Toying with Tiffany

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Toying with Tiffany
I didn’t write this story, but did enjoy reading it. I couldn’t see it on here after a quick search so thought I’d share it. Hope you enjoy it as well.



Tiffany Daniels squirmed in her seat. Her delectable 16-year-old ass slid forward
and back, forward and back, rubbing against the wood. As she rubbed her butt
against the seat, she crossed and uncrossed her legs.

Tiffany Daniels, high school junior, cheerleader, princess tease, was antsy. Very
antsy indeed.

She swung her right leg over her left, crossing them in mid-thigh, and squeezed
the muscles in her legs. She scooted back an inch in her desk chair. Nothing she
did revealed the terrible itching in her sweet young pussy, the itch that spread
deep up into her virgin asshole. She was afraid that if she wriggled much more,
her embarrassingly short skirt, which was already climbing up her thighs, would
ride up high enough to expose her white panties in front of her teacher and all
her classmates.

Mr. Green, her English teacher, was droning on about Emily Dickinson in front of
the class. Tiffany was too pre-occupied with the uncomfortable feeling in her
pussy and ass to notice how often Green was looking her way. He didn’t stop
talking, but he was keeping his eye on the writhing youngster.

What he saw was one of the prettiest, sexiest young girls at Daniels High School.
(Named for Godfrey Daniels, Tiffany’s grandfather, making her one of the town’s
blue bloods, and one of its biggest snobs.) Even in days past, when Tiffany had
dressed like a typical teenaged girl, she had been a vision of pure desirability.
She stood five feet seven inches, weighed 115 pounds, and had blonde wavy hair
that fell down over her shoulders and gorgeous blue eyes. She had sprouted a
fantastic set of breasts over the last couple of years, perfect g****fruit-sized
beauties that stood out from her chest with the arrogance of youth. Capped with
the kind of large pink nipples that you usually only saw in girlie magazines. Her
slender waist flared out into rounded hips, and from there on down she was
nothing but long, tanned legs. Her cheerleading kept her fit. Her family’s money
kept her tanned, with regular trips to a tanning salon, and exquisitely groomed
with regular trips to the best hair stylist in town.

She had been told, frequently, by boys at school that she resembled the tennis
player Anna Kournikova. She figured they were just saying that to get some pussy
– teenaged boys would say or do anything to get some pussy, particularly some as
wonderful as Tiffany’s – but it was true, there was a resemblance.

But today, Tiffany was not dressed like the other girls. Just about everybody,
even the rich bitches like Tiff, wore jeans, sneakers and T- shirts to school. It
might as well have been the official school uniform at Daniels High. Tiffany,
however, wore a white blouse that was about one size too small for her, so that
her breasts pushed the front of the blouse out, calling more attention to them. A
plaid pleated skirt was the traditional Catholic schoolgirl look, but this skirt
was much shorter than any Catholic school would ever allow. It fell only a few
inches below the cheeks of her ass, and that’s why she was so concerned about it
riding up as she wiggled in her seat. On her feet, she wore little white anklet
socks and white high-heeled sandals made up of many small criss- crossing straps.

It was an outfit that virtually screamed “Look at me! Look at what a sexy little
16-year-old tease I am!” Which was the idea. But not Tiffany’s idea.

Tiffany was mortified by being forced to wear the too-tight blouse and the
too-short skirt. But she had forgotten about her deep shame for the moment as the
unbearable, agonizing itching in her pussy suddenly became even worse.

“MMMMMMffff!” moaned Tiffany, biting her lip, and rubbing her ass against the
chair for all it was worth.

“Miss Daniels, is something wrong?” asked Mr. Green, interrupting his lecture. He
stared at her. The entire English class stared as well.

“No sir, I’m OK,” the suffering teenager squeaked out.

“Then why are you squirming so much in your seat and making noise?” asked Green.
His eyes glittered with a touch of evil.

“I’m sorry,” said Tiffany. “I’ll be good.”

“Stand up, please,” ordered Mr. Green. He gave her a hard look, willing her to
get to her feet.

Reluctantly, Tiffany slid out of her seat and stood beside her desk. Every male
eye in the classroom was riveted either on her naked thighs (the leg men) or her
nipples, which pushed against the thin fabric of her top.

“Miss Daniels, which poem are we discussing?”

Tiffany blushed. She had no idea. She had been so pre-occupied by the feelings
her young crotch that she had tuned the teacher out for the entire class.

“Mr. Green? Please? I don’t feel well,” Tiffany said, her voice taking on the
pleading tone of a little girl.

“And what exactly is the matter, Miss Daniels? Do you have ants in your pants?”

The whole class burst into laughter. Tiffany turned crimson red in shame.

Because the truth was, she did have ants in her pants. She had hundreds of ants
crawling all over her pussy, down between her legs, along her ass crack. She had
ants up deep inside her pussy, and ants deep up inside her rectum.

And the rule for the day was, she could not take them out. Couldn’t even take her
panties off to scratch. She had to suffer, all day long, both the physical
discomfort of the nasty little insects violating all of her private parts, and
the psychological pain of knowing that she was not allowed to do anything about.

Green waited for an answer. Tiffany wondered: Did her know? She stammered, unable
to answer.

“Well, if you won’t even give me the respect of an answer to a simple question
like whether you have ants in your pants, would you please come up to the front
of the room?” Green asked, politely but firmly. Tiffany didn’t move. Her heart
was pounding like mad.

“Now, Miss Daniels!” barked the English teacher. “Or it will be detention for you
today after school!”

Detention? thought Tiffany. God, that was the last thing she could handle.
Reluctantly, she walked to the front of the room.

“I believe you know the spot,” Mr. Green said, and gestured at the blackboard.
There was a chalk circle drawn there, and whenever a student misbehaved, Green
ordered them to stand with their nose pressed to the circle and their back to
their fellow students. Tiffany had never been singled out for this humiliating
punishment, and on this of all days! She didn’t know how she could bear it.

“Circle or detention, Miss Daniels,” Green said coldly. Suddenly she knew,
somehow, that Green was in on it, that he knew what the principal had done to her
that morning. How he’d poured honey all over her pussy and ass, parted the tender
labia with his rough fingers and dribbled the honey deep into her pussy, then
parted her ass the same way and applied honey there. How he’d then pulled a jar
of ants from his desk drawer and dumped them all over her middle. How he’d handed
her the white panties, and after she put them on, had taken a roll of heavy-duty
white duct tape and firmly taped the top of the panties to her skin, all the way
around her waist, 360 degrees, then done the same with each leg band, taping each
to her luscious thighs. The ants were trapped inside the panties, but they didn’t
mind. They had honey to feast on.

The principal, Mr. White, had told the cheerleader that she would keep the ants
in her panties all through the school day, and only be allowed to take them out
at the end. If she tried to get the ants out before the final bell, the next day
he would repeat the exercise, using fire ants instead of regular ants. Fire ants,
Tiffany knew, would bite her tenderest places repeatedly and be a hellish agony
far worse than the tickling of the regular ants.

Green knew about the ants, Tiffany thought. And if he knew, detention would be
far, far worse than the chalk circle. It would mean she’d have to keep the ants
in her pants after the final bell.

Slowly, Tiffany walked to the front of the room, as the guys snickered and
watched the sway of her short, pleated skirt moving back and forth across the ass
they all wanted more than anything in the world. Her cheeks burned. She felt as
if she was on the verge of tears, but told herself she would not cry. She reached
the black board and pressed her nose into the circle. In order to do so, she had
to stand so close that her 36-C breasts mashed into the blackboard as well. She
worried that she was getting yellow chalk marks all over her blouse right over
her breasts, which would call even more attention to them the rest of the day.
But she did not dare take her nose out of the circle.

Mr. Green went back to his lecture on Emily Dickinson, but no one was listening.
The boys were all ogling Tiffany, wondering why she had started dressing like
such a slut. The girls looked at her with various mixtures of envy for her good
looks and malice for her past bitchiness.

“Nice ass, Tiff!” she heard a boy yell. She couldn’t recognize the voice, but her
face felt so hot. She didn’t dare look around and let them see her.

Tiffany felt the itching start again, deep, deep insider her rectum. Several ants
were working their way up further and further. She wanted more than anything to
rip her panties down, even there in front of everyone, and plunge her fingers up
her own ass, crushing the ants, plucking them out. But with every eye on her,
that was impossible. Even if she had been alone, she knew what would happen if
she didn’t keep the panties in place all day.

So Tiffany Daniels suffered. And waited in agony. There was still half an hour to
go in English class.

* * *



Tiffany stood with her nose in the chalk circle, her large, firm teen breasts
pushing against the blackboard, her back to the class. She could feel the lustful
gazes of the young men, all 16 years old just like she was, and as full of
hormones as 16-year-old boys can be, staring at her long tanned legs. Those legs
were even more on display than usual, as the skirt she was wearing – had been
forced to wear that morning – was about an inch shorter than her normal
cheerleading skirt. She knew that if she were to bend even slightly at the waist,
it would ride up high enough for everyone to see her white panties. Her thighs
were smooth, the inner surfaces freshly shaved, her calves shapely.

Tiffany Daniels was a good girl. She rarely got in trouble. Made mostly Bs,
occasionally an A from a male teacher who graded her up just because he enjoyed
having such a sexy girl in his class, occasionally a C from a jealous female
teacher. She never got detention, had not tried d**gs, and was still a virgin,
although she had had a couple of close calls with boys who had pushed hard during
make-out sessions. She had let one such boy, Brad, get as far as a hand down her
panties and a finger teasing her teen pussy lips, and it felt better than
anything had ever felt in her life, but she didn’t want to get carried away, and
it stopped the necking session, leaving Brad with a case of blue balls.

Brad had only told a couple of friends, but that was enough to get Tiffany
branded a “prick tease” around Daniels High School. That, and the normal cruelty
of teenagers. She exuded the confidence of the young, rich, good-looking teenaged
girl, the kind who got out on the basketball floor every Friday night in her
tight cheerleading uniform, and knew that every male cock in the arena was
twitching over her. It gave her a feeling of power, and even, sometimes, made her
pussy a little juicy, just thinking about how horny all the boys were for her.

Well, she wasn’t feeling very powerful today. Powerless, in fact. She felt an ant
crawl across her clit. It was a maddening tickle, and made her slightly horny.
God, what a slut, she thought to herself, I’ve got an insect crawling on my
clitty and I’m getting off on it.

One little mistake, she thought. I cheated on one lousy little test, and now I
here I am with my panties taped to my body and my pussy full of ants. God damn
that Mr. White and the rest of them.

Her mind drifted back three days earlier, when her ordeal began.

Tiffany had been in algebra class with Mr. Brown, taking a test. She had been so
busy with cheerleading lately, and making signs for the big homecoming game, that
she had neglected her studies. So she had made up a tiny cheat sheet on a piece
of paper the size of a matchbox with the half-dozen formulas she needed but
hadn’t memorized. When it looked like Mr. Brown was busy grading papers at his
desk, she had pulled the cheat sheet out and placed it beside her test and gone
to work.

