The Headmaster’s Punishment Part 3

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The Headmaster’s Punishment Part 3
The door to the headmasters office was wide was wide open, as were the mouths of the female teacher and male pupil who surveyed the scene before them in shocked silence. Their headmaster was standing with his trousers round his ankles and rapidly deflating cock sniffing the air while in front of him was knelt a blond six-form girl, her face hair and green uniform blouse marked with sticky splats of spunk.

“I see you decided to start the disciplinary interview without me Mr Garvey” remarked the petite Miss McDougall in her gentle Scottish accent. She quickly close and locked the door behind her and motioned Steve to stand next to Andrea.

“I am most displeased with you” she began, “judging by the video and the state of you Andrea it would seem that you were not paying attention to your biology classes. It is shocking that you regard the female mouth and face as the correct receptacle for a penis.”

Andrea was naked from the waist down except for her white long socks and black court shoes, feeling vulnerable and aroused at the same time. She was aware of the rumours about the flame haired teacher’s sexual appetites, according to who you asked the deputy head was a lesbian, bi-sexual, into S&M, had worked as a high class call girl, was a swinger, had a string of fuck buddies on call and had even appeared in porn movies. If any one of them was true Andrea thought she was going to enjoy what was going to happen next.

“Andrea you need to learn exactly what you do when you are presented with a penis,” she turned to Steve “get undressed laddie and be quick about it.”

Miss McDougall folded her arms and watched as the captain of the school rugby team overcame a moments hesitation before unknotting his tie and unbuttoning his white shirt. He chest was well defined and as he removed it the deputy head caught Andrea wetting her lips in anticipation. Turning to the girl she addressed her firmly,
“Andrea your clothes too”

Her fingers trembled as she began to undo the buttons of her blouse revealing a low cut red bra which matched the thong she had discarded earlier and now sat on the floor along with her dark green uniform skirt. She dropped the blouse to the floor and slowly slipped the bra straps from shoulder before reaching behind her back and unhooking flimsy garment. Andrea took a moment to survey the room.

Mr Garvey was still trouser less his cock now deflated. Miss McDougall looked stern in a severe grey skirt and jacket while Steve was removing his black uniform trousers and tight white briefs to reveal his rock hard cock. She shivered as she recalled the feel of it in her hand and the taste it had made in her mouth both as she had licked it from tip to balls and when he had shot his cum into her.

Andrea removed the bra to the gaze three pairs of hungry eyes, despite having received Steve’s salty tribute on a number or occasions she had never allowed him to see her even partially undressed. Her two teachers had never taken a games class so had not seen her naked in the changing rooms or showers unlike the other girls in her class and a select few of her lovers. Her nipples stood firm and puckered, coloured to a deep red hue contrasting with the paler pink skin of her firm teenage breasts. She was proud of them, the size was not too big or small, rounded perfectly and sensitive to fingers and tongue.

“Everything Andrea” scolded the deputy head, and off came the girl’s shoes and long white socks. Now fully naked she stood with her hands clasped behind her back forcing her breasts foreword into view, her eyes downcast.

Miss McDougall shivered, the girl was perfect in every sense, she may play at being demure in school but she was really a slut who craved cock at any opportunity. Her instincts had been correct that in the right circumstances this one would prove very co-operative and the fact she was one of the most attractive girls in the sixth form was an incredible stroke of luck. Her long blond her and smooth shaved pussy were the icing on a very large cake. She glanced at the rugby captain admiring the length and girth of his manhood and pondered how much spunk it had shot into Andrea and goodness knew how many others.

“The act of fellatio you were performing on school premises is enough to have the pair of you suspended, the video you shot is more than enough to have you expelled. Goodness knows what possessed you make a record of such a lewd and lascivious act. It is only by the grace of your previous good conduct and excellent academic records that we are able to forgo such a punishment. However you will be placed on report answering directly to me and I will expect to see you twice a week after school in my office.”

“You are both aware this school retains the authority to use physical punishment in certain circumstances and this be classed as one of those instances. Steven, come here, bend over the desk and grip the edge, feet shoulder width apart, good, six of the best for you laddie.”

The boy complied, both Andrea and Miss McDougall admired his strong legs holding his firm ass skywards. There was a sharp crack as the teachers left hand came down hard on Steve’s buttock, he winced in shock and Andrea gasped inwardly. She realised that the deputy head used more force in her smacks than the headmaster and she was going to have a very sore bottom by the end of her punishment. Steve nearly yelped as the last blow landed and he felt a glowing sensation spread across his newly tanned cheek and through his whole body, his cock seemed to be swelling to a record size.

“Twice a week laddie, remember that, now you Andrea.”

She gulped, this was going to hurt.

“Not only have you committed the same offences as Steven you have compounded matters by performing fellatio on your headmaster as well. You will receive twelve smacks, six on each buttock to be delivered across my knee.”

