The Day I came home from school to fuck Paris

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The Day I came home from school to fuck Paris
This is the sequel to the day I met Paris. Here’s the link to the Day I met Paris if you want to read it

I’m enjoying my freshman year at the University of Michigan, banging other girls and doing well in the classroom. I made the dean’s list with a 3.85 GPA. Paris was always on my mind, when I graduated in December of my senior year of high school. I knew that I was going to miss her tall, and very busty frame, and I missed fucking her too.

One night on Skype,Paris asked me:”Are you coming back home for spring break, to fuck the shit out of me.” I was like: “I might go to Cabo San Lucas.” Paris looked pissed, and said to me: “You Don’t wanna see this no more.” Paris got up, took off her clothes, and began to Jill off in front of the webcam. She said to me: “Come home and make me cum in your mouth, and squirt on your big as dick.”

So, when spring break began, I drove southeast to Ohio to go home. Once I made it home, I bragged to my parents about my accolades I received at the University of Michigan. After I ate lunch, I called Paris to let her know I have made it home. A hour later Paris called me to pick her up. I hop in my dad’s 1967 impala to go to her house. I knocked at the door, Paris’ mother answered it wearing a sports bra and workout shorts. My eyes were glued on her mother’s DD cup bobs stuffed in the bra. She said: “I’m sorry you seen me dressed in my gym clothes.” I said: “It’s OK Ms. Franklin.” Paris’ mom said:” Call me Lisa, Ms. Franklin is my mother in law.”

After that, Paris came downstairs in a Jean jacket, a pink shirt that was so tight, it made her boobs look even bigger. I said to Paris:”Wow, it looks like you have gotten thicker!!!” She said back: “Boy,shut up before I wear you out.” Paris and I were driving to a 5 star hotel in Cincinnati. Until her friend Sherri called. Paris said to me:”Can you pick up Sherri for me.” I said:”sure.” I remember Sherri from high school. Rumor has it that if you like or fuck Sherri, she was going to scream, cum, squirt, and rip the flesh off your back.

We got Sherri, Paris said to me; “Since you been in college, Sherri and I have been having fun with each other. While you been in classes, Sherri and I have been making each other squirt, strap on action and more. But now that you are home, we can use your huge dick to satisfy ourselves.”

When, we made it to the hotel; Sherri took off all her clothes, showing off her pretty dark skin, her toned body and C cup tits. Paris took off all her clothes to show off her DDD’s and big booty. As for me, I took it off too.

I began eating Sherri out. Sherri Was Squealing at me:”Oh, yes!!! Right there. You fucking big dick bastard.” Paris landed her pussy in Sherri’s mouth to quiet her. Then it was Paris’ turn to get eaten by me. Paris was in straight ectasy, then Sherri returned the favor and put her pussy in Paris’ mouth.

Then it was my turn to receive. Sherri was sucking my 12 in cock so good, I thought that I was going to nut before fucking them both. Then Paris started sucking me off, she’s no Sherri, but Paris in good in her own right.

Next I put on a condom to bang both ladies. I started fucking Paris first. While I was fucking Paris, she was eating out Sherri, Sherri was slapping Paris and saying:”Now that’s how a good bitch is supposed to eat me out.” After Paris got fucked by me, it was Sherri’s turn.

Sherri laid on the bed with her tits facing the ceiling. Paris put her pussy in Sherri’s mouth and began riding her face. While I bang Sherri. When I was fucking Sherri, I felt her pussy contracting tightly. I began jackhammering her deeply. Sherri began to scratch the hell out of my chest. She was scratching me so hard, I was using one hand to block her.

So, for the next 25 minutes, I was fucking both of them back and forth. Until I said to both of them: “I’m gonna cum in both of y’all mouths.” They started sucking me off at the same time. I said to myself: “Now, that’s what you call changing faces.” I shot a geyser of cumulative on both ladies. After that, Paris and Sherri said to me: “It’s not over, we wanna squirt on you.” Sherri was the first one to squirt, Sherri squirted so hard, my entire chest was covered. After that, Paris blasted her squirt juice in my mouth and on my face.

After that, we enjoyed spring break, until I had to go back to Michigan University.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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