The Stepsister Part 12

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The Stepsister Part 12

~~ Start of Part 12~~

I fly into the bedroom and jump into the middle of the bed and roll over. Of course, my semi-hard cock is flopping around in the air by itself as the ladies come in and join me. They huddle up to discuss how they are going to do this. I just lay there waiting to see how this is going to turn out.

Becky turns around finally and says, “ok, the girls will be down by your legs and I will show them how to do this, just be patient honey, it take a few times trying it before you find your rhythm and then it all kind of falls together.”

I am watching as Sis and Mandy get their birthday suits out and smiling at their beautiful bodies. I notice that Becky is just standing there though, watching too.

I look over at her and get her attention, “Hey how come you are not getting that sexy body out too?”

She looks at me and smiles a little and says, “I need to be able to show them how to do this…”

I look at Sis and Mandy and they are smiling as the know what I am about to say I am sure… “well I think you would be able to that much better if you were say…laying on my chest right in front of them so you could get a better vantage point?”

Becky blushes a little and says, “So, you want me to put my pussy in your face do you, Young man?” I nod my head yes with a huge smile on it.

I put the salt in the wound and guarantee it by saying, “you are the one that made me smell that skanks panties…I would like to have a beautiful woman’s lovely fragrance as my memory instead…” I top it off with pleading eyes and a sweet smile for her. She relents and pulls her shorts off and takes off her shirt.

Becky is just getting into her position with her beautiful mound of fiery red hair staring me in the eyes and I fold the pillow the in half and position it so I can take my time and enjoy this beautiful woman’s love chamber. I hear her talking to Mandy and Sis, but I tune that out as she shifts a little and spreads her legs out a little more, which lowers her right on to my chest in perfect position. I wrap my arms around her small waist just above her hips…there we go, now she is locked in and cannot wiggle away!

She looks back at me over her shoulder and says, “You don’t want me moving away I see…that’s ok hon, I won’t go anywhere…” and she winks at me.

I hear her talking to the girls again and I am getting some very nice feelings from all of the hands moving around and touching me, but I begin to concentrate on this amazing pussy that is my face. I take my time and explore it with the tip of my tongue, several times I feel a wave of passion pulse though Becky as she stops talking and I hear a nice low moan of appreciation for my efforts.

They are getting down to business down there now, and it feels amazing. I keep trying to give Becky as much pleasure as I am getting. I am rolling my tongue at different times and I will plunge it into her warm and inviting love canal, that always gets a moan and she will squeeze my thighs with her hands as a wave of pleasure rolls over her.

There is a short pause as the next one gets into position to receive her lesson and I take the opportunity to run the palms of my hands up Becky’s back from the base near her cute little ass all the way to her shoulders and I then move my hands to the side and bring them down and let each finger roll over her large nipples as I continue to move my hands back towards her waist again. Each finger flicks her nipples and with each flick I feel a small shutter of pleasure roll through Becky.

I have already cum once for our first student and am getting close to number two…so I want to make sure Becky knows I am loving this. As I am repositioning, the tip of my nose bumps her cute little hole and her whole body stiffens and she moans loudly…which gets everyone’s attention of course… I remember a friend of mine told me his girlfriend could only have an orgasm if he licked her cute little hole, so he would do this for her all the time. I figure, no time like the present…

I start licking with a little more intensity and just then, whichever student is learning right now finds her rhythm and makes me cum for the second time. I still have Becky locked down in position with my arms locked around her waist and am still licking away feverishly at her amazing love mound.

I notice it is quiet now except for the moans of Becky on a regular basis as I am moving from her clit to her lips, to her warm and slick love canal…I then have a new feeling on my cock. I am guessing it is Becky but cannot tell, someone is really working on getting me hard though…I smile as I lick away at Becky. Now I feel a mouth on my cock and it takes is all the way into to the base of my shaft…she is just holding it in her mouth and I decide to up the pleasure for Becky…I give her a few more plunges into her love canal and then I move my head slightly and trace my tongue up from the bottom of her lovely pussy right over her skin to her cute little button hole.