The 16-year-old beauty was so engrossed in the test, her head bent low over the
paper, that she hadn’t realized Brown had gotten up and was walking through the
room until he was standing right over her. He put his hand down on the cheat
sheet. Tiffany looked up, fear in her bright blue eyes.

“See me after class, please,” Mr. Brown said. He picked up the cheat sheet and
walked away. The other students hadn’t even realized what had happened.

When the bell rang, the students filed by Brown’s desk, dropping their test
papers. Tiffany lingered. When the last student was gone, Mr. Brown shut the
classroom door.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Tiffany?” he asked. His dark eyes burrowed
directly into hers.

The young girl trembled. She didn’t know what to do or say.

“Oh, please, sir, I’m so sorry,” she blurted out. “I didn’t mean to.”

“You didn’t mean to what?” Mr. Brown asked.

“I didn’t mean to cheat on the test.”

“Oh really?” he said sarcastically. “And how did that cheat sheet in your
handwriting get on your desk if you didn’t mean to?”

“Oh, please, oh God,” Tiffany burbled, almost starting to hyperventilate. Brown
noticed approvingly how her sweater was rising and falling rapidly, thrust out by
her heaving bosoms as she gulped in air.

“You’ve already said you’re sorry,” Brown said. “So just take that last little
step and tell me what you did.”

“I I I I cheated, sir. Oh please don’t flunk me!”

“You cheated on my algebra test, Tiffany Daniels?” repeated Mr. Brown.

“Yes,” she said in a tiny voice. “I cheated on the test.”

Brown opened a desk drawer and pulled out a small tape recorded. He clicked
rewind for a second, and Tiffany’s voice filled the room, admitting her

Tiffany suddenly felt sick.

“Why did you tape that?” she asked.

“Evidence,” Brown said simply.

Tiffany didn’t like the sound of this at all. And she liked the rest of the
conversation even less.

“I’m going to give you a choice, Tiffany,” her math teacher said. “I can take
this cheat sheet and this tape recording, and you, down to the principal’s
office. There, we can call your parents. When your parents come in, we’ll tell
them you’re getting an F in algebra this semester and why. And we’ll remind you
of the school rule that any F means you cannot participate in any
extra-curricular activities, meaning you’ll be kicked off the cheerleading squad
as of this afternoon.

Brown took a deep breath. It was time to play the card. “Orrrrrrr,” he continued,
“we can work out an alternative punishment. You can meet me tonight at this
address. Your parents won’t know, you’ll get an A in math, you’ll stay a

Tiffany had a feeling that the meeting involved something sexual. She felt
nauseated, felt like she wanted to cry. She was being blackmailed, but she had no

“I’ll meet you tonight, Mr. Brown,” she said timidly.

“I liked it better when you called me sir,” he said sternly. “Let’s stick with

“Yes sir,” the blonde beauty said. Her knees were trembling, and she was on the
verge of tears.

At 8 p.m., Tiffany knocked on the door at the address Mr. Brown had given her. It
was a nondescript apartment complex on the outskirts of town, and when Brown
opened the door, Tiffany saw that the apartment itself was as plain as could be.
Nothing on the walls, minimal furniture, no trace that a person really lived

“Is this where you live, sir?” she asked, remembering to address him the way he
had requested.

“Oh goodness no, Tiffany,” he said politely. “This is just a little place I rent
on the side.”

He studied the 16-year-old cutie. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail
and she wore little makeup, but she was still a knockout. She wore khaki pants
and a long-sleeved navy T-shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch. Brown could tell she
had tried to make herself as plain and unsexy as possible. He’d soon fix that, he

“Come in, have a seat,” he said, and gestured to the couch. “Can I fix you a

“Like a Coke?” Tiffany said nervously. Her heart was hammering, her bountiful
breasts heaving again under the shirt. She had to get control of herself, she

“No, a real drink,” Mr. Brown said. “Scotch and water, perhaps?”

“Uh, sure,” said Tiffany. “I mean, I’d like that, please, sir.” Tiffany wasn’t a
drinker, but she wanted to play along with her math teacher. Plus if she could
somehow get evidence that he had offered a 16- year-old student alcohol, she
could counter-blackmail him and maybe get out of this jam.

Brown went into the kitchen, poured Scotch over ice, added a dollop of water, and
then his own little modest addition. He poured a powdered mix out of a baggie
into the unsuspecting girl’s drink. It contained half a dose of GBH, a
tranquilizer that was another version of a “Roofie,” or date-**** d**g, mixed
with half a dose of Ecstasy, the tripping d**g used at raves. Even together, the
dosages would not knock Tiffany out, just give her a mellow buzz, a feeling of
being disconnected from what was growing on. Brown hoped it would also make her
horny and make her highly suggestible.

The cheerleader sipped her drink, and Brown his, which was undoctored. To relax
her, he asked about cheerleading, about her other classes, about where she wanted
to go to college. Tiffany drank nervously, and answered, and began to think that
maybe her math teacher didn’t want to fuck her after all. Maybe he was just
lonely and wanted to talk, she thought.

“That was tasty,” she said after she had finished the Scotch. “May I please use
the bathroom, sir?”

“Sure,” Brown said. “It’s right down this hall.”

The teenager stood up, and suddenly her head began to swim as the d**gs took
effect. Her legs felt wobbly, her tongue was thick in her mouth, and her whole
body was tingling in a strange way. She quickly sat back down.

“I don’t feel good, Mr. Brown,” she said pitifully.

“Oh you’re fine, Tiffany, just fine,” the scheming teacher reassured her. “Just
not used to drinking Scotch, I imagine.” He got up from his chair and sat down
next to her on the couch. He continued to talk to her in a low, reassuring voice.

Tiffany felt so strange. Everything was swirly. She was very aware of her body.
Her nipples seemed to be more sensitive – she could feel them pushing against the
inside of her bra. Her pussy felt warm and open. Her limbs were numb and heavy.
She felt hot and flushed. She could hear Mr. Brown’s voice, talking, talking. It
seemed to anchor her in all the confusion.

“I feel hot,” she told the lecherous teacher.

“Let me see – do you have a fever?” He put his palm on her forehead and applied a
little pressure. Tiffany leaned back, her head against the back of the couch, and
shut her eyes.

“Yeah, you’re really feeling warm, sweetheart,” Mr. Brown said. “Is your heart
beating fast?”

“Oooh, God yes,” said Tiffany. Even with her eyes closed, she felt the room
spinning, and the tingling was increasing.

“We’d better cool you down,” Brown said. “Let’s get you out of those clothes.”

Oh God! thought Tiffany in the part of her brain that was still functioning. He’s
trying to get me naked! But she couldn’t believe when she heard her voice say, as
if from a distance, “OK.”

Brown pulled her arms over her head, and pulled the T-shirt up over them,
exposing her white lacy bra. He quickly undid the front clasp, exposing her
teenaged breasts, leaving her naked from the waist up.

When the air hit Tiffany’s nipples, they instantly sprang to life and became
erect, jutting out like little erasers. God, they felt so good and tingly,
Tiffany thought.

Meanwhile, Brown leaned over and unlaced her tennis shoes, pulling them off. He
lifted her ass up off the couch and somehow quickly pulled her pants and panties
down together. 16-year-old Tiffany Daniels, the virgin cheerleader, was now
wearing only her white knee socks.

“Here, lie back, Tiffany, you’ll feel better,” Brown purred. She stretched out.
Everything seemed so strange, like it was happening to her but not happening to

She heard Brown’s voice. It sounded so soothing. “Are you feeling tingly?” he
asked. “Are you very aware of your body and how it feels?”

“Oh God, yesssss,” she moaned.

“I want you to touch your pussy,” Mr. Brown said in a low, commanding voice, and
placed her right hand on top of the blonde curls. “I want you to play with it.
The more you play with it, the better you’ll feel.” His voice had a hypnotic
quality, and Tiffany obeyed.

She was no longer in a strange apartment with her math teacher. In Tiffany’s
mind, there was only the male voice telling her what to do, and the the strange
but increasingly wonderful way her young body felt. She used her fingers to pry
open her lips, and began to rub her clitoris through its little hood.

“Mmmmmm” she moaned. She was oblivious to everything except the warmth spreading
out from her young pussy.

Brown let the d**gs, his own suggestions and the girl’s growing horniness work
their own magic. He got up and re-arranged Tiffany’s legs, putting one leg high
on the back of the couch, placing the other foot on the floor. The effect was to
spread her legs wide apart, which wasn’t difficult for a girl used to doing the
splits as a cheerleader. It also pulled her pussy lips wider apart, exposing more
of a special place.

Brown went into the kitchen and brought back an armful of stuff, which he
carefully arranged on the coffee table in front of the sofa. The bottle of Scotch
sat next to Tiffany’s empty glass. He pulled out a Ziploc bag of pot and several
rolled joints, and s**ttered them on the table. He also laid down a mirror with
several lines of cocaine laid out.

Tiffany, her eyes closed, her head thrown back, her right hand working furiously
on her young, throbbing clit, was blissfully unaware of what he was doing.

“Feeeels so goooood,” she purred. The dazed and confused girl continued to
masturbate as the combination of d**gs took her further and further away from
reality. She felt as if there was a river of warmth flowing up from her crotch,
up her torso, caressing her breasts with their erect nipples, up her neck and
straight into her brain.

She was completely unaware of the tiny, high-pitched whir of the digital video
camcorder recording her every move. The Daniels High School principal, Roger
White, was sitting in a closet across the room from the masturbating cheerleader,
pointing the expensive camera through a broken slat, capturing her every move.
His erection strained against the front of his pants, and he thought how nice it
would be to get out of this damn closet, whip out his massive prick and plunge it
into her boiling twat. “All in good time,” Roger, he thought.

John Brown, her math teacher, saw the Tiffany was approaching her orgasm. Her
breathing was getting ragged, her large breasts rode up and down, her fingers
flew. Her pink clit had now completely escaped its protective hood and was
swollen with lust.

“Uhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhh,” Tiffany groaned, lost in her own d**ggy world of sensual
pleasure and self-gratification.

“Does that feel good, sweetheart?” Mr. Brown asked softly, his lips only inches
away from Tiffany’e ear.

“Ohhh, yessssss,” she shuddered as her climax approached. Her young pussy was now
slick with her own sweet juices, and her inner labia gaped open, exposing the
redness within.

“I want you to listen very carefully, Tiffany,” Mr. Brown addressed her. “In
order for you to be able to cum, I’m going to have to cum, too. That’s the only
way you can cum tonight is to make me cum.”

Tiffany’s eyes flew open in panic, and she saw her math teacher standing next to
her head, his trousers down to his ankles, his huge erection bobbing a few inches
from her face. It was angry and purple, its head swollen.

She knew she should be afraid of the large organ, and what Mr. Brown was asking.

