Throwing down at work

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Throwing down at work
It was late on a work night and I was still at the office working after hours in order to meet a deadline later that week. This is required from time to time for my position and I don’t complain too much as my boss is very flexible with when I work. As long as I get my work done he could care less how many days I take off or work from home.

Since I am frequently working late I have come to know by name the afterhours cleaning and maintenance crew. The cleaning crew consists of four individuals that are all related. They show up every night at 7pm sharp and it takes them about 2-3 hours to do their duties and leave. The maintenance crew consists of two people but they alternate which one is on duty every night so there is only one there at a time.

The two men on the maintenance crew are Jason and Paul (his real name is Pablo but prefers to be called Paul). For the most part Jason is kind of an asshole and keeps to himself. I try to say hello when I see him but he usually just grunts and moves on. Pablo on the other hand is a young man (early 20’s) and is this tiny little guy that was born in Guatemala but has lived in the US the past 10 years or so. He is currently in college which he attends during the day and then works for our buildings maintenance service at night. He is a very nice individual and always takes time to say hello and ask how I am doing when I work late. We usually talk for a few minutes before we both have to return to our work. Pablo is also very very gay. He doesn’t outright say it but his mannerisms and speech scream gay.

The maintenance crew has somewhat of a dual role. They are responsible for fixing stuff around the building, but they are also responsible for cleaning the bathrooms. Their usual routine is do all of their handyman chores and then once those are done they clean the bathrooms and then leave for the night.

This night in particular I was really staying late and I could hear the cleaning crew wrap up their duties and leave the building around 9pm. Pablo was working this particular night and I could see him all the way at the other end of the building on his later replacing some ceiling lights. I was getting frustrated with my work as I was hitting a mental road block and I needed to relax so I figured I would rub one out to clear my head and get back to work. I pulled my cock out while at my desk, grabbed a little lotion from my drawer and began to stroke myself under the desk.

I was a couple minutes into it when I heard some footsteps coming down the corridor and I quickly put my erect cock back into my pants as best I could. I peeked over the cubicle wall to see who it was. One of the cleaning crew had returned looking like they forgot something. They walked around for a few seconds and then left again. Not wanting to risk getting caught at work I decided to finish it in the bathroom. I got up and walked down the hall to the bathroom (pitching a tent the entire way) and went in.

I was the only person left working I the building so I went into the handicap stall and closed the door. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. I spit in my hand as the lotion had dried off and continued to stroke my still erect cock. I had lots of work to do so I tried to make it a quick one which usually takes me no more than 4-5 minutes to cum.

After a few minutes I could hear some noises from outside the door. I slowed my stroking so that I wasn’t making and noises and listened closely to figure out what it was. A few seconds passed and the bathroom door swung open. I stopped stroking unsure of who it was and then I heard the familiar sound of Pablo rummaging through his cart that he takes everywhere with him. He propped open the door to the bathroom and I realized that he was here to clean.

I wasn’t sure what to do but I did know that I wanted to cum badly now. I figured I could just stroke it quietly and he wouldn’t know a thing. I wanted to let him know I was here just so he wasn’t startled so I kind of coughed and Pablo says “Sorry, didn’t know anyone was here.” I told him it was me and this it was ok. He asked if I minded if he started cleaning and I told him to go right ahead. He thanked me and I could hear him return to his duties.

As he was doing his work he began whistling this tune that he always whistles while working. Figured I had a little sound coverage I began stroking again. I was getting closer and closer and then all of a sudden his whistling stopped. I kept stroking for a few seconds until it sunk in that my jerking off was making a very loud and obvious noise. I immediately stopped and listened for his reaction. I could tell that he stopped everything he was doing and was listening but after a few seconds he continued his whistling and working. I went back to jacking off and was a little louder this time as it was starting to turn me on that he caught me.

Again he stopped his work and whistling and this time I didn’t stop. I figured he was doing that on purpose and so I decided to go for it. Anyone male or female would know what was going on in my stall and I wasn’t trying to hide it. I even stopped at one point, spit loudly into my hand and then continued stroking. After about 20-30 seconds of listening Paul continued his work but not his whistling. I could hear him start to go into each of the stalls and replacing toilet paper and doing any cleaning needed.