I immediately feel Becky grab my thighs very tightly and she moans a little…I now know it is her that has me in her mouth and the head of my dick vibrates a little. I swirl my tongue around her cute little love button several times and her entire body tenses up and she moans just enough that I can’t take it any longer and I explode in her throat right as I feel a flood of her appreciation washing over me…And then the stars again…

I look up and can see Becky’s beautiful breasts and nipples above me, my head is in her crossed legs and the very top of my head is laying right against her very swollen clit. I see her saying something, but I am not hearing anything, so I stare at her, and then everything starts to snap back into operation. I can hear Becky asking me if I am ok.

I look over and Sis is sitting there rubbing one of my arms and look over to the other side and Mandy is doing the same thing…Odd I think to myself. Just then I notice Becky’s cute face and fire red hair leaning further over her amazing breasts and she says, “He is back, I can see it in his eyes…he is staring at my boobs…” I hear them all laugh with a breath of relief.

I start to sit up and am met with 6 hands all pushing me back down on my shoulders and chest. I look at Becky and say, “What’s up?”

She looks at me and says, “Well honey, you gave me a wonderful orgasm, I seem to have done the same for you…you appear to have passed out on us…” I see that Mandy and Sis have a worried look on their faces and I move their hands away and say, “I am fine you guys really…”

Becky asks me if I am feeling light headed or anything and I nod my head no…which makes her entire body tense up and she says, “Damn it you just made me cum again…I guess I deserve that for putting you head right on my clit though…”

I smile at her and she looks at the girls with the he is ok look. She then says, “you little shit you scared the hell out of all of us!” and she runs her nails down both side of my ribs which tickles like hell and I jump and twist to the right towards Sis and feel my butt starting to slide off the bed…opps! I can tell Sis is going with me, so I flip my legs under her and grab her in my arms as I crash into the floor hard with my ass.

Sis opens her eyes and looks at me and says, “how the hell did you do that? I thought for sure I was ending up on the floor with you on top of me!”

I look down at her and said, “I knew I was going and did not want to hurt you, so I just ninjaed it…”and smiled at her.

Sis looks at me and says, “Well thank you for that, and by the way, this is very nice in your arms feeling all secure and protected…” She leans over and kisses me very passionately and then gets up from the cradle of my arms.

As I am going to get up, she bends over and pushes her pussy right in my face…I of course stick out my tongue and give it a few licks and smile as I stand up.

Sis announces to everyone “he is going to be fine he just licked my pussy while he was getting up, so everything is intact neurologically…” to which everyone laughs…

I look at her and figure I will fix ‘em…I act like I am getting lightheaded and both Becky and Sis grab my arms and pull hard, so I fall on the bed. As I do, Sis falls on top of me and Becky is now sprawled on the bed as well. Mandy scrambles over and looks at me and can see I am smiling and hits me on the shoulder…

Mandy says, “he was just messing with us you guys, he has a huge grin on his face….”

I look at Mandy and say, “Narc” as I take one of her cute nipples in my mouth and give it a little nibble. She lets out a yip and then says, “yep he is ok, just bit my nipple that was hanging there.” We all laugh.

They decide that I am ok and let me sit up on the bed and I ask them “what was all that about?”

Becky tells me that after I came for her, my whole body went limp and she just thought I was exhausted after licking her pussy for so long and cumming three times, but they noticed that I was lights out and not talking to them. Apparently, that orgasm I had was enough pure ecstasy that my brain decided to hit the reset switch.

I smile at all of them and say, “well I have never had that happen before, but I have felt close several times with each of them…” They all give me the loving eyes and put their hands on my legs. I told them it was fine; I was not worried as long as I was here with them…but good to know for the future….

Becky decides that I need some food in me and says, “ok everyone out to the kitchen, we are going to get some food and liquids in this young man.” We all shuffle off the bed and the ladies put on panties and look at me and Mandy says, “boobs out or in?” and smiles sweetly at me.

