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I guess I was just over 16 when mom remarried. Jeff, her new husband, was considerably younger than mom, probably no more than 33, and quite handsome, so I didn’t really resent having him around. For the first 12 months everything was fine, and the only time voices were raised was late at night when they were in their bedroom. Mom was very vocal when they were making love, and that used to annoy me at times when I was trying to get to sleep, but other times it used to excite me and I’d lie in my bed imagining it was me making love, and play with my pussy, Mmmmm they were real nice nights! Although I had a few boyfriends over that time, it was mostly kiss and fondle stuff, and I’d only had real sex the one time, on my 16th birthday with a guy a couple of years older. All he cared about was shooting his load, so it was quick and a little disappointing, not at all as I’d imagined it from hearing mom and Jeff go at it.

Then in the second 12 months things began to change, the loud voices moved from the bedroom to the lounge or anywhere else in the house as mom and Jeff started to quarrel a lot. It quickly became clear that mom was going the same way with Jeff as she had with my dad, she was starting to play around with other men, and that made me a little sad, so I did my best to keep out of their way as much as I could. But all that changed one night shortly after my 18th birthday, changed for me, changed for Jeff, changed for all of us really.

Mom and Jeff had decided to go to a party and had indicated that they wouldn’t be back until the early hours of the morning, so I thought that was a perfect opportunity to have my latest boyfriend over for the evening. We hadn’t had much of an opportunity to really get it on together with no one else around and the lounge room or the bedroom sure beat the back seat of a car. So I invited Johnny over and we quickly moved from idle chatter to some heavy petting, and when Johnny said how much he’d always wanted to see me completely naked, I was only too willing to oblige. I was really hot and horny by this stage, so I put on some loud music and did what I considered a slow sensual strip tease for him, and it certainly had the desired effect because by the time the last piece of clothing had fluttered to the floor and I was standing before him completely naked, his jeans and pants were around his ankles and his cock was jutting ramrod straight up into the air, with him stroking it slowly.

I have to admit I felt a momentary disappointment that he hadn’t undressed completely, and that was only strengthened when he hoarsely cried out, “Yeah, baby, come and suck my cock, give me those hot lips of yours”

Much as I actually loved sucking cock, I had been hoping for something a little more, something that would make me feel wanted and important too, but I had turned myself on doing the strip, so needed some action, any action, so I dropped to my knees in front of him and began to lick and suck his generously sized tool.

I’d been doing that for a few moments, to the accompaniment of Johnny’s loud moans and groans and verbal encouragement, when I thought I detected a movement out of the corner of my eye. I adjusted my position slightly so I had a better view, and almost choked on Johnny’s cock as I saw my stepfather, Jeff, standing in the hallway looking in at us. I guess with the loud music and my concentration on Johnny I hadn’t heard the car drive up, god, was mom with him? Had I better stop?

Johnny, totally unaware of Jeff’s presence was urging me on, calling me to suck him harder, and I found myself doing that, but all the time staring at Jeff. He made no move to enter, to stop what was happening or tell me off, and after a few moments it was clear that mom wasn’t with him, and then I nearly choked again. Although the light in the hallway wasn’t great, it was light enough for me to see the movement of his hand when he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his rock hard cock and began to masturbate. God, this was crazy, I was totally naked, I was sucking Johnny off, and my stepfather was not only watching, but getting off on it, actually jerking himself off, and both of us were totally aware of each other’s presence. Mmmmmm, a shiver ran through me, and the shock turned to a tingling excitement, watching Jeff watching me was actually turning me on more that sucking Johnny’s cock was!

