…the dance

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…the dance
Emily loves to dance, she enjoys being the center of attention, and really likes to tease leaving others in anticipation ultimately wanting…craving…needing more. Her friend Brian often desires her attention, wanting…craving…needing more. She decides to give him what he wants but little did he know her terms would leave him craving her more than ever.

Text exchange
Emily: How’s your day going?
Brian: Ugh…long day at the office. Probably not going to the gym tonight 🙁
Emily: Rough one? Wouldn’t the gym help you relax?
Brian: Not rough just long. Too late for gym but yes I need to relax. Any suggestions?
Emily: Hmm…dancing always puts me in a good mood and helps me relax
Brian: Watching you dance would very relaxing…and put me in a great mood 😉
Emily: HA not what I meant but…. 0:)
Brian: But….?!?! (he typed with anticipation)
Brian: 😀
Emily: LOL anticipation eh? You couldn’t handle it 😛
Brian: Try me…please 😛
Emily: Ok
Brian: Ok!?!? Don’t tease me
Emily: Who said I’m teasing
Brian: Only one way to find out :$
Emily: Guess you are coming over then huh?
Brian: Don’t have to ask me twice on my way!
Emily: Oh hey before you leave, you remember that “toy” we talked about
Brian: The restraint thing that wraps around the base of my cock and balls?
Emily: Yup
Emily: Bring it!
Brian: (Gulp) ok

Brian lives in a somewhat neighboring town, takes about 40 mins to get to Emily’s place. He can barely contain his excitement and anticipation, well his pants can barely contain his excitement. As he drives he’s thinking to himself…”Is Emily really going to dance for me?!?! MMM WOW I hope so” …”And I can’t wait to find out why she wanted me to bring the restraint”…”I’m struggle not to get a full raging hard-on, I don’t think I’ll be able to get this thing on. Maybe I should’ve put it on now before I’m too hard ” These thoughts were racing through his mind about as fast as he was racing to Emily.

Emily’s mind was equally racing…”Oh geez Emily are you really going to go through with this? I have to….well I want to (she grins to herself)”… “MMM I can’t wait to tease him but no touching, how am I going to pull that off?” Emily had to game plan while getting dressed. She quickly want to the dress to find her sexiest under garments. She rummaged through boy-shorts of every color, normal panties of every pattern, none were striking the occasion. She knew it had to be black; sexual, sensual thoughts dancing in her head. She didn’t always tap that naughty corner of her mind where her desires hide but she was loving it. Finally there they were; a pair of Black Tanga Lace Panties! Imagining the scene that is about to unfold she was turned on with the thought of how she’d look in them, and how Brian would feel when seeing them. Quickly she witched to the drawer with her bras. She needed a black bra to match the revealing nature of the panties she selected, there it was! As if she placed on top of the drawer knowing she’d needed, it was perfect. She grabbed the black demi bra that was perched on top. Perfect she thought and she looked her self up and down in the mirror; “MMM he’s not gong to be able to control himself!”

She was already excited and could barely contain herself from caressing her sexy silhouette in front of the mirror. She quickly snapped out of it, only 20 mins and Brian will be here. She started to panic a bit when the realization set in but she liked the rush of panic, anticipation, and that confident feeling that she was going to explore her desires. A smile broke and her nipples went fully erect; a warm flush feeling ran over her body remembering a pair of black thigh highs she had stashed away. “MMM I can’t wait to tease him” she thought as she pulled the last one on then running her hands up the rest of her leg, her stomach, up to caress her breasts as she bit her lip in pleasure. She then thought I can’t just let him see me, I need to build him up “hmmm” she thought through different outer wear. “Perfect” she thought as the idea popped into her head. She grabbed a khaki trench coat that barely covered the fact her stockings where thigh highs, it tied slight above her hips which extenuated her sexy hour glass figure. She then opted for a rich, bold shade of red for her lips; matching her nails that she had done over the weekend. She was oozing sexuality, Emily felt so confident. She couldn’t wait to put Brian through blissful hell she thought devilishly to herself.

