The motherfuckers part 6

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The motherfuckers part 6
Three rooms away young Jason is getting dressed for a couple hours of dancing, dinner, then back to the room. Jason and his mother Andrea have gone to a few of these mother son parties but this one seems different. It seems that his sexy blonde mother Andrea is happier than she’s been in a long time. The boy wonders if he’s coming on a little too much to Mrs Baker. She seems to really like me, but maybe she’s just being nice. But shit, she’s hot! And it seems mom thinks she’s hot too and mom actually wants me to…go after her!

Jason puts on a new dark blue dress shirt and a striped tie. He walks out and his sexy mom gives her son a wolf whistle. The boy gets a hard-on seeing his mother in a sexy hot pink dress and matching heels.

“Mom, I hope you like this shirt and tie I picked out….just for tonight.”

“Jason darling, you look fabulous! I could eat you up!! MMMM!!! Later I think I will definitely eat you up!!!”

Every time that Jason has gotten dressed he has always asked his mom if Mrs Baker would like this, is Mrs Baker going to like that. This time he wants to please me. Yes, hanging around Carole…is certainly doing him a world of good. My darling boy is way too good for all of those other sluts. I hope someday he ends up with someone like Carole Baker. I just don’t want her…to break his heart. Andrea smiles at her maturing son and whispers into his ear.

“Jason, darling, your mother isn’t wearing any panties. I just figured if you wanted to reach inside…and feel me up…there’s nothing in the way.”

Stepping out of the room, they see Carole and Ricky holding hands heading to the elevator.

“Wait up guys! Hold the elevator!”

In the elevator Andrea gives her new friend a hug.

“Carole, you look incredible. I saw that little dress at Nordstrom’s and wanted it, but couldn’t swing the $300. At least till I got my alimony check.”

“Andrea, you look pretty damn fine yourself. And look at our sons! Don’t they look scrumptious?”

“Yes they do!! Boys, your mothers are ready…to dance, dine, then get fucked! So buckle up boys!”

They step out of the elevator and the four of then walk into the room. Half of the main dance floor has been sectioned off to give the 10 mothers and 10 sons complete privacy. The hotel manager, young Michael, has done it again.

The four of them sit at a table near the floor. Some of the women are wearing slacks and a blouse. Sandra Smith is wearing faded jeans and a button down blouse. Her son little Jimmy has on cutoffs and a red t-shirt. Little big titted Eileen has on slacks and a checkered shirt, open in front showing off her fabulous fake melons to everyone who looks her way.

“Boys, will you go up to the bar, and get us a glass of wine?”

The two boys fetch drinks. The two new friends can catch up for a minute.

“Look at our two sons. They are the only two who are dressed up. The other boys look like crap. I mean who in the hell would wear jeans and cutoffs to a 5 star hotel?”

“Yes, I know. Look at little Eileen over there. That little trollop is just begging the boys to check out those big fake tits of hers. It looks like our boys are mesmerized by those big tits.”

“Well, if we go for that surgery we will have four big fake tits for our boys to play with!”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Carole, to be totally honest, Jason and I talked and we aren’t really interested in this club any more. If it wasn’t for Michelle, Jason and I would quit in a second.”

The two women see that they boys are paying the bartender for the drinks. They will be back in a minute.

“But I don’t even know about Michelle any more. She told me she’s starting to have problems with Peter. Everyone can see he’s acting weird lately. He doesn’t seem to be having any fun anymore. He’s just there.”

“Maybe he’s found a girlfriend at school.”

“Dr Stella picked up on this too. She thinks he may be struggling with his…sexual identity.”

“ mean..?”

“Of course no one’s really sure whats going on, right now it’s just a guess. Jason is upset as hell too. They’ve been best friends since they were toddlers and now it seems he’s just dumped Jason.”

The conversation abruptly ends as the boys come back with with a glass of red wine for Andrea and a white for Carole. The boys are drinking Dr Peppers. The music starts. Its a song that Andrea remembers. “Wang Chung Everybody have fun tonight.”