I’d never been a particularly vocal person when I was playing with Johnny’s cock, but now I began to talk, and talk loudly and clearly, “Mmmm, what a beautiful big hard cock, so long and thick. Love to suck it, love to feel it in my mouth, sliding down my throat, filling me up, Love to feel it expand and explode when you cum, shooting your hot juices down my throat”

My words were really driving Johnny wild and he was close to cumming, but they were also having the same effect on Jeff, because although I was working on Johnny’s cock and could have been referring to that, I was also looking directly at Jeff and I’m sure he thought I was referring to the cock being pumped by his hand. Hell, even I didn’t know which one I was talking about, all I knew was it was exciting me like never before. Then I felt Johnny’s cock start to swell and I knew he was going to explode, so I dipped my head down and took him as deeply into my throat as I could before his cum shot wildly into my mouth, and for the next little while I was busy sucking and lapping up Johnny’s copious juices, and thoroughly enjoying it.

When I finally lifted my head again, Jeff was gone, and I thought I heard the faint sound of the car starting up and moving away, guess he’d gone back to the party, mmmm, I wonder if he’d cum? I wonder if he’d shot his load watching me? Guess I’ll never know. I did finally manage to get Johnny to think of me as well as himself and fill my hot and horny pussy with his delightful cock, but it was as unfulfilling as all the other times with other boys had been, I was beginning to think I’d never get to cum the way mom seemed to when Jeff was fucking her, maybe there was something wrong with me.

Over the next few days there was a slight awkwardness between Jeff and I, we both pretended we didn’t know what had happened that night and kept out of each other’s way, but I couldn’t help noticing that he looked at me a little differently now, looked at me like he’d looked at mom in the very early days, with a sort of hot smoldering look. It made me feel a little uncomfortable, but also a little excited too.

Then came Friday night and Mom was again off to a party, but this time Jeff decided that he wasn’t interested in going, so he sat himself down in front of the TV, while I waited for Johnny to call. When the call came, it was all bad news, Johnny had decided to go off camping with some mates, so wouldn’t be coming over tonight. The air blistered with my response as it was now too late to make any alternative arrangements, and when I hung up the phone I flounced into the lounge room and flopped into the chair.

Jeff looked over at me and grinned “Sounds like the boyfriend’s let you down” he said

“Yeah, again” I replied vehemently

“Oh, does he often fail to turn up?” he asked

“Nah, just fails, period!” I snapped.

His grin widened, “That’s not the way it looked the other night” he said, and my head jerked up, here it was, right out in the open at last.

“Do you always go round perving on people?” I snapped

He shrugged, “It wasn’t intentional, I guess you just didn’t hear me drive up” he said.

“You could have walked away as soon as you realized what was happening” I almost snarled, not quite sure why I was getting so worked up.

He shrugged, “I guess I could have, but it’s a long time since I’ve seen a body as beautiful as yours, and I don’t mind admitting it turned me on – then he grinned widely – and what you were doing was quite a turn on too! Just stood there wishing it was me” He said.

I gulped, feeling the heat rushing to my face, enjoying the compliments he was paying me, but feeling somehow that I should protest them.

“I hope your boyfriend paid you back in full for all that beautiful attention you lavished on him” he said, a quirky grin on his face.

“What do you mean?” I spluttered.

He looked a little surprised, “I mean, I hope he gave your beautiful body the same attention and made you cum too” he said.

I gasped and colored again, “Well he did his best, I guess” I stammered.

His eyes widened, “You mean he didn’t make you cum?”

“Hah, he wouldn’t even suck my pussy” I said a little angrily, “Anyway, no one has ever made me cum yet”

He looked quite stunned, “A woman as beautiful as you, never cum? That’s almost criminal” he said quite forcefully, “And as for not sucking your pussy, he must be crazy!”

“Or selfish, like all men” I snapped

“Not all men” he said.

“Hah, all the men I know” I said.

“Oh dear, that’s a challenge I just can’t turn away from” he said, “after all, I’m one of the men you know”, and he raised up from the couch and walked over to the chair I was sitting on and dropped to his knees and placed his hands on my knees.

“What are you doing?” I croaked

“Why Tina” he said, with a grin, “I’m going to suck your hot, juicy pussy and keep on sucking it until you explode into multiple orgasms”

“You can’t, you’re my stepfather” I gasped.

