The Cockold Life

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The Cockold Life
Lucy and I had been married for about four years. I was 30 and she was 25 at the time. I felt lucky to have her as my wife. I considered myself an average guy. Average looks and average cock around 5 1/2 inches erect while Lucy was cute and above average but the girls just oozed sexy. Our sex life was great and only seemed to get better. But everything changed one night when we both got a little trashed. We ended up at an adult video store and decided to check out one of the cozy video booths. Some porno was going and we were making out hot and heavy. She had her skirt hiked up but still was fully clothed as she set on top of me as we necked. I heard the latch on the door open and in came another couple. We both stared at them until they shut the door and he pushed the girl against the wall and began kissing her passionately. My wife and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders like what the heck. We were both drunk and we too continued where we left off as if no one was there but us. I could sense the other couple moving closer to us and then the girl ran her fingers through my wife’s hair. Before long they were holding hands as both couples continued kissing their respective partners. This other woman was very attractive and she pulled my wife off my lap and they both embraced. Then she laid one long passionate kiss on Lucy and nearly stuck her tongue half way down her throat. Now my wife is one sexually hottie but I don’t think she had ever been with a woman before but she latched on to this vixen in kind and they were off to the races. I watched with amazement as the two of them couldn’t keep their hands off of one another. This woman then pulled my wife around and pushed her back against the wall. She unbuttoned Lucy’s blouse. She didn’t bother with removing her bra and just push it up exposing my wife’s lovey soft white orbs and her mouth sucked greedily onto one of the nipples. My wife began to moan but then as her skirt was still hiked up I saw this female stranger shove her hand inside my wife’s lacy black boy shorts. That rocketed things to a whole new level and my wife began to moan even louder. I knew that her pussy was getting wetter by the minute as she let this other woman finger her. I’ll call this other woman Joy. Joy was finger fucking my wife and Lucy was enjoying it tremendously. Joy’s boyfriend or whatever moved behind my wife and rubbed her neck gently. She made no signs of refusal and so he began to kiss the nape of her neck. I saw him
look over at me and I also gave no inferences of negativity and he just continued. He moved his body against her and pressed his crouch up against my wife’s backside. I saw her hand reach down and she started rubbing his cock. She tried unsuccessfully to unzip his trousers and he obliged her by doing it himself. He was fully clothed except his semi erect member stuck through the opening in his pants and I could see that it was much bigger than mine. My wife grasped and stroked it as Joy was pulling down Lucy’s panties at this point. It grew quickly into one huge thick rod. She dropped down to the floor and began to tongue my wife’s wet hole. Lucy almost screamed out at that first lick and her moans were soon so loud that I worried that someone outside might hear her. But then I remembered what kind of movies were being shown and even if they could hear how were they to know if it was her or the video. This dude was now rock hard and perhaps 8 inches long and with the girth to match then he moved directly behind my wife. He was rubbing his dick against her backside but I didn’t think he was inside her yet as she surely would have screamed out if he had entered her with that thick cock of his. He was rocking his lower torso and I figured his cock was riding the crack of her ass and he was dry fucking her. I watched in awe as my wife’s pussy was being eating out by Joy and her boyfriend was humping her. Lucy titties were hanging out and her panties were around her ankles and these two strangers were assaulting her in this cramped little booth. It was one hot scene. They were using her like a common slut and the two of us were both LOVING IT! My wife was getting off and everyone could tell that by her lustful moans and then the first words of the night were finally spoken.

“Tell him that you want him to fuck you.” Joy stated.

“Yes, yes. Fuck me!” Lucy responded immediately.

I saw him push her slightly forward lifting her ass towards him. Lucy reached back and spread her cheeks apart eagerly awaiting this stranger’s big dick. Spreading her ass in anticipation of getting her pussy stuffed with his thick dick. She wanted him to fuck her and she wanted it badly. He positioned his cock with his right hand before shoving that huge sucker inside.

“Ooohhh!!!” my wife blurted out as I knew she would.

Her cries told me that his huge cock had penetrated her and now both of these strangers were truly fucking my wife. He pulled on the back of her hair and lifted her back up as he started plunging his dick in and out of her. Joy was still sucking her clit and it didn’t take long for my wife’s body to explode. She was shrieking bloody murder right up until the moment she came. My wife came like porn star and my cock was bursting at the seams watching her orgasmic display. Joy got up off her knees and turn around to me. She wiped the back of her hand across her sex covered mouth and then pulled her little minidress both down and up exposing her hairless cunt and protruding breasts.

“I’m going to need you to fuck me in a few minutes.” she informed me.

Then she turned back around and pushed Lucy’s face down to her pussy. My wife started eating her as best as she could while her boyfriend continued fucking her from behind. It was a rough ride for Lucy as he was pounding her cunt causing her face to bounce against Joy’s pussy. Joy was enjoying the lapping my wife was giving her and she was squeezing her hard little nipples while my wife ate her. Joy was getting herself ready for some hard fucking from me. I pulled my pants down and set there waiting. My cock was rock hard. It wasn’t long before Joy pulled her cunt away from my wife’s mouth and came over to me. She dropped down and fully covered my dick with her mouth. She blew me and it was wonderful but as soon as she discovered how hard I was she immediately got up and got mounted. She just straddled me and guided my cock into her wet pink. She wrapped her arms around me and we both began our torrid dance. I could still watch my wife over Joy’s shoulder and now it was her boyfriend’s turn to shove my wife up against the wall. He pressed her face first and pinned her there. He continued to pummel her roughly as he stroked his big dick into a pussy that once had only been filled by me. Lucy was still screaming especially when he shoved her extra hard getting nearly all 8 inches balls deep. I knew he was reaching places that my cock never would. Joy’s cunt felt amazing as she rode me cowboy and the both of us were now in fucklust mode too. I heard Lucy shriek and saw him drive his cock so deep into her that it actually lifted her onto the balls of her feet. She was sandwiched against the wall and she still wanted more.

“Oh shit!! Your cock is so fucking big! Deeper, deeper!” she yelled.

Her hands were over her head grasping at the wall as he pounded her
unmercifully. He was fucking the shit out of her. His pace was even getting quicker as he was getting closer to his ultimate goal. He slammed her so hard against the wall before one last final thrust. I could hear him grunting and they both held perfectly still for a while and I knew he was pouring his seed into new depths of her womb.