Muscle boy Grant darts over to where Michelle is sitting. His mother, the sexy little Eileen, asks Mark Hughes for this dance. Dr Stella sees young Peter sitting by himself and goes over to Peter for this one.

“Come on boys…you got two smoking hot horny blonde cougars just sitting here…dance with us!”

Andrea grabs Ricky’s hand and Carole grabs Jason’s. None of the boys would pass for an accomplished dancer but nobody really cares. Carole feels a tint of moisture down in her pussy as she watches her son Ricky and her dance partner Jason shake their thing on the dance floor.

A slow number comes on and Michelle puts her around muscle boy Grant. Andrea and Ricky have their arms around each other. Jason is in heaven with his arms around his dream girl, the classy, sexy Carole Baker. Carole holds the boy close making sure he can feel her excitement. She can feel his cock starting to get hard.

“You know I had a great time today…in the spa.”

“Mrs Baker, I did too. It was the best..”

“Jason, I really hope we can…hang out once in awhile after we get home. But if you’re not interested in hanging out with an older lady, I totally understand.”

Shit! Did the lovely Mrs Baker just come onto him?…she just told the teenager she wanted to maybe start seeing him when they got home? How often? Once a week? Every day? A million things suddenly run through the love struck teenager’s mind.

“Mrs Baker, that sounds cool, really cool.”

“You know, it’s better for us if Ricky and your mom connect too. And…it looks like they just might be connecting. Look over there.”

Ricky and Andrea are kissing on the dance floor. Andrea whispers something into his ear, and Ricky laughs.

“Jason…we gotta keep up with them. You better kiss me too.”

They kiss and the slow song ends. One song leads to another. Soon an old song from ZZ Top comes on. It was one of their biggest hits from the eighties. The two women grab their partner’s hand for the fast song. When the chorus comes along the women sing along with the lyrics so the boys can hear.

“Every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man!”

Everyone laughs. The song ends and another one from ZZ Top fills the room. The women sing to that one too.

“She got legs…she knows how to use them!”

A few more songs, then a familiar song comes on that everyone enjoys. Michelle darts over to their table and grabs Andrea’s hand.

“Come on Andrea! This is our song!!”

The two women dance while Carole and the boys sit and watch the fun they are having.

“Pretty woman, walkin’ down the street Pretty woman, the kind I’d like to meet Pretty woman, I don’t believe you You’re not the truth, no one could look as good as you….MERCY!”

The two women motion to Carole to join them. Soon the three women are dancing together. As the song reaches the second chorus, Andrea kisses Carole on the lips. Michelle fumbles with the top of Carole’s dress. In an instant she is kissing her bare boobs. Andrea gets on her knees, kissing the insides of Carole’s long tanned legs. What…is happening?

Ricky and Jason can’t believe it. Shit, their moms were this close to having sex in the hot tub, and now? Maybe it’s going it’s to happen right here on the dance floor!

Andrea, on her knees, has Carole’s tiny black g-string down around her knees. Michelle locks lips with her new friend while Andrea goes for it. She darts her tongue inside Carole’s moist cunt and expertly finds the little nubbin of her clit. Carole takes the back of her head, forcing Andrea’s tongue deep into her horny wet hole, humping her hips against Andrea’s mouth while she explodes.


Carole is swept up in the moment. She hopes that Ricky and Jason are loving this, but she doesn’t give a shit who else is watching. The only thing right now is the tongue inside her horny cunt skillfully bringing her to an orgasm.


This would be another picture Carole would love to send to her shitty ex husband. Classy Ivy league educated Carole Baker, on the dance floor, her bare boobs sucked by one woman, and eaten out by another woman…while her teenage son and his friend watch!

The song ends. Andrea pulls Carole’s g-string back on and all three of the women kiss each other. The women compose themselves. Michelle goes back to where she is sitting while Andrea and Carole walk back to their table.

“Well boys, there! What do you think of your moms now?”

The boys look at their mothers. Jason has seen his mother with Michelle before but this is all new to Ricky. Both of the teenagers are speechless.

“I think we need another glass of wine after that. Boys, better go get your mothers another glass, please.”