“Close your eyes, sweetie,” Mr. Green said. “And open your mouth. Doesn’t your
pussy feel so good?”

Tiffany obeyed. Her young lips parted, almost of their own accord. John Brown
moved forward and slipped the bulbous head of his cock between her lips.

“Now suck on it, Tiffany.”

A tiny part of the d**g-addled girl’s brain knew this was wrong, but she didn’t
have the strength to object or fight. It was so much easier to just do what he
said, and keep fingering her pussy. She began to suck on the teacher’s dick, and
he pushed a couple more inches into her mouth.

For the next few minutes, the room was quiet. There was the slight whir of the
video camera, the slurping sound of Brown’s cock as it sawed back and forth into
the cheerleader’s luscious mouth, and the wet, sloppy sound as she frantically
rubbed her clit, which slid around in circles in the lubrication of her pussy

“OK, I’m going to cum now,” Mr. Brown told her, his breathing labored, as he felt
his scrotum tighten and his balls prepare to release a massive load into the
young girl’s warm, moist mouth. “There’s going to be some sperm shooting into
your mouth, and as soon as you feel it hit your tongue, it will be time for you
to come too. I want us to come together. And I want you to swallow all my sperm.”

Tiffany, in a daze of lust, close to her own orgasm, practically stripped of her
own will by the d**gs, just moaned in agreement.

Suddenly, she felt her teacher’s hot cum spurting onto her tongue, and his
hypnotic suggestion took hold. She tipped over the edge into her own orgasm and
began to cum hard. The older man’s cum spurted and spurted, hot and salty, and
she began to swallow, as her pussy began to spasm. Her hand kept busy on her
clit, rubbing furiously, as Green rammed his cock into her mouth again and again
until his balls were drained.

The student and teacher were both at peace, drained by their tremendous orgasms.

The remainder of the evening was just logistics. Brown helped the groggy girl get
dressed, and fished out of her purse the address he had given her, so as not to
leave any link to himself. He walked her out to her car and drove her home – she
was certainly in no shape to drive! – all the while talking gently to her to keep
her from freaking out. Tiffany just hummed softly to herself, and seemed unaware
of her surrounding.Brown parked the car in her driveway and told her to go into
her house and go to bed, and the girl obeyed. Roger White drove up five minutes
later and picked the math teacher up.

“God almighty,” I got a hard-on like fucking crowbar,” said White.

“Well then,” said Brown, “I guess you get first crack at her tomorrow.”

* * *



And that’s how it had started, Tiffany thought, as she prayed for the bell to
ring to signal the end of English class. Her pert little nose had been parked in
the chalk circle for 10 minutes now, but it seemed like an eternity. She had to
stand still even as hundreds of ants feasted on the honey that had been applied
to the insides of her vagina and far up into her teenaged asshole. The maddening
ants kept her in constant agony, and were even starting to make her horny as they
marched back and forth all over her little clitty.

Of course, she only found out some of the details when Brown and White finally
told her how they had worked out the plan; the night she had fingered herself to
orgasm and swallowed a load of Brown’s hot cum, she had been so doped up on GBH
and Ecstasy she barely knew her own name.

The morning after the cheerleader had put on her little show for the treacherous
older men, she woke up feeling awful, an after effect of the d**gs. She told her
mother that she didn’t feel well and asked her to call the school office. Her
mother agreed; Tiffany was not the sort of girl to fake being sick.

Her younger sister Stephanie popped her head into Tiffany’s room. At 14,
Stephanie was a budding beauty. She still had her braces on her teeth, which were
due off in a year, and her breasts had not yet begun to sprout into the
impressive 36-Cs that poked out of Tiffany’s torso, but she was still a little
cutie who was obviously going to be just as hot as her older sister.

“Hey!” said Stephanie cheerfully. “Where were you last night? I didn’t hear you
come in.”

Tiffany cast her mind back. She remembered going to her math teacher’s apartment,
but not much else. She had a vague memory of being naked, and she blushed. What
had happened? Why couldn’t she remember?

“Oh, I stayed at school to work on homecoming banners,” Tiffany lied. She hated
being dishonest with her sister, but couldn’t possibly tell her the truth, and
she wasn’t even sure of the truth.

Tiffany stayed in bed all that day. The next day, although she felt fine, she
also had her mother call in sick for her. She was dreading facing Mr. Brown. Had
she really been naked with him? Had he fucked her? she wondered. No, she’d be
able to feel it in her pussy, she decided, and she could tell she was still a

On the third day, Tiffany felt like she had no choice. She couldn’t stay home
from school forever. Homecoming was approaching, and if she missed too many
practices she wouldn’t be allowed to cheer. She dressed for school conservatively
– blue jeans, a bulky sweater, Doc Martens – and drove to Daniels High School.

Sitting in first period, Tiffany listened to the morning announcements over the
P.A. system. Just as they were winding up, the vice principal who was reading the
announcements said, “And Tiffany Daniels, please report to the principal’s

Every k** in homeroom turned and looked at the cute cheerleader, and she blushed.
But hey, she thought, I haven’t done anything wrong. There could be all kinds of
reasons to meet with Principal White – student council (Tiffany was vice
president), homecoming plans, all sorts of things.

The teenager gathered up her book bag and marched down the hall to Principal
White’s office.

“Come in, come in, Tiffany,” Mr. White said jovially. His eyes twinkled. Tiffany
was relieved. If she’d done something wrong, he’d be acting stern.

“Have a seat,” White said once Tiffany was inside his office. He shut the door.
Tiffany thought she heard him turn the lock, but maybe she was mistaken.

“Well, well, Miss Tiffany Daniels,” said the principal. Suddenly he was no longer
twinkly, but stern. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine,” she said nervously.

“Fine, huh?” repeated the principal. “Well, maybe we can change that. I want you
to watch something.”

The sexy blonde cheerleader noticed for the first time a TV set on a portable
cart, with a VCR underneath it. White pressed a button on a remote control, and a
video flickered onto the screen.

There was Tiffany Daniels, sweet 16, splayed out stark naked except for white
knee socks on a sofa. On a table in front of her, crystal clear, was a bottle of
Scotch, some joints, and what looked like lines of cocaine spread out on a
mirror. Tiffany had never touched d**gs of any sort, but the juxtaposition was

As the girl watched in growing horror, she saw herself start to masturbate. There
was no sound on the video, but the image swung up and down her lithe young body,
focusing first on her face, with her eyes closed and her mouth open in ecstasy,
then panning down her breasts with her nipples hard and firm, down to her pussy,
where her fingers were working away at her clit. The image zoomed in on her
pussy, showing her blonde pubes slick with her pussy juices.

The image jumped back to her head, and a man’s torso entered the frame. He was
unidentifiable, seen only from mid torso to mid thigh. He had an enormous
erection, and he approached Tiffany’s mouth and slid it right in. She could see
the man’s cock move in and out of her mouth. She was horrified, humiliated,
totally degraded, as she watched herself suck a strange man’s cock while
masturbating, and watched it in with her school principal standing right beside

White laid a heavy hand on her shoulder, and Tiffany jumped.

“Some video, huh?” he asked, leering. He hit the remote, and the screen went

“But wait, there’s more!” White said, making his voice sound like a TV pitchman
on an infomercial. He was enjoying her distress, toying with her, piling on the

Tiffany sat numbly, her world shattered. She realized the video must have been
made two nights ago at Mr. Brown’s apartment, even though her memory was hazy.
White walked to his desk and pulled out a large envelope and tossed it to her.

“Have a look, baby,” he said with a grin.

Tiffany pulled out a tape recorder, pressed play and listened once again to her
confession of cheating on her algebra test. She stopped it and pulled from the
envelope her cheat sheet. But the last thing in the envelope was the worst. It
was an 8×10 photo taken from the video. It showed her face in closeup, her eyes
closed but very recognizable. Her lips were stretched around a male cock.

Printed across the bottom of the photo in some sort of electronic type was this


“Oh God, Mr. White,” the poor girl moaned. “What is this? What are you doing to

Mr. White was humming to himself. Tiffany didn’t recognize the tune.

Suddenly he began singing the song he had been humming. “You’re 16, you’re
beautiful, and you’re mine! You’re 16, you’re beautiful, and you’re mine!”

The stunned girl sat, immobile.

“Let me explain your new life to, Miss Tiffany Cocksucker Slave Cunt Daniels. You
are mine, utterly and completely. You will do anything and everything I tell you
to, starting at this moment. Am I making myself clear, you wretched little slut?”

The cheerleader nodded, mute. This was all a horrible nightmare, she thought. No
one had ever dared talk to her in such a way. It was unimaginable. She’d report
him to the school board. She’d tell her parents. She’d kill the motherfucker!

“Now, Miss Slut Slave, here is what will happen if you don’t do exactly as I tell
you from now on. There are already dozens of copies of this video dubbed. They
have been edited so there is no sign as to who made them. The only thing people
will see on this video will be Tiffany Slut Cunt Daniels sucking a man’s cock
after she’s obviously indulged in i*****l d**gs. The tapes are in envelopes,
already addressed, and with a friend of mine. If I say the word, copies will be
mailed to your parents, your pastor at St. Timothy’s, your fellow cheerleaders,
and about 50 of the guys here at school. I’m sure they’ll make sure they’re
distributed to everybody else.

“The picture you see with your name, address and phone number will be posted
repeatedly on every sex newsgroup on the Internet. Within 24 hours, thousands of
perverts nationwide will know who you are, where you live and where you go to
school. Of those thousands, surely a couple hundred will want to track down the
girl in the photo. You’ll be stalked at home and at school, probably ****d
repeatedly, possibly k**napped, never to see your family or friends again.

“If you go to the police, or even if you get really brave and try to kill me, my
friend will mail out the tapes and make the Internet postings. Your life will be
over. So you see, Tiffany Tits, why I sing: You’re 16, you’re beautiful, and
you’re mine.”

The cheerleader felt like she was dead. She was being blackmailed, and she had no
choice but to go along with her perverted principal.

“So, shall we begin, you little slut-monkey?” he said evilly, trying to degrade
the teenager even further with his name-calling

“Please,” the poor girl squeaked. “Please don’t do this to me. Please let me go.
I’ll be good.”

“Oh, you’ll be good all right,” White said sarcastically.. “You’ll be great.
You’ll be as much fun as we’ve had in a long time.

“We’re going to play a series of games,” he continued. “We’ll call it Toying With
Tiffany. You won’t like hardly any of them, although there’s a good chance that
you’ll get some nice orgasms along the way. Your like here at Daniels High School
is going to be a living hell for a while, until we get tired of you, and then
we’ll move on. That’s right, Tiffany, I said ‘We.’ I’m part of a team of men here
at Daniels that breaks young girls like yourself. You aren’t the first and you
won’t be the last. You’re just our Number One project at the moment.”

“Please,” the cheerleader pleaded. “I beg you, Mr. White. I’ll do anything.”

“That you will, Tiffany, that you will. Now, stand up and strip.”

Tiffany hesitated.

