legs. Sabu ran to me, pulled me by the legs so that I was on by back with my legs in his arms and spread out my legs so wise that it started to hurt.

Sabu :” oh how I love pussy converted in virgin blood.”

saying so, he planted his tongue into my pussy. Unlike Ali, sabu was mope interested in licking more than sucking. soon all the remaining blood and cum near my pussy was gone. he was Licking my pussy by inserting his tongue into it when I cumed. My cum squirted into his mouth. I thought he would stop to spot my cum out but he just swallowed it and commented ” tasty now spinner you just gave me a drink, leery me give you a drink”

saying so He pulled me down from the bed and forced me to my knees. He stood in grout of me and ordered to release his b**st. I pulled down his boxers and there in the middle of a hairy forest was the smallest but thickest dick I had ever seen. It was about 5.5 in long but was about 2 cms thicker than with my fingers around it and unlike Ali’s dick, it was whiter. I started licking the top.But sabu grabbed my head and shoved in the whole of his dick into my mouth. i was forced to widen my mouth to the highest to fit in his cock.

He released my head and moved forward so that my head was on the matress. Then he stared face fucking me with slow but strong strokes.

meanwhile Rita and Ali were on the bed in 69 position such that Rita ass was facing Sabu. When ali was tasting Rita pussy, Sabu leaned in and grabbed Rita ass and stayed licking it. After about 10 minutes, Sabu cummed into my mouth but he did not remove his cock. so I gulped down his cum which was smaller in amount than Ali.

After this, Sabu grabbed my hair and pulled me onto the bed. Without warning he shoved 3 of his chubby fingers into my pussy. I was in passion like boo other. I would have been screaming if Ali hadn’t made Rita kiss me widen he was Licking her ass while she was in doggy style. Sabu was finger fucking me so hard that soon all his 5 fingers were in my pussy.When he did this, he curled up his fist in my pussy and started fisting me. I was in so much pain that I bit Rita lips.

Ali sensed Rita agony and told Sabu to stop. When Sabu took out his was covered in blood and cum. I had cummed in the pain without knowing. Then Sabu licked his fist clean. He flipped me to doggy style position and ordered me to kiss Rita. I agreed and both Ali and Sabu inserted their cocks into our ass holes. I was in deep pain as the thick rod of Sabu rammed with huge power. By 15 minutes Sabu cummed into my ass.

After this all of us blacked out. I woke up 11 am next morning to find Rita, Ali and Sabu sitting around the dining table eating breakfast. I bathed and got dressed. For some reason Rita insisted on me wearing the same pink sleeveless knee length nightie as the night before.

I joined them for breakfast and because of the night before I ate a lot.

Then we started conversing and the boys had an idea.

Ali: ” why don’t we have a sexy photo shoot to remember this day.”

I was not too anxious about it at first but I soon agreed on the condition that the pics won’t get out and none of Sabu’s tricks but if we get paid a 25000 rs in total. Ali convinced Sabu to be just the photographer to his disappointment.

the first pose was me kissing Ali. Then was the pose of Rita kissing Ali. Then the pose of me bending like I dropped something and Ali lifting up my skirt. Ali was wearing a Bunyan and jeans. The next pose was Rita standing behind Ali and lifting his Bunyan to show his abs.

the next one was the scene of Ali ripping off Rita black dress from behind exposing her whole body. Sabu captured this pretty great. Then I was my turn and Ali ripped my nightie to shreds. Next Rita unzipped Ali jeans and started sucking his cock. I joined in. After these pics were taken, we changed poses. the other pics showed us getting finger fucked, ass fucked, mouth fucked, pussy fucked and boob fucked. We also took pics of us getting our boobs, asses, lips and pussies licked, bit ,sucked , kissed and squeezed red. for the finale the boys made us make out with each other and they masturbated.

At the end, we were both having layers of white facial on us. all of us took a group shower. We got dressed in the spare dresses we had with us. We departed ways by 2pm and we returned to our hostel by nightfall with 30000 rs.

Rita : So. how was it?

My only reply was when can we do it again?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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