The last song comes on. Its a slow sensual number but Carole doesn’t know what the name is. She doesn’t care. She and Andrea grab their sons for the last slow song. Jason puts his arms around his sexy mother and starts playing with her little round ass. Andrea laughs, enjoying being felt up by her son.

Ricky holds his sexy blonde milf mother tight against him. The horny blonde mom rubs her crotch against her teenage son’s hard prick.

“Ricky darling….tonight I don’t want you to just fuck me. I want you to make love to me…”

“Ohhh mom…yesssss.”

The song ends. Michelle tells everyone they have an hour to get cleaned up before dinner. Everyone heads back to their rooms. In the elevator Andrea asks the boys.

“Well boys, did you enjoy…the show your moms gave you?”

“Shit yes…mom!”

“Well, I think Carole and I might want to..step things up a bit next time, right?”

Andrea, if you really want to step things up a bit then I guess I don’t want to be a party pooper, do I? Maybe…we can find a way for you boys to join in. That is, unless you boys aren’t interested…”

“Join in? Yes mom…I mean HELL YES!!!”

The waiter greets and escorts Ricky and his gorgeous blonde milf mother to their table. Most of the others were already sitting at their tables looking at tonight’s menu. As they walk by Andrea and Jason’s table they stop to say hello. Carole reaches over to give her new blonde friend a kiss. She then greets Jason with a quick kiss and Andrea gives a kiss to Ricky.

“Are both of you guys ready for a great night?”

“You ready for some…mother action?”

“Oh yes! …yes we are!!”

“You know, we both had such a good time hanging out with you two today, we’re kinda sorry it all ends tomorrow.”

“I know…but lets all agree…tomorrow isn’t the end. It’s the beginning!”

Ricky speaks up.

“Yea mom…maybe the four of us can make our own club. Just the four of us.”

“Sounds like an idea to me. Maybe we’ll call it the mother….swappers club.”

“Okay everyone, the waiter is motioning for us to get our butts to our table. We’ll see you tomorrow morning.”


They sit down at their table. Carole snuggles next to her date for tonight, her handsome son Ricky Baker. Her teenage son has had quite a week! And now tonight she can finally be alone with her lover-son for the whole night.

Ricky orders a glass of white for his mother and also a glass of white for himself.

“You know Ricky darling, last week we had sex on the couch. Then yesterday we had sex in front of everyone. But tonight it’s going to be just the two of us. I’m really looking forward to tonight.”

“So am I mom! Let’s make a toast. Here’s to a night of hotel sex…”

“MMMMM!!! Hotel sex with my hunk of a son? Mommy’s wet already!”

Andrea walks up to their table.

“Sorry to interrupt you two lovebirds, but Carole I have to see you for a second. I forgot something.”

Carole gets up and they go to the ladies room.

“Carole, here. This is for you.”

Carole looks at the tube of Nuru anal lubricant.

“Carole…I didn’t know…but I hope you and Ricky…can find some use for this tonight. I plan to spring it on Jason tomorrow morning after we wake up.”

“Where did you get this? I thought she only sells her stuff on the internet.”

“I flagged her down in the parking lot when she was leaving. She had a couple of extra samples in her trunk.”

“You know Andrea, I hadn’t really planned to do the anal with Ricky tonight, but it certainly sounds….interesting. You know since you were so nice to give this to me…I guess Ricky and I better not let it go to waste.”

“MMMMM!!! You go girl!!!”

Carole walks back to their able and puts the tube in her purse. Mother and son look at their menus.

“Mom, I’m going to order for both of us, okay?”

Carole is shocked. A week ago Ricky was just an average teenager, spending the night whacking off in his room like most k**s his age. Now, he’s with his beautiful sexy mom, and he’s ordering dinner for both of us. Where did he learn that one?

The waiter comes back to take their order.

“First we are going to have the appetizer, some scallops seared in the lemon sauce. For the salads the lady will have the Caesar and I will have the house salad with the oil vinaigrette. For our entrees first the lady will have the salmon, lightly broiled with a touch of garlic along with red potatoes in butter. I will have the New York, medium rare, with baked potato, just butter on the side.”