“Yessss!” my wife shrieked as he filled her up.

He came for what seemed like an eternity. Big cock, big load. When he finished and pulled out and immediately reached down and pulled her panties back up. Maybe he didn’t want a mess in this small cubicle but at that exact moment Joy started shouting some obscenities and ground her cunt down hard on me.

“Oh Fuck!” Joy yelled.

I could feel her cunt juicing up and it began to quiver and that was all I needed. I grunted especially loud to announce that I was cumming also as I jetted my pent up load into this beautiful stranger. I held on to this bucking bronco for dear life as we both climaxed together. I’m sure she felt my semen squirting into her with every pulse and then it was done. She climbed off and arranged her dress and straighten her hair like she was just going out for the night. I had just fucked her good but she was ready to leave without so much as a thank you very much. I heard my wife and her boyfriend exchanging some words and he told her what a sexy fuck she was and then the two strangers exited the room. We did the same after a few minutes as we both felt like we were going to get caught after doing it in a public arena. As we left the store I thought I saw some gism spilled on the floor by the door. It might have been mine as Joy probably paused there to leave and perhaps some of it had leaked out as she didn’t have any panties on. We couldn’t stop talking about the event on the way home. My wife told me that his huge cock had pumped massive amount of cum in her and that she was leaking like a sieve. She told me how turned on she got as she knew that I was watching her being ravaged by another man and she could stop talking about how huge his cock was either which only bothered me a little at that time. When we got home and she undressed and she showed me her panties. Her panties had gobs of his semen in the bottom and her pussy reeked of another man’s semen. Both were just conformation that another man had just fucked my wife. I pushed her onto the bed and fingered her slimey cunt. I was so turned on knowing that she had just taken his load there. I kissed her soft lips and she still tasted of Joy’s pussy. We both wanted to fuck some more and I got my first taste of sloppy seconds. It didn’t take long for us to each climax again. I emptied my load and made another deposit into her pussy which had changed into a sperm bank this evening. The next few days things returned to normal and we didn’t talk about it that much. But I did noticed that she would be lost deep in thought from time to time. But the sex we had was awesome. It was even hotter and more frequent than before. The week after was when things really started getting interesting. She’d call me at the office in the afternoon and ask me when I was getting home. When I finally arrived she would be bare ass naked on the bed with a vibrator laying next to her. She’s explain that she couldn’t wait and got herself off just before I arrived. Then she’d tell me to get my clothes off and to fuck her. She was still hot and ready and we would fuck like rabbits. That’s when she started yelling for me to fuck her harder and deeper. Sometimes Lucy would have me eat her out after I came in her. My wife couldn’t seem to get enough. One night she even sat on my face and seemed to take perverse pleasure in the fact that I was getting a mouthful of my load that I had just pumped into her. But the sex was better than ever and if it got her off so be it. Over the next few months my wife would even go out by herself some nights and then come home all hot and horny and then we fucked like a****ls. The way we were having sex so often I thought that everything was fine. One of those nights I was browsing the web and looked up the history. I found that she had even been visiting some porn sites. One in particular kept coming up, Cockold Husbands. I had to look the definition up. Cockold is when a man tolerates his wife’s infidelity and even is made to watch her getting fucked by other men and it’s a derisive term for the husband. I just thought that she was reliving that night when I watched her fuck another dude. Months had gone by since that time and then a few weeks later she called me one afternoon and tells me to meet her at a Motel 8. I got off early and I drove over hastily. She was in the room waiting for me and wanted me to fuck her as usual. The bed was already messed up as someone had just had sex in it. She smelled of sex but it was different, this time she smelled like she had been fucked by a man and the scent of male semen lingered in the room. Once I got in bed with her I started to rub her cunt and slip a finger inside her. She was very wet and slimey and I don’t mean masturbation wet but just freshly fucked wet. I asked her about it and she told me that she had gotten herself off and to shut up and just fuck her right away. I did fuck her but I couldn’t get rid of that smell of another man that had already been there. It smelt just like that first time at the video shop. I fucked her good and she couldn’t get enough. She kept screaming for me to fuck her harder and deeper. I gave her the best that I had and I finally came and filled her up with my familiar scented seed. She fucking loved it. Afterwards I pressed her again about the smell and she just laugh and told me that she had masturbated just before I arrived. I told her that I could tell the difference between her juicy pussy after it had been fucked by dick vs her fingers. She chuckled and then said that I could tell the difference every time. I thought that was certainly strange and then told me that she had just been with another man. I knew it and I asked her if it was the guy from that night and she began to chuckle some more and told me no. She did tell me that she had fucked that guy several times for a couple of weeks after that night but that she hadn’t seen him for a long time. She also told me how she had fucked a couple of other guys after him too but now she had new lover named Mike that she had been having an affair with for the last few months. She told me Mike wasn’t just another fuck buddy and that they had deep feelings for each other. She told me that he had just been there and he had just fucked and cum inside her just minutes before I arrived. I was dumbfounded and hurt. She had been fucking several guys behind my back. She acted like it was no big deal and then she told me that she wanted me to eat her out. I couldn’t believe that she was asking me that and told her that she was still filled with his cum. She got this big grin on her face.

“It’s not like you haven’t done it before. Now get down there and eat me out.” she laughed.

She pushed my face down towards her nasty cunt and I fucking did as I was told. The tramp seemed to get a perverse pleasure out of this vile act. I somehow managed to eat her out as she ridiculed me and told me how I had eaten out other men’s cum many times before. As I ate her I thought about the countless times that I had come home and I had thought that she was just masturbating by herself or the nights that she went out and had come home late and had me eat or fuck her after being fucked by another man. How many times had I done that without realizing that some other guy had filled her with his seed. It probably was her biggest fantasy and got her off to it and this time was no different and she came hard once again. Afterwards I asked her if she was going to keep seeing him. She told me that he was twice the lover that I was and twice as large too and that she wasn’t going to break off the relationship. I asked her if we should get a divorce and she thought for a few seconds before telling me no. She wanted to stay married to me but…But from now on she was going to bring him over so that I could watch her fuck him right in front of me. She told me how she loved me watching her that first night and that she wanted sex like that again. She explained in no uncertain terms that Mike was going to be a part of her sex life from now on. She did tell me that I would be able to fuck her too but that I would have to obey her every commands during these sessions. I guess I actually got a little excited at the prospect and my cock began to swell.

