The Story of Rachel

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The Story of Rachel
Rachel was a very attractive blonde who has been with the company
for five years. She started 2 years after I did, and while we never
really hit it off, there were some signs that there was a mutual
attraction. You could even call it sexual tension, at times. She
really dressed well, and always carried a designer purse, and had
designer shoes on her size 8 1/2 feet. The purses and pumps she
would wear to the office were incredibly beautiful. Boner-causing
beautiful! What i always thought of doing, but never planned out,
finally occured one friday afternoon. She came in the office that
morning looking supurb! She was wearing a black frilly top with a
white mini-skirt. The stiletto black patent pumps she had on were
Christian Louboutins, probably $700 for those, and the white leather
satchel purse she was carrying was a very pricey designer, as all
her other purses are. I had such a boner for her purse and her
pumps! Like i said, i always thought of doing something to those
pumps, and that purse. I wanted to masturbate with them, in them,
on them, IN A BIG, BAD WAY!!! Today was that day. She always kept
her purse in her desk drawer, the second one on the left side.
Sometimes, she would walk around barefoot, just her in her nylons,
because she said sometimes her pumps made her feet hurt. She wasn’t
used to wearing very high ones, but she still did, just for looks.
Well, i wanted to do something to those pumps, to break them in a
bit! I also wanted to m***** her purse. It was time.

Rachel was by no means a dainty eater. She ate! She didn’t show
it, as her figure was beautiful and curvy. Sometimes, at about
1:45pm, she would go to the restroom, and stay in there about 15 to
20 minutes. The boss really didn’t complain about her bathroom
habits, because she was a top-notch worker. This was a perfect
opportunity to play as the cat was away. The desk drawer where she
kept her purse was locked, but i knew a way to get into the drawer
that nobody else knew. I watched her walk to the woman’s bathroom,
go in, and close the door. It was time, finally! I walked over to
her desk, unlocked the 2nd drawer, and snuck her beautiful purse
out. I brought a box with me to put the purse in. I put the purse
in the box, and walked back to my desk. It was incredibly easy, for
some reason. Then, with purse in hand, i walked over to the men’s
restroom, walked in, and closed the door. The purse was in my hand,
and my dick was throbbing at attention for it. It was such a
beautiful purse!! The leather had quite a loud scent. I had seen
that purse before, and knew the beautiful inner lining of it, which
also was leather. She was showing me some pictures of her dogs one
day, and my eyes glanced in the purse. Anyway, the time was right
for a purse boink! I took off my shoes. Then, i unbuttoned my
pants, and pulled them off. I placed them on the ground. Then, i
emptied the contents of Rachel’s purse, carefully onto my pants. It
was the typical contents you see women carrying. Car Keys, wallet,
makeup bag, pens, pencils, kleenex, etc. It was fairly easy to
empty it. I then gently shook the purse out, and then went to
work…err i mean play. I placed a few dabs of hand lotion inside
the purse. The purse was nice and wet now, with lotion that is! It
was finally time to wet it orgasmically! I sat down on the toilet
seat. I zipped it closed just far enough to fit my dick in, turned
it upside down, and then sexually slid into the purse. I felt the
slippery glide of the lotion as my dick slid all the way to the
bottom of the purse. I slowly cuffed the purse around my dick, and
did a slow motion back and forth. It felt so great! I was boinking
that purse, finally! My hips were bucking as i was getting into a
motion. I kept going a few minutes, knowing that Rachel would be in
the bathroom another 5 to 10 minutes, at least. I was about ready
to cum. Just a few more strokes, and i would let loose into that
beautiful bag. I snorted like a bull, my back stiffened, and i
filled that beautiful woman’s purse with my manjuice. I felt such
powerful squirts shoot out of my dick. The purse was being made
love to, as i did a few more strokes. I stopped, as the feeling was
too intense to keep going without blowing a head gasket. I closed
my eyes, and drifted off into a tiny dream, as i sat there on the
toilet seat. My dick was hard inside that hot handbag, and i was
loving it! I waited a minute, and then it was time to put the
contents back into her purse. I hurriedly placed the wallet, car
keys, makeup bag, pens, pencils, and everything else inside the
purse, but in a neat fashion. I put my shoes and pants back on, and
placed Rachel’s purse inside my pants and zipped it up. I had to
conceal the purse for my trip back from the bathroom. So, i came
out of the bathroom with something large in my pants, sticking out.
Rachel was just coming out of the women’s bathroom, and saw
something bulging in my pants. She looked at me funny, and walked
into this little kitchen area to get herself a soda out of the
fridge. As she was doing that, i hurriedly opened her desk drawer,
and stuck the purse back inside, and closed the door really fast.
She came around the corner, just in the nick of time, and by that
time, i had the drawer already closed. She asked me about the bulge
in my pants. She said, “Rick…umm…what was bulging from your
pants? hmmm?” She had a sly grin on her face. I just
said, “oh..well….you know….” and then she smiled, and
said, “it’s ok. Don’t get embarassed! You’re a man, and some woman
has you a bit flustered, huh?” I said, “Yeah, you might say that.”
She gave me a seductive wink. Then, she sat down on my lap, and i
had a hard-as-nails boner at that very moment.