Meanwhile as Brian is racing he decide if there is any chance of using the restraint he better pull over and try to put it on. He pulled off to the side of the road, traffic buzzing by, he decide to pull down his pants and boxer briefs. There was already a mess of precum from the anticipation and excitement. “How am I going to get this thing on, I’m already hard” he thought to himself. He breathed slowly and pinched the head of his penis almost to pain and his erection started to subside slowly. With his fingers a sticky mess from the precum he quickly struggled with restraint, fighting the urge of the erection and left over bl00d; he finally got it snapped under his balls and over his cock. He laughed to himself, during the few minute struggled as he forgot he was on the side of a busy highway. He quickly finished buckling up his belt and got back on the road. His mind immediately began to wonder what was in store, he truly had no idea but was definitely imagining! Both of their imaginations were running wild, they didn’t have to imagine much longer. Brian pulled in to Emily’s place.

In the mean time Emily had grabbed one of her chairs from the kitchen and placed in the living room in front of the coach and removed the coffee tab. The dance floor was set. There was a knock at the door, she was ready. Black thigh highs, black tanga panties, black demi bra, and amazing body all hidden by the trench coat. The black heels, raging red nails and lips however, were on display and ready to tantalize him. She walked to the door with a sexy confidence that she never felt before, she knew she was in charge and Brian was in for a treat. The door opened, Brian’s mouth dropped, the site of her bold red lips froze his attention. He was literally speechless, practically paralyzed by her domineeringly sexual presence, Emily knew she had him. He would obey her any command, that somewhat familiar smile from early took over only this time it was more confident but had the same affect on her body. Nipples erect, warm flush, and her sexy black panties starting to moisten as she exuded excitement from the moment. She said “You’re not going to stand there all night” as she turned reaching back to aggressively grab the front of his shirt, pulling him inside he struggled to keep up while barely getting enough contact to close the door. She strutted her way, pulling Brian in to the living quickly shoving him in front of the chair in manner where they were merely an inch apart. Face to face, he could feel the warmth of her body and soft presence of breath, still so overwhelmed from her sexuality he wasn’t able to speak. She paused knowing he was frozen, dramatically dangling the idea of a kiss, of their bodies rubbing against each other, but the key only dangling the idea. Playing it perfectly with Brian so overcome with sensations, thoughts, and desires his body was literally in shock. Once proud and erect on his feverish drive over, Brian’s penis was now flaccid but still somewhat engorged due to the constraint. Too overwhelmed to have a hard-on.

Emily with her fist still clenched to his bunched up t-shirt quickly maneuvered it over his head and tossed it aside. Almost in one continuous move she quickly unfastened his belt, button, and zipper while dropping his shorts and boxer briefs. All though she made short work of it, the wet spot of precum did not go unnoticed. The thought of causing such a mess only turned her on more and gave her more confidence and control as she eyed his engorged, restrained manhood. As his boxer briefs hit the floor she shoved him in to the chair. “I see you knew what the restraint was for” She said eagerly with a devilish smirk. “MMM-hmm yes Emily. I figured you wanted me to wear it like you had me do the other night” he was finally able to mutter. “Good Boy!” she replied. Brian was able to finally take in all the visual sensations he was unable to focus on through the rush of being dragged inside. The sexy bold red lips and nails were a sharp contrast to the jet black stockings and heels but what was under that trench coat was still a mystery he couldn’t wait to solve.

Emily turned away and strutted, hips side to side, tantalizing Brian’s every desire with the silhouette of her body emphasizing her hips and ass. He drank it all in; from the way her hair tossed from side to side down to the point of her sexy black heels. He was in for it and knew it. Her body cam to rest in front of her stereo system, she turned her head back over her shoulder with a seductive look in her eye and that bold red devilish smile on her lips. The look in her eyes told Brian he was not ready for what was about to happen. “Remember no touching, keep you hands to yourself”…she pressed play and slowly turned and the seduction began. The song that started Jennifer Lopez – Booty ft. Iggy Azalea
(http://xhamster.com/movies/3581903/jennifer_lopez_ft._iggy_azalea.html – thanks to http://xhamster.com/user/Krisbo)

As the song started it’s count down she slowly untied her coat, not opening she turned around, and slowly let it drop from her shoulders revealing sexy black straps of her bra, the clasp, and her sexy bare back. She was swaying her hips as the song kicked in and then she let the coat drop. Brian short of gushing precum was leaking all over from his excitement. The site of her body, the sound, and theatrics; his body finally reacted as expected. Bl00d quickly engorged his cock, the restraint doing its job allowing bl00d to flow in easily but not out. It was quickly as erect as it’s ever been, painfully pleasurable Brian could not believe how hard he was.