Carole can’t believe what she just heard!

“And, please bring the lady another wine, but I’m fine for now.”

The waiter leaves and Ricky gives his mother a big smile.

“How’d I do mom?”

“Ricky, darling, WHERE did you learn to do that?”

“Mom, I told you…Dr Stella showed me some new moves! And that’s just one of the things…she taught me.”

Her baby boy is turning from a teenage hunk into a young man hunk right before her eyes!

The waiter comes back with a second glass of white for the sexy blonde mother.

“Mom…I have another toast. Here’s to the new move I’m gonna put on you later, courtesy of Dr Hughes.”

“And Ricky darling, here’s to the move I’m gonna put on you, courtesy of…Mistress Chan…and Andrea.”

The waiter comes back with their entrees. Halfway through their meal, she reaches over.

“God, you know darling, watching you order dinner for me like that, it actually got me horny.! My panties are wet… here…see for yourself.”

The gorgeous blonde mother takes her teenage son’s hand and guides it up her creamy tanned thigh .The boy feels the soaking wetness of her dripping cunt through the tiny g-string. Ricky smiles at his mother.

“Mom…my fucking cock is just about ready to shoot, right here.”

“I know baby. Let’s hurry and finish our dinner.”

As they finish the waiter asks them if they have room for dessert. They look at each other, and decline the offer. They can’t wait for their dessert back at their room! They walk out of the restaurant where all of the other couples are still finishing their meals. They walk by Andrea and Jason and give them a final adieu for the night. Andrea speaks up.

“Look at you two lovebirds! You guys finished your meals in record time. It looks like you two can’t wait…for dessert! Jason and I are just a couple of minutes behind you. See you in the morning…and Carole…we will definitely have a lot to talk about, won’t we?”

“Oh…I know we will definitely have a lot to talk about. Good night you two.”

Mother and son get to their room and Ricky unlocks the door, They walk in where Ricky locks the door behind them. They are finally alone! Ricky looks at his drop dead gorgeous, sexy, classy, blonde mother.

“Mom, you are so fucking incredible. You are just so fucking…..beautiful…”

“Ricky, darling, I want more than anything to give you a night you’ll never going to forget. But I do have one question. before we get started.”

“Whats that mom?

“Darling, tonight, do you want to fuck Carole Baker? Or do you want to make love….to your mother?”

“Mom, I guess…both. I definitely want to make love…to my sexy beautiful…mother. But…I want to fuck the crap out of you too.”

“MMMM!!! Yes!!! My boy!!! Yes….!!! Darling why don’t you go and get cleaned up? Hurry! Then it’s my turn. I have a little something I want to show you.”

Ricky hurries and gets cleaned up and brushes his teeth. Even though he has fucked his mom twice so far, he is nervous as hell. Tonight is different. He knows if he pleases his mother, this can work out into a regular thing!

Ricky walks out wearing just a pair of skimpy black briefs. Before Carole goes into the bathroom she asks her teenage son to unzip her dress.

Carole Baker, the Ivy league educated, classy, gorgeous blonde could have just about any millionaire CEO, or in fact any man she ever wanted. But here she is, in this bathroom, giddy as a little schoolgirl, nervous as hell! She wants to look fabulous for her teenage…son!

Carole rubs some oil on her legs and up her thighs. The oil has a scent of vanilla, which smells great and has always been one of Ricky’s favorites. The oil makes her long creamy tanned legs glisten in the semi darkness of the hotel room. Next come her arms, shoulders and tits. In a couple minutes the horny teenager will be licking this vanilla oil off her big boobs.

She has brought an assortment of g-strings for the weekend, but tonight is special. For tonight she has a tiny little white number with little hearts in the crotch. Underneath the crotch there is a small inscription…”tonight and forever this is yours.” She puts on a new pair of white patent fuck me heels which Ricky hasn’t seen yet. Some gold ear rings and he gold MF chain complete her outfit. Some dark red lipstick, and some makeup and she is ready to meet her teenage lover-son on the other side of the door.

