The Rich Brat. PART I.

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The Rich Brat. PART I.
He laughed when he was told where he was to be sent, Mummy and Daddy would get him out of this,but what Chase did not know was that his parents had met with the Abbot at The Monastery of Repentance,and in their despair had begged the Abbot to take their son and chastise him.Chase had been out of control for a few years now,but each time he had done something wrong his parents were there to sort everything out ,but now that was going to change,Chase was finally going to get what he deserved,something he should have got along time ago,but as the Abbot always said, “It is never too late to learn a lesson”.

Chase James would indeed learn a painful lesson.

The punishment of Chase James would be a special case;Chase came from a very wealthy family who begged the Abbot to make sure whomever punished Chase was very experienced and would take great care with their precious, but,spoiled son. The Abbot had admonished Chase’s parents saying ,”Every penitent boy and girl who comes to the Monastery is well chastised by Nun’s and Monk’s who have extensive experience is administering corporal punishment to errant brats…your son will be dealt with,rest assured of that”. A sizeable donation to further the good work of the Nun’s and Monk’s of the Monastery was offered by Chase’s parents,but this was refused by the Abbot who was outraged that these parents would try to buy a favour for their very naughty son. However the Abbot did have someone special in mind to administer to Chase. For offering the bribe,Chase’s parents found themselves each receiving six of the best from the Abbot which caused both naughty people to become aroused,but once the parents had had been sent to another room the Abbot telephoned Bro.Deaglan to see could he spare sometime to meet with him and discuss the punishment of Chase James.

Bro. Deaglan was a middle aged monk,he had many years experience in punishing naughty boys and indeed girls,but Bro.Deaglan in particular enjoyed punishing naughty boys. The good Monk spent many hours each day with his cane in his hand bringing it to bear on the bare bottoms of naughty boys who were sent to the Monastery.Bro. Deaglan arrived at the Abbot’s study. The Abbot greeted Bro.Deaglan and over tea and digestive biscuits the Abbot told Bro.Deaglan all about Chase James and the wicked antics he got up to.Bro.Deaglan listened intently.
“I am very surprised that this boy Chase has not been sent to us here before now,Abbot,” Bro.Deaglan said.
“Yes,I too am dismayed that Chase has escaped our grasp for so long,but I am sure Bro.Deaglan that you will make Chase repent for many of his indiscretions,” the Abbot said opening a file he had on Chase which contained a photo of a boy with a beautiful,sultry smile,wet hair and water glistening on his upper torso,the boy had clearly been swimming,Bro.Deaglan gazed at the photo,a slight smile on his stern featured face,he would love to have seen a full length photo of Chase,but he would soon see Chase naked and would not just be able to look at this beautiful,naughty boy,but also touch this boy and spank him and even cane him;the thoughts in Bro.Deaglan’s mind were pleasant ones,he could feel himself getting erect under his long woolen habit at the very thought of Chase’s naked bottom under the lash of the cane.
“Where did this photo come from,Abbot?” Bro.Deaglan asked,intrigued.
“One of our ‘supporters’ has been watching Chase and was waiting for the boy to misbehave again before telling us,he thought in the meantime we should have a photo of the boy we would be punishing.”
“I thank you,Abbot,for the opportunity to administer to Chase,I will indeed endeavor to teach this boy a lesson he will never forget.,” Bro.Deaglan said,still imagining what Chase would look like naked and over his knee.
“I chose you,Bro.Deaglan because you have a wide range of implements in the dungeon and I think you will be needing to employ many of those implements of punishment on Chase ,I know you will certainly have your work cut out for you,” the Abbot said, ” but I am more the confident that you are able for the task.”
“You find me both willing and able,Abbot.”
“Before Chase is sent to you I would like for you to meet his parents,I have them in rather a compromising position in my private chamber,” the Abbot said smiling.

