The Gorgeous Girl Pics

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The Gorgeous Girl Pics
“I am soooo horny!” Richard said to himself as he sat in front of the computer trying to find good pictures of girls. He liked gorgeous girls from head to toe. He didn’t like pics where girls had their lower legs and feet cut off. He thought that the legs and feet were as sexy as the rest of the body. And lots of pics that he found cut off the girl’s lower legs and feet.

“Come on. Where are some good barefoot pics?” Richard demanded. He then went to an internet search engine and typed in Barefoot Pics. A list of websites came up. Richard browsed through the websites and clicked on one that interested him. Then he found lots of good pics of girls that he liked. He clicked onto one link that said “Blonde shows off her gorgeous feet and legs.” Then to his veiwing pleasure, he saw gorgeous blonde cheerleader with sparkling blue eyes, a dazzling smile, and a sexy figure. She was wearing a red jersy and mini skirt with the numbers “69” on it. She was also wearing white socks and white running shoes. Her legs were curvy and muscular.

In the next pic, she raised up her jersy to reveal a white bra. The outline and tips of her nipples were visible through the fabric. Her bra was tight on her which pushed her breasts together. Richard started getting wet as he fantasized about sticking his fingers into her cleavage and caressing her breasts which were the size of g****fruit.

In the next pic, she had her jersey all the way off. Richard got a good look at her sexy neck and shoulders. How he wanted to kiss her from her ears down her neck over her shoulders and down to her sexy breasts. Richard’s package started to get hard.

The following pic had her taking off her mini skirt. She Had curvy hips and muscular thighs. Richard’s package started to get harder as he imagined himself kissing her thighs as he ran his hands over her behind and down the back of her thighs. How sexy they would feel if he could touch them.

The pic after that one had her mini skirt off and she was untying her shoes. Then, she was taking off her shoes to reveal round feet. Their beauty shined through the white socks. Richard wanted to caress and kiss them. It made him hornier and harder as he thought about massaging them and feeling them.

The proceeding pic had her with her bra off. Her nipples were medium size and a bright red. Richard wanted to caress and lick her nipples. That would be so sweet if she would let him do that.

Then she had one sock off and she was taking off the second one. She had long round gorgeous toes with blue toe nail polish on them. Her foot was tender and her ankle puffed out a little bit. Richard wanted to suck on her toes while he caressed her foot. He was starting to pre cum.

In her next pic, she had both her socks off and her panties were around her knees. Her sexy feet were in the air. Her calves were curvy and muscular. Her leading foot was pointed towards the ceiling while her other foot was pointed towards the wall. Her leading foot looked so sexy as it curved from the ankle into the heel and into the ball and toes. Her hands were cupping her breasts. Richard pre cummed some more as he thought about running his hands up and down her leading leg and foot feeling every curve and cranny. His package was almost bursting through his pants.

Then, she was completely naked lying on her stomach with her legs spread. Richard got a good hind view of her sexy soles, her muscular legs and thighs, her exposed behind and shaved lock (In between her legs), and her sexy smooth back and hair. Richard wanted to run his hands down her hair and back over her sexy behind and down to her lock. Maybe he would massage her there for a while. He imagined her moaning in approval as he ran his fingers over her lock. She would start to get a little bit wet. Then, he would continue to run his hands down her muscular thighs, curvy calves, and sexy feet making a mental sculpture of her. Then he would run his hands up her legs to her behind and lock then up her back and hair. Then he would repeat the process again and again.

By this time, he was getting rock hard. His package was throbbing. He knew he had to release it. Richard ran to his bed and threw off the covers. Then he grabbed a bag and a face cloth to catch his cum. He unzipped his pants then pulled them down. Then he pulled down his boxers. He then placed the bag on his bed and placed the face cloth on top of the bag. He then lied down on his stomach and placed his hard throbbing package on the face cloth. Up and down he went like a worm rubbing his package on the face cloth while he thought about what he would like to do to the blonde girl on that website. As he thought about feeling every curve of her body, his cum came closer and closer to exploding out of him. Fantasizing about feeling her soft sexy body brought him nearer to the climax that he so desperately craved. One more thought about caressing her gorgeous legs and feet and his cum exploded out of him! One explosion followed the other as rubbed his package against the face cloth while thinking about her gorgeous body. It felt so relieving to get the cum out of him. His cum started to slow down and he was satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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