The Massage

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The Massage

I went to get a hot oil massage. The man told me to strip and lay face up on the cot. I am not shy and was not bothered being naked in front of him. He only wore white shorts. He had a big muscle body type. Looked like he worked out a lot and I loved that. He ran his hands down my body from my neck to my feet. It felt good when his big hands went over my tits and stomach and close to my pussy. He then squirted the warm oil on his hands and across my chest and covered my tits. He began to massage the oil in taking care to not touch my tits which made me crazy. He rubbed my arms and before I knew it he had strapped them down. Then he rubbed the oil on my legs, spreading them wide. He rubbed up to my pussy but did not touch. Then I felt the straps around my ankles. I was now strapped down with my legs spread wide.

He then said to me. “I have a great massage planned for you. You have a beautiful body with nice full tits and a sweet shaved pussy.” I was not sure when he had removed his shorts but he was there beside me naked. And he had a nice huge cock to match the rest of his muscled body. He rubbed oil on my tits and took time massaging them. He oiled each nipple making them hard and erect. He smiled and told me “You have nice big titties for such a young girl. He spent a long time massaging my tits and nipples. He told me “I am using a berry flavored oil on your body. I love to lick it off and taste it.” Then he began licking my tits and sucking my nipples. “Your tits are delicious. I bet the rest of you will be very enjoyable too.” He sucked my nipples pulling and stretching them with his teeth. He kissed down the sides and then back to the now hard nipples. As he sucked one and kissed it he rubbed and massaged the other with his fingers and hands. It was then he rubbed his cock across my tits. “Do you like to feel my cock on those tits?”

Next he poured warm oil across my stomach. As he massaged my stomach he got close to my pussy spread wide for him but he was careful not to touch it. I could feel the oil run down between my pussy lips. This made me horny and wanting to feel his hands. He went to my legs and massaged up to my pussy. I felt his hand just brush against the pussy lips but not quite touching me. I began to breathe hard. He laughed then squirted oil on my pussy. “Do you want that sweet pussy massaged baby? It looks a little wet right now.” He then began to massage my horny pussy. Soon as he touched me I came. I could see him smile. He took his fingers and spread my pussy lips. He massaged my pussy and spent a long time on my clit. I came over and over. Then I felt a finger go inside my hole. He pulled it out and squirted oil on his finger and returned it to the inside of my hole once again. He went in and out fucking as he massaged me. He quietly said “That is a nice tight wet cunt you have. Now it is filled with my berry oil mixed with your cum. I shall have to taste you.” He then put his mouth to my hole and stuck his tongue in me. “Yes, very good.” He kept tonguing my hole and licking the cum and oil from me and every so often added more oil. He went back and forth between my cunt and my clit and had me moaning and wanting cock.

He then massaged back to my ass hole. He rubbed it with oil before he stuck a finger in me. “So how do you like that? Do you like that tight ass fucked? Do you like a finger or a cock?” I bet you like both.” I was so turned on I could not speak. He kept fingering and oiling my ass. Sometimes he would finger my cunt and then back to my ass. I had cum dripping down between my legs.

He then got up on the table and straddled me rubbing his cock over my oiled body. He pushed his cock over my face and then into my mouth. He smiled and said “Taste that berry oil on my cock. Now open wide for my big cock. I love a good cock suck. Then I will let that cunt and ass feel my big cock slide inside them. I will give you a good hard fuck before I untie you.” He then began to push his cock in and out of my mouth. He was long and thick. Quite a mouth full even for my experienced mouth. I sucked and licked his huge cock and he made noises telling me to suck harder or lick deeper. I could taste the berry oil mixed with his precum. The more I sucked the deeper his cock went down to my throat. He moaned “Oh baby, suck that cock. Suck it hard. Suck harder. Yes take it deep. Open wide.” Then he grabbed my hair and pushed his cock balls deep and held it there as he fucked me. He would pull out then plunge back in deep watching me take the whole cock. Then he held his cock all the way for a few seconds as he filled my throat with his load of cum. “Oh baby, I could do that for hours. You suck cock better than any one I have ever known. I want to keep my cock down your throat for hours. Who taught you to suck cock like that.” I smiled thinking he would be shocked to know it was my mother’s husband.

