The College Roomate

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The College Roomate
It was a surprise getting the call from Tim. I mean it had been only 5 years ago and I really haven’t stayed in touch with him so I never thought I’d be getting a call from him. I answered him in the kitchen and put it on speaker phone. At first I didn’t know who he was but when I recognized his voice I immediately regretted answering him on the speaker phone because my wife was right here at the table. I told Vicky about Tim but I didn’t tell her everything about Tim. I guess he was just one of the skeletons that we keep in our closet.

“Hey Jimmy what you doing, it’s really great to hear your voice. Hey I’ve got some really great news and when I heard it I just had to let you know what’s going down. I’ve just got a super job and it’s in the metro-plex. I looked up your address and you’re only about 15 min away. I’m going to be moving down next Friday. Since I have to be at work the following Monday. Our transfer coordinator has set me up in a executive suite until I find a house, but I will need a place for about two weeks until I can move in. And now the real reason I called is I’d love to stay with you for those two weeks. The company is going to pay me $75.00 a day and I’ll let you guys have all that. So what do you think, you think you can find room for your old roommate?”

“Well Tim, hey uh, two weeks huh. Well I don’t know, well maybe but you know I’ve got to talk to Vicky and make sure it’s all right with her, she also lives here”, and I kind of chuckled.

I could see that it was all right with her as she was just shaking her head mouthing the words, “Yeah, it’s ok.” Then without any warning she chirpped in, “Hi Tim, this is Vicky here and I’ve heard a lot about you and sure it’s ok. We have plenty of room in this great big house and I’d love to meet you.”

“Oh, hi Vicky. Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about you in the last 4 months of college, and then when you two got married I’d would have loved to been there, but I had this military obligation but that is over and now I’m going to work for a defense contractor. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about the position when I get there. So I’ll call on Monday and let you know all the particulars about what time to expect me on Friday. I’m going to be leaving here early on Thursday and a 20 hour drive so I should be getting there sometime in the afternoon on Friday.

Vicky was really excited especially since I had told her so much about all the stuff Tim and I had gone through. She told me that she just never experienced two people of different races being such good friends. That was when I told her that Tim was black and showed her all of our pictures and told her about all the stuff that we had done together. Well maybe not all the stuff, but I did tell her a lot of it, but there was some that I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her.

Well Monday came and Tim called me at work and told that he would probably get in here about 12 or 1 in the afternoon. I told him that would work out great since Vicky is working for the GSA and only works 4 days a week so she should be here when you get there. He told me some more stuff, and I agreed. I mean I could never say no to him and I think he always used that to his advantage. We talked some more and then he told me he would call when he left Indiana.

Tim did leave early on Thursday, and he called me on my cell at about 9AM. He told me that he had been on the road for about 3 hours and had just passed the 200 mile mark. We talked a little and he told me that he would call tonight at about 7 PM. We talked a little more, and I was really enjoying talking to him. I guess I didn’t realize just how much I missed him, I mean we did share an apartment when we were going to college for three years. That worked out great since Tim’s dad was paying for the apartment and I didn’t have to pay any money for rent.

He called that evening and we were at the table just finishing dinner. We talked for a while and he began telling us about the drive and then about his job. He told us that he was going to stop for the night about 6hrs away so he would indeed be here tomorrow afternoon.

After he hung up Vicky asked me if I really wanted him to stay with us, and I told her that I didn’t if it was going to cause any problems with us. I told her that I didn’t want him to stay if she wasn’t on board with it a full 100%. Vicky assured me that she was all for it and that it would be a nice change of pace. She looked at me with that cute crooked smile of hers and said, “It’s about time we climb out of our rut.” I’m sure that what she was talking about isn’t how things finally ended up, but even I couldn’t imagine how things would finally end up.

I walked in Friday evening about 5:30 and Vicky was in the kitchen pulling out some steaks that she had marinating for the past couple of days. Ever since we got the pool we have been eating on the patio, and with this warm spring it was so nice out side in the evenings. I asked where Tim was and she told me that he was tired and had laid down and was taking a nap. He didn’t get in until almost 3 because of traffic.

I went to change into my swim suit and when I came back out Tim was in the kitchen. We talked for a few minutes and then went out to the pool. We talked about the pool and old times and had a couple of beers and did some swimming. Then Vicky came out with the steaks and we talked and drank some more and then had dinner. We had an entertainment center built into the back of the house, so we could watch movies from the pool if we wanted. We finished out the evening by the pool watching a couple of movies.