“Now, cunt!” he barked.

She had no choice. Maybe later she would figure out how to beat the horrible
principal. But for now, she had to obey him or risk destroying her entire life.
She rose, and slowly began to peel off her clothes.

When she was naked, White ordered her to lay on his desk on her back, grab her
ankles and pull her legs back. Her heart pounding, she obeyed. Was he going to
**** her now?

Instead, he pulled a jar of honey from his desk drawer. “Don’t move a muscle,
bitch,” he hissed, and began to apply the honey all over her blonde pubes. He
swathed it down the sensitive strip between her pussy and ass, and smeared her
ass cheeks with it. He held open her pussy lips with one hand and poured honey up
inside her, then did the same thing with her ass. Tiffany was mortified at what
was going on, but didn’t understand.

“Please, don’t do this to me,” she wailed.

“Shut up!” he snapped. “I don’t want to hear another word out of you.” He reached
down to the floor and picked up her white cotton panties and stuffed them into
her mouth. “Keep them there until I tell you to take them out,” he ordered.

Then he pulled out the jar of ants. “Not a twitch, bitch, or mommy and daddy and
the whole world will see that video.” And with that, he poured the ants all over
her crotch. Tiffany was petrified, but obeyed his order and didn’t move a muscle.
She wanted to scream, but didn’t.

“One final touch,” he said. From a closet be brought forth a bag. “The clothes
you came in are a little too modest for a whore-dog like you. From now on, you’ll
wear what we tell you to wear. Put these on.”

Tiffany climbed down from the desk, her head spinning. Honey dripped down one
thigh. The horrible ants were crawling all over her. She pulled out another pair
of panties, also white cotton, and pulled them on. A short pleated skirt went
over them, one a little shorter than her cheerleader skirt that almost showed the
bottom of the cheeks of her sweet teenaged ass. There was no bra, and she looked
at Principal White with a pleading expression, not daring to take the panty gag
out of her mouth and ask a question.

“That’s right, no bra. And on future days, probably no panties,” he said.

Tiffany put on the sheer white blouse that was a little too small. She buttoned
it all the way up, but White unbuttoned the top two buttons. Her large, firm
teenaged breasts strained against the cotton; White could faintly make out her
aureolas under the blouse. The cheerleader continued getting dressed, pulling on
little white anklets with lacy tops and then buckling on white sandals with high
heels. God, she thought, I wouldn’t wear an outfit like this in a million years.
It’s so slutty.

White pulled out a roll of duct tape. “Just to make sure these panties stay on,”
he told her, and wrapped a thick strip of tape around her waist, taping the
panties to her bare skin. He did the same around each thigh, taping the panties
to each leg. “If you try to remove the panties to get rid of the ants,” White
warned the scared girl, “we’ll repeat the game tomorrow, using fire ants.

“Now there’s one last order of business, Miss Blow Job Daniels,” the principal
said. “I’m more than a little horny after our little meeting. I want you to kneel
down and suck me off.”

Jesus, thought Tiffany, this will never end. Reluctantly, she kneeled down in
front of the principal and pulled the panties out of her mouth as he unzipped his
fly and hauled out his erection. “Take it deep, little girlie, and use your

She leaned forward and opened her lips and allowed the principal to insert his
cock into her moist young mouth. She had never felt so humiliated or degraded in
her 16 years, to be kneeling here, sucking off her principal in this slutty
outfit, while hundreds of live ants crawled all over her most private and
sensitive parts. It was a nightmare, she thought, but she had no choice.

After a couple of minutes of sucking, she felt his cock begin to swell. He
clasped his hands on the sides of her head and thrust deeper into her throat. She
started to gag, but fought down the urge, as his cock erupted, shooting stream
after stream of jism deep into her throat. She swallowed over and over until he
was done.

“That’s a good little slut,” Mr. White said. “Go back to class now. And during
the day, if a teacher tells you to do something, I suggest you do it. There are
several of us in on this little project, and you wouldn’t want to piss off

Humiliated, Tiffany stuffed her old clothes into her book bag and left the
office. As she left, she heard White singing to himself:

“You walked out of my dreams, and into my life Now you’re my angel divine You’re
16, you’re beautiful, and you’re mine.”

* * *



Finally, the bell ring, signalling the end of Tiffany’s humiliation in front of
Mr. Green’s English class. As the other students filed out, Tom Green said softly
to the teenaged girl, so no one else could hear, “Stay right where you are,

She stood, her nose pressed to the chalkboard. The live ants were having a field
day in her sweet little asshole, crawling up and down, irritating the sensitive
lining. It was maddening, but Tiffany stood still.

As the last student filed out, Tom Green shut the door.

“Well, well, well,” he said. “Little Miss Tiffany My Pussy’s Too Good For Y’All
Daniels. How do you feel?”

The cheerleader didn’t know what to respond. Green was obviously in on the
conspiracy with Brown and White to degrade her, so she knew she had to tread

“I asked you a question, Miss Tiffany Ants Up the Ass Daniels.” Green stood
directly behind her and leaned in so his breath was hot in her ear and on her
neck. If anyone had walked in, it would have looked like a teacher having a
conference with a student who had been disciplined, but Tiffany knew this was far
beyond that.

“I don’t know sir. Please, can I go to my next class?” Tiffany pleaded.

“Sure, slut,” Green said. The teenager flinched with each new verbal assault. She
was used to respect and deference, not horrible sexual insults. “And you didn’t
move, so you don’t get detention, even though I’m sure you wanted to wiggle that
little ass, didn’t you?”

“Please, may I go now?” she repeated.

“Yes you may,” said Green, and Tiffany stepped back from the blackboard. Green
ogled her brazenly, and his eyes stopped on her gorgeous teenaged tits.

“Uh-oh, little problem here, Tiff,” he said. She looked down and saw two large
yellow chalk smears, one over each breast, where they had pressed against the

“Here, let’s clean you up,” Green said with mock kindliness.

“No, that’s really OK,” said Tiffany, “I’m gonna be late.”

“Nonsense,” Green countered. “We can’t have you walking around the halls looking
like that.” And he pulled a packet from his desk drawer. It was several of those
moist towlettes, like little napkins soaked in antiseptic cleaner. “Here, hold
still, and let me clean you off.”

Knowing what was coming, Tiffany took a step back. She didn’t want her English
teacher pawing her tits; despite all the terrible things done to her over the
last few days, she still had her dignity.

“I said hold still!” hissed Green, “That’s a goddam order! Put your hands at your
sides, bitch!”

The trembling teen obeyed.

Green extended a towlette and begin to dab at her right breast. The coldness and
wetness soaked straight through the thin cotton and, since she had been forbidden
to wear a bra, hit her young nipple, causing it to spring to life in full,
glorious erection. As her nipple hardened, Tiffany looked down and realized the
moisture was soaking the blouse all over her breast, causing the fabric to become
nearly transparent!

“Please, Mr. Green, I’m gonna be late! Oh God, people are gonna see!” The poor
girl, who had already endured so much, was becoming more and more frantic.

“Don’t move a muscle!” barked Green. “I’ll write you a fucking pass.” He pulled
out a new towlette and began the same process on her left breast, with the same
result: a perky, extended nipple and thin, wet, white fabric. Anyone could see
both of Tiffany’s perfect teenaged breasts and their hard nipples, and the halls
were full of her fellow students changing classes.

“There, we got all that nasty chalk off,” Green mocked her with a sick smile. He
scribbled out a pass for her tardiness to her next class,” and then said,
matter-of-factly, “When you go to your next class, Miss Daniels, why don’t you
carry your books by your side under your arm rather than hugged in front of your
chest. In fact, consider that an order. If you try to hide that pretty little
chest, I’ll report you to Principal White for disobedience.”

Tiffany knew what that meant. She would just have to hope she could make it there

The halls were still packed as Tiffany scurried along, her breasts in plain view,
jiggling wildly in their braless state. As her nipples rubbed the inside of the
tight blouse, they stayed erect. Every student in the hall stopped and stared.
Some laughed, many pointed, as the wealthy young woman, named for the founder of
the school, walked rapidly along.

“Hey, Tiff, I like the new look!” called a male voice.

“It’s Tits, not Tiff,” yelled another. Raucous laughter burst from a pack. Her
face burned with shame. This couldn’t be happening to her, she thought. What a
horrible nightmare.

Several boys started a chant, mocking her cheerleader status: Gimme a T! Gimme an
I! Gimme a T! Gimme an S! What’s that spell? Tits! Who’s got ’em? Tiffany!”

God, were there no teacher to save her from this? Tiffany was almost in tears
when she reached study hall. She burst into the room, made straight for her desk
and sat down. She choked back tears. Her life was a living hell.

The rest of the day passed without major incident for Tiffany. Her blouse dried
in study hall, and her nipples finally returned to their normal state. The ants
were still driving her nuts, but many of them had died from being squished
between her butt and the chairs she sat in. The ones that remained, though, were
the worst, for the they were the ones crawling deep inside her pussy and ass.

Mr. White had not given Tiffany any instructions as to what was happen to her at
the end of the day, although she thought she was due to have the ants removed. So
she was not surprised when, during her last class of the day, a student “runner”
from the office came in with a sealed envelope for Tiffany.

“Report to my office at the final bell,” read the note inside. Tiffany could tell
White and the other male teachers were being careful not to leave any evidence
that could incriminate them.

A few minutes after the last bell rang, Tiffany was once again in Principal
White’s office, the place where she had begun her day in hell. White again shut
the door.

“How was your day, Tiffany-Bitch?” he asked maliciously.

“Hellish,” she answered honestly.

“The correct answer would be, ‘Hellish, SIR,” he corrected.

“Yes, sir,” she responded.

“I imagine you’re anxious to get those ants out of your pussy and ass,” the evil
principal said. “But I’m concerned it might be difficult to get the ones that
have crawled up really high and out of reach. So I bought you something to help.”

He pulled out an enormous black dildo, about 10 inches long and as big around as
a paper-towel tube. Tiffany’s mouth hung open as she stared at it.

“No, bitch, it’s not for your mouth,” White said, “although you might want to get
it wet there first. It’s to crush the ants. Your fingers won’t reach far enough.
So you insert your new little friend here all the way up your pussy, then all the
way up your ass, and use it to crush the ants. I’m afraid that if you don’t use
this, you’ll never kill them all, and tomorrow you’ll still have ants crawling
inside you. You don’t want that, do you?”

The dejected, dazed cheerleader just shook her head.

“So take your new friend here and put him in your backpack. Go on home and find
yourself a little privacy and get rid of the ants. Heck, be glad I’m not ordering
you to do it right here on my office floor. It would make a great addition to the
videotape: Sweet little virgin Tiffany Daniels fucks herself up the ass with a
big black dildo. Yeah, that would be a popular offering on the Internet,” he

Tiffany reluctantly took the dildo and stuck it in her backpack.