I look at them and say, “no need to bundle them up on those nasty bras…I love seeing all your boobs!” and then smile widely at them all.

Sis rolls her eyes and says, “oh there is a shocker!” and we all move out to the kitchen.

I look at the clock and it is now near midnight and I ask Sis and Mandy, “you two have to go into work again today?’ They both nod yes with a look of disgust on their faces.

“ok then ladies, you all can sleep in the bed tonight without this big lug taking up all the space. I will just crash on the couch you all need some sleep and so do I!” I smile at them.

They all look at each and say, “ok” so we clean up from our late-night food and I go out and lay back on the couch and say, “night ladies, thank you for an amazing evening!”

I wake up kind of groggy in the morning when I hear the shower running. I look down and there is Becky. She has my legs up on hers and is leaned over with a blanket she must have put over us when she came out at whatever time and is just laying there sleeping with her head on my stomach. I was a little shocked I did not wake up when she came out…but she looks so happy and content I don’t want to wake her, so I just lay there for a few minutes with a smile on my face.

Mandy comes out of the shower first and goes into the bedroom and puts on cute little bra and pantie set and comes out to the living room. I give her the shhh sign and point at Becky and she goes in and starts the coffee pot up and then sits in the chair.

The brewing coffee wakes Becky up and she sits up with her beautiful breasts dangling and that beautiful look women have in the morning after they have just had an amazing night of sex. I smile at her and say, “good morning beautiful…” She sees Mandy sitting in the chair and gets a little red in the face. Mandy says good morning and then, “what’s wrong Becky?”

Sis emerges from the bathroom with a towel on her head and nothing else and says, “morning everyone!” With a huge smile on her face and then sees Becky very red in the face.

Becky looks at the girls and says, “Sorry ladies you have been really great sharing this wonderful man with me, but I just needed to be next him…I wanted to feel him breathing and that let me sleep last night.” She is still very red. I look at her and motion her to slide over as I move my legs down to the floor. I give her a big hug.

Sis walks over and sits on the end next to Becky and says, “Becky, you have nothing to be ashamed of…Women need that sometimes…Mandy and I are not jealous you got to hog him last night…you needed what he could give you and it was just being there.”
Becky looks at Sis and Mandy and they are both very upbeat and bright this morning and says, “you girls really are special…thank you”

Becky gets up and goes into the bathroom and I pull up the blanket and wrap it around me and fake being shy as I walk out to the bedroom to get some clothes and say, “you two behave now until I get some clothes on!” They both laugh at me…

They both end up in the bedroom too and I tell them I will be out of their way in just a sec. I get a pair of underwear on, jeans shorts and one of the print t shirts Mandy liked on our shopping trip and move to head out. As I do, I can’t resist grabbing Mandy’s boob and Sis ass as they are both right in arms reach and I am gone.

Becky reappears with her scrubs on and a frown and we all go to the kitchen and sit down. I ask Becky what is wrong.

She looks at me and says, “I have to go by the house to at least some more clothes…I think I may go stay at a hotel tonight…I just can’t be around him right now knowing what I know and especially after being treated like a real woman for the past two nights…”

Sis looks over at Becky and says, “hon if you need somewhere safe to stay you are always welcome here, I have the extra bedroom and it is not an imposition…I can only imagine what is like right now.”

Sis looks over at me and then back at Becky and says, “Trust me if this guy figures out somehow where you are…I would not want to be him when little bro here goes into protection mode and feels he is protecting all of us from him…It would not be pretty.”

Becky looks at me and says, “yeah I can imagine this one would be a pretty fierce protector…”

I smile at them and Mandy says, “oh you do not know the half of it…he faced down these two douche bags that were giving me and Sis a hard time and was as cool a cucumber in the fridge…If I did not know he loves me I might have been scared…” She leans over and gives me a kiss.

I get up and go over to Becky and she stands up all 5’8” of her and I give her a big hug.