We left Tim there watching movies since he wasn’t sleepy after having a nap in the afternoon. When we got to the bedroom, Vicky punched me in the arm and said, “Why didn’t you tell me about him. I felt like a fool. I just hope he didn’t notice the way that I was acting.”

I had no idea what she was talking about and when I pressed her she just looked at me and said, “You mean you didn’t see him?

She must have seen the look on my face, because she continued that I was probably used to it so it didn’t matter to me she guessed, but she didn’t understand how I couldn’t have noticed.

I finally questioned, “Noticed what?”

She looked at me and then with a slight nod of her head she explained, “The size of him. You mean you’re telling me you didn’t see the size of him. My word, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one the size of him. Even with his suit on you could see it and when he was sitting there it was peeking out probably about two inches out of his shorts, and they were pretty baggy. I can’t believe that you didn’t notice.”

I told her that I did but I guess I was just immune to it by now. I told her that I didn’t know what I could do and that it wouldn’t be any use to say anything to him. What would I have told him anyway, “Oh by the way Tim don’t you think you could do something about your 12 inch cock.”

Vicky just shook her head and said that she was going shopping tomorrow morning and she would see if she could get him a larger swim suit that was more baggy than the one that he had. We went to bed and Vicky cuddle up close to me and snuggled up and I felt her rubbing me. Well that always gets me excited and I just thought it was the wine that she had drank, but I didn’t care and I responded to her advances. Yeah, it crossed my mind that seeing Tim might have got her overly excited but I didn’t care. I was the one that was getting the pussy.

The next morning I had to leave very early since I go to a computer sale held the first Saturday of every month and check out the stuff and see if I can find any bargains. Vicky took off shortly after me and Tim wasn’t even awake yet, but we figured he could find his way around. Vicky got back at about 11 and Tim was out swimming in the pool. She sat her bags down on the table and was putting stuff away when Time came in. She told him that she had picked something up for him and tossed him a bag. She sat down at the table and poured her some juice when Tim picked up the bag.

He opened it and pulled out the new swim suit. He looked at Vicky and smiled. Vicky told him it was a swim suit since we were spending a lot of time out at the pool. He pulled the very large baggy swim suit out and held them up and smiled at her. She explained that she got them at this big and tall mans store at the mall that she was just passing by.

Tim smiled and asked if that was the real reason she got them, “Just because she was just passing by.”

Vicky took a drink of juice and admitted that well no that wasn’t the only reason she got them, she got them because she thought he could use them because of his size. Tim kind of chuckled and told her that he saw her looking last night, and that he was used to it. He told her that he was kind of used to girls being mesmerized by the sight of him.

Vicky assured him that she wasn’t mesmerized by his size and he just told her that she could go ahead and admit it, and that he was used to the way that women acted. The two just stood there looking at each other. Tim was the first to break the silence saying, “Hey I know you want to look, and just looking won’t hurt anyone, so why don’t you just pull down my swim suit so that I can change into the one you bought for me.

Vicky smiled at him and mockingly said, “Oh come on now, you’re a big boy can’t you change into your new swim suit by yourself.”

Tim dartingly replied, “Of course I can, and I am a big boy, but the question here is wouldn’t you like to know just how big. So do you think you can stand to see a really big cock? A man size cock if you like.”

Vicky swallowed and then shrugging off her nervousness replied, “Well of course I can silly, I had 4 brothers and I’ve seen lots of cocks before.” And with that she reached out and grabbing the waist band on the sides of Tim’s swim suit began to pull down. She had to kind of slip it over his buttocks, but then once past that hurdle she found it easier to slide it down. She pulled his suit down to where his cock was attached to his body and she realized that he didn’t have any hair. Vicky looked up at him smiling and said, “Oh so you shave huh?”

Tim smilingly replied, “Oh yeah, I like the clean smooth feeling. I especially like it when the ladies kiss and lick me there as they’re giving me head.” And then he remarked, change you mind?