“Oh I see that it excites you just thinking about it.” she commented.

She saw my cock getting hard and she got on all fours and told me to take her ass. She knew how much I enjoyed assfucking her. The bitch was playing me for the horny fucker that I was. The whore knew how to placate me and her tight little ass was more than I could resist.

“Mike’s too big for me to handle up my ass comfortably.” she told me. “And you know you want to fuck my tight little asshole.”

I did love watching her that night and I did love fucking her tight ass too. Even though she was humiliating me by fucking other men with my knowledge of her infidelity something inside me wouldn’t give her up. So I was to become cuckold and I couldn’t fight the urge to watch my wife fuck other men. Her statement about Mike being to big to handle made me think that he had already ass fucked my wife before. I fantasized about watching some dude stuffing his huge dick in and out of her minuscule asshole and it only made me want to fuck her even more. I stroked my cock until it was nice and hard and shoved my 5 1/2 inches into her ass. I fucked her as she continued to finger her pussy and I fantasized about watching her spread her legs for some other man’s big dick.

“You want to see Mike stretch my tight little pussy with his huge cock, don’t you?” she taunted.

I pounded her ass as she got herself off and she came once again. He anal ring spasmed and that squeezed my shaft and got me off for a second time. I came hard inside her ass and poured the last of my seed into her for the night. She told me later that this weekend we were all going out together. That night she gussied herself up really nice. She shaved her cunt smooth and put on a hot little summer dress for her lover. She didn’t even wear any panties under that short skirt and I knew she was ready for anything. We met Mike at the club and he could have been someone that I could get to be good friends with if only he wasn’t dipping his dick inside my wife’s cunt. I managed to be civil towards him the entire night even when Lucy and him acted like they were the married
couple. I was definitely the third wheel in this threesome. We all got pretty looped and headed home after midnight. I drove and the two of them set in the back. Lucy positioned herself directly in the middle behind the break between the two front bucket seats. They began making out before we had even left the parking lot. I watched them as he kissed her soft lips and nibbled expertly on her neck. This dude knew how to caress a woman and drive her wild with passion. Lucy’s eyes were shut and she savored the love making that she was getting. I positioned the rear view mirror so that I could see everything. It was difficult to drive and watch them at the same time but I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I watched as he slipped his hand under her dress. He played gently with her inner thighs. The whore just spread her legs farther apart granting him further access. She began humming as he caressed her nether regions. This dude was no clumsy teenager groping up a girl in the backseat at a drive in. He knew how to please my wife.

“Uuaagghh!” Lucy yelped and her eyes fluttered open.

I figured he had just slipped a digit into her juicing pussy. She began to moan now and lifted one of her legs over his thus spreading her thighs far apart causing her dress to hike up almost exposing her smooth pussy with Mike’s finger inside it. Her moans grew louder and I knew he was finger fucking her good. Her eyes meet mine through the mirror and she gave me a cat having eaten the canary look. She was getting off to having me watch what her lover was doing to her. She reached down and hiked her dress up over her stomach even higher completely exposing her vaginal area for all to see. My wife was such a slut. He had his middle finger buried knuckle deep into her wet slit and was rubbing her clitoris with the palm of his hand. He had her squealing like a school girl and before we made it home I’m sure she squeezed off one small quick orgasm. Once home they rushed into our bedroom and this time they both were in a frenzied state. As they kissed and undressed each other my wife’s hands never stopped holding on to his large cock. She ordered me to pull the lounge chair over to the side of the bed and to sit in it. When they both were completely naked she pulled away and laid down. She positioned herself directly in front of me and I was only a couple of feet from her. The whore’s ass hung over the edge of the bed and she spread her thighs apart and began fingering herself.

“Oh Mike, you’ve got my pussy so wet.” she cooed.

The slut was teasing and taunting me at the same time.

“I need that big cock of yours.” she continued.

She never broke eye contact with me as she said those things. Mike moved between us and I got a good look at his schlong up close. This veined one eyed monster had to be at least 9 inches long and extremely thick. When he got ready to fuck her he turned to look back at me as I was so close that I could reach out and touch them.

“Don’t worry about him. He will do exactly what he’s told. Now FUCK me!” she commanded.

As humiliated as I felt I just couldn’t take my eyes off this perverted scene and I sunk lower in the chair to get a bird’s eye view. My whore wife spread her legs even farther apart in anticipation of his huge member. He positioned his enormous bulging head at her entrance. The head of his dick was so large it nearly covered her entire slit and he rubbed it around for a bit teasing her until it was glistening with her wet pre sex slime. She just couldn’t wait any

“Fuck me. Fuck me now.” she yelled.

I watched his cock spread her folds apart and disappear into her waiting vagina. She let out a grateful groan. He stopped pressing forward after only half of it was inside her and slowly began pumping her cunt. His shaft had her pussy stretch to it’s limit and it didn’t look like she could handle even one more centimeter of his enormous girth but some how her pussy just continued to swallow his monster cock. She loved being stuff with his large dick and Lucy was moaning like a common whore with every stroke. I watched him grab her thighs right beneath the back of her knees and press them towards her chest and he began to plunge deeper and the steeper angle allow me to see every single stroke. He shoved even more of his cock into her and soon had a full 6 inches of his dick buried in her pussy. I didn’t even realize that I had leaned way forward to watch this stranger’s pole fucking my wife’s juicy cunt. He took his sweet time and my wife’s moans became loud screams as he fucked her expertly. He never completely withdrew his cock leaving only the head inside her and his shaft was covered by her wet sex. It was quite a contrast between the relatively dry bottom third and the soaked slimy top 6 inches. Her cunt was juicing heavily and her lips were squeezing the drippings off of him and they ran down the crack of her ass. And it still wasn’t enough for her.

“You’re fucking me so good. Deeper baby deeper.” she cried.