The teenager is laying on the bed. The sheets are already pulled back. Carole Baker walks out to greet her son.



Carole turns around to make sure her teenage son gets a great view of his mother’s ass and legs.

“Mom, come here. I wanna kiss you.”

The sexy mother doesn’t have to be told twice. She climbs into bed, and in a second is on top of her son, kissing him. Swapping tongues the boy’s hands are all over his mother’s slick vanilla coated body.

“Mom!! You smell like…vanilla.”

“Yes baby…and I taste like vanilla too…I made sure I put it..everywhere.”

“Mom….suddenly I want to lick all the vanilla off you.”

“Go ahead baby….lick it all up…lick mommy….all over.”

The boy knows what to to, thanks to his night with Dr Stella Hughes! The teenager kisses his mother, then some pecks on her cheek, then some soft kisses on her neck and her ears.

“Mom…you are so fucking beautiful. I know I’m the luckiest guy around to have a mom as hot as you.”


The teenager heads south, exploring her ankles and feet.

“Mom….I love these shoes…Dr Hughes said they are called fuck me shoes. I can see they still have the sales tag on the bottom.”

“Sorry about that baby. I just got them for tonight.”

“Mom…these fuck me heels…I think we better use them like they were intended.”

“For what I paid for them we better get a lot of use out of them!”

“Mom, you always know the right things to say…”

The teenager kisses her ankles then travels north, gently licking the insides of her knees. Carole’s legs part, giving her son access to the insides of her thighs. Ricky suddenly goes back to her shoulders, teasing his mothers oily mom boobs.

“Ricky, baby….please….lick mommy’s titties…play with them..please.”

“Oh mom…yes…”

The teenager licks one of his mother’s boobs, then the other. He puts one nipple into his mouth, sucking it like he did 18 years ago.

“Rickkkyyy….pinch the other one….harder….please…”

The teenager has one nipple in his mouth, one hand squeezing the other nipple while the other hand starts rubbing the inside of her thigh. The horny blonde mother is going crazy! One part of her wants the teenager to hurry and fuck her now but the other wants this teasing to go on forever…


The teenager goes down, kissing her tummy and belly button. He gets to the edge of her hungry mommy hole then suddenly goes back to the insides of her thighs. He is now kissing the insides of her widespread thighs, licking up the vanilla oil as he travels slowly northward.


The teenager thinks for a minute. Thank you Dr Hughes! In one night she showed him how to drive his mother crazy! And he has a couple more moves for her too!

“Mom…the panties have a little saying. This…is all mine??”

“Shit…yes, darling!! Mommy’s little cunt…it’s all yours…all you want…! Now…get em off!!! Go ahead…RIP EM OFF!!!!”

Ricky grabs his mothers little white g-string and gives them a hard yank. The tiny string is no match for a horny teenage boy.

There it is! Gorgeous classy sophisticated Carole Baker’s blonde mommy hole is open for her teenage son!


The teenager licks the edge of her widespread wet pussy lips. The lips taste less like vanilla and more like her cunt juice. He’s doing this slowly, teasing his gorgeous mother just like Dr Hughes taught him. And it’s working out just like she said it would!

The teenager flicks his tongue across her swollen clit. One tiny lick then back to her pussy lips…the horny blonde’s tanned legs are spread wide. The white fuck me heels are pointed at the ceiling and are in danger of falling off.


Its time for the teenager to give his sexy mother what she really wants. The boy licks her clit, running the length of his tongue over the swollen nub.


Is time to make love to his loving mother. The teenager gently sucks on the tip of her swollen clit. Carole’s fists pound the mattress as her young son teases the swollen bud of her throbbing clit. The gorgeous blonde mother’s body shudders and violently shakes. Her hands grab the back on her sons head as she orgasms.


The teenager hangs on for dear life not wanting to take his mouth off of his gorgeous blonde mother’s spasming clit.