“No, not at all, but don’t expect too much. I’m just pulling your suit down so that you can change and I can get a peek at what you’re so proud of.” She pulled down his suit about another two inches not realizing that she was pulling very slowly, but Tim noticed. Vicky didn’t stop but just slowly pulled down his shorts seeing his extremely large cock. She had indeed seen lots of cocks in her days, but never anything like this. It was huge and pulsing!

As she pulled Tim’s suit down the thought popped in her head as to what this would feel like inside a woman, what it would feel like in her. How much would be able to get inside of her, would he cum more than Jimmy, and would she ever be satisfied with Jimmy after she had sex with Tim. She suddenly put that last thought out of her head. She could never have sex with Jimmy’s friend. She loved Jimmy and her marriage was more important than just 15 minutes of sex with some guy. Some guy with a 12″ cock. That would be 7 inches longer than any cock she had ever had. She tried to dismiss the thought but the seed was planted and no matter what she did she couldn’t put that thought out of her head.

Finally she pulled his suit down past his cock’s head and just stared at the long dark brown cock hanging just inches in front of her face. She noticed that there wasn’t a big rim around the head, but just a soft transition from the rim of the head to the body of the cock. Tim softly said, “Go ahead and feel it, it’s ok, it won’t bite.”

Vicky, with trembling hands let loose of his suit and encircled the shaft with her hands and lifted it up. She was amazed by the weight of the cock and how smooth and rubbery it felt in her hands. As she was holding it she felt it spasm a little and she smiled and looked up at Tim. Tim smiled back and said, “Careful it can smell fear.”

Vicky understanding the joke giggled and then looked back at the man’s cock and she moved from side to side inspecting the man’s growth. Tim softly said, “Vicky if you want you can taste it. I’m sure that you will enjoy the feeling in your mouth.”

Vicky haltingly blurted out, “Oh no! I couldn’t. I mean what would Jimmy say if he came in? I mean how could I explain having your big beautiful cock in my mouth?”

Tim smiled yet again and commented, “But you want to. You want to feel it in your mouth. You want to feel the head next to your body. You want to feel the head as it rubs against the lips of your mouth and the lips of your pussy. You want to feel you spreading your legs for me and to feel the head of my cock as it slowly enters in your pussy filling you in the way no man has ever filled you before.” Tim passionately continued, “Isn’t that what you want? It’s ok you can tell me.”

Vicky looked at his cock again, and then admitted, “Yes that is what I want.” Then she stood up and picking up the empty juice glass took it to the counter, picked up the rest of her packages from the table and then told Tim as she left the kitchen, “You better get changed, Jimmy my husband will be here soon and you will have to explain what you’re doing standing half naked in the kitchen.”

Tim just laughed and said, “Ok I’ll get changed. I want to go for a ride anyway. Will you be here or will I need a key?”

Vicky went over to a drawer in the kitchen and opened up withdrew a key ring with a couple of keys, and a small black box. Handing it to Tim she told him here are the keys and a control box for the alarm. When you get close it will tell you if the alarm is armed so don’t use it if the alarm isn’t armed, but you shouldn’t need it. I don’t plan on going anywhere.” And with that she left the room.

There was very little in the way of bargains and not many people showed up for the computer sale so I decided to leave early. I was about 2 hours early, and when I drove into the driveway I didn’t see Tim’s car parked in the guest spot. I got out and went into the house and noticed it was very quiet. I went into the kitchen to get a drink and getting a glass out of the cabinet I was able to see the pool. I noticed Vicky laying on a lounge chair and from my angle I was able to see her reflection in the mirrored door of the grill on the patio. She had one hand holding the crotch of her bikini bottoms to one side and with the other hand I saw her rubbing her pussy very fast. I watched for a couple of minutes frozen by the sight of my beautiful wife masturbating by the pool. I watched as her head arched back and then saw that she reached her orgasm as she silently bit her lip. As she relaxed she sat there regaining her composure and after a few more minutes got up and walked to the edge of the pool and dove in very expertly.

I walked out on the patio and just as she was coming up she asked, “Want to join me the water is great.”

I looked over at the lounge chair and saw the large wet spot from where she had been masturbating. She is a squirter and she can ejaculate more than any woman I have ever seen. We have to get a plastic sheet and put down on the bed whenever we make love or the bed will get all wet. I mean it will soak completely through the sheets.