He drove his cock even deeper giving her nearly all 9 inches but never quicken his pace. He fucked her slowly and deeply. His balls were now covering her pristine tight asshole as he drove his dick against the back of her cervix. I knew I could never fuck her like that. My wife was in a fucklust frenzy and she began shrieking non stop. I saw her extend her feet even higher and point her toes towards the ceiling.

“Faster, harder!” she yelled.

He then pounded her even harder before she finally came.

“Fuuccckkk!” she screamed out.

She came and I saw her juices working overtime as her pussy convulsed trickling out even more of her female cum juices. It was enough to cause a small wet spot on the white sheets below her ass. She came for the next 30 seconds as her pussy was stuffed fully with his thick dick. When she was done you could hear her panting like a bitch in heat. He began to fuck her some more. She finally caught her breathe and told him that she didn’t want him to cum in her yet.

“I want to suck you now.” she told him.

She pulled him onto the bed and had him lay down where she had been. She took his sex covered cock into her mouth and started blowing him. She was on all fours and moved slightly to one side so I could see the slut’s head bobbing up and down his stiff shaft. It was just as hard to accommodate his cock in her mouth as it was inside her cunt. Her mouth was stuffed so full. I saw her glancing my way to see if I was still watching her service her new lover. She was putting on one big show for me. Mike laid his head back and just enjoyed her sweet mouth wrapped around his dick. She sucked his cock like it was last one on earth and then turned to me and told me to get the lube out of the night stand. I did and when I returned she ordered me to eat her. I was horny as hell and even though her cunt had just been hammered by Mike’s cock I pushed my mouth against her freshly fucked pussy. At least her cunt wasn’t filled with another man’s cum this time. My nose was pressed up her tight slimey ass and I began to eat her out. I licked her clit and shoved my tongue inside her wet vagina and tried to get her off. I wanted her to know that I could still please her in other ways than just with my dick.

“I want you to fuck me up the butt tonight.” she told him.

I guess that’s why she had me get the lube. There was no way she was going to be able to handle his huge cock without some lube and actually a lot of it.

“Eat my ass!” she ordered me again.

Her ass smelled of sex but otherwise it was clean. I tentatively stuck the tip of my tongue out and barely touched her little brown button as I had never eaten her ass before.

“Eat it!” she yelled.

I lapped her asshole and totally gave in to her demands. I rimmed her out and even became bold enough to stick my tongue into her butt. She flinched the first time and then settled down as I tongue fucked her with my mouth.

“He’s sticking his tongue inside my ass, getting it ready for you, Honey.”
she said.

She sucked him and I ate her. After a few minutes she ordered me to lather her up with the lube. I was enjoying eating her ass and it was hard pulling my mouth off that tiny little hole of hers but I did and poured a liberal amount of lube down the crack of her ass. Even with the lube my finger was a tight fit and I wondered how she was ever going to be able to handle his enormous cock. I worked it into her ass and lubed her up really good. When she was ready she turned around and wiggle her ass in front of him. Mike got up on his knees behind her.

“Fuck my pussy and make me cum again and then you can fuck me in my ass.” she informed him.

He put his big dick back into her pussy and fucked her doggie. I was still directly in front of her when she told me to take off my clothes. I had barely stepped out of my pants before she started sucking me. My cock was aching by this time. He was rocking her face against my belly as he fucked her cunt with fast rapid strokes. I could heard her garbled moans as my cock was filling her mouth full. My wife looked like one big slut as two men were using her cunt and her mouth. She began to push back against him making the sound of loud slapping of naked flesh against naked flesh I thought I heard her mumbling ‘make me cum’ over and over. The whore came once more. We both stopped as her body was racked with waves of orgasmic bliss. After she finished she picked up the lube and tossed it back to Mike. She took my cock out of her mouth and began stroking it with her right hand.

“He’s going to fuck me up the ass now and I want you to watch me as he fills my tight little chute.” she ordered.

Mike was coating his huge dick with lots of lube as I stared directly at her face. He asked her if she was ready and she acknowledge that she was. She kept looking directly at me and he proceeded to enter her. I couldn’t see his cock but her facial expressions told me exactly what was happening. She grimaced as he pressed the head of his dick against her tiny little asshole. She could barely stand it but I’ll give her credit as she was gritting her teeth as she took him up her butt. She only let out one small yelp as his head must have finally popped through her stretched out sphincter. She tried to act like it was no big deal.

“His cock is inside my ass now.” she told me still grimacing.

She was still trying to humiliate me but he was tearing her butt up at this point. He continued to push his dick down her hersey highway and she continued trying not to make faces but would let out small groans along the way. It finally got to be too much.

“Oh shit! That’s enough, stop for a second. Your cock is so fucking big.” she cried out.

Mike stopped and let her adjust before advance forward once more.

“Damn, you’re wife’s ass is still the tightest one I’ve ever fucked.” he informed me.

So she had taken his cock up her ass before. He started gently fucking her and she was definitely groaning now. But I guess the pressure subsided and soon he was penetrating her butt without that much complaining from Lucy. She even started sucking my cock again. Mike had a pretty good pace going by this time and I was fucking her face too. I wanted to cum and release this pent up load that was burning at the base of my shaft. I heard someone grunting and it wasn’t Mike. Lucy was groaning everytime he shoved more and more of his cock deeper into her ass. She stopped sucking me and stroked my shaft with her hand and looked up at me.

“I want you to uugh…fuck my ass after uugh….he cums.” she grunted.

Now normally a crack at her tight butt would have been a prospect that I would have eagerly relished but the thought of fucking her after Mike and sticking my dick into her soon to be gapped ass didn’t appeal to me as much tonight. I shoved my cock back down her throat and began to fuck her face some more. Mike was plowing her backside pretty hard now and I saw his hands spreading her cheeks farther and farther apart. He was trying to get as much of his 9 inches into her as he could and from the grunting and groaning that Lucy was making he was nearly there. He was sodomizing her ass roughly towards the end and he didn’t seem to care less if she could take it or not. He just wanted to cum at this point.

“Oh fuck babe, I’m going to cum!” he yelled.

“Yes! please aaggghh… cum. Please aagghh…cum.” she begged.

