The Food Court

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The Food Court
I love Friday paydays. I always go to the mall after work, do some shopping, eat some Asian food in the food court, watch the girls and masterbate till closing. It’s a great way to end the work week. Especially since mine consists of working from 8-4 and then attending classes from 6-9. Except on Fridays, when I get a break from school. I work in an office as an administrative assistant so my typical attire has become white blouse and black skirt. I like my top low cut and my skirt the same but prefer loose fitting so it easier to get my hands on things.

This particular trip was out of the ordinary. I had followed my usual routine which left me in the food court at my usual table. I like it because it is quarter moon shaped booth seat with a tree behind me. Plus the view allows me to watch all the sexy young girls popping in and out of Victoria’s Secrets. Even though I can’t see them trying things on I have a vivid enough imagination to get my juices flowing.

I had already fingered myself to a lovely orgasm about 30 minutes ago. Now the food places had all closed up and the stores were trying to scurry out the remaining shoppers. My eye caught this middle aged woman carrying a baby in a carrier with no stroller. She looked exhausted, like she had run a marathon. Her husband was going on and on about something trivial I supposed. She sat down across from me and put the carrier on her table. The baby was crying, probably cause he was hungry and I could see that her shirt was starting to get wet. An obvious sign of a breastfeeding mom.

“Please just go get the car. I don’t think I can make it back,” she pleaded.

“Fine!” he responded abruptly before storming off. By now the baby had gone to sleep, but she hadn’t noticed yet. She was fiddling with her bra. I guess she was going to nurse him, which wouldn’t have been that big of a deal since we were the only ones left in the food court area. She had lifted up her shirt and totally exposed her breast to me. She then went to get the baby and noticed he had gone to sleep. She then glanced over at me as if to say “Oh well.”

I watched as she rolled her shirt back down over top of her breast. She didn’t, however, tuck it back inside her bra. It continued to leak and within a minute or two her shirt around her nipple had become transparent, an uncontrollable self induced wet t-shirt. I felt sorry for her and found myself mesmerized by her display.

Without realizing what I was doing my hand found its way down to my crotch. I began rubbing myself thru my already soaked panties. I then noticed that she was staring at me with a puzzle look on her face. She must have been trying to figure out why I was staring at her. She then looked down at her chest. Embarrassed, she pulled her arm up to try and cover. She looked at me and I shook my head no. She didn’t understand. So I moved to the edge of my seat and put my right leg up on it thus spreading my legs so she could see my panties. I hiked my skirt up to my waist to make sure her view wasn’t obstructed. I then proceeding to rub my crotch again.

She looked horrified at first but her erect nipple told me she was intrigued. With my other hand I grabbed onto the edge of the table and leaned back. I was really getting into it. She watched as my chest moved up and down more rapidly. I peeked at her and saw that she was following my lead. She had started rubbing herself through her pants. But I could tell in her eyes that she wasn’t getting there fast enough. With a quick move of a couple of my fingers, I pinned the fabric covering my honey pot to one side. I am sure my lips below we’re glistening with my juices. I watched her watching me as I slid two fingers in. As I did I released the table with my other hand and grabbed my breast firmly through my blouse. Fortunately due to my size, I didn’t always require wearing a bra and in this instance I was as free as a bird.

By now my new partner in crime had proceed to move her hand inside her pants. I could see her hand moving frantically. I was toying with my clit as my fingers continued to slid in and out. With my other hand, I undid the next button on my blouse, thus exposing my breasts almost to the nipple. My hand went in and squeezed firmly each one taking time to run my index finger over my perky nipples.

A quick glance and she was now message her own breast through her wet shirt. We were both panting as we were trying to stay in sync. I started moaning first, feeling that familiar wave building. This would be the fourth self induced orgasm I had experienced today. I could hear her matching my moans intently. Our eyes locked as the tempo increased. My hips were now bucking against my fingers and my other hand was trying to maintain my balance. She had slid down further in her chair with her legs as far apart as the material that covered them would allow. She was bucking so hard that the squeak from the chair was drowning out our moans.

Finally I couldn’t hold back anymore. I wanted to scream out. I opened my mouth but sound came from it. Electricity surged throughout my body as my orgasm ravished it. When it was done I opened my eyes to see her head laying back over her chair and her hand was no longer moving. I couldn’t believe that she had been so willing to share this with me. I removed my fingers and gave them a good licking. I then composed myself before gathering up my food tray to be dropped off. As I walked by her, she straightened up and lightly grabbed my arm. “Thank you,” she whispered. We smiled at each other and I walked off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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