The Polish Pecker and his Girlfriend

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The Polish Pecker and his Girlfriend
Finally – a recount of what happened at the encounter with the Polish Pecker and his girlfriend. Things have been a little hectic of late and with the disruption to normal life in August, I have not been able to get around to this. In fact I have not been screwing around for the last four months and it is really only with my trip to New York a couple of weeks ago that I got my va va voom back and am now firmly in the saddle again.

So, the PP and I had been messing around for a couple of weeks and had introduced one of the security guards in the next building to the joys of extra relationship coupling when the topic of a three-way with his girlfriend came up one night after a steamy session in one of the cleaning storage rooms upstairs. He was more than a little buzzed from the beer and poppers and said that it would be a great idea. I didn’t think that he would follow through, but sure enough, a couple of days later when we were having a smoke downstairs he brought up the topic and said that she had agreed, and now all we needed to do was set a date and find a place. They both live with their parents and so their homes were not an option.

I had to go on a trip and decided that the best approach would be to delay my return home by a couple of hours and do the deed at one of the hotels close to the airport.

Part of the deal, was that we would all have the tests done and we would bring our clearance papers with us, because although I have no intention of penetrating anyone without a rubber, there is inevitable cum swapping, and I really don’t need a dose of anything.

Arrived at the airport and the PP picked me up in his car and off we went. When he arrived alone, I immediately thought that he had chickened out, but, no, the girlfriend was already at the hotel.

She was in the bar and had already had a couple by the time we got there – the bar seemed like a great place to meet and kind of ease into things before going upstairs. Picture a seedy hotel bar, kind of dark with big banquette type seats around the wall, a very disinterested bar man, and only one guy sitting at the bar with his back to the wall watching TV with the sound blaring. She was at a table furthest from the bar and unless you knew she was there, you would think that the area was deserted. We walk over, he introduces me, we order a double round of drinks, which the barman delivers and then heads off back to the bar. She’s sitting in the middle with the PP on one side and me on the other. Very low lighting! Not overly attractive, but not a complete dog (which is what I had feared), a little on the chucky side with enormous tits constrained by a very tight, very short dress. We drink, we make small talk, we show our test results, and then I notice that the PP has his hand under the table and he is rubbing her inside thigh. “Are you wearing any panties”, I ask, to which she replies, “No, I didn’t think that they were necessary”. “Can I check”? “Sure” she says, “ but… I’m hoping that you will do more than just look”

So, I look around, set up is exactly what it was before, and I slip down under the table and sure enough, there is this big bright pussy smiling at me. Ever the gentleman, I move forward and give it a little lick. She moans appreciatively, and so I move in closer to pig-out on pussy meat. I am probably about two minutes into a really good muff dive and I realize that the PP has hauled out his pecker and is motioning for me to munch on that too. Now, while I enjoy the taste of fish, there is nothing better than uncut cock. So I munch down for a couple of minutes while slipping my fingers into a now nice and wet fanny. Decide that I am getting far too uncomfortable, as my dick is now straining against my pants and I can feel the precum oozing, so I get back up and the room is exactly the way it was, except that PP and the girl are a little flushed. Carry on chatting and now the conversation is flowing freely and the subject is sex. What do you like, what limits do you have, what don’t you like and so on. Turns out that this chick is as much of a pig as her boyfriend or me, all she wants to see is him being nailed, and her only limit is water sports, although she wants to see before she decides finally on that one.

A final smoke and another beer and we head up to the room. In full light she was probably only about a four and a half, but by this stage I am beyond being fussy. Out of the gear in seconds flat and PP cracked open a couple of beers. While she was still getting out of her dress, he and I were down on her like bees on honey – he at the front and me rimming her from behind. He wasn’t doing the job justice and pretty soon she was grinding her clit into his face.

By this stage PP is beyond horny and shoves his dick down my throat while she goes down on me and I still maintain that no woman can ever suck a guy’s dick as well as another man can. I’m getting a face fucking of note and not much satisfaction down below, so I pull away and PP immediately gets her on the bed, jams his dick in and starts pumping like a teenager doing it for the first time. While he’s pounding away, I open his ass cheeks and start rimming him – slowly at first, and then gradually pushing my tongue deeper and deeper. The idiot is racing to the end, so I pull him off and give him a deep hit of poppers and tell him to slow down and enjoy. He cools down a little and finally starts giving my dick the attention that by this stage it’s desperate for. She grabs the lube and starts working her finger up my hole and after a couple of snorts of the poppers, I am nice and relaxed. PP slips on a condom and rams it straight in. I pull away so that I can munch on the bitch’s cunt at the same time that I am being ploughed. Again, straight in – and let me tell you this fellow is endowed – right in up to the “feel good” spot. By now he has calmed down and I am being rhythmically fucked – slow and deep. All the while I am using my tongue to play with an increasingly swollen clit while listening to their breathing becoming harder and shorter. She pops first and I feel this warm sensation on my tongue so I start sucking down and pushing my tongue deeper and deeper, alternating between tongue and suck. Pretty soon I am rewarded with a minor eruption in my mouth and I drink deep. By now PP is pretty worked up and getting ready for the final stretch – a couple of contractions of the butt cheeks just about does it and he hauls it out, whips off the rubber and jacks a load all over my face – like most men, he really digs seeing himself spray. He tells her to lick it off my face, but she ain’t having any of that, so he shows her how and pretty soon all three of our faces are covered in mix of our various body fluids as by now he has taken my load down his throat.