She had wanted his huge cock and now she was getting it. She stopped sucking me as she dropped her face against the bed in agony waiting for him to cum so this ordeal would soon be over. Watching my wife allowing another man to use her body this way was sickening to me but at the same time I was completely turned on watching Lucy’s totally slutty and demeaning performance. I didn’t understand how she could let him abuse her like that but I guess she loved him so much that she wanted to please him and if he liked pounding her ass then she would give it to him. So be it then. Go ahead and plow the bitch’s backside until she couldn’t stand it. I wanted him to make her scream. I saw his fingers grabbing her cheeks so hard that I knew they were going to leave bruise marks on her alabaster white ass. I knew she told me that she wanted me to fuck her ass after he finished but I began to jerk myself off as I was very close too. I just wanted to pour my load down this slut’s throat. I wanted to debase her and this little whore rightfully deserved it. She was shrieking now and they weren’t cries of joy. Her hands were grasping the sheets and she was biting down on the mattress as she weathered his vicious assault. Now it was his turn to grunt. He sounded like a pig rutting. I heard one last loud slap of flesh striking flesh as he shoved every last inch deep into her ass and
exploded. That last balls deep push made Lucy’s head jerk up off the bed and her mouth hung wide open but nothing came out. I thought she was going to scream but he had literally knocked the breath out of her. Her jaw hung wide open and it gave me a perfect target. I pumped my dick even faster and blew my load towards her open mouth. My aim wasn’t the greatest and I nutted all over her face. Some of my pent up load landed in her open mouth but most of it ended up all around it. The pain in her ass must have been so intense that I don’t even know if she knew that I was painting her face with my cum. I grabbed her head and shoved my dick into her mouth after several blasts. I kept squirting and squirting and she couldn’t even protest as her attentions were all about what was ripping out her ass. He was squirting also and we filled this whore up at both ends. It felt so good to cum in her mouth and it was even better as I was now giving her a little payback of what she had been giving me the entire night. I came harder and longer then I could ever remember and yet by the time I pulled my sensitive cock out of her throat Mike was still pouring his seed deep inside her butt. The dude could cum. When he did finish and pulled his cock out of my wife’s ass she dropped down on the mattress and laid there like the used piece of meat that she was. I pushed her hair back that was covering the side of her face. I could see strands of my sperm covering the one side of her cheek that was exposed and although I couldn’t see her asshole from here I knew it was probably destroyed after the way Mike had been ramming it previously. She looked like a gangbanged whore. My wife was exhausted and didn’t have any strength left at this point except to look my way and call me a bastard. She muttered something about how she wouldn’t forget how I came on her pretty little face. Lucy recovered later and I set back down in the chair while Mike fucked her again. I did end up fucking her ass after he had finished filling her cunt up for his second load of the night. I even came again although it was like fucking a bowl of mush. My wife had all of her holes filled that night and stayed and slept next to Mike as I made my way home. She probably let him fuck her the next morning before coming home.

Mike became much more a part of our lives after that night and it’s been that way ever since. We are still married but I think she just keeps me around to watch her get fucked by other men. She admitted to me once that while their sex is good that she likes it even better when someone is there to watch her being fucked. I wondered if the two of them don’t sometimes hook up with another stranger so she can get her special perversion taken care of. She doesn’t fuck me when it’s just the two of us anymore except when she has me eat her cum filled cunt after she’s just been with Mike at one of their rendezvous. It disgusted me when I know that his cock has been recently stuffed inside her pussy while I eat her out but I don’t understand why my dick is always so rock hard while I’m doing that. She always has a amusing time deriding me as I service her and then continues to berate me when I fuck her afterwards. She goes off to spend the weekends with Mike fairly often but most of the time she does call me half looped from some bar to tell me to meet them at some motel where I can watch and then perform any sex act that she desires. She continues to humiliate me every time I’m at one of those sessions. I know she gets off on me watching her fuck other men. She’s a complete whore but I can’t seem to get the courage to leave her plus the sex is completely addicting. It’s a blessing and a curse. Last night I get her call and there is a definite change in her voice as she tells me she’s hit the mother lode and to get to a certain motel room chop chop. When I arrive I see my wife and two dudes entering the motel room. I park my car and set there for a minute contemplating whether I should go in. How much is she going to humilatate me tonight especially in front of this new guy. But the thought of fucking her tight ass and watching her being fucked by two other guys got the best of me. Mike opens the door and she’s already rolling around on the bed with some strange new guy and both of their clothes are practically torn off. It’s only been a minute or two and the whore is already bare ass naked and he’s only got his pants and socks on. I don’t know if this was the first time for Mike and her to pick up another dude but Lucy was filled with lustful intent and started in on me the moment I arrived.

“It took you long enough!”she chastised me.

I could tell by her tone that she was going to humiliate me the entire night. She started pulling this new guy’s pants off and she tells Mike to get undressed too. When she pulled Chad’s pants down then I knew why she was so eager. He could have been Mike’s twin as his cock looked to be just as big but maybe even a little thicker. The whore now had two 9 inchers to fill all her skanky holes. She immediately went down on him and commented about how nice it was to have two real manly cocks in the room. Mike came over and she grabbed his erect dick and stroked it as she sucked on Chad’s. I’m sure she was throwing the sizes of their dicks in my face. If she could only have seen herself with her titties hanging out and on her knees servicing the two of them. She would have seen how much of a tramp she was.

“Damnit! I got to pee.” she quipped.

She stood up and headed to the loo. I was sitting in a chair closest to the bathroom. The slut didn’t even shut the door. She squatted and soon you could hear the loud stream of piss as she relieved herself. I glanced over my shoulder and could see her finishing. The tramp didn’t even clean herself but just stood up and flushed. I was wondering why she wouldn’t at least wipe her pussy down some as she was soon going to have it filled with dick. She came back and laid down with her head next to the edge of the bed. She ordered me to eat her out as the two of them hovered on either side of her. Now I knew why she never wiped, she was going to use me to clean her up. I crawled onto the bed and she spread her legs for me. I did as I was told and before putting my face between her thighs I saw that she was already alternately sucking the both of them. I ate her pussy which was covered with piss but at least it was better than male semen. I should have been excited to have the first shot at her cunt but she was probably just using me like a fluff boy to get her ready for the two big cocks she was sucking. Her pussy was already flowing with her pre sex juices and I couldn’t help but watch her blowing this two hung studs. She was concentrating on the new guy at first and he was stuffing her mouth full while she gently stroked Mike’s dick with her hand. Her pussy was unmarred by male dick and tasted intoxicating and I wanted to eat her and make her cum. Her juices began to pour out and I’m sure it had just as much to do with her anticipation of the two huge cocks filling her slutty cunt as it did with the munching I was giving her. She had me exactly where she wanted me. She switched to Mike’s dick and told the new guy that she didn’t want him to get too excited and cum too soon.