Emily gazed back over her shoulder as she dropped down dancing to the music. She was pleasurably satisfied seeing Brian’s glistening erection about to pop it was so swollen. A steady stream leaking out in approval the feeling was almost overwhelming for her as she felt a tingle and heat behind her ever moistening Black Tanga Panties. She saw the struggle in his eyes knowing how hard it was for him to hold back from grabbing is massive erection. He didn’t know what to focus on, her sexy ass in those panties, her silky thighs escaping from the stockings, he bare back, or the occasional flash of the bold red nails as she would caress her ass and hips as she danced to the music. He wasn’t sure what was going to explode first his cum or his entire penis from too much bl00d. As she continued to dance facing away from him, she couldn’t help but to occasionally run her hand up her pussy hard enough to feel how excited her clit was sending electricity through her body or occasionally caressing her breast. She wasn’t sure what was more erect for her at this point, her clit or nipples, but both sent slight of knee buckling pleasure with the slightness touch. As she continued to seduce him with her every move she could help but want to play with that massive erection occasionally glancing over her shoulder at it. She could see how hard it was but wanted to feel it. MMM and all that precum going to waste she needed to taste it; her own practically dripping down her leg. She had never been this wet before.

As she continued to work her body to the music, she was getting closer and closer to the chair she f0rcefully through him into. Mentally restraining him from doing anything but watching. She watched as Brian so fixated on her every move would occasionally look at his rock hard erection with a desperation in his eyes. A need to touch it, for her to touch it, it was the itch that needed scratching. Realizing how much control she had over his pleasure, and pain, turned Emily on even more. As she was dancing the pressure of her legs pressing her lips together, ever so slightly putting pressure on her clit, was nearly enough to get her off. They were both on the edge, and loving it. As she continue towards him she slowly got down on all fours, continuing to work to the music, her body was part of the song. She inched closer and closer she was now prowling toward him like a tigress toward her prey. Brian was imagining those bright bold lips around massive
erection, she was so close he could imagine the sensation. Emily crawled herself seductively to the music, her face so close she could feel the heat from his cock. In turn Brian felt the heat of her face, the slight breath, he was almost ready to explode. It took all of Emily’s will not to lick the river of precum flowing from his tip, down his shaft, and to his balls. She wanted to taste it, she wanted to feel just how hard he was but she knew she couldn’t. Not yet.

With that in mind she stopped her forward approach, seductively sitting back while resting on her knees. She continued to dance but now from the slightest of distance, she wasn’t done seducing his every desire. The need, the desire, it was written in Brian’s begging eyes. As she dance with her hand up she brought them down slowly her hands landed softly caressing her bare upper chest, down her breasting sending tingles through her body as pressure found her nipples through her sexy black demi bra. Her hands continued down her stomach slightly then to her sides and around to the back. Brian almost hypnotized by her sexy bold nails as they contrast against her skin and black bra. A look of pleasureful pain came across Brian’s face as he realized she was going to unclasp the bra. Emily’s smile beams knowing how Brian is in her control. She is practically getting off with the power she has over him and its only going to get stronger. The tautness of the bra laxes, Emily has unclasped it but she wasn’t done teasing.