“Then once you get rid of the ants, we thought it might be nice to go shopping
tonight,” White continued. “So tell Mommy and Daddy you have to come back to
school after dinner to work on a Homecoming project. Be here at 7:30 p.m., and
we’ll meet you in the parking lot. We’ll have you back by 9:30 so you can get
home and get your beauty sleep.”

“May I ask a question, sir?” Tiffany was looking down at the floor submissively,
which White liked.

“Yes, you may, ass-licker.”

“Where are we going tonight? And who all is going?

“Well, you’re the central attraction, of course,” White said. “And there will be
myself, and Mr. Brown and Mr. Green, and maybe some others depending on their
availability. We’re going to the mall and pick out some new clothes for you,
something more in line with what you were wearing today. I’m sure as hell not
gonna spend any more of my own money buying you slut outfits like this one.”

“So should I bring money, sir?”

“No, that won’t be necessary,” White said ominously. “You’ll be paying for the
clothes, but not with money.” He smiled at her and winked.

Tiffany felt sick. She didn’t know what was in store, only that it wasn’t good at

* * *



Tiffany tore up the stairs to her bedroom, frantically locking the door behind
her. She stripped off the hateful slut outfit and started ripping at the duct

“Ooh! Ooh! Owwww!” she moaned as the tape pulled away from her skin, pulling tiny
golden hairs out with it. The tape around her tummy was bad, but the tape around
her young thighs was even worse.

Finally she was able to tear off her panties. She desperately pushed a finger up
her pussy, trying to fish out the ants.

After a few minutes writhing around on her back on her bed, her legs spread wide
and one finger, then two fingers, up her cunt, the 16-year- old realized she
wasn’t able to get to all of the nasty little insects. She pulled the large black
dildo from her backpack and positioned it at the pink, pouting lips of her pussy.
Just as she sank it in about two inches, there was a knock at her door.

“Tiffany? Are you OK?”

Jesus, thought Tiffany, it was her younger sister Stephanie.

“Go away!” yelled Tiffany.

“What’s wrong? Can I come in?” asked Stephanie.

“No, go away!”

“Why not?”

Tiffany’s mind raced. “Uh, no, I’m having female problems,” Tiffany replied,
using their code word for that time of the month.

“OK,” said Stephanie and walked away. Tiffany rammed the dildo home.

God, it felt good, she thought, like scratching an itch you’ve been needing to
scratch all day. She pulled it out and sank it into her sweet virgin (well,
technically virgin) pussy over and over and over again. She could feel her juices
start to flow, lubricating the walls of her vagina. She was barely aware that her
clit had popped out as she slid the rubber monster deep inside, over and over.

The ants were all dead, but the wealthy cheerleader kept fucking herself, closer
and closer to an orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhh, yesssssss,” she moaned softly, not wanting to alert Stephanie or her
mom. Her large perfect breasts heaved on her chest, her nipples poked up, hard,
she splayed her knees even wider, and rammed the dildo home. She reached down,
and as soon as she touched her swollen pink clit she exploded in a delicious
teenaged orgasm.

After she caught her breath, she became aware that she still had ants up her ass.
She pulled out the dildo, now slick with lubrication, and gently pushed it into
her own rectum. Although she had masturbated before, she’d never stuck anything
up her own ass. It hurt a little, but also felt kind of nice. She felt very full.

As she began to work up some speed with the dlido in her ass, crushing and
killing the ants her principal had placed there, she realized she wanted to come
again. So again she started to fondle her own clit, rolling it in her fingers.
Heat seemed to be building inside her body, and soon she came again, even harder
than before.

“Oh God,” she thought, suddenly ashamed of herself. “Did I really just do that,
masturbate with a black dildo up my bottom? Oh, but it felt so good.”

She allowed herself the luxury of mentally drifting for a few minutes, enjoying
the heavy feel of her recently satisfied body. But then she jerked, realizing she
had to hide the dildo and face her family. And even worse, her principal was
expecting her to meet him for a trip to the mall. She was dreading the encounter.
If she had known what she was in store for, she would have dreaded it even more.

Promptly at 7:30 that night, Tiffany pulled into the Daniels High School parking
lot in her new Miata, a present from daddy for her 16th birthday. The lot was
empty except for a few cars at the far end, where she saw some men standing. She
drove over and got out of the car.

Roger White, the Daniels principal, was there, as was John Brown, the math
teacher who had originally caught her cheating, d**gged her and videotaped her,
starting her horrible descent into being a sexual slave to these depraved men.
And there was Tom Green, the English teacher who had humiliated her earlier that
day. The fourth man, though, surprised her: Joe Black, Old Joe, the school
custodian. Old Joe was only in his ’50s, but to the smug young teens of Daniels
High, he might as well have been in his ’80s. He was a large black man, big but
not fat, just hulking and heavily muscled. He rarely said a word to the students
except “Excuse me” when he needed to get by with his broom or mop.

“Right on time, Little Miss Cheerleader Cunt,” sneered Mr. White.

Again with the horrible names, thought Tiffany. This all would be bad enough but
it’s so much worse when they call me these names.

“Looking good, Tiffany,” said Mr. Green, eyeing her up and down. She wore
sneakers, jeans and a white short-sleeved blouse.

Old Joe licked his lips. The janitor leered at her, and she shuddered. It was bad
enough to be the toy of these teachers, but to have a dirty old janitor doing it
too, that was just too yucky.

“Why is he here?” she asked White, referring to Old Joe.

“Why, Old Joe here is our best buddy, aren’t you Joe?” White answered, and put
his arm around Joe’s shoulder. Joe smiled at Tiffany.

“About 10 years ago, when you were just in first grade, Tiffany, I was fucking a
student in my office one night. Chrissy, I believe her name was. Anyway, I had my
cock up her ass and in walks Old Joe. There to empty my wastebaskets and vacuum.
He and I pretty much decided that either he could report me and get me fired, or
he could wait until I was done and then fuck Chrissy up the ass, too. So when I
got done, he took his turn. We kind of bonded that night, Old Joe and I, and
we’ve been working as a team ever since. These other guys have joined the club as
the years have gone by.”

Tiffany barely heard most of the principal’s story. At the words “cock up her
ass,” she had frozen in fear. The luscious young student had heard whispers among
her girlfriends that some guys – and even, occasionally, some girls – liked anal
sex, but she had never heard it referred to so brutally. And if these men had
done it to another student, would they do it to her? Was she going to eventually
get fucked up her virgin little ass by all four men? Was that what was in store
for her?

“And now, off to the mall we go!” the principal chortled, breaking Tiffany’s

The men opened the doors of the Lincoln Navigator and motioned for Tiffany to get
into the back seat. “But first,” said Old Joe, let’s get those jeans off, missy.
Panties too.”

“Oh, no, please don’t make me do that,” Tiffany whined.

“You just don’t get it, sweetheart,” said Mr. White. “Have you forgotten that
little video we have of you? What will Mommy and Daddy think? And all your
friends? I can pretty well guess what all the perverts on the Internet will think
when they see that sweet innocent little face with a cock stuffed in its
mouth-hole, complete with your name, address, and phone number. You’ll be the
most popular girl in Texas. It’ll be like you’re a dog in heat and they just
opened the doors of the kennel!”

Tiffany shuddered at the gross image, and sagged in defeat. It was only she and
the men in the parking lot, so she slipped off her sneakers, then her jeans, then
her panties. She felt horribly exposed and vulnerable outdoors, so she quickly
climbed into the backseat of the large SUV.

“Might as well do the blouse and bra, too, sweet cheeks,” said Old Joe.

“Sweet cheeks?” echoed White. “Why Joe, we don’t call our friend Tiffany a name
like sweet cheeks. We call her fuckmeat, or ass-licker, or juicy-cunt, or
shit-for-brains.” The men all laughed raucously. Tiffany blushed furiously.

“Please, may I ask a favor?”

“Sure, smegma-breath,” said Green.

“Would you just not call me horrible names? All this is bad enough, but could you
just not call me names?”

“Awwwww!” the men jeered in unison. “Poor little Tiffany got her feelings hurt!”

White climbed into the driver’s seat, with Green beside him. Old Joe got in on
Tiffany’s right, Mr. Brown on her left. The nude girl huddled between them, aware
that all of their eyes were drinking in her lovely 16-year-old body. The night
air was chilly, and her nipples had sprung to attention, further betraying her,
making it appear she was sexually aroused.

“Tell you what, Tiffany,” said White. “We’ll play a little game on the way to the
mall. If you win the game, we won’t call you names any more. You have my word. If
you lose the game, we’ll keep right on calling you whatever we like. Seeing as
how we have total power over you anyway, what do you have to lose?”

What, indeed, she thought. She might as well try.

“What’s the game?” she asked meekly.

“Remember last year when you were in the school production of “Sound of Music?”
Such a nice musical,” White said. “Even though you didn’t play Liesel, I’m sure
you heard her sing in rehearsals over and over. We’d like for you to serenade us
on the way to the mall by singing that song “I Am Sixteen, Going on s*******n.”

“That’s all I have to do?” Tiffany asked nervously.

“That’s it. Just get through the whole song one time, perfectly, without stopping
or making any mistakes, and we’ll stop calling you names.”

This will be easy, Tiffany thought. I’m sure I can remember all the words, and
Liesel’s part is really only a few lines, cause it’s a duet.

“But we’ve got to make it challenging,” said Joe. “Put your hand behind your
back. Without even thinking, Tiffany leaned forward in the back seat and placed
her hands behind her. In a flash, Joe pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed
her wrists. Her arms were now pinned back at the shoulders, her hands trapped.

“Stop! Oh God please, take them off!” Tiffany shouted in panic.

“Shut up!” yelled White. “Listen, girlie, and listen good. If we get stopped by
the cops, or if anything happens to us, in any way shape or form, whether it’s
your fault or not, all of guys have had it. Our careers are over. And the only
satisfaction we’ll have is making sure your life is hell. So if anything happens,
my friend mails those videos out and posts them on the Net. So it’s in your
fuckin’ best interest to make sure that we don’t get caught! Got it, bitch?”

Tiffany nodded. She was feeling horribly numb again. The logic was inescapable.
She was trapped as the toy of these men and could do nothing about it.

“Let’s get comfortable,” said Joe. He grabbed Tiffany’s naked right leg and
pulled it into his lap. He then crossed his legs over her leg, trapping it. On
her left, Brown did the same thing.

The result, even before White had started the Navigator, was that Tiffany was
nearly immobilized in the backseat. Her hands and arms were cuffed behind her
with the weight of her body leaning back against them, and her legs were spread
wide and held pinned by each muscular man on her sides. She squirmed and wiggled,
but could do nothing. She also noticed, for the first time, that the windows of
the vehicle were darkly smoked, and no one could possibly see inside.

“Here we go,” White said, starting the SUV and pulling out of the parking lot.

“Any time you want to start singing, be our guest,” said Brown with a giggle.

“Tiffany took a deep breath and began: “I am 16, going on 17…”

Old Joe’s right hand shot out and grabbed ahold of one perky nipple and started
massaging it.