I tell her, “I know you don’t know me that well yet…well as in duration anyway…” everyone laughs a little, “If you want to stay here, I will take you over to your house in my truck and we can get enough stuff for you to be here awhile if you like. I will not be an ass, and I will not start anything, but know if he raises a hand towards you, I will stand by and watch it happen either…”

Becky thinks about it for minute and then says, “yep, you know what even if he is not there the others wives will see you with me and he will get the point through the g****vine in the neighborhood one way or the other…It is fine for him to be fucking some tramp…but for me to get even a little lick from him is out of the question…it will give him something to think about…”

Sis and Mandy look at me and say, “you sure your ok with this Bro?”

I look at all of them and say, “yep I am good, can you imagine the pure rage I would be in if something happened to her over there and I was sitting here on my ass doing nothing?”

Sis and Mandy look at me and Sis says, “yeah I think I would have to have them deploy the entire marine base down here to get you under control…” I smile, Sis knows me well, I am good at sharing, but do not be an asshole to a woman I care about…. nope not a good idea….

Sis and Mandy got up and finish up their morning routines and Becky goes and puts her hair up with the pin again and comes out looking like the non-descript nurse again in scrubs… I give Sis and Mandy a hug and kiss and Sis hands me the extra key and says, “be careful honey…both of you…see you tonight.”

I look over at Becky and say “do you really want to do this? If not, I will stay here hon. I know you are making a huge decision right now.”

She smiles at me, “sometimes in life you just have to make a decision and see where it goes, things won’t get any worse in the marriage it is already dead…”

We go out and jump in my truck and she is impressed that I open the door for her and help her up into the cab…it has a 4” lift on the truck for off road. I close her door and jump in the drivers’ side. I look at her one more time and say… “ok you can drive me around town and never go to your house, or we can go do this, either way you know I respect your decision Becky.”

She smiles at me and tells me how to get to her house, she in the north part of the county in one of the $300,000 new housing tracks that are going up like crazy right now. We pull up to her street and I stop down at the corner.

I tell her if he is there and you just want me to wait in the truck…not a problem, but do not let this asshole lay a hand on you, I will not stand for that. She nods in agreement and I pull down he street and back into her driveway. Nice house…

She says, “that is his car, he will be here, so just stay in the truck…I will get enough things that I can be out of here for a few weeks and I know a good attorney he can set up me getting the other stuff ok hon?” I nod my head in agreement.

Big surprise, he drives a BMW…’condoms and BMW’s…can always find a dick head in each…”

I start hearing some yelling and figure oh well…this is going to end badly for him, I jump out of the truck and head to the door. As I get there Becky is throwing the door open and marching out with several bags on her shoulders and in her hands…I look behind her and here comes Mr. Dickhead…he has his little speedo panties on and is begging her to stop…

He notices there is a young and rather large man standing in his doorway and says, “who the fuck are you…get out of the way!” I stand there and he tries to push is his 5”10” frame by me and I latch on to his neck with my glove size 12 hands and say…”simmer down Hoss…I don’t want to have to hurt you…if you can be civil you talk to her…but no yelling…” He looks at me and I can feel him swallow deliberately and he says, “ok” I walk with him around the corner to where Becky is sitting in the passenger seat of my truck crying and she looks over and sees me walking over with him.
She looks at me and says, “Can we just leave, I never want to see this limp dicked asshole again…” I can tell she is really upset, and I look at him with the don’t think about it buddy look on my face… He says in a normal voice, “honey, it is not what you think…I was just lonely and needed someone and you were not here…”

Oh shit…Becky caught him with the skank in the bed…this is not good…

Becky looks at me and says, “Sweetie, would you mind driving me out of here…I think I am going to stay with you tonight, so this asshole does not try to find me.” Now I gulp…access the situation…we are good and move over to the truck…better to just get out of here while the getting is good and I jump in and start it up.