Not missing a beat of music she continues her performance slowly caressing her right hand up her breasts, flashing her bold red nails over her bare chest and up to her left shoulder strap. She follows the same inverted path with her other hand to her right shoulder strap. Still moving to the rhythm she slowly pushes her left strap over her shoulder and it falls limp down her arm followed by her right strap. She allows the bra to drop off her breasts replacing it with her right arm covering her right breast the whole way to her right hand cupping her left breast. She uses her left hand to pull the bra away and seductively drag it across Brian’s left leg and drapping it over his right. The tingles were like lightening bolts for him and he could still feel her body heat from it. He wanted her so bad. As she brought her left hand back to her body it replaced her right hand cupping her left breast, not showing Brian the treasure of skin underneath. She retracted her right hand to cup her right breasts and every so slightly allowed her erect nipple to sneak between her fingers. Brian caught a glimpse of it poking through as Emily squeezed her fingers together making it disappear but he still had plenty of stimulation. Emily’s face turn to pleasure as she squeezed, her body shuddered slightly out of rhythm to the music. He knew she was sharing the same pleasure and pain of anticipation. They were both practically gushing from excitement. She was dancing to the music, tantalizing him with her newly fashion hand bra, trying to secretly squeeze her nipples, she thought to her self “It was time to turn it up a notch.”

She bit her bold bright lip with a devilish look as she started to gyrate her hips harder and faster to the music. Still on her knees she was popping up and then sitting back down all while now not hiding the fact she was caressing her breasts. Pulling and stretching her nipples, Brian imagined it was his hand or lips tweaking her nipples pleasurably. His cock harder than ever before in his life and Emily wasn’t allowing him to touch. So much pleasure it hurt, he was loving it and so was she. Ensuring he was soaking in the sight of her breasts she slowed down so he could focus, she was pulling her right hand off her breast while her nipple was still trapped between her fingers. The site of her nipple and breast stretching out had Brian on edge then, POP! Her nipple slipped out and her breast recoiled from the stretch. WOW Brian was entrenched with the site and at the moment the energy released a huge gush of precum came streaming out of his cock. Emily moaned “MMMM” and licked her lips at the site. It was almost enough to make him come. She then leaned forward towards him reaching her right hand on the floor almost crawling towards him. She then followed the procedure with her left hand only this time the site was even better from Brian’s vantage point. Emily’s breast was hang as she was on her knees and leaning on her right hand. Brian was able to see the full extend of energy building from the stretch and again POP! The energy was released and so was more fluid from his extremely erect cock. Emily now on all fours was again on the prowl. She was certain if she didn’t have panties on she would be dripping wet, as she started to crawl toward him she made sure to keep her thighs as close as possible to squeeze her engorged clit. It was almost causing her to buckle in pleasure.

As Emily inched closer she could see how antsy Brian was getting, squirming with every inch she covered. He was gripping the back legs of the chair to keep his hands occupied and distracted, she could tell he wanted to grab a hold of his cock and put it out of its blissful misery. He could now feel the heat emanating from her face, she was inches from his cock. She sat back a little shifting her weight enough to push his legs out one at a time so there was more room for her to get closer. She could also feel the heat from his body, it took all her will not to lick the river of precum flowing down his cock. MMM she thought to her self, she had a better idea as she recalled an early play time they shared. Her body shutter in ecstasy thinking about it, remembering how turned on she was when she made Brian taste his precum. She remembered he was so excited from seeing her in a bikini from her vacation, her wish was his command. And now she could live it! She sauntered slowly closer, placing her right hand on his left thigh and her left hand on his right, her nose and tongue tracing the air mere centimeters away from his cock. He twitched in anticipation of contact that never came, she drew her tongue in and bit her lip as she prepare to concentrate for what was next.

As she was pressing off his thighs her face now past the head of his cock and the steady river of precum that was flowing out; she began to dip her chest forward and starting to lean to the right. Her nipple growing almost as erect as Brian’s cock, it was practically reach out to touch the base of his erection. As her nipple was getting closer as she was looking into Brian’s eyes; distracting him by licking her bright red lips. Then it happened, both of there bodies shudder from the electricity. Her nipple made contact with his base of his cock. It immediately parted the river of precum, her nipple was completely submerged. She let it drag the whole way up; Brian couldn’t control his cock as even more bl00d tried to find it’s way past the restraint. His cock was pressing hard against her breast and she continued to work her body upward, her nipple gliding along. As his cock was pressing f0rcefully against her breast her face was now nearing his, she moved in as if she was going to allow a kiss. Brian ever so slight moving forward in anticipation was met with her evil smile and burning eyes as she started to distance herself; her sensual body language telling him that it’s not going to happen. As she was now almost standing, the pressure of his cock caused it to slap her stomach as her nipple flicked off the head of his penis. Brian let out a moan of pleasure.