After a second orgasm, the spent mother takes her hands off the boy’s head. Ricky’s face is soaked with his mother’s love sauce. He looks up at his beautiful spread eagled mother. Their eyes meet and he gives her a huge smile.

“Rickyyyy! WHERE did you learn to do that?”

“Mom…that was one of the moves…Dr Hughes taught me.”

“Ricky….can…we do this again?”

“Mom..anytime. Except next time I might go down there and not want to leave…for a few hours.”

“Now…Ricky….it’s your turn. Mommy’s gonna suck that big dick.”

The teenager gets on his back, the swollen wet cock straining to be set free from his jockeys. The blonde mother grabs he waistband of her son’s briefs.

“Sorry baby, your mommy isn’t strong enough to rip them off. This will have to do.”

Carole pulls her son’s jockey shorts off the flings them onto the floor, landing on top of her torn g-string.

“Mom…look! My shorts landed on top of your little panties. I think those two are going to have some fun tonight too!”

Carole is so turned on she doesn’t want to wait. She wants that throbbing dripping dick in her mouth now!

“Sorry baby! Mommy wants that big dick right now…and can’t wait.”

The horny mother grabs her son’s dripping wet cock and tastes the precum oozing out of his pink cock head. She puts the head into her mouth then half of Ricky’s length is in her hungry mommy mouth. She teasingly travels to the underside of his swollen balls, giving each swollen testicle a tiny suck before going back to his swollen cock.


Carole knows from years of sucking cocks that the horny teenager won’t last too much longer which is exactly what the blonde mother wants. The relaxes her throat muscles and feels the entire length of his teenage cock slide into her mouth. She has deep throated her son!


Ricky’s hips buck off the bed, in a desperate effort to drive more cock down her hungry mouth. Carole can feel her son’s tiny pubes tickle her chin as the entire length of his cock is in her mouth. Ricky can’t stand it any longer. Carole grabs her boy’s hips and holds her mouth tight, forming an airtight seal around the spasming cock. She feels the first tiny jet of warm semen against the back of her throat.


The second jet of warm sperm hits the back of the horny mother’s throat….then another…then one after another rope of teenage cock juice.


If he doesn’t know by now, Ricky is learning that his mother is a great cocksucker! Carole chokes and gags as the horny boy unloads spurt after spurt of teenage semen in her mouth. A gurgling sound fills the room as Carole Baker swallows the last drop of her son’s semen.

I did it! I deep throated my son, and swallowed every drop! None of those teenage whores at his school can do that!

“Mom!!!! Jeezussss!! Mom…I never….I mean…”

“Ricky….now….you know your mommy is a good cocksucker! Baby….one thing you will learn. NO ONE will ever suck you cock half as well as your mother who loves you!”

“Mom…And NO ONE will ever lick your pussy…like your son…who loves you!”

“Sounds good to me baby!”

Three doors away Jason and his sexy mom Andrea finally have the night to themselves.

“Jason!!! Fuck your mother!!! Go baby!!! Go!!!!” Harder!!!”

Jason’s teenage hips are a blur as he buries his cock inside his mother’s welcoming blonde cunt. He has been fucking his mother for almost a year but tonight seems different. This whole weekend has been different. His blonde mother seems way more excited than usual, while Jason’s mind flashes back and forth between his sexy mother and his new crush, Mrs Carole Baker.

Andrea wraps her long legs around her son’s torso as things seem to be getting even more intense. Her mind pictures young Ricky Baker’s contorted face as he pounds away at her milf cunt. No! That’s wrong! She’s with her own son right now and she should be thinking of only her teenage boy. Finally she gets Ricky’s face out of her mind and it’s her own son fucking her. For some reason things seem a lot more heated than usual.

“Mom!!! I’m gonna shoot it!!!”


Jason unloads a huge wad of teenage sperm deep into his mother’s belly, then another blast. Andrea squeezes her cunt muscles around her son’s squirting cock, milking his teenage dick. Soon Andrea’s tight cunt is full and some precious sperm oozes out onto the bed sheets. The teenage boy collapses on top of his mother.

“Ohhh mom!!!”


