The Giantess: Crushing a Tiny Man Underfoot

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The Giantess: Crushing a Tiny Man Underfoot
This started as a text chat with someone who has a crushing fetish. I realized after a while that I had basically written a piece of erotica so I copy/pasted it, cleaned up the grammar a bit, and now post it here for your consideration.

You can clearly see the dirty sole of my shoe as it hovers over you. I’m keeping my heel on the floor though because I don’t want to just squash you, I want to play with you first. It’s not often that I get to torture a little man.

I lift my foot, turn it a bit to the left and stamp it down hard. The SMACK sound it makes on the floor is accompanied by a puff of air that causes bits of dirt and lint to blow across you. I lift, twist, and stamp my foot to the other side of you. It slams into the floor so closely that you feel it brush your arm. Again the puff of air carries dust and lint across you, filling your nose and causing you to sneeze. Your watery eyes make it difficult to see clearly but you sense movement.

Lift, twist, STAMP. My foot crashes down on your left. Lift, twist, STAMP, on your right. Lift, twist, STAMP, on your left. Faster and faster, closer and closer until suddenly you feel your left arm crushed under the sole of my shoe!
Your little bones turn to powder and it takes a moment for your brain to register what has happened. My foot doesn’t lift this time. It stays crushing your arm to the floor while I look down on you with an evil grin. You cry out in pain and give me a pleading look that seems to come from your soul.

“You have the audacity to look up with your tiny little eyes and ask something of me?” Still holding my right foot on your left arm, I bring my left foot alongside you. The four-inch stiletto heel looks like a tree trunk next you and I see your little body quiver.

I lift my foot and lower just the heel to a spot right next to your head. Keeping my toes pointed at the ceiling, I trace the outline of your tiny body with the heel of my shoe. You lie rigidly on the floor, terrified of what may happen next, afraid of risking my wrath by moving.

The stiletto heel drags along your head, down the outside of your arm and back up the inside. I give you a little jab in your armpit before reversing direction and tracing along your chest, your ribs, and the outside of your right leg. I reverse direction once again as I begin to sc**** up your lower leg. My heel spreads your legs a bit wider as it travels up the inside of your thigh and then I pause for a moment….and another moment…and still another moment.

The flat forward edge of my heel is pressed against your testicles, which have drawn up tight as if in anticipation of what may befall them. You feel as if a century has passed before I finally lower my foot to a point where the sole of my shoe just lightly brushes your nose. You continue to lie still as your fight-or-flight instinct is overwhelmed to the point of shutting your muscles down entirely.

I wiggle my foot from side-to-side just a bit, not enough that it ever leaves contact with your nose but more than enough for your testicles to become acutely aware of their proximity to my heel. Suddenly I rock my foot back, turn my toes outward, edge my heel forward, and STAMP back to the ground.
The leather of my shoe grazes your ear as it passes but no other contact is made with your body because of the arch in the sole. Or is there?

Slowly at first, then with increasing intensity, you feel an unbearable pain radiating from your groin. The blood rushes from your head and you almost pass out as you realize that I have caught you under the corner of my heel from your abdomen down.

Your penis, your testicles, your perineum, your anus, all squashed underfoot into a jellied mixture of pulverized tissue and excruciating pain! You’ve completely forgotten about your left arm being pinned as you start to writhe and twist in a futile attempt to escape the pain.

My grin turns to a smile, “Uh-uh little man. Where do you think you’re going?” I begin to turn the toes of both feet inward without lifting either one off the floor. The pain of having your arm and genitals twisted underfoot is something you wouldn’t have believed possible. You would give everything you own to be allowed to pass out thus escaping the pain for a moment, but you aren’t so fortunate.

You feel my feet contact either side of your head and are terrified when they don’t stop. The pressure inexorably increases and you hear the blood rushing back into your head. The bones in your jaw snap and your eyes feel like they are about to pop out of their sockets at any second when you realize that I’ve stopped.

You try to focus your vision on me but the pressure makes it impossible; the best you can make out is two fuzzy, beautiful, giants looking down at you with malice in their gaze. My mouth is moving but you can’t hear anything because your ears are crushed between my feet.

I move my feet away and you are just barely able to understand what I am saying. “Well, this has been fun but it’s time for me to go.” I see understanding register in your eyes and I rise from my chair.

This necessitates the movement of my left foot in order to avoid falling down, but I keep my right foot firmly on your arm. As I get to my full height you are able to see up my skirt for what will end up being your final pleasant thought. I am shaved and pantiless and it is clear from the wetness of my labia that I am aroused by toying with you in this way. I pause for a moment with my legs at shoulder-width, and watch you stare at my glistening pussy.

Then my weight shifts and I bring my left foot in towards you. I place the ball of my foot on the ground just below your feet and begin slowly and steadily rolling my foot forward. As I crush your little feet and pin your calves to the ground, I lift my right leg from your arm and slide it further out for balance. Now I’m able to put more weight on my left foot and you are painfully aware of this fact as your knees turn to dust under my sole.

I lean farther forward and bring more weight to bear as you realize that I won’t reach your head from this position, thus denying you the escape afforded by death. Instead, the pointed toe of my shoe reaches just to your sternum. You have no idea how you are still conscious as your body is simply a bag of skin filled with crushed bones from your ribcage down to your toes.

I lift the pressure a bit as I adjust my stance in order to bring my foot in line with your head and chest. You stare fearfully at my wicked smile as I lean forward again and it suddenly looks like I’m blowing you a kiss. Before you can be certain, I viciously roll my foot onto your chest and head. I have to actually stand on one leg in order to crush your skull but I am eventually successful.

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