“I want you to fuck me long and hard.” she told him.

She continued stroking him but mostly sucked on Mike after that.

“Do you want to see him fuck me?” she asked Mike pulling his saliva coated dick out of her mouth for a second or two.

Now she had someone else to watch her fuck other men. She continued talking between her sucking about how she wanted her new lover to see her fucking another man.

“I want him to have the first crack at my juicy crack.” she stated to Mike.

She was turning Mike on with her slutty talk. But I knew the whore just wanted this new guy’s cock filling her cunt. She was one cock crazy whore. I heard her moaning and I licked her pussy even faster driving her closer and closer. But she just couldn’t wait for some hard fucking and she told me to stop after only a few minutes.

“That’s close enough. I’ll let you finish me later. Now get undressed.” she said with a sneer and I knew there was some underlying meaning in the way she put it.

She motioned for me to sit in the chair by the bed once again and she actually pulled Chad on top of her. I’m sure she wanted to try the new dick in the room immediately. Chad wasted no time entering her and fucked her rapidly from the very start.

“I want you to cum in my cunt as soon as he finishes filling me up.” she told Mike.

My wife was more than ready and her moans immediately filled the room. Mike stood by and from the way he was stroking his cock he didn’t seem to have any problems with his lover taking another man deep inside her pussy. He was getting himself ready to dip his rod into my wife as soon as the new guy had finished. Lucy was screaming now and she came quickly as I had already brought her close from the muff diving I preformed earlier. She came like a freight train. Her body finally went limp but her legs continued to flail around as Chad kept driving his big dick into her and he was on that same train. He fucked her desperately as he neared his own climax.

“Give it to me.” my slut wife gasped.

He slammed her ass deep into the mattress and was groaning loudly. I saw her pulled his head down and began kissing him deeply and now his tongue and cock were filling two of her holes. Her hands then reached down and grabbed his ass. His cock was buried 9 inches inside her womb and her hands were still trying to pull his dick farther inside her. One final plunge and one loud groan and he began jetting his load into her waiting cunt.

“Cum baby! Shoot your hot love deep inside me.” she gasped.

Once again another huge dick was pumping a big load of white hot gism inside my wife. Lucy accepted his offering with glee. Mike didn’t seem to mind that this stranger was flooding his lover with his seed as he stroked his hard cock even faster just waiting for his turn. Chad took forever but when he was done and pulled that huge sucker out and she turned immediately to Mike and asked him to fuck her immediately. Mike grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her to the side of the bed directly in front of me until her ass was slightly hanging over the edge. In this cramped room the chair was already so close that I had to lean back to avoid his ass in my face as he prepared to enter her. This dingy motel was the perfect venue for the three of us to gangbang some sleazy whore and that sleazy whore happened to be my wife. Once again I watched him pushed her legs towards her chest giving him maximum access. The bed was lower here and he had to bend his legs some to get to the right level. I assumed this was his favorite position to fully drill and fill her skanky cunt with his huge dick. He hook his arms under the back of her legs and leaned over her. This brought her ass even further up off the bed. I witnessed her defenseless pussy and ass exposed to any form of penetration he wished. I could see the advantages of this way of fucking. She was pinned down and once he got his cock into her whether it be her ass or cunt he could fuck her any way he wanted and she couldn’t do a damn thing about it. I was going to have to ass fuck her this way one day. His rod was long and hard and the little slut reached down and held it exactly at the entrance to her well oiled slit.

“Fuck me with that manly cock of yours.” she said.

I’m sure that was spoken for both of our ears to hear. An encouragement for Mike and another jab for me. I couldn’t help but to leaned forward to get even a better view. He drove his cock into her and skewered his freshly fuck pussy for the second time tonight. Her cunt was once again in plain view for me to see and even though she had just been fucked with another monster cock her cunt was still being stretched to it’s limit. Mike pounded her hard and quickly. The slut began screaming almost immediately and once again she was riding that orgasmic train. I couldn’t believe how quickly she was able to cum
again and maybe she really got off to having me watch her being fucked by other men or maybe their huge cocks were the main reason but she squeezed off another one after just a couple of minutes of thrusting. She was thrashing and wailing all over the place as she came again. She was insatiable. She couldn’t have gotten free from being impaled by her lover’s thick dick even if she wanted to and this whore didn’t want to as Mike continued pounding her hungry vagina. It looked like her asshole was winking at me with his every thrust and my cock grew harder just thinking about fucking her tight little asshole right after the two of them were finished with her. Mike still wasn’t completely deep fucking her but he was closing in on his own nutt. Maybe he didn’t want his dick reaching the previous load from Chad and getting it all over his cock but then my wife finally got her second wind.

“Fill me up Baby, give me another huge load.” she begged.

That got him going and he began ramming her even harder. Her hands were grasping the edge of the bed and it was the only thing that kept her from being shoved onto the middle of the mattress. He plunged balls deep for several last strokes and then stood perfectly still. He groaned just once and I could see the prominent ridge along the base of his cock pulsating as it squirted out his white hot gism. He kept cumming for almost 20 seconds. I couldn’t tell which of these two studs could put out the most semen as they both came in buckets. Maybe if the two of them would have nutted on her face I could see who could cover the most area. It would only be something that this whore deserved but for now he was pouring his seed into her cunt adding his load to Chad’s. I half expected to see her cunt overflowing as they surely were filling every crevice and crack of her nasty cunt with their liquid love. My wife was still moaning as she still hadn’t had enough.

“Oh fuck! I can feel it and it’s so hot.” the big whore cried.