“Oh God, stop!” shouted Tiffany. Joe kept up his manipulation of the nipple,
which was growing harder.

“Come on, we want a song!” shouted White from the front seat.

Tiffany started over. “I am 16, going on 17…”

Mr. Brown’s right hand began to rub up and down Tiffany’s bare thigh. She kept

“I know that I’m naive….”

Brown reached around with his left hand and started to tickle the underside of
her breast, while inching his right up until it reached her pussy.

“Oh, please, I can’t do this!” Tiffany wailed.

“Fine, then, little lesbo bitch,” said White. “She doesn’t want to sing for us,
guys, so it’s back to name-calling.”

The teenaged cheerleader knew this was just a horrible game to all of them, but
maybe if she got through the song she could at least have that small victory. She
steeled herself against the roaming, prodding hands of her two teachers as they
explored her writhing young body, and started again.

“I am 16, going on 17 I know that I’m naive Fellows I meet may tell me I’m sweet
And willingly OH! OH!”

She couldn’t help herself. Joe’s hand at drifted down to her pussy and he had
plunged a fat finger deep inside her. She hadn’t realized she was still slick
with juice from her recent session with the dildo, and Joe’s finger quickly slid
all the way in. The poor girl’s hormones started to flow. She could feel herself
starting to get horny as Joe pulled his finger out and plunged it back in,
finger-fucking the confused girl.

It’s my only chance at self-respect with these fuckers, she thought to herself,
and began again. This time she got as far as the line “Totally unprepared am I,
to face a world of men,” when Brown leaned over and kissed her neck, right behind
the ear. No man had ever kissed her there, and it sent a shiver of delight
through her young body. She didn’t cry out, but she stopped singing for an

“Nope, doesn’t count!” White called out from the front seat. “We said you had to
sing it perfectly.”

Tiffany started over. Joe’s finger continued to frig in and out of her pussy,
feeling better and better. Brown continued to kiss her neck, which felt
incredibly good, and both men were pawing her breasts and nipples.

She had barely sung a few words when Joe placed his thumb against her clit and
began to rub.

“Ohhhhh, please, stop, stop, don’t do this to me!” she cried out. She felt so
alone, so exposed, so humiliated. She was trying to just complete one simple
task, sing a song she knew well, and she couldn’t even do that. Her mind was
confused, but her body wasn’t. Every inch of her was responding to the caresses
and touches of the men who had pinned her down in the backseat.

“I am 16, going on 17,” she started again. Joe and John Brown let her sing,
keeping their touches light, till she got to the lines “I need someone older and
wiser, telling me what to do,” and then Brown bent his head down and placed his
mouth over her erect nipple and started to tongue it, while Joe pushed a second
finger up inside her.

“Uhhhhhhh,” Tiffany moaned. Her head rolled back against the seat, her eyes
closed. She was lost in a delirium of overwhelming sexual desire.

“You want us to keep doing this?” whispered Brown.

“Oh, God, I don’t know,” moaned Tiffany. “No. Don’t. Stop.”

“Don’t stop?” asked Black with a nasty smile. His fingers were churning inside
the tormented girl, his thumb expertly manipulating her clit, which was now pink
and throbbing. Tiffany’s hips started rotating, almost without her knowing it, as
she thrust her pelvis forward into Black’s hand, while Brown continued kissing
her hard little nipples.

“Since Tiffany doesn’t seem up to singing,” said White from the driver’s seat,
“you guys mind if I offer a little tune? It’s Rolf’s part from the same song, and
kind of appropriate.”

The principal launched into the song in a strong, forceful baritone:

“You are sixteen going on s*******n Baby, it’s time to think Better beware and
canny and careful Baby, you’re on the brink You are sixteen going on s*******n
Fellows will fall in line Eager young lads and roues and cads Will offer you food
and wine Totally unprepared are you to face a world of men Timid and shy and
scared are you Of things beyond your ken You need someone older and wiser Telling
you what to do, I am s*******n going on eighteen I’ll take care of you!”

Tiffany vaguely heard the deep male voice, telling her she needed someone telling
her what to do. She had stopped even trying to sing her part. Her body had taken
over, and she was inching closer and closer to orgasm. She moaned, thrust her
tender young breasts out, humped her pussy frantically against Black’s fingers.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” she cried out. She teetered on the verge of a powerful teenaged

“Whoops, here we are fellows!” called out White as he turned into the shopping
mall. “Time to look sharp.”

Black and Brown immediately pulled themselves off of the writhing, humping
schoolgirl, which took more discipline than they’d ever thought possible.

Tiffany didn’t know what had happened. One moment she had been on the brink of
cumming, then everything had stopped.

“Please?” she asked plaintively.

“Please what, baby?” asked Joe, teasing.

“Please don’t stop what you were doing,” she said softly. If her hands hadn’t
been cuffed behind her, Tiffany thought, she would have finished herself off
right there in front of them. God, everything had felt so good. Her heart was
pounding, she was shaking and sweaty, she wanted to cum so damn bad!

“I don’t think so,” White ordered.

“Pleeeeeeese,” begged Tiffany.

“Let’s hear what you want,” White said briskly.

“I want to, you know,” Tiffany said. She knew they knew. She was beyond shame,
she decided. She had to cum.

“I want to have an orgasm,” she begged.

“Maybe later,” White said coldly.

Tiffany lifted her head and opened her eyes, and looked right into the lens of
the video camcorder. Green, in the passenger seat of the Navigator, had been
taping her the whole time.

“Smile,” her teacher said, “you’re on Candid Camera.”

Tiffany wanted to cry.

“Joe, get those balls into her like we planned,” White said. Black reached into a
bag on the floor and pulled out a small box, extracting two small metal objects
slightly smaller than ping-pong balls.

“Here ya go, babe, just so you don’t get that empty feeling inside,” Joe said,
and pushed one ben-wa ball, then the other after it, up inside Tiffany’s swollen,
sopping wet pussy. They were cold, but strangely, Tiffany didn’t mind. She was
slowly getting used to having something inside her young pussy.

“Those will have a real interesting effect on you when you’re walking around in
the mall,” White said, and all the men laughed. Tiffany didn’t understand but
knew, with dread, that she would eventually.

“Let’s help her get dressed guys,” White added. Tiffany was still horny and
wanted to cum so badly, but she had no choice, with her legs still trapped and
her hands cuffed. She wasn’t going to be allowed to cum just yet, and she still
had to endure whatever they had planned for her in the mall.

She looked out the darkened SUV window and could see the bright light malls of
the mall in the distance.

“And just to remind you, you never did manage to sing the song all the way
through, you little slut-monkey,” Green mocked her from the front seat as he
stowed the camcorder in his shoulder bag.

“Yeah, dog-fucker,” said Brown.

“This is gonna be a shopping trip you’ll never forget, babe,” Black whispered in
her ear.

The teenager shuddered, partly from the lust that still boiled in her hard young
body, partly from pure fear.

* * *



The words still echoed in Tiffany’s head: “You need someone older and wiser,
telling you what to do.”

Sweet God, thought the befuddled, horny teenager. Her tormentors had even taken
something innocent and precious to her, “The Sound of Music,” which she’d
performed in last year, and turned it into something she would now think of only
with shame and humiliation. She was being told what to do by men older than her,
but not the way the song meant.

“May I ask a question, please?” she asked meekly as Joe Black released her from
the handcuffs, freeing her trapped arms.”

“Sure thing, slut,” said Mr. Brown.

“What are those things you put, uh, you know…” She couldn’t bear to bring
herself to say where she meant. “You know, inside me,” she finished.”

“You mean stuffed up your little teenaged pussy?” responded Brown. “Those are
ben-wa balls, baby. God, you really are such a c***d! They’re hollow metal balls,
partially filled with mercury. Women use them to masturbate. They fit snugly up
inside that pussy of yours, and when you walk, they shift their center of gravity
over and over, stimulating the inside of your pussy. The sensations, I’m told,
are quite delicious.”

Tiffany shuddered at the thought of these awful foreign objects inside her most
private place.

“The thing is, as I understand, a woman will usually sit in a rocking chair when
she has the ben-was in place and rock and play with her clit. The result is a
spectacular orgasm for the woman. For you, though, it’s likely to be mostly just
an exercise in frustration, cause you’re going to be walking around the mall. You
won’t be able to finger yourself to get yourself off, although if you want to, we
probably won’t stop you, so long as it’s some place nice and public, like the
food court. Mainly, as we see it, you’ll just be in a heightened state of
horniness for our little shopping trip.”

Brown smiled diabolically. Tiffany, stunned at how much trouble they were going
to, just looked down and bit her lip.

The men helped her back into her clothes, all except for her bra, which they told
her she didn’t need.

“Those 16-year-old tits are so perfectly perky you should never wear a bra,
babe,” said Joe Black. “They’ll get more bounce that way when you walk. Guys like
that!” Finally Tiffany was dressed – jeans, blouse, sneakers, no bra – and they
all got out of the SUV. She realized she had no idea where they were, that during
the long ride of torment she had been paying attention to what was being done to
her in the backseat rather than where they were going.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“This is Southlands Mall, in Bernard,” said Principal White. “About 30 miles away
from town. We figured there’s a lot less chance of being spotted and recognized
here than if we went to the mall back in town. Last thing any of us needs is to
be spotted hanging around outside school hours with our school’s prettiest
cheerleader, particularly when she’s doing what you’re going to be doing here at

“Please, sirs, I’m begging you, can we just go home?” Tiffany implored. She was
trembling with anxiety, and still a little lust from being brought so close to
orgasm by the men and then stopped right before her climax.

“Of course not, bitch. We’ve gone to a lot of trouble to set this up,” said
White. “Now listen carefully, because once we get inside, I don’t want to have to
be repeating these directions for you over and over. You can make this simple, or
you can make this complicated. The simple way is you do exactly what we say for
the next hour, no questions, no tears, no trying to alert mall security, and
after an hour, we go home. The hard way is you give us any shit, or fail to
follow our instructions precisely. If that’s the case, then my friend starts
sending out those videos. We’ll probably be able to add a few more minutes onto
the part with the cock-sucking and the masturbating and the appearance of d**g
abuse of little Tiffany, naked, singing “I am Sixteen, Going on s*******n,” if
Mr. Green here got a nice tight closeup that crops out the men to your sides.

“You understand so far?”

“Yes sir,” Tiffany said quietly.

“So you’re going to get yourself some new clothes tonight, stuff you can wear to
school from now on. Here’s how it will work. We’ll see something in a store
window and tell you what we want you to get. You go into the store, and one or
more of us will go in with you, but we will pretend like we’re not together. You
don’t acknowledge us, we don’t acknowledge you. But we’ll be keeping an eye on
you to make sure you keep our deal. You try on the item or items and make sure
they fit. Whether you like them or not is irrelevant. If we’re doing our job,
you’ll probably hate ’em, but tough shit. You take them to the cashier, who we’ll
have scoped out in advance, and who will be male. Tell him you want to buy this,
but you don’t have any money, and could you pay for it instead with a blow job.”
White paused to watch her reaction.