“Mom….I think…I wanna fuck you again in a few minutes, but right now I’m worn out!”

“I know darling. It’s been a long weekend, hasn’t it?”

“Mom, it has…but tonight, I hope we are just getting started.”

Three doors away Carole Baker is making out with her teenage son. Soft kisses on his neck, his ears, she whispers into her son’s ear.

“Ricky, baby, I want you to fuck me…like a slut mommy. Your mommy wants to be your fuck whore.”

Dr Hughes was right again! Dr Stella had told Ricky that sometimes his mother will want to be made love to and other times she will be wanted to be fucked like a slut. Ricky now knows that at least for now, his loving sexy blonde mother wants it like a fuck slut!

They kiss, this time locking lips. Ricky is on top of his mother. She spreads her long tanned legs, her white heels are pointed at the ceiling. She looks at her son, pleading with him to fuck her like the mommy slut she is!

“Ricky…..fuck mommy hard…Mommy needs that big dick….please..”

The teenager guides his swollen teenage cock to the entrance of her open mommy hole…


What? His mother on her back, spread wide for him like a fuck slut and begging him for it…then…what?

“Ricky, reach over to the night stand. Grab that tube of lubricant.”

The teenager reaches over and gets the tube. He reads the label. Its a tube of Nuru massage anal lube. SHIT!!! Does his sexy blonde mother want it…in the ASS?

“Ricky, baby, your mommy….wants your big cock….in the butt.”

In all of the teenager’s fantasies about his gorgeous sexy blonde mother, he never in a million years dared dream that something like this would ever happen!

Carole turns over onto her tummy. She grabs a pillow and puts it under her tummy, so to give her son more leverage. Classy, sexy, Ivy league educated, grade A milf, Mrs Carole Baker, is on her tummy, legs spread. Her tiny asshole slowly opening for her teenage son.

There it is! Ricky can see her open butt hole, begging for his cock! Ricky must be the luckiest guy in the world!

“Baby, put a big gob it in my ass…work it in with your finger….MMMM!!! Good! Baby, can you feel mommy’s little butt hole…opening up? It’s opening up for my baby boy. Now go ahead put another gob in there…get mommy all nice and slippery in there. YES!!! Baby….now mommy’s tight little ass is all ready for you. Now…put a big gob on your cock…and work it up and down…..I want your big cock all slippery….otherwise you’ll hurt mommy…”

It’s time. Carole Baker is ready to take her teenage son…up the ass!

“Now Ricky baby…it’s time. Mommy’s butt hole is ready. Go ahead…slowly…push it in…a little at a time. OHHHHHHH!!!! Can you feel how tight mommy’s little butt hole is? Now go ahead push a little more….OHHHHHHH!!! Give mommy just a minute. Mommy has to get used to your big cock in my butt. Now go ahead baby…all the way…..OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Mrs Carole Baker now spread eagled on her tummy, has her 18 year old son’s cock buried in her tight asshole! The gorgeous blonde grabs the edge of the bed to brace herself for what’s going to happen next. She knows there’s no turning back now.

“Ricky, baby….now go ahead….fuck mommy, slowly. MMMMM!!! Good!! Yes! It’s been years since I’ve had a cock in my butt. OHHHHHH Ricky!!! It’s starting to feel good…really good in there! YES!!!! Ricky…I LOVE IT!!! Ricky….fuck me! Fuck your mommy slut…up the butt!!!”

The teenage boy can’t believe this. Nothing can ever be as good as fucking his sexy blonde mother in her…ass!


Ricky wants this to last forever but nothing lasts forever! His mother’s tight anal muscles squeeze his cock. The Nuru oil makes his cock slide easily up his mother’s tight shitter. He can feel it! He’s almost ready to explode.



The horny boy unloads his river of teenage semen deep into his mother’s bowels. Carole clenches her jaw and screams as her son rides his mother to the most shuddering orgasm she has ever experienced.

Young Ricky Baker collapses on top of the sexy blonde mother. His spent cock still buried in his mother’s tight little ass.

“Jeezus mom!!!!!! Mommmm!!! I love you…mom…so much!”

