The strip club

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The strip club
In Seattle my friend owns a high class strip club. The girls are selected for their beauty and sexy figures and the love of sex. They perform on a round stage so they can dance around to every one. They totally strip naked. They leave the stage naked and the men can pay for a private dance. The private dances are done in a back room in which there are several. Once back in the room more than dancing may happen. On stage the girls once they get naked will crawl to the man showing the money for them. They shake their tits and spread their legs as men love to see pussy. The more pussy they flash the more men will go in the backroom with them and the more money they and the club make.

Jan is the hottest dancer at the club. She is also the raunchiest. She shows her pussy and spreads the pussy lips for all to see her clit and fuck hole. she has pushed a beer bottle in her hole and many other things. She lets the men put her money in her fuck hole. She then pulls it out and moves to the next man. One night she pulled a man’s face into her cunt. The bouncers stopped her right away. She performs on stage at nine and from then till two AM she is busy in the backroom.

Jan loves to tease and make the men want her bad. In the back room anything goes with her. She earns a lot of money each night. The men suck her nipples and lick her pussy for a starter. She can deep throat a ten inch cock with no problem. She will suck him and swallow all his cum. They can fuck her cunt or her ass all they want in the thrity minutes allowed. She has been spanked, fisted and bit all in a nights work. She loves the sex.

Bill was a regular client to Jan and the strip club. Jan had even done private parties for him. Tonight he asked the owner if he could have private party at the club for a friend getting married. They would start it at three and lock all the doors and only his special guests would come in. He paid ten thousand dollars for the club till early morning which included the strippers.

After the club was locked and no one could enter Bill put a bench on the stage. He also put a chair and sat the man who was going to be married in the chair. First he stripped him naked. Each stripper would dance and rub her naked body over him. Ella had big DDD tits. She started rubbing her nipples all over his face and into his mouth. As he sucked her nipples she began to jerk and rub his cock. Then another stripper came on stage and started to lick his balls. His cock was now rock hard. Mary got to suck his cock but it was Jan who rode the cock till he came inside her. Then she put a leg on his sholder and pushed his head to her cunt and told him to lick it. He licked and bit on her clit till his tongue found her cunt hole and then tongue fucked her.

One by one the girls came up and let him suck nipples or they sucked his cock. The cum was running from his cock as each stripper did her thing. By now most men in the crowd had their cocks out waiting to get some pussy. Bill told every one to strip naked and line up on the stage.

He had a game to play. A stripper would be on her knees in front of each guy and they would suck the cocks to see who could make who cum first. The girls began by licking the balls and cock before sucking them deep down the throat. It was not long before a guy with a huge cock shot his wad. As he was the winner he got to fuck the stripper right there on the stage for all to watch. He pushed the girls legs up high and spread them and rammed his big cock in her cunt. He was fucking her hard when two guy got on each tit and began to suck them. Another stripper spread the winners ass and began to lick it. Then a man rammed his cock in her ass and began to fuck her hard. It was not long before the men were sucking some one either in the ass or cunt. The girls would suck the cocks clean when they were done fucking and then swap partners. This went on for about two hours. The room reeked with the scent of sex,

Then Bill brought Jan on stage and layed her on the bench. She was going to be the sex show. He pulled her legs up to her head and spread them wide. He straddled her head and pushed his cock all the way into her mouth. He told another guy to mount her cunt. Then he brought another guy to mount her ass. All three holes were being fucked while every one watched. Bill then waved for the guy standing back in the shadows to come forward. He was naked and had the biggest cock. It was twelve plus inches and thick as a double fist. He told the guy to fuck Jan’s cunt. He got close and grabbed her legs and began to mount her and push his cock deep in her cunt. He was even big for Jan and she tried to scream but Bill still had his cock down her throat. The man with the horse size cock kept fucking her hard and deep. Jan thought her cunt was going to split in two. The cock man fucked her for forty minutes before he pulled out and went for her ass.

Every one looked shocked when they saw the horse size cock try to fuck her ass. He did get half of it in her. By now her ass looked like you could put a football in it. The monster cock started fucking her ass and would not stop. He fucked her hard and rough before his cum ran out of her and to the floor. Then Bill filled her throat with his cum and both men left her lying on the bench with her ass and pussy thoroughly fucked. The strippers were still fucking and sucking the men swapping back and forth.

At day break the men all left the strippers to clean up and rest for the day till they worked that night. Jans cunt and ass was so raw she could not sit or walk. But she did get the guy with horse cocks phone number to meet up with when her cunt healed from round one. She was going to fuck him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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