The color drained from Tiffany’s beautiful young face. “What?” she shrieked,
forgetting where she was. “I can’t! I won’t! I’ll scream for help!” They were
asking to offer oral sex to strange men in a shopping mall.

“You scream for help, missy,” said the girl’s principal, “and out go the tapes,
complete with name, address and phone number. By the way, isn’t your daddy
running for City Council? We better make sure we add his opponent, and the news
media, to the list of recipients. Make a helluva of a campaign issue! Charles
Daniel’s Teenage Daughter in Sex and d**g Video Scandal! What a headline!”

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” shouted Tiffany, holding her hands over her ears as if she
could block out the torture. “I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

“That a girl,” said White. “So as I was saying, you offer the clerk or the
cashier or whoever the blowjob. Maybe there’s a backroom you can use, maybe a
dressing room, maybe you have to go to the mall men’s room and find a stall.
Picture that. Tiffany Daniels, the cock-teasing princess of Daniels High, down on
her bare knees on a men’s room floor, swallowing a stranger’s jism. It will
certainly be in your best interest, once you get started, to make it nice and
quick. Suck his cock, swallow his cum, and meet back up with us.

“Simple as that,” concluded the principal.

Tiffany could barely speak. She started to hyperventilate in panic and outrage.
She wanted to cry, or run, or kill these men. None of those was an option. Her
only option was to do as they told her.

“Give me your purse,” ordered Mr. White. He took the girl’s purse and gave it to
Mr. Green, who stuffed it into his shoulder bag with the video camera. “Now you
have no money, no charge cards, no ID. You’re not Tiffany Daniels, spoiled little
rich girl any more. You’re the Blowjob Queen of Southlands Mall.

“Let’s go,” said Mr. White jauntily, and Tiffany and the four men walked to the
mall. Almost immediately, the sexy cheerleader felt the ben-wa balls start to
move in her pussy. It was a strange sensation, really rather pleasant. She was
still wet from her masturbation session with the dildo and then the
finger-fucking in the back of the Lincoln Navigator, and the slick balls slipped
and tumbled inside of her.

Their first stop in the mall was an upscale shoe store. White, who was clearly
running the show tonight, told her to stop, and the cheerleader and her
tormentors all looked in the window.

“I kinda like that pair there,” said Old Joe, pointing to a pair of sexy black
open-toed pumps with 5-inch stiletto heels. The price tag in front of them read

“Nice choice, Joe,” said the principal. “But do you think a blowjob even from a
stone-fuckin’ fox like Miss Daniels here is worth $80?” There was no one else
standing nearby, and the men were talking about her like she was some sort of
street prostitute! Tiffany burned with shame.

“Oh, easily,” said Joe. “I’m sure she lacks a certain expertise, since I haven’t
sampled her yet, but just look at those lips. The chick looks so much like that
Kournikova girl that plays tennis, that’s worth a lot right there.”

“Well I’ve had a blow job from her,” chimed in Brown, the math teacher who
started it all, “and while she’s not a seasoned pro yet, when my dick started to
spurt down her throat, I would have gladly paid $500 on the spot. Course, I was
getting it for free!” He laughed, and the other men laughed with him. Tiffany
wanted to die.

“OK,” said White, turning to Tiffany. “Go in there and get those shoes. You know
what to do. We’ll be watching you. And do exactly as you’ve been told, or the
whole world gets a special video treat starting tomorrow.”

The cheerleader swallowed hard. Her stomach felt like lead. She walked into the
shoe store, still feeling the metal balls churning and churning inside her pussy.

“Hi, excuse me,” she said to the salesman. He was a middle-aged man, about her
father’s age, but obviously just a clerk in a mall shoe-store at night: a little
dumpy, dressed in polyester, no wedding ring. His pin= on name tag said Jim.

“May I help you, miss?” His eyes glittered as he took in the ravishing teen girl
before him.

“I’d like to try on that, uh, pair of shoes in the window,” Tiffany said
nervously, pointing.

After Tiffany gave her size, the clerk went to get a pair from the window, and
she sat down. White and Green had entered the shoestore and were standing at a
display, pretending to be engrossed.

Jim returned with the shoes and tried them on her feet. Tiffany stood up – Whoa!
They were by far the tallest heels she had ever had on. She swayed precariously
and grabbed the clerk’s shoulder for balance. He grinned and quickly slipped his
arm around her waist, as if to steady her, but actually just to brush up against
that firm teenie flesh.

“Take a few steps and see how you like them,” the clerk said. He was so engrossed
in Tiffany that he hadn’t even noticed the two male “customers.”

Tiffany took a few wobbling steps. Normally a healthy five foot seven, she was an
Amazon in the shoes, six feet tall. She could feel the muscles in her legs moving
differently than they ever had before, stretching and pulling, and she also felt
the ben-wa balls inside of her moving in a more stimulating way. The heels
changed the way she walked, she realized, causing her to thrust her pelvis out,
arch her back to maintain her balance. She was starting to walk more like a
provocative slut and less like the normal teenaged girl she still desperately
wanted to remain.

As she wobbled around the store, getting used to the high heels, her large,
lovely breasts bounced more than usual in her blouse. Freed of their bra, the
nipples rubbed against the cotton fabric and the stimulation began to make them
erect. Soon her teenaged nipples were poking straight out through the shirt, with
no bra to hold them back. All the while, the ben-wa balls stuffed up inside her
rolled and rolled, a constant reminder of her horniness.

She walked back to Jim and spoke to him in a low voice. “Can I talk to you
privately, please?” she whispered.

Jeez, thought Jim, what’s up with this chick? The middle-aged clerk saw her
nipples poking out, obviously braless, and now she was coming on all
husky-voiced. He took her by the elbow and steered her toward the back of the
store, with Tiffany hobbling and wobbling along, trying to keep up.

“I, uh, mister, uh,” she stammered. She could barely make herself speak the
unspeakable words. But her two tormentors were still in the store, stealing
covert glances at her, and she knew what the penalty would be if she didn’t
follow through: not just humiliation in front of her friends and family, but
Internet postings of her name and address that could get her stalked and ****d.

The beleaguered cheerleader forced herself to do what she must. “I don’t have
money for these shoes, but I really want them,” she blurted out. “If you’ll let
me have them, I’ll, uh, you know…” She stopped again.

“No, I don’t know,” said Jim, but his cock was beginning to get an idea. It
stirred in his slacks. What was this little slut up to?

“I’ll, uh, make you cum.”

“Yes!” thought Jim. “Thank you Jesus!”

“I think we can work something out,” said Jim. “Excuse me, gentleman,” he shouted
at the two men hovering in the front of the store. “I have to close up for a few
minutes. Out ya go!”

Mr. White and Mr. Green exchanged smiles and willingly left. Jim slid the glass
front of the store closed and locked it.

“I’m all yours, little lady,” he leered. “Now more specifically, what did you
have in mind?”

“Can we go in the back room?” Tiffany said quietly, close to tears.

Jim steered the trembling schoolgirl into a backroom, and unbuckled his belt. His
pants fell to his ankles, and Tiffany could see the outline of his erection
throbbing in his jockeys.

Tiffany took a deep breath. She could either drag this out and take all night, or
get it over with and get home, safe in her own bed. There was only one way out.
She dropped to her knees in front of the clerk, pulled his shorts down, and
engulfed his cock in her warm teenaged mouth.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck that rod,” the salesman said. “You can have all the shoes
you want anytime you want, baby.”

It was the first time young Tiffany had given a blowjob on her own. Her first
time she had been d**gged and her mouth little more than a receptacle. The second
time, her principal had fucked her mouth and forced her. Now it was up to her to
figure out what to do.

It didn’t take long for the girl to learn. The salesman held the sides of her
head and started sliding his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Use your tongue, baby, and lick the underside,” he ordered. She did, running her
pink tongue along the bottom of his shaft and then around its thick purple head.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s it.”

Tiffany felt the cock moving in and out, sometimes pushing so far into her mouth
that she almost gagged. She didn’t even think to use her hands, and it didn’t
occur to Jim to tell her, because it wasn’t necessary. Jim had had three blowjobs
in his entire life, and all three of those from hookers, and to have a sexy young
girl come into his store, drop to her knees and start sucking him off was beyond
his wildest sexual fantasy. He felt the sperm building in his balls.

On her end, Tiffany felt the head of Jim’s cock start to swell. He was pushing in
harder and faster now, and his grip on her head tightened. Her knees hurt from
the concrete storeroom floor, and her humiliation knew no bounds. She wished the
earth would swallow her whole.

“Here it comes, slut!” shouted Jim, and suddenly the cock in her mouth erupted,
shooting stream after stream of thick white jism onto her tongue and straight
down her throat. She started to spit it out, but remembered somehow in the back
of her mind her orders were to swallow, so she started gulping.

It had been more than a week since Jim had masturbated, and he had a huge reserve
of salty semen for the kneeling cheerleader. She swallowed over and over, eight,
nine, ten times, and finally Jim’s cock was quiet.

She arose from her kneeling position awkwardly, stood again on the high heels.

Jim pulled his pants back up.

“Could I interest you in another pair of shoes?” he asked with big grin.

“God no!” Tiffany blurted. Now that she had followed her orders, she wanted to
get out of the shoe store so badly she could scream. She walked quickly toward
the front of the store and Jim, reluctantly, let her out. As he watched her walk
away, he wondered if this was where those letters to the editors of Penthouse
came from. And here all along he thought they were made up!

* * *



As soon as Tiffany left the shoe store, White fell in right beside her.

“I see you got the shoes,” he noted with approval. “Nice job. Now let me smell
your breath.”

Tiffany was too dazed and befuddled with all the demands and orders that she
didn’t even pause to wonder about the strange request. She opened her mouth and

“Ah yes, the smell of cum in a young girl’s mouth,” White said quietly. “Nothing
like it. Better than napalm in the morning.”

Tiffany had no idea what her principal was talking about. She just wanted to get
this horrible trip to the mall over with.

The other men joined them. “We found some nice clothes over at the Gap,” said Joe
Black as the four walked along.

“Lead on,” said White, and soon Tiffany found herself walking into the Gap, this
time with the Daniels school janitor, a man she normally would not even
acknowledge, but who now controlled her as surely as if she were a marionette and
he the puppeteer.

“There’s a pile of clothes I gathered up in the far right rear corner,” Black
whispered to her. “There’s six items. Take the black skirt off the top, try it on
in the dressing room, and wear it out. Get the other clothes and find the clerk
named Ralph. Make him your offer.” Black turned and walked back out of the store;
he knew that even in the ’90s you just didn’t see a black man and a pretty white
girl chumming around together in a suburban mall at night.