Once I am in the truck he finds his balls again and starts yelling and I drop it in first and pull out of the driveway in the opposite direction we came in and get it up in 3rd gear and go down past he Sheriff’s office on the way out of the community so I have a bail point if he is following us. I look back and make three lefts around the Sheriff’s office and he is nowhere to be seen so I pull back on the main road and head back towards the highway.

Becky is regaining her composure now and looks over at me and puts her hand on my arm that is on the shifter. She looks at me and says, “Thank you, that was horrible…I don’t know what I would have done if I was by myself.

I put my hand her leg and say, “well I am guessing the skank I smelled last night was there…”

She smiles a little, “yep and guess who it is?”

I am sitting there with no idea, I do not know any of their friends or anything…she looks at me and says, “The neighbor three doors down, his little 17-year-old daughter…”

Oh, holy crap is this dude in a world of hurt… the panties made sense now though…stuff mom bought her at the department store… And just a guess why they were so…unwomanly in smell…bet this was not the only hubby she was riding in the hood…

I took the long way home and went down the coast highway just to throw him off the sent even more if he somehow had picked up the trail…I drove into several neighborhoods and finally made my way back to Sis place.

I get out and look around and go up and unlock Sis’s door and then gather up Becky and all of her stuff and we head up and in and I close and lock the door behind me. Becky looks at me and asks, “what was with all the driving around?”

I look at her and say, “one of the things I was just trained up on in the Army was dong personal protection details for Generals…I was doing what they taught us at this special school…just to be safe hon….I did not want any issues for you.”

She looks at me and says, “you mean like the secret service does for the President?” I roll my eyes…”no I am not on the presidential detail…that is all actual USSS agents, but they did help train us up on keeping Generals safe overseas.”

Becky looks at me and I tell there is different type of respect it seems in her eyes. I just brush it off…I saved her from her asshole husband.

We spend several hours getting her stuff set up in the other bedroom and she calls a local store and has a bed ordered and it is waiting at the pick-up entrance, so we go over and get it and I manage to get it up there with some help from her and we set it up as well.

We just get done with that and sit down on the couch and I hear a key in the door, I watch it closely and the door opens, and it is Sis home first this time. She goes though the routine and comes in and sits down right as Mandy comes in the door and she follows suit. I go over and lock the door and Sis kind of looks at me but does not say anything.

I took the chair when I got back so all three of the ladies are sitting on the couch and Sis and Mandy look over at Becky and say, “so how did it go hon?”

Becky looks at them, and I can tell she is getting upset again so, I move over and have Becky sit on my lap and hold on to her. Sis and Mandy are pretty worried now, so I tell Becky, “go ahead tell them what this dickhead is doing.”

Becky gives them the run down on going there and that she told me to wait in the truck, etc… etc.… and then says, so I go up to the bedroom to get the last few things from the dresser and closet and walk in and there he is with a woman…correction…teenager…in my bed…”

I pull her in closer and give her a hug. She puts her arm around my shoulders and continues, “So I told him good luck in prison with his little white ass…and stormed out of the house…And of course Bro is standing at the door looking like he getting ready to kick it in when I throw it open and storm out.”

Sis looks at me and winces… “you did not hurt him too bad, did you bro?”

Becky says, “nope, as far as I know he did not do a thing to him…but he did make sure he did not come out behind me yelling and screaming at me somehow…” I just smile at Sis and Mandy as they have a puzzled look on their face.

Becky continues, “Bro did not know what went down in the house at the time, so I just asked him if he would drive me out here and I told asshole I was staying with him tonight…”

Mandy says, “Wow, so I take it you never even came up then?”

I said, “Nope, he was too busy running around in his panties to worry about who I was…” Everyone laughs at that.

Becky gives me a hug and a kiss and then says, by the way ladies we now have two beds” and winks at them. Sis and Mandy smile.

Becky gets up off my lap and heads into the kitchen and gets out the stuff she bought on the bed pick up trip to make dinner for all of us….Sis and Mandy go out to help and I sit there watching these three amazing women talking and moving around each other like some kind of choreographed dance…It was fun to watch.

~~End of Part 12~~

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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