But he didn’t take any notice, he reached up beneath my short skirt, took hold of my panties and peeled them down and off, and although I was still spluttering and protesting, I noticed that my ass had automatically lifted to enable him to take them off, and that I’d actually slipped a little way down in the chair so that my pussy was in a perfect position when his mouth descended onto it. It only took a few moments for my sputtering and protesting to turn into moans of pure pleasure and delight as I experienced a man’s tongue in my pussy for the first time. He was so gentle, yet so forceful, as his tongue alternated between dipping deeply into my pussy and gently stroking against my clit, oh god, it felt so good, nothing had ever felt this good, and I just relaxed and let it all happen, mmm this was something I wanted for so long and none of my boyfriends had been prepared to do it, but Jeff was, and he was taking me into realms of pleasure I’d only fantasized about. The fact that he was my stepfather just seemed to add an extra zing to the whole thing, as my mind churned, and my pussy churned and his tongue churned.

My hands were on his head now, urging him on and I knew I was crying out loudly, just as loudly as mom used to cry out when I was trying to get to sleep, and sleep was the furthest thing from my mind now, god, this was just so good! My body felt like it was on fire, being stoked by his insistent tongue, and I was bucking and heaving against his face. Then my body seemed to freeze before exploding wildly into a monumental orgasm that had me screaming so loud I was afraid the neighbors might rush in, and I was cumming, boy was I cumming! Copious amounts of juice were cascading through my pussy and washing into Jeff’s face, and he was lapping them up as rapidly as he could, and the more he lapped, the wilder my gyrations became, oh wow, was this really it, oh god, it had to be, I was being swept with so much pleasure that it was almost painful.

It seemed to go on and on, but eventually his tongue left my pussy and I slumped exhausted into the seat, looking at him through half closed eyes, and noticing the juices smeared all over his mouth and cheeks, my juices, mmmm, a shudder of delight ran through me.

“Well? All men?” he asked with a grin

“Maybe not you” I said with a laugh.

“And you can have as much of that as you want” he said, “That and much, much more”

A shudder ran through me and my mouth was suddenly dry, “You mean?”

“Only if you want to” he said, “I won’t lie to you, I’ve been thinking of you a lot, especially after the other night, seeing you naked and all, and I want you, I want to have sex with you”

I sat up straight, “But what about mom?” I asked quietly.

He shrugged, “I guess you already know that things are a bit difficult between us, the early magic seems to have gone and she’s looking elsewhere for her pleasure” he said.

I nodded and sighed, “Yeah, it was like that with dad” I said, then looked him straight in the eye, “and you want your pleasure elsewhere too, with me!”

He flushed slightly and his eyes dropped away and there was a brief silence.

“Is it because I’m only 18, or because I’m your stepdaughter?” I asked.

He took a deep breath and lifted his eyes to mine, “Both, and more” he said, “I wasn’t lying when I said you had the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen, such gorgeous succulent breasts, so high and firm, I want to see them, I want to touch them and I want to suck them. Such a tight, sexy ass, I want to see it, touch it and suck on it too. And as for your pussy, well you already know what I think of that, and what I want to do with that. On any woman that would be enough to arouse and excite, but there is that extra element, your age and the fact that you’re my stepdaughter, I’d be a fool to deny it. I’m on fire for you, on fire to fuck you”

I gasped at his sudden declaration that he wanted to fuck me, but it sent the heat running through me all over again, and I slipped my tongue out and ran it over my dry lips, then tried a feeble grin, “I couldn’t see you properly the other night, but I know you were jerking off, and I wanted to see more clearly, to see your hard cock – I swallowed – and I still want to see it”

His face broke into a huge grin and he lurched quickly to his feet and stripped off his trousers and pants, and stood before me gloriously naked and gloriously erect, and I sat up straight and reached out for his rampant cock and took it in my hands, Mmmm it was a good eight and a half inches long and quite thick, certainly the biggest I’d experienced so far, and I drooled at the thought of it sliding into my juicy pussy. I slid one hand slowly up and down the length of his magnificent cock and cupped the other to his heavy balls, then leaned even further forward and brushed my lips across his cock head, allowing my tongue to slide forward to probe the little slit that was already oozing liquid, mmmm tasted nice! He groaned slightly and I felt his legs dip as a shiver ran through him, then he was pulling back, pulling away from my hands and my lips and I glanced up in surprise.