The Abbot led the way into a room which had one window high up on the wall,he moved out of the way to let Bro.Deaglan enter the room. Bro.Deaglan was met with the sight of a man and woman,both in their late thirties and naked from their waists down,bending over a table.A Nun,Sr.Ethel,was pacing behind them,holding a thin,flexible whippy cane in her hand,she was about to take careful aim at the naked,red and sore looking bottom of the woman when she noticed the Abbot and Bro.Deaglan.
“Oh,deary me,I was so engrossed in my task I did not see you standing there,” Sr.Ethel said,looking flushed and with a nasty smile on her face. As Bro.Deaglan moved closer he could see that the bare bottoms of both the man and woman displayed raised welts,both were breathing heavily and clearly both had been thrashed severely. As Sr.Ethel stood ready to administer the cane again,the Abbot and Bro.Deaglan walked around the front of the table,Bro.Deaglan noticed that both the man and woman had their wrists tied to the ‘WHIPPING BENCH’ but raised their heads up when then noticed some standing in front of them.
“This is Chase,senior and this Tara;they are the parents of Chase,” the Abbot said, “I did cane them both,but I decided it more prudent to have them punished for a longer period of time and so I enlisted the help of the good Sr.Ethel,” the Abbot continued.
“I thank you for thinking of me,Abbot,” Sr.Ethel said,displaying an evil grin.
“Bro.Deaglan here will be on charge of the punishment of your son,Chase,”the Abbot said,looking down at Chase,snr, and Tara.
It was Chase snr. who spoke first,his wife was clearly in a lot of pain and could barely bring herself to look at Bro.Deaglan and the Abbot,knowing full well what they were about to do to her spoiled,brat of a son.
“Please,Bro.Deaglan,deep down he is a good boy,we beg you not to be too harsh with him,we know you have a job to do and we are very sure you are very good at it like Sr.Ethel here,but please take it easy on Chase,a stern talking to is what he needs,” Chase snr said.
“Your son needs a good spanking and perhaps many strokes of the cane,and Bro.Deaglan will decide on the boy’s punishment,not you Mr.James,” the Abbot said,nodding his head at Sr.Ethel who brought the cane down and across the bare welt covered bottom of Chase,snr. The man yelped out in pain and the Abbot quickly walked around to where Sr.Ethel was standing to see an ugly red,very sore looking, mark left by the cane.
“Oh,deary me,this will rise into a painful welt,” Sr.Ethel said,slightly out of breath,but clearly enjoying her task.
“I will deal with Chase as I see fit ,and by the time I am finished with him,he will sorely regret his misdeeds,”Bro.Deaglan said looking down at Chase snr and Tara.
Sr.Ethel held her cane in one hand and with her free had was raising up the end of Tara’s blouse which had come down, partially,over her bare bottom.
“Yes,indeed,” the Abbot said,” we will leave you to your work,Sr.Ethel”Bro.Deaglan was aware of his erection under his long habit,he would have loved to bring the cane down on Chase,snr. and Tara himself,but he thought it wise to conserve his energy for what lay ahead.

The Abbot returned to his study,clearly excited at the sight of the caning taking place in the next room,as he sat behind his ornate desk on his plush cushioned,ornate chair,he smiled at the sounds emanating from the room next door;Sr.Ethel is indeed making them suffer,he thought to himself. Bro.Deaglan descended . the wide staircase to depths of the Monastery;the lower levels of the Monastery had rooms which were dungeons,where naughty penitents were tied and whipped. Bro.Deaglan reached his room and sat on his chair.He knew that Chase would be on his way.Again the photo of Chase came into his mind,Bro.Deaglan was growing very excited at the prospect of having Chase over his knee.

The knock at the door he had been waiting for finally came and Bro.Deaglan prepared himself by smooting down his habit over his lap and taking a deep breath.
“Come!” he said.
The door opened a beautiful boy entered. Bro.Deaglan immediately recognised the boy from the photo he had seen in the Abbot’s study. “You are Chase James,I presume?”” Bro.Deaglan said,trying,but failing to hide the excitement in his voice.”I am Bro.Deaglan.”
“Yup,I know;can we just get on with this and get it over with?” Chase asked.
“Get what over with boy?”
“You are going to slap my ass,so just go ahead,I have somewhere else I need to be,” Chase said,while pretending defiance,Bro.Deaglan could hear fear in his voice.
Bro.Deaglan sat in silence for a moment,looking at the boy who was wearing a white T Shirt and and knee length. navy coloured Bermuda shorts.The boy was very fit looking and tanned,clearly a boy who enjoyed the outdoors,getting up to mischief.
“Come over here to me ,boy,” Bro.Deaglan said, sternly.
Chase walked over and when he was close enough he suddenly was grabbed and dragged,unceremoniously over the Monk’s knee. Before Chase could even utter and word of protest he felt the Monk pulling at his shorts,there was some success as the shorts came down to the tops of Chase’s thighs,then he wasn’t wearing anything under his shorts and so Bro.Deaglan was met with a sight he longed to see,the bare bottom of Chase James.
“Now I have you just were I want you,Chase,” Bro.Deaglan said as he brought his right hand down firmly on the naked,white bottom before him.