“Oh baby….you know how much your mommy loves you. Did you like…fucking your slut mommy…in her tight little ass?”

“Mom…I love you…but I’m getting to love slut mommy too! It’s like I have two completely different moms.”

“I’m glad my boy is picking up on the fact that sometimes I need to be treated like a fuck slut. You are wise beyond your 18 years, Mr Baker!”

“Thanks mom! I know how bad dad treated you and I know how much you’ve sacrificed for me. I really wanted this night to be special for you.”

“Baby….this night is just starting! The rest of the night I just want my baby boy to hold me…and make slow…love to me.”

“Sounds good to me mom. Right now slow sounds great! But…I gotta rest for a few minutes.”

“Baby…if we fall asleep…and don’t wake up till tomorrow, this night’s been a success, don’t you think?”

“Mom….yes…a huge success. But I know…I gotta a couple more in me. After all, I’m with the sexiest woman on the planet.”

The next morning Jason and her son Andrea were getting dressed. They stuffed their used clothes into the suitcases. It will take her a couple hours to wash and iron everything. On the nightstand she grabbed the half full tube of Nuru anal lubricant. It had been quite a night. The sexy teen hunk Jason Cook had fucked his blonde mother many many times, but last night was different. Things were so much more…Andrea didn’t know how to describe it but it was definitely a lot more intense. Jason had woken up with a case of the morning wood and Andrea was more than happy to take care of her teenage son’s morning erection. The handsome dark haired 18 year old boy had fucked his blonde mother in her tight ass this morning. He had cum like never before, finally collapsing on top of her, their bodies bathed in sweat and totally drained.

Thee doors away Carole Baker was in the shower with her own teenage son. They had both overslept a bit after making slow love for what seemed hours. Carole couldn’t believe what a lover her teenage son had become in just a short time. Ricky was caring, loving, planting soft kiss on every square inch of her beautiful tanned body. But when it was time to deliver the goods, Ricky was powerful, driving her to one powerful orgasm after another.

The warm water felt great on their bodies after such a wonderful night. As Carole ran the bar of soap up and down the length of her son’s teenage cock the sexy blonde went down to her knees in front of his stiff hunk of teenage manhood. She lovingly kissed up and down his cock, the water from the shower running down her son then onto her. She licked his ball sack, noticing that his testicles were not swollen like they were last night. She had succeeded in draining most of the teenage sperm out of those big balls!

Carole stands up and they kiss as the water cascades over both of them. She looks at her boy, grabs his stiffening dick….and asks her boy.

“ got one more…for your mommy?”

She turns around and spreads her legs. The teenager gets behind his gorgeous mother.

“Mom….looking at you…shit yes I do…!”

Ricky slowly pushes his teenage cock inside his mother. Carole, legs spread to welcoming her sons throbbing man meat, loses her balance. She grabs the water knob so she won’t fall over. They are now directly under the shower head, the full force of the shower hitting her in the face.

“Fuck me…baby. Fuck your mommy….hard……”

Ricky doesn’t have to be told twice. He drives his hips against his mother. His teenage cock buried inside his mothers welcoming cunt. he warm slippery wetness of his mother feels wonderful, as the boy can feel his mother squeezing his hard cock. The teenager now driving his cock home…pinning his mother against the shower wall. He grabs her tits to brace himself against his sexy mother.


Ricky explodes, as one last stream of teenage semen floods his blonde mother’s welcoming womanhood.



Mother and son try to catch their breath after just having had a wonderful shower fuck! The boy slowly pulls out, the river of teenage spunk running down his mothers legs as the warm water washes it onto the floor and down the drain. The two i****tuous lovers kiss.

“MMMMMMM!!! Ricky baby, I think you are going to have to shower with your mommy a lot more often..!”

“How about…every morning, mom?”

“But we might get carried away and I don’t want you…late for school…”

“Mom…I’m done… I’m totally worn out.”

“Baby…mommy’s worn out too. Let’s get dressed and packed up. We’re going to meet Jason and Andrea in a half hour for breakfast.”

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