Mike emptied all he had and then staggered back brushing against me and then set down on the bed exhausted. My wife’s legs fell limply to the floor. They were still spread apart and the slut couldn’t or wouldn’t close them together. But even if she had it probably wouldn’t have made her look any more lady like after the slutty performance she had just put on. Her pussy looked ravaged and raw and her vaginal lips were wet and swollen. She saw that I was staring at her cunt and she reached down and slid two fingers over the outside of her slit. She rubbed herself erotically and mockingly moaned as she did so. She was teasing me now and spread her hammered lips apart.

“Did you see how good they both fucked me?” she asked.

I continued to stare. She told me to get down on my knees in front of her. She set up slightly and continued to play with herself. It didn’t take long before a white colored deluge appeared at her vaginal opening. She must have felt it too as she slid one finger inside herself. She pulled out her cum covered digit and seductively placed it in her mouth. She then raised her legs up and brought them up towards her chest. That kept the river of cum from flowing out. She stuck her finger back into her pussy and placed that same finger against her anal ring and circled it several times coating her puckered asshole.

“I know you want to fuck my tight ass.” she cooed. “Now finish eating me and I’ll let you.”

She lowered her legs and d****d her thighs over my shoulders. My face was mere
inches away from her nasty muffin. I licked her sex covered clit and the scent of fresh sex was over powering. I tried to concentrate on her clitoris as her cunt was filled with male seed.

“Lick me! Stick your tongue inside my pussy!” she screamed.

I cautiously stuck the tip of my tongue inside her cum filled hole and I tasted their semen. It was disgusting and I almost lost it.

“Make me cum.” she yelled.

I tried to avoid her cunt and sucked on her sensitive button but she wasn’t having just that. She wanted me to taste her two lover’s seed so she pushed me back and stood up. She press her cunt against my mouth pinning me against the chair. She grabbed my head and held it tightly against her mons. She asked me if I remembered when I had cum on her face and mouth that one time. Well now it was her turn and this was going to be her payback. At first Mike and Chad’s load just trickled out but then it became a torrent and I could feel it flowing over my lower chin. Lucy began rubbing her pussy up and down my entire face with her leaking pussy and it was covering my mouth and my nose before long. She began to moan as she fucked my face. Her cunt reeked of male sperm and it even spilled down to my chest. I had blasted her titties with my spunk many times before so now I guess it was my turn. I must have just stopped licking as she was grinding her way to another climax. She must have miss some of my tongue action.

“EAT ME!!” she ordered.

I ate my way through the quarts of male seed and somehow brought her to orgasm. The bitch came again and added her own female juices to the entire sexual cocktail. The fucking bitch had repaid me by climaxing into my mouth. She got off to humiliating me and by the time she finished cumming her cunt was emptied of everything that the boys had giving her. She stood up and collapsed face down over the bed. She had just finished cumming but she was already reaching back and spreading her ass. She ordered me to get behind her and rim her out. She also told Mike to get the lube. Even though she had just used and humiliated me my cock was still rock hard. I wanted to blow some of my seed into the whore’s ass and she had told me that she would let me fuck her there. I stuck my face into her backside and began to eat her ass out. Her ass was a definite improvement over her skanky fucked cunt. I licked and probed her asshole as she squeezed lubricate down the crack of her ass. I worked it in with both my finger and my tongue. Her asshole was oiled and ready and I was anticipating that I could fuck her there. I stood up and was going to fuck the shit out of my slut wife. I shoved my cock into her and she let out the smallest of groans. My cock couldn’t even make her scream. I pounded her roughly from the very beginning and all she did was tell Mike that she was letting me warm her up for some real hardcore ass fucking. My chin and chest were covered in cum and I smelt like a sperm bank but I was going to make her pay. I slammed her even harder and still I couldn’t make her scream out like I wanted to. Her butt felt so good and my aching balls were starting to get their nutt on. Nothing turns me on more than watching my cock sliding between two soft white asscheeks and nothing feels better than some babe’s tight little sphincter wrapped around my rock hard shaft. It was almost worth all the humiliation that she put me through. At least I was going to pour my load deep into her ass. I fucked her faster as I was getting so close to blowing my wad deep inside her butt. Then when I was almost there she told me that was enough and for me to stop. She pulled her ass off my sensitive cock and my balls turned blue. The fucking bitch! She climbed onto the bed and called out to the both of them.

“Which on of you is in the mood for some tight ass?” she asked.

I don’t know if the two of them had already agreed but Mike motioned to Chad. Lucy began sucking the both of them until they were nice and hard once more. Then she had Mike lay down with his legs over the bed and she mounted him. I watch her grab his stiffen cock and rub it between her thighs. She had to raise herself high up before she could guide him back into her wet cunt.

“I want both of your cocks inside me at the same time.” she cried.

The little slut’s appetite was unbelievable and she began humping him immediately while Chad picked up the lube and began to prepare himself. Mike’s huge cock disappeared into wet pink as she brought her pussy down against him.

“Pour a lot on that big fucker.” my wife informed Chad as she continued riding Mike.

I couldn’t help but continue to stroke my aching dick as I watched Chad pour a liberal amount of lube over his harden shaft. His cock was definitely thicker than Mike’s and his bulbous head was enormous. He was going to tear her ass up once he got started. When Chad was ready he straddled Mike legs and got behind my wife. He shoved her down against his chest and rubbed his cock against her asshole.

“He’s going to stick his huge cock into my ass now baby,” she told Mike, “and I want you to watch my face as he does.”

She told me almost the exact same thing the last time Mike ass fucked her in front of me. She didn’t need me anymore as she now had Mike to watch her getting fucked by other men to get her rocks off. And he had a much bigger cock than mine to boot. Chad pressed his cock forward and he attempted to shove it up my wife’s ass. His first try had it squirt up the crack of her ass. Even with me loosening her asshole up he was having trouble getting that sucker in. He repositioned it and tried again. This time the huge head slipped past her waiting anal ring.

“Aaargghh!” she screamed.

I watched her sphincter clamp down around shaft and he stopped and let her adjust. It didn’t seem possible that he would be able to get anymore of his dick inside her. He slowly pushed forward and she didn’t groan or flinch but remain perfectly still as the shaft made it’s way past her miniscule sphincter. Probably I had loosened her up some but it was still tight going as I saw his shaft bending from the resistance. She finally let out a low guttural groan as he kept pushing forward. Little by little he fed her more and more of his thick shaft. I watched her reach back and spread her cheeks as far apart as she could allowing him to sink his cock deeper inside her ass.