“OUCH!” Chase yelped as the Monk’s hand came down again and again.Chase tried to struggle ,but Bro.Deaglan had a firm grasp of his T Shirt and brought his hand down with more vigor than the previous time.
“Please,enough,please…please,enough!” Chase cried out,but his pleas fell on deaf ears,Bro.Deaglan was experiencing a number of intense emotions; while Chase had to be punished and deserved everything he got,Bro.Deaglan was dealing with what was fast becoming and explosive emotion under his habit,he felt his penis stiffen and pulsate and knew that he was about to cum as he brought his hand down again and again on the bottom of Chase James.Bro.Deaglan felt a beautiful warm feeling spread around his loins as he continued to bring his hand down on the naked bottom of this errant boy.The feeling of Chase over his knee,coupled with the cries of Chase was making Bro.Deaglan very aroused; he decided to strap the boy. He stopped spanking and order Chase to stand up and undress fully.Chase stood up and immediately rubbed his sore bottom. Bro.Deaglan stood up and ,keeping the hood of his habit up to try and hide the look of extreme satisfaction which he felt spread across his face,he prepared the Whipping Horse .

When Chase was naked he had to sit astride the Whipping Horse and lean forward ;his wrists and ankles were tied to the punishment contraption and Bro.Deaglan stood facing Chase for a few moments,catching his breath.”You feel something you have never felt before,Chase,” Bro.Deaglan said,smiling.
Chase could finally see the face of his tormentor,the round,fat face with the little goatee beard.Chase could see that the Monk was enjoying himself.
“Please,I have learned my lesson,I promise,please don’t whip me,please,” Chase pleaded in a desparate attempt to save his sore bottom from further pain.
Bro.Deaglan walked over to a large table and opened a drawer,he came back to Chase holding a short,leather strap,the strap was well worn,clearly from continuous use.Chase gulped, “Please,no,please,I promise I will never do anything wrong again. His pleas only caused the Monk to smile as he took up a position behind Chase and raised the strap up. In a moment Chase cried out as the Monk brought the strap down hard across his bare bottom.

“Oh,yes,that is what you deserve,” Chase heard the Monk mumble. Again the strap came down,landing on Chase’s bare bottom with expert aim.No matter how much he struggled,and he did struggle,Chase could not deflect the strap from coming down and striking the same parts of his bottom which were by now very sore . The Monk placed his hand on Chase’s shoulder as he brought the strap down again and again. The room was filled with the sound of the strap landing on Chase’s bottom and the resulting cries that were by now making Chase quite hoarse. He pleaded with the monk to stop,but again the strap came down. Chase was arching his body ,flexing his fingers and toes and struggling,while Bro.Deaglan was working himself into a terrific orgasm. Bro.Deaglan couldn’t take his eyes of the bare bottom before him as he continuously brought the strap down. He had placed his hand on Chase’s should and thus was aware on every shudder,every twitch the boys’ body was making,this caused the excitement to rise and his hard erect penis under his habit to pulsate until he finally felt the warm liquid pour out,despite this Bro.Deaglan brought the strap down again. Chase had felt the Monk’s hand grip his shoulder and guessed ,correctly,that the Monk was aroused and wondered had the Monk who was whipping him actually cum. Chase was relieved that the whipping had stopped and then became aware that the Monk had probably cum as he watched through eyes filled with tears as the Monk in the long brown,woolen habit took a seat on his chair and rested the strap across his lap.”I am not finished with you yet,Chase,we have sometime to go yet”,Bro.Deaglan said, with a broad grin on his face.

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