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About 15 years ago my wife and I had a devastating argument that very nearly destroyed our marriage. She was 110% at fault. To this day, she has never admitted that she was to blame. If it had not been for the k.i.d.s being at home and in school & the financial devastation a divorce would have caused, I would have left.
During our married life, I have never looked at another women nor considered having sex with one. However, about a month after this disagreement and things being still very strained at home, I was at the grocery store picking up milk one day. Heading towards the dairy section, I see a young woman, about 25 or so, and my eyes were immediately drawn to her crotch. Her pants were ultra tight, so tight I could see the lips of her pussy. Her lips were puffed up on each side of the center line of her pants. Oh my, what a horny sight.
Disregarding the fact that I’ve been doing without for a month, she was a sight to behold. After I passed her, I went around the corner and down the next isle. She was now in front of me and I got a terrific view of her perfect ass. It was round shaped and those cheeks moved in a delightful opposing tandem. The pants were so tight, I imagined seeing the dimples in her ass cheeks.
I just had to see her from the front again so I reversed and went around another isle and there she was coming towards me. She was carrying grocery items in each hand and as she passed the cereal section, she reached up for a box of something and that stretched the material even further. She was turned a bit aways from me so I didn’t get a perfect view of her pussy lips but this angle was hot and good enough to cause my cock to twitch.
I went and grabbed a jug of milk and proceeded to the checkout. I left the store and went to the side of the building. I normally park on this side as there is less traffic. It’s further away but the danger of getting a door dinged is less I think. I also always back my truck into the parking stall so that when I leave, I need not check the rear window, I can just drive out.
Imagine my delight when I see that she has parked beside me, nose in. She has the back door of her SUV up and is bent over putting her groceries into the vehicle. Of course I am enjoying the sight of her ass in those tight pants immensely. I have a horny leering look on my face as she turns and looks back at me. She has caught me staring at her ass.
She says in a friendly way “What are you looking at?”
I reply “Oops, I am very sorry. I didn’t mean to stare.”
She has this big grin on her face and she says “Oh, come on, you can tell me.”
“Oh gawd, I better not, I’m just a dirty old man!”
I open the door of my truck and put the milk behind my seat. She has now come alongside of me and she grabs the cheek of my ass and says “you better tell me or I’ll hold onto your ass until you do.”
I laugh and say “lady, if you knew how good you look in those pants, you wouldn’t ask.”
“Aww” she says “ok go on, tell me what looks so good.”
“You won’t be offended?”
“Oh no!”
“And you won’t charge me with despicable lascivious behavior or some sort of sexual harassment?” “No, whatever you tell me, it will be just between us, I promise.”
“Well, ok here goes then. When I was walking towards you and I could see your camel toe and I………..
” “What’s a camel toe?”
“When a woman wears tight pants like you are, sometimes you can see the outline of her pussy lips under the fabric. It is a major turn on for guys and gets them all excited.”
“And you could see mine?”
“Oh yes!”
“I see.”
“It immediately got me all hot and bothered and I wanted to desperately put my hands down the front of your pants, stick my fingers up inside your pussy, massage your clit and bring you to a powerful orgasm.”
“Wow, that sounds exciting as hell.” Then she turns her body at a right angle to me and leans into my crotch with her left hip. She is facing the back of the building and there are no windows. I am leaning against my truck. There are no customers around us.
“Go for it.”
So I do. My right hand is on her back and my left hand slips inside her pants and slowly goes down to her pubes. My index finger gets into the V of her crotch and brushes her clit briefly on its way lower to the center of her being. Hot damm, she is wet already and my finger slips easily between her pussy lips. I squeeze my finger up inside her as far as possible and then withdraw back out. I repeat this several times and then I stop to lightly caress her clit with my thumb. It has hardened like a little bean and my thumb circles around and around it. She has both hands wrapped around my left arm guiding my movements, faster and faster. She has begun to pant and moan and thrust her hips back and forth. In moments she cums to a shuddering climax. My hand is bathed with her juices. Her hands still my movements as she relishes her orgasm.
After a moment, my finger slowly starts its thrusting in and out. She moans her approval. I go a little faster and my thumb circles all round her clit. First lightly and then a little more aggressive. Timing my finger thrusts and my thumbs caresses on her clit, she is soon panting and her hips moving with a will of their own. Another climax hits her full on. Her breath seems knocked out of her and I feel her legs weaken and she leans hard against me. Between my left hand in her crotch and my right hand on her back she maintains her standing up position.
Her hands pull my arm away and sadly I withdraw from her crotch and her pants. My hand is soaked and fragrance-filled with her essence. She is actually blushing or maybe that’s a climatic bloom.
“Oh my gawd, that was absolutely amazing” she gasps. “I feel a trifle guilty. I’m a married woman.” “Well, I do not feel guilty at all. We were just having some fun. I won’t tell your hubbie if you don’t tell my wife. How does that sound?”
“Agreed. Oh my, my pants are soaked!”
“So is my hand!” I laugh. She laughs too.
“I gotta get going, thanks for this, I did enjoy it. Obviously!”
”Well, miss I did too. Thank you. Care for a repeat someday?”
“Ahhh, no I’d better not, this is far too too risky for me.” Her hip is still pressed against my crotch and my almost erect boner is slowly grinding against it. She backs up a bit and her hand gives my cock a quick squeeze and rub.
“Nice” she says “very nice.”
She hugs me and I wrap my arms around her. I rub and massage her top with my wet hand, drying it on her clothing :). She gets into her SUV, starts it up, backs up and drives away. Not even a wave goodbye.
I get into my truck and have just closed the door when I see a man running towards me. He is dressed like a store employee, red shirt, bow-tie and black slacks. He comes to the passenger door. He opens it and gets in and closes the door.
“Wow, that was b.l.o.o.d.y hot man. I’m Joe. I watched it all on the store’s security cam looking down from the top of the wall.”
He undoes his belt, pulls down his zipper and lowers his pants down to his knees. He is sporting a full blown erection. His cock is about 6 inches long and pointing straight up. He is cut, high and tight.
“You must have the hottest hand in the world. As I watched, I just knew I had to have your hands on my cock for you to jerk me off.”
Joe’s left hand reaches over and grabs my right hand and pulls it towards him. I wrap my fist around the shaft of his cock. He feels hot and hard in my fist. I slowly commence to jerk him off. His hand covers mine and he says “faster, I have to get back to work.”
So I speed up, tightening my grip and giving his shaft a lengthy stroke. I sense he is close so I grab some tissue from the box on the dash and hold it with my other hand near the end of his cock. Soon he gasps and jizz spurts from his cock and into the tissue. When he is done squirting, I wipe the tip of his cock and he puts it away. He does his pants up and opens the door.
“Thanks, bud, I needed that.”

Ok readers, I confess. I just added that part about Joe cause I thought it was a horny ending. The actual ending is also a little horny. I drove home stroking my cock through my jeans. I parked in the garage and closed the door. I undid my pants and lowered them to the floor. My dick had softened a tad but a few strokes and squeezes and it was at full mast. I gobbed some saliva on the tip for lube and proceeded to jack off in my truck. My foreskin was sliding back and forth over my glans as I stroked, first slowly and then faster the closer I got to cumming. I grabbed a tissue just before I shot my first squirt. ……….Then bloody hell, my neighbour enters through the side door

Hey, I’m just teasing you. My neighbour didn’t show up. However, I did shoot a big load into the tissue. It felt marvellous. I felt so good afterwards that I took the wife out for dinner. Unbeknownst to her of course, but maybe I felt a little guilty………….nah, not really .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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