Now as she started to stand putting her right leg between his and straddling his left, she continued to lean in as the same f0rceful pressure of is cock was now being exerted on her thigh. She was looking down at him as Brian didn’t take his eyes off hers. She started to glance down at her nipple dripping in precum and whispered “taste it for me.” Brian followed her glance to her glistening nipple as she inched ever so close to is waiting mouth. She felt even more pressure from his massive erection and suddenly felt Brian starting to slowly grind his cock against her thigh, unc0nsci0usly thrusting his pelvis from the excitement. Emily watching as he was going to follow her naughty commands and feeling his cock grinding on her thigh couldn’t help herself any longer. She inconspicuously slide her left hand past the lace waste line of and in to her soaked black tanga panties. She quickly found her engorged clit, which she imagined was just about as erect as
Brian’s cock. Brian’s mouth opened slightly as his tongue reached out; there was so much precum is leaking down to the underside of her breasts, “Ohh” she moaned as Brian’s tongue made contact with the bottom of her breast. Her pussy squeezing the two fingers she had slipped inside. All the while Brian’s rhythmic humping increasing. They both were practically ready to cum. Emily was so turned on watching his tongue lick up his precum as he made his way toward her nipple. MMM she thought to herself I want a taste. Thrusting her fingers in and out she tried to match Brian’s rhythm; which ever so slightly continued to increase.

“OHHH mmm!” she screamed out in pleasure and Brian’s mouth engulfed her messy nipple. Sucking it in to his mouth and swirling his tongue back and fourth to ensure it was clean for her. He then nibbled it slightly and her body again shuddered in ecstasy. It was her turn to get a taste but first she wanted to give him a new flavor. She slowly pulled away, her nipple popping out quickly from the suction of his mouth, simultaneously a similar pop occurred as her fingers broke the pressure from her pussy that had been clenching in pleasure. Brian was unaware she had been pleasuring herself until she stepped back and revealed her hand from her panties. As she was then kneeling down she presented her dripping fingers to Brian’s waiting mouth; this time she just had to give a look and he knew she wanted him to taste it for her. With Brian distracted she timed it perfectly mimicking Brian’s mouth on her fingers by taking his cock in to her mouth. MMM she thought to herself, she was overwhelmed by the amount of precum! It was quite the compliment and even more of a turn on knowing how turned on she made him.

Brian quickly realized she was following his lead, the deeper he sucked her fingers the deeper she would take his cock. She was very skillful taking in his massive erection not gagging once. He could barely take the pleasure at this point but could not get her in to a rhythm enough to cum. As the pleasure built he’d loose focus on showing her how with her fingers. He would stop to enjoy the feeling only to quickly realize she stopped too, Emily masterfully anticipated this conundrum. His cock would provide proof as the sensation would change, he could feel her smiling and almost laughing every time with his cock in her mouth. She was loving every blissful second of torturing him, she was getting off on it. Her soaked black tanga panties where evidence enough.

It took every bit of Emily’s concentration to follow his mouths lead, she wanted nothing more than to take over and devour his granite hard cock. She was impressed with the effect of the restraining device and was imagining how nice the firmness would feel inside of her as she clenched down in pleasure. These thoughts distracted her, almost enough to miss noticing Brian was about to come and had stopped sucking on her fingers. That was her cue, she quick stopped again. Devilishly smile with his manhood in her mouth, almost chuckling in the pleasure of the situation. She was still in total control. She wanted to cum more than anything but the realization of going further than she anticipated flooded her mind. She wanted him so bad, to make him cum, for him to make her cum. Emily knew she was in quite the predicament. An idea popped in to her head, Emily thought I’m still in control. With that she slowly but deliberately pulled her fingers out of his mouth
and simultaneously his cock out of hers…..

Want to know what Emily’s up to next? Leave a review, let’s us know what you think. Enough positive comments and there may be a happy ending 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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