Later that day, she and i kept trading seductive smiles and winks.
I wanted to get back into her purse, as it was one of the best purse
boinks i”ve ever done! There was something else that i wanted to
do, too. She was walking around the office in her nylons, and that
meant that her pumps were in that desk drawer. I needed a way to
get into that drawer. Then, abou 4:30, i found it! She always went
into the bathroom at that time to get ready to go home. She loved
looking her best, and it showed. So, while she was in there for
about 5 to 10 minutes, i snuck over to that desk drawer, and got out
her pumps. I snuck them over to the men’s restroom, went inside,
and closed the door. I admired those pumps for a second. They had
that famous red sole that Louboutin shoes are known for. They were
about 5 inches tall, and they were dynamite!!! I smelled them, and
the scent drove me wild! i pulled down my pants, placed a dab of
hand lotion into both shoes, and started on the right one. I just
massaged my dick deep in her shoe, slowly making the insoles of her
shoes really wet. I kept going, and after a minute or so, i felt
the feeling! I was about to explode inside her right pump. I kept
massaging my dick until it started to feel really slippery, and then
i let out a tremendous sigh. The right pump was full of my sperm.
I stroked a few more times, and i felt another squirt. I was
filling her right pump to the brim, it seemed! I then placed the
left pump onto my dick, and squirted a few more times into that
one. I was having a blast. Literally! I was just laying back on
the toilet seat, with my hard cock inside her beautiful left pump.
I was smiling! I was about to get up to put them back into her
drawer, when i heard a “ewww!!! what is THAT??” She said it loud!
She continued, saying, “Oh my gosh! That is some slimy looking
stuff in my purse!” I then remembered, that i never cleaned her
purse out after i boinked it. I was scared now! She was going to
be asking questions, and i wouldn’t know how to answer them without
looking guilty. So, i opened the bathroom door, and she met me with
a hug! I was shocked. She had her purse on her arm, and the pumps
were shoved in my pants pockets. She said, “whats up, Rick hunny?”
I said, “nothing. Just finishing up in here.” She said, “Well, did
you see anyone in my desk drawer? My purse was not in the exact
position i left it in.” I said, “nope. You might as Jenny or Kathy
(both co-workers). She said, “Well, Ricky boy, you need to let me
know what happened with my purse. Jenny and Kathy were not here
today, in case you didn’t notice. Jenny had jury duty, and Kathy
called in sick. So, you need to tell me the truth, ok?” She
smiled, and sat me down. She then said, “What’s in your pants
pockets? They look awfully bulged out.” Before i could tell her,
she reached inside the left one, and pulled out her right shoe.
Then she pulled out her left shoe from my right pants pocket. She
then said, “my my my! My pumps! What are they doing in your
pockets????? Hmmmm??” She smiled again. I was so nervous, and
said, “Well Rachel, i love these shoes so much. I just wanted to
admire them a bit.” She said, “haha! You just wanted to jerk-off
into them, like you did with my PURSE!” I was like sheepishly
smiling. She said, “well, if you follow me into the bathroom, we
can settle this once and for all!” So i followed her into the
girl’s bathroom. I closed the door behind me, and locked it. She
smiled at me, kissed me on the lips, and said, “Well, what are we
going to do in here? We could take care of that huge erection you
have in your pants, huh?” I smiled, as i looked down, and my dick
was standing at attention.” She grabbed her purse, took the
contents out, and put them on the sink. She the smiled again,
handed me the purse, and said, “Well, what are you waiting for?
Jerk into my bag, hunny!” I closed the zipper around my dick, and
started to jerk into the purse again. I kept going. All of a
sudden, she felt me up! It drove me absolutely crazy! I felt shots
from my cock shoot into her purse. Her purse was soo wet, soo
slippery inside! I felt i was going to fill the purse up to the
brim with cum! She grabbed her purse, and massaged my dick with it,
and i felt the shots fire out of my dick like lightning. Then, she
grabbed her right pump from the sink, and put it on my dick, and
rubbed my dick with it. I felt another shot into her pump, and she
used the other pump to massage my balls. She looked so beautiful,
so naughty, doing such sexual things to me, that i wanted to rip
that skirt off her and fuck her brains out, right there on the
floor. I held off, though. I just loved the way she was using
those hot pumps and that beautiful purse to get me off. They were a
sperm-filled mess, and she didn’t look disappointed one bit. I
loved the purse more than the pumps, though. I could stay pumping
that purse for hours, but it was time to go. We kissed
passionately, after i pulled my pants up and buttoned them. She
winked at me, took a sharpie from her stuff on the sink, and wrote
her number on my arm, along with a note; “Call me when you get
home. I’m free tonight!” She winked, and we both walked out of the
bathroom. We then closed up the office, and left.

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