“Damn, she’s tight.” Chad remarked.

Chad backed off and began to slowly fuck her. As he did more of his cock embedded itself deeper inside her butt. Mike tried to join in and even being on the bottom he was able to put his feet on the floor and thrust his cock upwards into her juicing cunt. They took turns shoving and withdrawing until their pace was timed perfectly. Lucy adjusted quickly and when she started moving her backside with them she was ready for them to start fucking her even harder.

“Oh fuck! That’s what I want. Two huge cocks inside me.” she exclaimed.

Her moaning began anew and the slut had now added DPing to her sexual repertoire. The boys sensed her heighten carnal enlightenment and started fucking her even harder. She was soon lost in her own nymphomaniac world of fucklust and she only wanted to be pounded even more.

“Fuck me! Fuck my cunt and my ass!” she screamed.

And fuck her they did. Chad did most of the pounding as he was in a much better position to and I couldn’t believe my wife could handle his huge cock up her butt as easily as she did. Mike probably had fuck her ass so many times the past few weeks that she was able to accommodate Chad’s thick girth that was reaming her tightest hole. Don’t misunderstand me, it was still hard for her to take his thick stick up her ass but it wasn’t as hard to handle like the first time Mike had assfucked her in front of me. I was dumbfounded as I watch their two monster cock pummel my wife’s backside. This was such a rough and violent assault than no whore could possible enjoy it except for my slut wife. She began yelling obscenities right and left and screaming how she just loved cocks, big cocks, more cocks, anybody’s cock.

“OMG! OMG!” she shrieked as they hammered the shit out of her.

My wife had become the most cock crazy whore on the planet. I found myself jerking my hard cock just waiting to take a turn. Her actions just drove all of us even wilder and Chad was fucking her so hard that he was forcing her cunt off of Mike dick. He would have to adjust himself forward to keep his 9 inches buried inside her dripping hole. She was screaming nonstop and I couldn’t tell if she was cumming or what but she sure was enjoying herself. Her tight little ass would never be the same after tonight and she fucked them as good as any veteran porn star out there could. Chad was desperately fucking her again as he approached second climax of the young night and he let her know that he was going to flood her ass with his hot gism.

“Do it!” she yelled.

He spread her cheeks apart and slammed his entire dick as far up her bouncing ass as he could and began squirting his load deep into her butt and my wife accepted all that he had to offer. He gave her one massive anal enema before pulling his spent dick out. He staggered to one side and now it was just Mike’s cock inside of her. She didn’t stop for a second as she began to ride him. Her backside was totally nasty as her gapped asshole leaked out Chad’s load. His sperm pour out and ran down the base of Mike’s cock and her vaginal lips squeegeed it off his shaft and it pooled around his balls. Mike was trying to shove as much of his cock into her cunt as he could from his underneath position. Lucy just kept yelling for him to fuck her harder. She still wanted as much cock as she could handle and it didn’t seem like she could ever get enough. My wife was an unadulterated fucking machine. I knew that she would probably going to fuck half the men in this town in the next few years. As much as I enjoyed watching her fuck other men that thought was too much. If you think about it the tramp had just had 18 inches of cock inside her which was 3 times as much as she had with just me and her ass would never be as exclusive or as tight as it used to be. I decided then and there that I was done with this woman but that empty ache inside my gut drove me to want to fuck her one last time. My dick was begging to cum and as gapped as her ass was I saw my chance for some sweet release. I straddle Mike and shove my cock up her ass. I fucked her but it was like a mosquito biting an elephant. There wasn’t enough friction for me to get off. Where as Chad was spreading her ass as far apart as he could to allow him full entry I was trying to close her asshole down. I squeezed her cheeks together and that felt a little better. I don’t even know if she knew I was there as she shrieked for her new lover to keep fucking her. The bitch was cumming non stop as Mike stuffed her skanky cunt full. Mike began thrusting even harder and I could feel his shaft pushing against the thin membrane than separated her cunt and ass. His pace was more urgent and I figured he was close. He told her that he was going to cum and then I heard him grunting as he thrust his cock in one last time. I could feel his shaft pulsating and I knew he was pumping hot man goo into the slut.

“Yes, yes! Fill me up.” my wife cried.

It was what I needed as I pretended that she was begging me for it. I blew my wad into her gapped ass and the two of us used her for the cum dumpster that she was. I came so hard my balls almost hurt as I deposited my pent up load inside her butt. My seed actually exploded out of my aching hard on and I jetted white hot cum into her hershey highway. It was one of the largest loads of my life and then I was finished and set back down in the chair. Mike eventually stopped squirting too and my wife laid down on his chest and the two of them were panting like dogs after a long chase. She kissed him and
told him how much she loved him. At that point I knew it was over. Their nether regions were a scene of complete devastation. Mike’s cock had began to soften and when it slipped out his cum pour out of her pussy and ran over his shaft added to the copious amount that had been left by Chad. My own contribution was leaking out of her once tight ass and the two rivers emptied into the lake that was forming at the base of his sack. It took me awhile to recover and by that time she was already sucking Chad’s dick trying to get him hard again for some more fucking. Apparently even a little ass covered cock wasn’t going to slow her down tonight. Lucy wasn’t going to stop until she had fucked everyone until they couldn’t fuck anymore. She had become one sex starved cheating whore and I had seen enough. I wiped my face and chest off with my tee shirt and left it in the chair. I got dressed and quietly slipped out the door. The last thing I saw was my soon to be ex-wife pulling Chad between her out stretched thighs for another round of hard pounding love making. The three of them were probably going to be fucking for the rest of the night. I wondered when she might find someone to replace Mike down the road. I packed my things up at our house and left before she returned the next day and I’ve never looked back. I do have sex filled memories of watching my ex fucking them from time to time. It did excite me knowing another strange man is sticking his dick into her wet pussy. Of course finding a sexual freak like her that would be under my command would be nice. I still would love to see her fucking other men especially the ones of my choosing. That women is out there somewhere I just have to find her.

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