The Developing of Emma Part Seven

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The Developing of Emma Part Seven
Her suitor made a point of using public transport in taking Emma to a very up-market retail district with many boutiques and large fashion stores; he got as much of a thrill as Emma did, in parading her for all to see. Emma tingled all over and the crotch of her panties was wet with excitement as she strutted on her heels through the crowded streets. Some women looked at her as if to say ‘what a slut’; the men and boys just smiled at her seams and tight bottom, Emma looked good enough to eat. The excited sissy stalled at a large store with a display of delicious looking heels and feminine boots, but a firm hand squeezed her bottom and ushered her down a side street. Here the shops and stores were just as fancy, but something was different; Emma received knowing smiles from pretty young ladies and men. Her suitor turned her into a shoe shop, where the female proprietor welcomed him as a known friend.

“Another young lady with feet just slightly larger than usual; looking for a greater selection of fittings? You do like to treat your young charges, don’t you sir!” The suitor’s blue eyes smiled deeply into Emma’s soft brown ones as her jaw dropped like a c***d in a sweet-shop; the vast array of sexy coloured stilettos, sandals, boots and mules seemed to go back forever. She looked back at her guardian with a face full of yearning.

“You can have three pairs of whatever you like today; I don’t want Mistress Elaine to think I’m spoiling you. I hope I’ll be able to treat you again at some point.” Emma wasted no time in working her way through the plethora of footwear; the suitor smiled as he sat watching the soft effeminate figure delicately bending to try on various sexy heels, his cock swelling as he watched her long legs and rounded bottom wobble in the tight skirt. Whilst Emma was occupied in her own little sissy world the proprietor smiled wickedly at the bulge in the suitor’s trousers.

“Would you like the key to the annexe flat as usual?” He licked his lips and adjusted his pants to allow his cock to fully erect as he viewed the pretty sissy.

“Yes please; she is very special to me; I’ve waited a long time for this opportunity.” The shop owner passed him the key and casually put her hand on his cock.

“I know you’ve been waiting a long time for the right one, but if you don’t manage to raise the funds, you know you can always fuck me.” The suitor smiled warmly and gently placed his hand on her crotch; her cock was nicely erect too, and she held his hand there for a while.

Emma eventually mad e her selection; two pairs of stilettos and a pair of very sexy thigh length boots. He paid the shop-keeper and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek; she smiled longingly at him as the two left. As they walked past the shop window, Emma said, quite innocently.

“I don’t know how I can repay you.” He looked her in the eyes and looked at her sweet red lips, squeezed her bottom tight, making her tremble. Emma looked up at his masculine features and felt herself drawn to his lips too. She closed her eyes and took in the first soft affection she’d had in a very long time. Her cock tingled as she felt the suitors cock bulge as he held her tight; eyes closed, her mind swam deliriously as she basked in the warmth of the kiss. The feeling of being held so tight yet so softly, made her never want to let go; she was willing to do anything he asked of her now. As they broke from the kiss, they simply stared at each other for a moment, before he took her round the side of the shop and up some steps; Emma followed willingly, he put a key in a door and the two went into a well-appointed garret flat. He smiled as he took her through another door to a room which was dominated by a huge bed. Emma stood waiting for some sort of stern order which never came; the suitor simply smiled and started to undress the sissy. She smiled softly and started to unbutton the suitor’s shirt.

They now stood naked, looking at each other; his cock stiff and ready, Emma trembling with anticipation. He smiled and knelt down, taking a tiny key from his trouser pocket. Emma’s bottom clenched at the plug in excitement as he unlocked her cage and let it fall to the floor, before rubbing her little hairless balls softly, helping her little cock stiffen, revealing her glistening bell-end, sticky with pre-cum. He gently eased her plug free too; the sissy was now ready. Emma gasped as he smiled and then wrapped his hot tongue around her glans, savouring her sweet sticky cock. As he moved his tongue away he stood, and she dropped to her knees without command, and sucked lovingly on his hot rigid cock. The suitor rubbed her hair softly as he savoured the beautiful sensation of the delectable sissy’s soft mouth and tongue on his swollen and needy bell-end. Close to coming already, he gently pulled her away, lifted her up and then carried her to the soft inviting bed.

Emma was in heaven as she ran her fingers through his chest hair, which was a lot softer than it looked; he leaned down and licked at her soft breasts, down her sweet belly, sucked her eager cock again for a moment before licking her soft hairless sack. He then lifted her legs and she gasped audibly as his tongue lapped at her sweet little anus, probing deep and making her little cock dribble. He came back up, ran his arms along the length of her soft torso and held her upper arms softly but firmly before kissing her sweet lips and soft girly neck, guiding his stiff cock up to the willing sissy’s pussy.
Emma cried out with pleasure as he eased his rigid cock into the warmth of the sissy’s hot little haven; he continued to lick and nibble at Emma as he thrust back and forth. Her little cock dribbled and pulsed with pleasure as it rubbed enticingly against the suitor’s hairy belly; the feeling in her pussy was heavenly as he stroked in and out, she clenched her bottom on him as he serviced her; the tightness of her anus gave her sissy pleasure like never before.

All too soon for Emma, he moaned in ecstasy and erupted in her tight little bottom; she felt the warmth of his seed surge into her as he gripped the sissy’s arms tight and slipped and bucked in his glorious mess till sated. He lay on her and released her arms, kissing her softly as she giggled and wrapped her arms about him. He smiled and lifted himself up, but kept his still firm cock in her sweet bottom as he rested on one arm. Emma looked into his blue eyes and moaned sweetly as he now took her stiff and urgent little cock, stroking her to oblivion. She held his middle tightly and squealed in absolute sissy heaven as the warmth of a delicious orgasm flowed through her; she spurted her cream as she savoured his cock in her pussy, as he miked her relentlessly, laughing softly as she shot all over his torso and manly fingers. Spent, she lay there panting as the suitor eased his cock out and lay beside her, pulling her close and thanking her for being such a sweet sissy, as he kissed and fondled her.

They took as long as they could in returning her to the clutches of Elaine; Emma almost cried as he left her. There would be no bad report, and Emma tried all three items of footwear over and over again as she sat on her bed. She liked that suitor; please let it be him.

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