He then moved down my body dragging his cock over my nipples and stomach and to my pussy. He rubbed oil on his cock and then over my pussy spreading my pussy lips. He said “If your cunt fucks like your mouth, I am in for a good ride.” He then covered his fingers with oil and shoved them in my cunt. He brought his oiled cock to my fuck hole and began to push his huge member inside me. He was big and hard once again and he felt so good going inside my cunt. I knew he would be a great cock fuck. He slowly pushed inside me balls deep. It felt great. His cock filled my tight hole. Then he began to first fuck me slowly in and out. Then he pushed harder and deeper really pounding my hole. I began to raise my hips to the big cock wanting more and more. I felt his balls slap against me as he fucked. He screamed out to me “I love that cunt. You feel so good. It is tight and warm and lets me go in deep and hard. I am going to fuck you till you beg me to stop.” Then he began to fuck me harder and harder. I lost count of how many times I came with his cock inside me. I loved that big thick rod. He then leaned forward and grabbed a nipple between his teeth as he fucked me deep. He sucked hard on the nipple as he pounded my cunt. I then screamed and thought I would pass out as I had never felt so good before. He had taken me way beyond the norm.

He let go of my tit and kissed me sucking on my tongue which made me cum harder as if that was possible. “You are the hottest fuck I have ever had. Your mouth and your cunt beg for my cock. I have my cock so far up inside you and you just let me ride you. I am going to fuck you for hours. You are a fucking nympho and I love that. I never get enough sex. I can fuck for hours and days.” He would pull his cock out then ram it back in my hole. This went on for almost two hours before he was able to cum again. Once he came he really filled me full of his warm liquid. We were both exhausted.

He laid beside me then he fucked my mouth and cunt again. Between fucks he rubbed my tits, clit and ass with the berry oil. He also covered his cock and balls with the oil for me to lick off. “You like a big cock don’t you baby? You like my big cock filling your mouth and cunt full of my warm cum. No other gal has ever been able to take all of my big cock and you did it and loved it. Now I am going to fuck that tight ass.

He then rubbed my ass with the lotion. He took two fingers and pushed it deep inside me. He then kissed my pucker and licked it pushing his tongue into my ass. He surprised me and began to suck my asshole. He would suck then tongue it and had me begging for cock. He said to me “Oh no baby girl. You have to wait for cock. I am going to work that ass over before you get the big prize. Then I am going to push my huge cock all the way in you and stretch you and fuck you like you have never had an ass fucking.” He then went back to my ass and licked and sucked kissing it too. I was beyond turned on. He kept adding more oil and pushing it with his fingers deep into my ass. He looked at my face and said “Are you ready for my monster cock? Want that ass fucked deep and hard? I want to hear you beg for mercy when this big stick goes deep into you. Now lift your hips to my big fucking machine.” He then oiled his cock and aimed it to my ass. He pushed the head in and I knew then it would be a tight fit but I wanted that big cock to fuck my ass till I could not walk. Slowly he pushed in till he had several inches in me. “Now that is a nice tight ass. My cock loves your sweet ass baby girl. Do you like my cock? Now hold on while I give you the hardest fuck of your life.” He then pushed every inch in my ass and began to fuck me. In and out he went and I was sure he was ripping me apart. It was a mix between pain and pleasure. And the pleasure was more than I had ever felt before. I loved that big cock stretching my ass and fucking it deep and hard. He kept fucking me ramming his cock in and out and shouting how good I felt.

After a long fuck session he then filled me with his cum. It ran out my ass and down to the table. He then kissed me pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. “Baby, I just want to fuck you and fuck you. I can not get enough of your body. I am going to keep you tied and fuck you all night long. I have great stamina especially when I have a hot nympho with a sexy body to fuck.” he then slid down to my tits and began to suck and bite them. “Nice big titties and nipples. A big mouthful.”

That night we fucked over and over. I sucked his cock and balls and he ate my pussy. We had cunt and ass fucking and I could not get enough of that huge monster of a cock. By the time I left the next day my tits, ass and cunt were raw. I was not sure I could even walk but I planned to come back the next day and start again with a wonderful hot massage. I was not going to let the man with the monster cock get away. The sex was too awesome. I think he was the nympho.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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