I looked back at her and wondered at her perfect body and how I was so lucky to get such a beautiful wife. Some would have called her a trophy wife, but I would have loved her even if she was ugly. I shook my head and replied, “No I need to do some stuff on the computer and will probably be the rest of the day. That’s why I came home early. Did Tim leave someplace?”

She swam off saying, “Yep, he said he was going to take a drive.”

I went back in and sat down at the computer and started to do some vacation planning.

I finally finished around 5 or so and when I came out to the patio Tim had returned and was sitting around talking with Vicky. Tim was telling her about the company that he was going to start work at and the area of the city it is located. Vicky stood up and announced that she was going to start dinner.

I sat down and Tim asked if I wanted to swim and so I swam with him for about 30 minutes. We got out just as Vicky was coming out with a platter full of steaks and chicken. I started the grill and we chatted and until dinner. After eating we just sat around and started to watch a movie. I was sitting there and Tim got up and said that he was going in for a minute. I asked him if he wanted us to pause the movie while he was gone.

He told us to go ahead and watch the movie. I looked over to Vicky and she was watching him go in the house. When he left she told me to come to the cabana so that she could talk to me. As we entered she said that she didn’t want Tim to hear us and that she had something real important to ask me.

I said, “Ok, what’s up?”, and then I looked back towards the house to see if Tim was coming out.

She began, “Alright, let me get this all out. Remember when we went to Cancun and we had that sexual experience with that empty headed cheerleader. The one that you just had to fuck after I licked her pussy?”

“Yeah, I remember. How could I forget it, I still haven’t heard the last of it, and it was almost 2 years ago.”, I replied.

“It hasn’t even been a year and a half. But that is besides the point. The point is I did that for you, and now I want you to do something for me. I want us to have a threesome with Tim.”

“No!”, I replied. “Yeah we did have that threesome in Mexico, but then I was drunk and don’t even remember it, and now you want to make love with my old college roommate? I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Well now let me tell you something Mr. bang her in the butt and make my wife have a lesbian relationship with some stranger you met in a bar in Cancun. If you think you’re going to fuck me in the near future, you had better say hello to your new lover.” And with that she grabbed my hand and raised it up in front of my face.

Well I understood just what she was talking about and so I had to relent. I mean it was a threesome I guess. But she didn’t stop there.

She just continued on, “And just so that you know, I could have fucked him today while you were out and you never would have known about it, but I didn’t do that I wanted you to be with me because I love you.” And she just stood there huffing and puffing.

Well what could I do, “Ok, but what do you want me to do, go and ask him?”

She told me not to worry, just act normal, and that she would take care of everything. She then left and we went back out to our chairs and sat down. I refreshed our drinks and a few minutes later Tim came out. Well I started the movie again and we were watching it and I was wondering what Vicky was going to do and when.

Just a couple of minutes after that she stood up and moved right in front of Tim and I. She said, “This is boring, I’m going inside”. She then reached up behind her neck and untied the top of her bikini, and let it fall and her lovely breasts came lolling out. She then smiled at us both and she did have all our attention, and she finished removing her top by untying her top from behind her back letting it fall to the patio. She smiled at us and pulled both strings on either side of her bikini bottoms and that fell away as well.

At first I was shocked in that she was completely shaved so she must have been doing that while I was on the computer. Now that she was completely naked she smiled coyly at us both and asked, “Anyone want to join me?”

Well we both got up and followed her in the house which was dark and cold. She went to our living room, turned on the lights, and sat on the couch and pulled Tim to her. She immediately began to remove his clothes from her sitting down position and then once she had his cock in her hand she asked him if he wanted her to suck him.

Tim eagerly replied that he did and she took his cock in her mouth sucking him getting him harder and harder. Tim was moaning and guiding her head and urging her on telling her things like, “Oh yeah baby suck my cock, suck my black cock in your white mouth, rub your tongue back and forth under the head.” All of a sudden he pushed her head back and told her while urging her up to her feet to let me suck him for awhile.

Vicky looked at him and asked looking very shocked, “What are you talking about, let Jimmy suck your cock? Do you think he will do that?

Tim hugged Vicky close to him feeling her breasts and continued talking, “Oh yeah, Jimmy is one great cock sucker. He sucked me just about every day when we were sharing an apartment in college.”