Collapsing on the bed and he and I light up a smoke while she gets us another beer from the bag on the counter and she ducks to the bathroom to clean up. We just lay there smoking and swilling down beer.

After about 10 minutes, I decide to do a clean up job on his knob with my tongue and pretty soon he is as erect as he was when we walked in. Pulled up his legs and started rimming him while gently massaging his dick with my left hand and opening the poppers with my right. I give the bottle to him and he inhales deeply and pretty soon his anus relaxes enough for me to get two fingers in. Lubed him good, first with spit and then with loads of KY – he’s a tight little fucker and he needs to be really open before I can get in. So now I have him by the ankles and just about to slide a condom on when the girlfriend comes out of the bathroom. She comes over and rolls my condom on for me, lubes me up and then guides me to the manhole. Tight, but no resistance and I am quickly into a rhythm. She in the meanwhile has gone to sit on his face and bending forward starts blowing him while he munches. She’s bitching that he isn’t doing it properly and he’s mumbling about her not using her tongue enough, and I’m just stroking. I tell her to get off and pass me the butt plug that I had brought with me and then, still stroking, help her get it into myself. She massages the plug into me for a while and stands on the bed straddling the PP with her muff right at face level. Who says a man can’t do more than one thing at a time – eating her, stroking away and jacking him. My legs are feeling a little shaky and I’m thinking to myself that I have to put more time in at the gym if I am going to keep this up. He starts tensing up, so I pull out ‘cos I’m pretty close too, and he takes over, using his huge hand to pull my cock against his and jacks them together. Amazing sensation, smooth dick on the one side and rough palm on the other. A couple of minutes and both of us shoot all over the thick hair covering his chest. She ain’t gonna make it on this go around, so she climbs off and helps me clean him, both of our tongues lapping up the salty slime off his chest, stopping every now and then to swap juice between us and occasionally to give him a taste too.

I’m shattered, and collapse on the bed for a couple of minutes, but by now the beer has worked it’s way through the system and I’m desperate to piss. I tell them and PP says he has to go too – we make our way to the bathroom telling her to join us to watch some water sports. We both get into the bath, facing each other and start the flow. He goes down and takes my dick in his mouth allowing my piss to cascade off his tongue and onto his chest. The chick thinks that this is cool and puts her head between his legs and he pisses all over her. This guy has a large tank and he soaks her head completely and then lies down between my legs and tells her to get on top and to shower him too. She obliges, squatting over his dick, and starts spraying while I massage her fanny from behind. We’re all wet by now and decide to shower together in the bath – I normally hate showers in the bath, but in this case it was really convenient, even if we did manage to get more water on the floor than we would have liked to.

We dry off and go back to the bed to rest. Turned on the TV to watch some porn and just chilled out for about 20 minutes, and then the PP and I pulled on our shorts and went out onto the balcony to do a J. Standing there passing the J and talking about the scene and what we still wanted to do. He wanted me to shag his chick while he watched and jacked off, but for me the main event had to be a double fuck with me in the front and him going in the back. He was cool with this idea (had never tried it before), but did want me to start so that he could jack to a full erection.

We go back in and she’s up for more so I get her to put a condom on for me while I’m still half erect and then to use her mouth to roll it all the way down. Her cunt is dry so I lube her up with some KY and enter gently, watching the PP pulling his pud to a full erection. He’s up in a few seconds and taking the gel from me starts lubing the rear passage and his dick. His dick in the right hand and his left hand working her rear – one finger first, and then two, right in deep. All the while, I’m stroking away and I can feel his fingers. She’s on her left side and I’m on my right when he enters her, timing the entry to coincide with the upstroke. We stroke for a while in unison and then he breaks the rhythm so that his downstoke now coincides with my upstroke. Fuck – this feels fantastic and the chick is in heaven, groaning and groping my ass. By now I have taken the butt plug and have started working it into his hole – a little resistance and then, plop, it’s in and we both pick up the pace. He wants to swap places so we pull out, I quickly change condoms and we swap holes. His dick is bigger than mine so the entry was real easy and it wasn’t long and we were back in stride. Upstroke matching down stroke and the chick is working the plug in his ass. Carried on for about 5 minutes and then he indicated that he needed to blow. I picked up the tempo and in seconds we were both shooting. I relax for a second and then pull out and discard the condom and allow him to clean me, and then he pulls out and I reciprocate – carefully cleaning around the rim of his uncut cock and sucking out the last of the juices, before turning the attention of my tongue to her cunt – deep licks, probing for juice, while at the same time stimulating her. Two minutes tops, and she’s writhing and thrusting her hips upwards and seconds later jazzing into my mouth. Sucking and licking I feel her orgasm a couple of times until eventually she pushes me away.

I’m fucked and so are they and we all collapse in a heap on the bed and just lay there chilling out for about half an hour. A quick shower and I get dressed (the deal was that they were staying at the hotel that night) and we all sat around having a last beer and a smoke and debriefing on the action. She’s definitely game for more, but wants the PP to learn how to properly do her orally and he in turn wants her to practice her BJ skills so that she can make him come with her tongue. A plan is hatched …

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