The Poker Game – Part Five – Final Chapter

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The Poker Game – Part Five – Final Chapter
The Poker Game – Part 5
The Final Chapter

So we were past the hard part and worn out a little
but happy. We had done good and were now regarded
as desirable, and valuable. We were released and
just sitting up on the raised platform still naked except
for our heels.
John said to the group. “I’m very proud of my wife Kathy.
She has done everything that was required of her tonight
and now as we end the evening, I have one more order for
her to obey. She is now available to the group for 30
minutes of use as the groups gang bang slut. This will be
a first for her but hell, every things been a first for her
tonight and I think she’s ready for this!”
Mark said, ” Sherry is also ready now for slut training. ”
The six men walked over and surrounded us and we both
had hands all over us. Probing, squeezing, and we now
had moved from pain slaves to sex slaves which was just
fine with me. I love sex, really love it so as the men split
up in to two groups of three I was ready to go.
Mark, Keith, and Steve took control of Kathy and that left
John, Mike, and Robert focusing on me. Mike & Robert
Took hold of me with my hands on their shoulders and
they had an arm under both my legs and they held me
up so John could walk right up between my legs and
fuck me. So they all took a turn holding me up and
fucking me and I loved it. Eventually Robert layed
back on the platform and I was lifted and positioned
over his hard black cock which he inserted into my wet
and ready pussy. Then Mike pulled my arms behind my
back and cuffed my wrists. The he pushed me forward
and worked his hard cock into my ass. That only left
my mouth and John grabbed me by the hair and said,
“Open your mouth Slut”. I obeyed and he slid his big
cock into my mouth and started fucking it. They were all
fucking me at this point and with 3 large, hard cocks filling
all my holes my breathing was getting faster although with
John’s big cock in my mouth I was panting and breathing
as best I could.
I glanced over at Kathy and wasn’t surprised to see her in
pretty much the same position I was in. Mark was on his
back and Kathy was riding his cock as Keith fucked her in
the ass and Steve was working her mouth. She was
drooling and the drool was running down her chin. I have
to admit she looked way the hell sexy. I knew this was a
brand new experience for her. She had never been used
as an obedient and willing slut but she was certainly
getting the whole experience now. I couldn’t really tell
if she was enjoying it but I could plainly see that the men
that had her were very excited.
Somebody was slapping my tits and pinching my sore
nipples but I wasn’t sure who? It seemed like I was going
to be the first one to climax and then, yes, it rushed over
me. Now I was moaning and bucking and having a very
intense orgasm. That seemed to make the 3 men that
were fucking me go wild and they started pumping me harder
and one by one they too started to cum. I could feel the
hot load of sperm from Mike shooting into my ass and
that no sooner happened then John swelled up and shot
another hot load down my throat. I gagged a little while
trying to swallow it all down and as I choked Robert got
a hold of my tits and was squeezing the hell out of them
and then he exploded in my pussy. Mike started slapping
my ass and I had a second orgasm and I think I almost
passed out. In day to day life I’m a good wife and a normal
lady who does normal things but right now I was a a****l
in heat. They were using me as their slut and I felt really
nasty and turned on by that. For a long time, whenever I
see these guys I will know that they are looking at me and
remembering this evening. That thought made me even
more horny if that was possible. When they were done
using me they all got off me and zipped up. I just laid on
the platform, totally used up. I had cum dripping out of
everywhere. Robert pulled me by the hair and ordered
me to lick up the little puddles of cum that had dripped
out of me and he spun me around so my face was inches
from the first little puddle. I heard him say, “Would you
like to lick that sperm up slut?”
I said to him, “Yes please Master. I want every drop.”
Then my tongue came out of my mouth and it seemed
I was licking the cum off the platform as though this was
a totally normal thing for me to be doing. Robert pulled
my hair and guided me to each spot of cum and I licked
the floor until it was all gone.
They had their phones out and were videoing this last
humiliating act of the evening.
I could see Kathy next to me with a dildo in her mouth
and I could see Mark had moved behind her and was
fucking her pussy going for a second orgasm. The other
guys had gone back to the bar in the corner and were
having drinks and laughing as I watched my husband
fucking the shit out of Kathy. Kathy was making loud
grunting and moaning noises and almost let the dildo
fall out of her mouth but she managed to hold on to it
as she must have been ordered to do. My husband was
pumping her pretty hard and then he shot his load. She
arched her back and had a intense orgasm too. Then
she collapsed and Mark pulled up his pants and walked
off the platform to join the group at the bar.
What a long, nasty night this had been. I knew John and
Kathy were spending the night and I was ready for a good
nights sleep. It looked to me like Kathy was too but that
would be up to Mark & John. As the men finished their
drinks and were getting ready to leave, Mark said, “You
two ladies show our guests to the door.” I thought cool, now
were back to being ladies. Naked and sticky with cum but
ladies. So we got up and each took a couple guys hand
in hand and walked them up the stairs and to the front
door. We were groped some more and pulled out onto
the front porch, still naked and then after some kisses
they finally all left. We opened the door and hurried back
into the house.
Mark and John came up and took us in their arms and
told us how well we did and how they were proud of
their little sluts and we hugged them back and I know
I felt good about the evening and I’m sure Kathy did
too. She had done things that a week ago she would
never had thought she could or would do and she did
them without hesitation. She impressed ‘every body’
especially John, her husband. They were now on the list
of people in the BDSM social circle and there was a good
chance that Robert would have them over for a weekend
at his estate where the rest of the BDSM Club would be
able to meet and get to know them which would probably
end up in a vote for membership which is what her and
John wanted.
So the evening was over and the four of us went back to
the master suite and took a hot, group shower and then
we kissed our guys good night and all slid into our oversize
King bed. Us girls were sandwiched in the middle and
Kathy and I hugged and kissed a long goodnight kiss
and ended up falling asleep in each others arms.
What a perfect end to an all out exciting evening.
I love my life………

-The End-

So what’s next?

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