The deputy head removed her jacket revealing a pale blue cashmere sweater, sat and motioned for Andrea to come to her and bend over her knee. She realised her pussy was beginning to get juicy again and was visible to both Mr Garvey and Steve. The wool of Miss McDougall’s skirt felt scratchy against her skin but the sensation was soon overpowered by the fall of the teachers hand against her left buttock. The blows were stronger than the headmasters and soon she could feel the familiar warmth building in her peachy bottom. Then the teacher switched to her right buttock still smarting from it’s earlier punishment the pain came quicker, her breathing shorter and the familiar feeling of an orgasm began to grow.

Flushed in face and buttocks, Andrea let out a low moan then a louder higher pitched sob and gave in to the feeling coursing through her body and her pussy flooded.She lay across Miss McDougal’s lap sobbing gently trying to get her breath back.

“Twice a week for you too girl, now up you get.”

There was a moment’s pause as she staggered to her feet and returned to her place next to Steve, he looked redder now than he had been after his own spanking and Mr Garvey, still trouser-less was now sporting a huge erection. Only the deputy head looked calm, serene almost with a half smile on her full lips.

“Now you have been punished I think you should have a practical lesson in the correct use of the penis in copulation. I take it neither of you are virgins?” quizzed the Scottish teacher.

“No Miss McDougall.” replied her pupils.

“Very well then”, she began “Steven you are to sit on this chair and Andrea you should kneel on the floor in front of him. Now Andrea I want you to describe what you would usually do in this situation.”

“I would begin be touching the cock with my fingertips Miss,” replied the naked sixth form girl,”before I gripped in gently and uncovered the foreskin.”

“Please demonstrate.” said the deputy head, almost purring.

Andrea did as she was told and felt a surge of power course though the rigid cock before her, she looked up at her teacher.

“Continue girl, explain and demonstrate.”

“From here I might lick his cock from tip to balls and back again,” said Andrea before launching into a demonstration. When she had finished she looked up again, “then I would cup his balls with one hand, hold back the foreskin with the other and take him in my mouth.” Steve’s cock disappeared between her well practiced lips and a familiar sensation grew deep within him.

“Now from what I have seen before you would continue until the lad ejaculates?” questioned Miss McDougall.

There was a popping sound as Andrea’s mouth released Steve’s cock and turned to look at her teacher. “Yes Miss McDougall.”

“That is what I feared, now move aside and watch.”

Andrea shuffled to one side as the deputy head, removed her pale blue sweater, unzipped her grey skirt and hung them on the back of the office door. A breathless anticipation filled the room. Miss McDougall wore an expensive three piece set of pale cream silk underwear, the long line bra nearly met her suspender belt which in turn framed a pair of matching French knickers. Her legs were sheathed in lace topped tan stockings and her polished black shoes had the merest hint of a heel.

“When presented with a penis in this position the correct course of action is this.”

Andrea watched mesmerised as the teacher removed her knickers, straddled the boy and grabbed his cock. From her position barely inches away the girl could see the sixth former’s cock she had been recently sucking mannered to touch the red haired lips of Miss McDougall’s pussy before being swallowed to the root. She rose slowly to reveal a shaft slick with pussy juice, Steve’s head still held within her, deliberately she lowered herself back on him.

Miss McDougall looked over one shoulder at the kneeling girl, “Come closer Andrea, can you see I am taking Steven’s cock all the way inside myself?”

Andrea shuffled closer her eyes took in the sight, her nostrils flaring at the smell of pussy and cock mingling together. “Yes Miss” she replied horsely.

“Good,” replied the deputy head, “now what you can’t see is the feeling of Steven’s penis touching my cervix in this position. He is rather large and this position allows for deep penetration, I may not be able to speak soon so do you have any questions so far”

Andrea shook her head,

“Then observe how I grind my pelvis and notice the affect this is having on Steven and myself,” panted Miss McDougall breathlessly.

Steve’s hands were glued to his teachers bum, his face pressing deep between her cleavage. Andrea felt rooted to the spot mesmerised by the sight of the firm teen cock splitting the middle aged pussy lips of her teacher. Her arousal was reaching new hight and uncaring for the presence of anyone else she slipped a finger between her own sodden lips and began to gently play with her clit.

Miss McDougall was lost in her own world too the cock she was impaled upon was the largest she had enjoyed in a long time and the youthful stamina of the boy a pleasant change from the men she usually fucked. She knew from experience his climax would come soon so worked quickly to maximise her own pleasure and synchronised her orgasm with her teenage stud. She felt the twitch in his cock as the first load of young spunk erupted from the boy filling her pussy with cream before more shots flooded into her. His release flooded her and tipped the teacher into a fierce orgasm of her own. Kneeling just inches from this erotic spectacle Andrea was a heartbeat behind her teacher’s orgasm with her own and let out a cry of pleasure.

There was a pause as the teacher and her two pupils recovered their wits and breath. Finally Miss McDougall stood up releasing Steve and displaying his slick cock to the spectators in the room. She tottered to the headmasters chair and slumped into it spreading her legs wide over its arms.

“Andrea,” she panted horsely, “you like the taste of sperm do you not?”

“Yes Miss” came the throaty reply as the blond teenager nodded wide eyed at the site of her teachers wide open pussy slick with the rugby captains spunk.

“Then come over here and eat some” replied the deputy head.

Oh my thought Andrea, Miss McDougalls office twice a week?

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