I was the furthest stall from the door so he wouldn’t be down by me for a few minutes so I slowed my stroking. He finally made his way into the stall to my right and began working on it. I slowly moved my foot until it was half in his stall and just kept it there. At first he didn’t see it so I just kept it there. After a few seconds I began to tap my foot. He still didn’t see it so I starting tapping it louder. Still nothing. I finally let out a fake cough again and this time I could hear him stop what he was doing and turn around.

I tapped my foot again and this time he stuck his foot out and moved it next to mine and kind of bumped up against it. I gave his foot a bump back and then he walked out of the stall and ventured to the front of the bathroom. I thought I had scared him away and then I heard the door close. Thinking he had left I felt a little worried that he was upset but then I could hear that he was still in the bathroom.

At this point I am silent and so is he so I go back to jacking off. As soon as I start I hear him walk towards my stall and then he stands in front of it. He just stood there for about 15 seconds in silence while I jacked off. At this point I am 100% confident he knows what I am doing and he still is here so I take a chance and I lean forward and unlock the stall. I return to the toilet and continue stroking myself.

A few seconds passed and the stall door slowly begins to open and Paul is standing there watching me masturbate. I scoot up so that the ass is right on the edge of the toilet and then I lean back almost in a half lying down position and continue to stroke. Without a word Paul comes over, gets on his knees and takes my cock in his mouth. I knew he was gay (or at the very least bisexual) because he was giving me head almost as good as any girl ever has. I am average size and even though he is a small guy he had no problems deep throating my cock.

It is usually me on the other side of this sort of deal so I was enjoying being pleasured for once. After a few minutes of amazing head Paul stood up and began to undo his pants. I could see that he was already hard through his pants and could wait to see his cock. Once he got his pants off he pulled his boxer briefs down and unveiled a surprisingly large cock for a guy his size. It was slightly above average for a normal male but he is very small (maybe 5’5”) so I was happy to see that I had something to play with.

Once he had everything off and was fully exposed he straddled me and then put his foot up on the rail and pushed his cock towards my face. I gladly accepted the advance and took his cock into my mouth. He scooted into a better position so that he could fully get his cock in my mouth. Within no time I was just holding my head still and he was pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. We carried on like this for a few minutes and then he let his leg down. Paul spit into his hand, reached behind him and began to lube up his ass. He then spits on his hand again and this time reaches back and lubes up my cock some more.

Once he was satisfied with the amount of lubrication, Paul took my cock in his hand and then guided it to his asshole. Once he found the target he eased it in and stopped once the head was in. While he could suck a cock like a champion I could tell he wasn’t as used to this because he was fairly tight. Tight enough to feel phenomenal but loose enough to take my cock without too much resistance.

I let him take control of the pace and he slowly was working his ass up and down my cock going a little further each time. Within a couple of minutes he had worked his way until I was balls deep in his ass. Once he reached max penetration he began to increase his speed. Within no time he was bouncing up and down on my dick with his tight little body as hard as he could while stroking himself the entire time.

Paul lasted no time at all and within just a few minutes he shot his load all on my stomach and chest while he continued to fuck my cock. Once he finished he licked all his cum off of me and then swallowed it. Once he finished that I placed my hands under his ass and lifted him as I stood up with me still inside of him.

Once I was standing he wrapped his legs around me and I walked over to the railing and set his ass on it. I then had a nice angle into his ass from below and I began thrusting upwards into his. I reached up and grabbed the top of the stall with my hands and began fucking him as hard as I could. This position was really turning me on and in no time I started to yell that I was cumming. I reached for my cock to pull out but he stopped me and told me to cum in him. Obviously it was want I wanted to do all along so with a big groan I pumped my seed up into his ass with all my might. I kept thrusting as I finally had the release that I was searching for all night.

I gave a few more pumps until I had stopped cumming. I collapsed forward onto his as rested against his body catching my breath. I began to get soft after about a half a minute and I fell out of him. Shortly after I fell out we could hear the dripping of my cum on the bathroom floor as it slowly drained from his ass. We both began to put our pants back on in silence.

It was starting to get awkward so I told him I had a great time and that I hoped that we could do it again some time. He excitedly said that whenever I was up for it he would be too. We have since had a couple other romps at the office that I will tell everyone about some other day.

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