The English Gentleman and His American Tart

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The English Gentleman and His American Tart
I was early in Northern England, 7am, but William sat waiting in the Manchester Airport for an International Flight from Chicago to arrive. Despite his best efforts, he was nervous. No, not nervous-nearly quaking in anticipation.

In a short time, the plane would land and she’d be here. She’d actually be here. No more texting on What’s App, or sharing photos of each other over Facebook, she’d actually be standing in front of him and he felt himself terrified of how she’d react when she saw him.

It was true he was quite tall and sometimes unsure of himself, but today he’d dressed in her ‘favorite’ outfit. He’d put on clean trousers and his brown steam punk-like boots, recently polished. His collarless Victorian style shirt was clean and neatly pressed and his braces slung over his shoulders. In the past few months, he’d tried various different ways to wear his outfit, but she’d insisted he wear it this way today. He had thought about wearing his older trousers, but found that his cock made quite the bulge when he hardened and he was unsure if he’d be able to keep it in check.

Many months he waited to meet her. Many months they’d shared intimate details of their lives, their feelings, their sexual preferences and urges. They’d shared their bodies on Skype and now-now she was coming here, to be with him.

Nearly lost in thought, he heard her flight number overhead-they’d landed and were disembarking. He stood, nervously and waited for her to exit the terminal. Singles and pairs came down the hall and then there she was-unsecured wavy brunette locks cascading over her shoulders and just touching her gorgeous, plump breasts. Oh how he longed for his fingers to be her hair and to brush upon her chest. Suddenly aware that she was in the same space, let alone same country as him-he proceeded forward to where she spotted him.

A huge grin broke out across her face as she ran full on for him. Inches before making contact she dropped everything in her possession and threw her arms around his neck. She’d set herself on tip toes and rested her head upon his chest. He could smell her shampoo and oh was it ever delightful, strawberries and cream. He felt himself overjoyed and when he opened his eyes to look down-she was crying in to his chest.

‘Oh my love,’ William said, ‘why do you cry so?’

Wiping her tears she responded, ‘I’m just so happy to finally get to hold you in my arms.’ They embraced just a bit longer and he wished he’d taken that moment to kiss her-but he’d hesitated and doing so now would likely be awkward-so he decided to wait.

They hailed a cab and arrived at the train station. He successfully purchased two tickets and they boarded to head south. Although a Northerner all his life-he’d never truly had anyone to connect with up here and found it amusing that he’d found a companion in a fellow Northerner-from the States of all places. He allowed her the window and waited as she settled in for the ride home.

She sat up, excitedly staring out the window. He watched as her breasts bounced beneath her blouse and she rubbed her hands over her thighs. He wanted more than anything to be those hands and make their way further down, under her skirt and up to her panties. Suddenly he noticed,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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