I had already started to kneel in front of Tim and to tell the truth I couldn’t wait to get his large black cock in my mouth. I lifted it up and kissed the head of it and then licked it all around. I could feel Tim and Vicky kissing and felt them move and touching each other. I felt Tim’s hand move close to my face and heard Vicky moaning so I opened my eyes and I could see Tim feeling her pussy. Then I heard him talking to Vicky

“Mmmmm I just love a shaved pussy. I always made Jimmy stay shaved in college. I loved seeing his little hairless dicky. I also made him keep that hole of his shaved. There was no way that I was going to fuck him with all that hair.”

Vicky astonishingly remarked, “You mean you fucked Jimmy? I mean you fucked him with that huge cock of yours? I just can’t believe he could take it. I still have my doubts if I can take your cock in my pussy much less in my ass.”

Tim just kind of chuckled and told her, “Baby after I fuck that white pussy of yours and make it mine you will beg me to fuck you where ever I want. And I think I’m just about ready and by feeling your wet cunt I know you are.”

He pushed me back and told me to kneel right there. He then told Vicky while he was moving her into position to bend over and put her knees on the couch. She did and he looked down at me and told me to guide his cock into my slut wife. I lifted it and aligned it into position and Tim just pushed in to her. The head of his cock popped right in and as Vicky squealed he slowly slid up in her.

I just knelt there watching his large black cock disappear inside of my wife. He pushed it about half way in and then pulled back exclaiming how nice and tight she felt. He then pushed forward again and this time went further up inside of her.

Vicky cried out when he got a little over halfway in, “Oh please, yes, yes, oh yeah!”

Tim pulled back and then pushed up further inside of her now almost all the way up inside of her, and he was almost touching her butt with his body.

Vicky cried out again, “Oh yeah baby, I’ve never had such a good fucking before. Oh yeah baby fuck me more and deeper. Oh I can feel you all the way up inside of me, oh baby your hitting bottom. Oh yeah baby fuck me more and harder.”

Tim just laughed as he set up a nice rhythm of in and out. “Oh yeah your a tight little slut. You need a good fucking. You’ve never had a fucking like this from a real man. This pussy is mine now, You’re mine now.”

Vicky responded with, “Oh yeah baby, I’m yours, and all yours. What ever you want I’ll do baby, this pussy is all yours. It belongs to you and that beautiful cock of yours. Oh yeah baby, I’m going to cum, oh oh oh yeah! Oh yeah, I’m cummmmmmmmming.”

I could see Vicky holding on for dear life as Tim fucked her harder and faster. She came and then a couple of minutes later was cumming again. This went on for about twenty minutes until he cried out that he was going to cum, and grunted aloud as he slammed into her, shooting his load deep inside of her. She took it all and then Tim pulled out and holding her by her hips just kind of pushed her to the side. She crumpled in a heap and then slid off the couch on to the floor.

Tim turned to me and told me that he hadn’t forgotten about me, and said I’ll let you suck this one clean. I could see his cock all black and shiny from the wet cum from both him and Vicky. I latched onto him and sucked him nice and clean. He had just fucked Vicky for 20 minutes, and he was still hard as a rock. He sat down on the couch and helped Vicky up off the floor so she could sit next to him.

I sat there on the floor at their feet as Tim held Vicky and she snuggled in close to him. Vicky was stroking, touching, and kissing Tim’s huge cock. Tim smiled down at her and asked her if she liked his cock and she replied that she loved his cock. She went on saying that she had never felt anything so wonderful before. Tim asked if she wanted him to fuck her some more, and she told him that whenever he wanted to fuck her all he had to do was to ask. Then she offered, “Baby I’ll do whatever you want just so long as you continue to fuck me with your wonderful cock.”

Tim laughed and looking at me said, “Like we did in college, I’m going to bring guys by here every once in a while and I expect your wife to fuck them. You got any problem with that? I replied that I didn’t. Tim then told me to go into my old bedroom and get his bed ready for him and his bitch.

He told us that he was going to stay with us until he got his own place. This turned out to be 7 months, and then he moved out. He still spends one or two nights a week with Vicky fucking her, and of course I have to provide him with all the cleaning services that he wishes. Sometimes he even fucks me and I really love it when Vicky is watching.

When he spends the night he stays in Vicky’s bedroom as I live in the small guest bedroom. I have to keep myself completely shaved and ready for him at any time he decides to come by, but it is fine with me, because when he comes by he always cums and he tastes great.

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