The niece -4 Feeding the baby

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The niece -4 Feeding the baby

The pool incident ended with my niece asking me if I could be her stud (as it were) during her husband’s absence. ??There were only three days left before she and my sister went home and while I had enjoyed, no wait, I was overwhelmed by the events, (the campfire and the pool), I had not really had good sex with her. Both events were quick, hidden, in fact almost clothed. I really felt like seeing her fully nude and doing things with her that an uncle really should not be thinking about. ??By this point however, some of you have already labeled me a shit so let’s carry on shall we??

?The next morning I’m sitting in my usual chair, having coffee, reading a book. I’m an early riser (pardon the pun) and I was in the exact same spot as I was when this story began a few days back. By now, I’m a sex fiend. I practically want to **** her but of course, with the baby and my sister around, this will just not happen. ??I hear Kim coming down the stairs with her baby; she gets a glass of orange juice, comes and sits in the room where I’m sitting.

Just so you have this mental image, this room has large bay windows on three sides, I live on a gentlemen’s farm out in the country and I can see for miles and miles. That morning the sun is up, just above the horizon, and there is a yellow-orange glow in the room. Even when I’m on my own, I really enjoy this room, my favorite. So Kim comes to the room and before taking a sit in front of me, comes over and plans a very nice, warm, full lipped kiss. No tongue mind you, I’m having coffee, she’s just getting up and I’ll spare you the details. But you will agree that a full-lipped kiss is often more sexy, sensual than a tongue-down-your-throat one. ??While she’s kissing me, baby in one arm, juice in the other, I run my hand up between her thighs and slowly inch my way up. If she wants to pull back, she’s got lots of time, but she doesn’t. Instead she stands up straight, looks me in the eye and says: “That’s exactly what I mean, using me like a man. I like that so much!”

My hand goes up…no panties. But instead of playing with her lips, I reach behind her, and I rub her ass while rubbing my arm against her love hole. ??“Let’s not” she says, “I’m so horny, I’ll fuck you right here and I have to feed the baby”. She leaves to sit in the sofa right in front of me. The sun is shinning on them, she opens her robe and takes her right breast out but before feeding the baby, she takes a sip of juice letting me see her nipple and round breast. This is turning out to be a fucking dream people, I love seeing women who breast feed their babies. There is a mix of sensuality and warmth. Devotion and a bit of sluttiness. (Is this a word by the way)?

But Kim doesn’t end there, while installing the baby, she puts her right leg under her left, opens her legs, puts a cushion on her arm and plugs the baby. Of course she knows I’ve got a view up her robe. ??“Like what you see”?“Love what I see”?
“So what are you gonna do about it?”?
“Not much I CAN do now, is there?”?“Sure there is, you can finish what you started the other day when I was sleeping here and you were looking up my nightgown.”?
“I don’t think I can do that with your mom upstairs”
?“Oh, come on you big chicken, please, let me see you beat off while looking at me…will this help?” ??

And with that she takes out her other breast and starts playing, pulling and rubbing her nipple. OK, I lost it there. Again. This was becoming a habit as far as my niece was concerned. ??So I started jacking off under my sweat pants.??

“Not fair” she says, “not fair. You can see me but I can’t see you”

?“You mom is upstairs you warped little girl”?

“Warped I am, I just want to see my most favorite uncle jack off while looking up my robe, now is that too much to ask?

”??So out comes the dick, which by this time is rock hard. Of course, you will agree that I didn’t even need to fantasize about anything. She was right there, legs open, playing with her nipple and smiling at me. I was trying to go real slow but my ears were super tuned to any noises upstairs but within 5 minutes I came on my T-shirt and Kim looked, eyes wide opened and smiled all the while. ??

“Hummmm, that was sexy uncle. That was super sexy. I’ll keep this in mind for a very very long time”?

“Yeah, but that was not right, you didn’t get to share the pleasure”?

“I’ll take care of that myself in the shower later. Will you join me?”?

“Sure, with your mom around. What am I gonna say: Oh excuse me, I’m going to take a shower with your daughter”??

“You might be surprised what your sister is opened to.”??

What had I just heard? No, she can’t be serious. My sister is the straightest girl I have ever known.

Nahhh, she’s joking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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