His face was flushed and there was almost a wild look in his eyes, “I want you naked” he said, hotly, “I want you totally naked”

Well, I wasn’t going to argue, I was on fire too, so I lurched to my feet and in feverish haste stripped off my clothes to stand naked before him.

“Oh god” he groaned, “So beautiful, so incredibly beautiful and sexy” and he reached for me, drawing me forward into his arms, and he kissed me, deeply, hotly, passionately. His hard cock pressing against my belly and my hard nipples digging in to his naked chest. Wow, I’d sure never been kissed like this before, so, so hot.

Then he stepped back again and slipping one hand behind my back and one behind my knees, lifted me and carried me out of the lounge and into my bedroom, where he lay me gently on my bed and immediately began to touch, stroke, lick and kiss my whole body. His hands and his tongue made my breasts come to life like never before, and the rest of my body followed suit. I was totally amazed at the incredible sensations of sexual pleasure I got from having my toes sucked, and my inner thighs, oh god, that was incredible. When I tried to reach out for him he whispered, “Not yet, baby, this one’s just for you”

Then I felt his cock head teasing the lips of my pussy, rubbing up and down the outside of them and I nearly went berserk, lifting my body, trying to lift myself onto his cock, but he wouldn’t let me, kept his cock head teasingly rubbing my pussy lips, oh god, what a sensation! Then he was pressing forward and I cried out at the wonderful feeling his big cock gave me as it slid to the hilt into my pussy.

Even then there wasn’t the frantic, almost out of control thrusting that had been my experience so far, he moved slowly, ever so slowly, building me up and then building me up even further, and my body was twitching and shaking and shuddering, a lava of hot liquid coursing through me, and I was crying out, “Oh yes, Jeff, so good, so good, oh, fuck me Jeff, fuck me hard, I want it so much, I want you so much!”

But he wouldn’t be rushed, he was playing my body like a violin, and my body was responding with the sweetest music imaginable, and I was soaring, soaring upwards, ever upwards until a sudden explosion ripped through me of such intensity that I arched and screamed like crazy. Then the shudders started, wracking my body over and over again as his cock plunged faster and faster and harder and harder, god, he was really fucking me now, and I knew why mom always screamed so loud, the feelings were just so intense, the pleasure so incredible, I was right off the planet!

And then with a guttural cry he exploded too, and I felt his hot cum juice shoot up my steaming pussy like an express train, blasting to the very depths of my being and beyond, and I was cumming again, wailing and screaming, “Oh yes, oh god yes, cuuumming, cuumming, cuuuuuummmmmming, Jeff, oh Jeff, YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS”

I think I might just have passed out for a while with the intensity of that final explosion, because the next thing I remember was Jeff’s worried face hovering over me asking if I was alright, “Mmmmm yes, never better” I said with a distinct slur in my voice, “I will never ever doubt you again, that was just too much, is it always like that?”

He grinned and sat back a little, “Well, every time’s different, but I haven’t had any complaints yet, I guess only time – and a lot more love making – will tell!” he said.

I grinned back at him, “That sounds like you want more” I said, then I glanced down at his lap and saw he was rock hard again, and laughed, “And that LOOKS like you want more”

He laughed with me, “Can’t deny that, but it still takes two to tango”

I reached out and stroked his rampant cock, “Mmmmm, will you teach me to dance, Jeff, teach me to dance the tango on this gorgeous cock of yours? It’s only fair to warn you, I’m a terribly slow learner”

He moved quickly into position and slid his big cock into my still wet pussy and grinned, “I don’t care if it takes years and years” he said.

AND IT HAS! He’s no longer my step dad now, mom and he got divorced less than 12 months later, but he’s still my tango teacher, and whenever I can, I get over to his place and climb onto his gorgeous cock and start dancing all over again! Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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