Tiffany found the pile right where Joe had assembled them, took them into a
dressing room and stripped it off her jeans. She pulled out the black skirt and
was puzzled – surely it was way too small! Her teenaged hips were not wide, but
they were certainly voluptuous and full. No way she would fit into this!~

She pulled the skirt up and found it was made of Spandex, and stretched to fit.
She tugged it over her thighs, up to her waist. Jeez, this sucker was tight! But
finally it was in place.

The black Spandex skirt was a micro-mini. When Tiffany looked in the dressing
room mirror, she couldn’t believe her eyes. It clung to her like a large black
rubber band. That’s practically what it was, anyway. It came down to just two
inches below her crotch, and the bottom moons of the cheeks of her ass were half
an inch away from being plainly visible.

Still, she knew what she had to do. She pulled the black high-heeled pumps back
on, gathered up her old jeans and the other new clothes and went off to find

“Just get through this, just get through this,” she kept telling herself.

Every person in the Gap stopped what they were doing and stared at the stunning
teenager as she strolled through the store. Inside her white blouse, her
unfettered breasts bounced freely, showing off the hint of darkness around each
nipple. The micro-mini clung to her ass and crotch as it if was spray-painted on.
Her long bare legs were tanned and magnificent. And the high heels made her walk
with a hooker’s strut, rolling her hips and pelvis. (What no observer could see
were the ben-wa balls turning and churning inside Tiffany’s pussy, ratcheting up
her awareness of her own sexuality with every step). She looked like she was
auditioning for a Penthouse video.

“Yo, babe, check it out. Nice walk!” called a black teenager. Tiffany ignored
him. When she approached the check-out counter, she spied the clerk named Ralph.
This one, at least, was someone closer to her own age, maybe about 18, and not
bad-looking. He wore khakis and a polo shirt, and was decent enough looking that
under other circumstances, Tiffany might have even talked to him.

“Hi,” she said. “I need to talk to you privately for a minute.”

“Sure thing, ma’am” said the boy. Tiffany’s stomach fluttered a bit. He had a
sexy voice, and kind eyes, and she was horny, and she knew what she was going to
do to this boy in just a few minutes, and that thought, somehow, made her
hornier. What had been sick and disgusting back with the shoe store clerk was now
seeming not so terrible. If only she could get off too! But that would take more
time, and more explaining, and she couldn’t imagine what she would tell the boy
about the metal balls inside her.

“I want to get that stack of clothes I left up on the counter,” she told Ralph
once they were in a corner, “but I, uh, my purse was stolen.” She didn’t know why
she lied, she just wanted to think of some way to save face. “So maybe I could do
something real nice for you in exchange for the clothes.”

Ralph looked the sweet high school student up and down. He knew he would get
fired if he was caught, and he wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but he had to
find out.

“There’s an employee men’s room in the back,” he said. “Follow me.” He marched
through a curtain and Tiffany followed him into the men’s room, where he turned
and locked the door from the inside.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Ralph asked.

“No, but I have to,” Tiffany answered honestly.

“You don’t have to do anything,” Ralph said. “If you want to trade clothes for
sex, I won’t say no, but wouldn’t it be nicer if we went somewhere and made love
properly? Then you could come back and I’d give you some clothes. I mean, this is
kinda tacky,” he concluded, gesturing at the squalidness of the men’s room.

“I know,” said Tiffany. Her mind was reeling. This boy was actually very nice. He
said things like “make love” where all the other men just talked about sucking
their cocks. He was good-looking, and he smelled nice. In another world, she
would have dated him, maybe, gone to a movie, maybe gone parking down by the lake
and made out. But that was not Tiffany’s world right now. She knew Old Joe and
the others would be waiting outside, waiting to smell her breath and degrade and
debase her further. She steeled herself, reached out a hand and unzipped Ralph’s

“I’d love to chat,” she said, trying to sound nice, “but right now I just have to
give you a blow job.”

Ralph had tried to do the right thing, but he was, after all, a teenage boy, with
a lovely girl squatting down and unzipping his fly and pulling his dick out with
her tender fingers. He sprang to life, hard as a steel bar, and knew he wasn’t
going to be offering this little slut any more alternatives.

Tiffany leaned forward and placed her lips around the head of Ralph’s prick.
“Ohmigod!” the boy moaned softly. “You are so sexy!”

Pleased at the compliment, Tiffany reached a hand into his open fly and began to
fondle his balls. Although the ben-wa balls were stationary, her pussy was
suddenly leaking a trickle of juice than ran down her thigh. Her clit was
throbbing, and she thought about reaching down with her other hand, pulling her
panties aside and masturbating while she sucked the teenaged boy. But she forced
herself to focus. Even though this was much nicer than her previous blow jobs,
the goal was to get the evening over with.

The blonde cheerleader pulled her mouth off the engorged dick, then stuck her
tongue out and swirled it over and over the head. Ralph moaned and leaned back
against the bathroom wall. Tiffany leaned forward, her gorgeous red lips open
wide, and ran her mouth all the way down onto his cock as far as she could
manage. His kinky pubic hairs tickled her nose. She pulled back, then started
bobbing her head up and down, faster and and faster. Her hand seemed to be on
automatic pilot, rolling his testicles around in his scrotum. She could feel them
start to inch upward and his scrotum tighten as his orgasm approached.

“Oh yes, ohhhhh yes,” the boy moaned. Tiffany pussy spasmed slightly. She was so
damned turned on. She had never been this horny in her young life. She reached
down with her free hand without even thinking, pulled aside her panties and
started rubbing her exposed pink clit with two fingers.

Suddenly, Ralph’s cock exploded into her mouth, pulsing out wave after wave of
hot boy semen. She started swallowing dutifully, and kept working her clit,
faster and faster, approaching her own climax.

Sated, Ralph pulled his cock from the girl’s hot mouth with a “pop” as the
suction of her lips was broken. The blowjob was over, but she still hadn’t cum!
Without the cock in her mouth, she was suddenly very aware of who she was and
what she was doing: squatting on a men’s room floor masturbating furiously in
front of a total stranger! My God, she thought, what was happening to her. She
pulled her hand away from her sopping wet crotch, and the spell was completely
broken. She had once again come so close to an orgasm, only to fall short.

Ralph was zipping up his pants. There was nothing for Tiffany to do but stand up
and smile, weakly.

“Thank you, thank you thank you,” blabbed the lucky Gap clerk. Boy, would he have
some story to tell his friends! He wished he had a Polaroid camera to take a
picture of this vision of loveliness, dressed like a total whore, standing in
front of him with a tiny dribble of his semen at the the corner of her mouth.

“You’re welcome,” was all Tiffany could manage as her well-bred manners
automatically took over.

“Can I have your phone number?” Ralph asked. “I could call you…”

Tiffany thought it was wonderful that he was still acting as if they had met in
the food court after a basketball game, but she was in enough trouble and wasn’t
about to give her number to a boy who thought she gave out blow jobs all the
time. She declined, scooped up the clothes, stuffed them in a large Gap bag that
had been left in the restroom and beat it out of there without even saying

Ralph stood forlornly and watched her go.

Click click click went Tiffany’s heels as she walked quickly along the tile floor
of the mall. Swish swish went the round globes of her ass under the tight black
mini, back and forth, mesmerizing every male in the mall. She saw Old Joe coming
toward her. He smiled when he saw the Gap bag in her hand.

“Well done, little missy. By the way, in case you didn’t have time to have a
proper conversation with young Ralph, he’s on the baketball team of the local
high school. I believe they’re our opponent for homecoming.” He smiled a toothy

Every time Tiffany thought her ordeal had reached the bottom, it got worse. Now
she would have to go out on the court Friday night in her cheerleader uniform and
Ralph would be telling all his teammates about how that blonde cheerleader had
sucked him off a few nights ago in the mall. Her face burned with shame.

Old Joe told her to walk on ahead until she met Tom Green, who would direct her
to her next store. That store turned out to be The Rave, and this time Green
walked right in with her. Tiffany had never been in this kind of store, which
sold hippie clothes, punk garb, Goth stuff, some surfer garb. Heavy metal played
loudly on the stereo, and black light posters of skulls, bare-breasted witches
and cartoon dogs fucking hung on the walls. A glass case along one wall contained
bongs, buttons with sayings like “Cure Virginity,” temporary Harley tattoos. It
wasn’t really a rough place, it was just for suburban wannabes, k**s who didn’t
have the guts to get a real tattoo but would get one that would come off in a

It was still enough to scare Tiffany, who was more used to shopping at stores
like the Gap with daddy’s American Express.

“In here, no one will think it’s weird if we’re together,” Green was saying as he
put his arm around her shoulder. “You’re my girlfriend, if anyone even cares to
ask. We’ll pick out some clothes, and then I’ll let you arrange payment.” He

Green led her to a stack of halter tops. He picked one that said “Porn Star”
across the front in glitter letters. Another said “Stop Looking at My Tits!” One
had no words, but was white and so sheer it was almost transparent. She might as
well wrap Saran Wrap around her tits, Tiffany thought. Green put them all in a
pile for “purchase,” then found what he was looking for and said “A ha!”

The halter was black, like her shoes and her skirt, and across the front, in
large silver script, it read: “JUST DO ME.” Underneath was a Nike swoosh.. It
probably broke all kinds of counterfeiting laws, but The Rave staff didn’t care
much about such niceties.

“This is the one I want you to wear the rest of the night,” Green told the
frightened girl.

“Do they have it in a bigger size?” she asked. “I think that one will be too

“Nonsense,” said Green. “Here, let’s try it on.”

“You mean in the dressing room?”

“No, I mean right here, my little video star.” Green turned to the man behind the
counter. “Hey, dude, you mind if my girlfriend here tries on a halter top without
using a dressing room?” he said in a voice loud enough for everyone in the store
to hear.

The guy behind the counter was large and hefty, a beefy guy who looked like a
biker even though he wasn’t. He had a handlebar moustache and long black hair
tied back in a ponytail, and the sleeves of his black T-shirt were cut off,
showing off his muscles. His right bicep bore the tattoo “Pretty Fucking
Dangerous” under a skull smoking a cigarette.

“Knock yourself out, man,” he said with a big smile.

“Please don’t make do this,” Tiffany begged. She tried to make herself look sweet
and vulnerable and pitiful to Mr. Green.

“I’ll make you a deal,” he said. “If you try on the halter right here where
you’re standing, I’ll let you off the hook with blowing Mr. Dangerous over
there. I’m a little worried about him. He looks like the kind of guy who might
really hurt you, might want to slap you around a little if he has you alone in
back. He might even have a knife and want to cut you a little.” Green was laying
it on thick, terrifying the already frightened girl, whose trembling had started

Tiffany was about to pee on the floor she was so scared. Mr. Green was right, the
biker behind the counter did look very mean indeed. If Green left her alone in
the store and she had to offer him a blow job, it might be a much uglier
experience than dorky Jim in the shoe store or sweet Ralph at the Gap.

“You mean I have to be p-p-partially naked right here in the store?” she

“Yup, and you’d better get moving, little video star, or I’ll walk over there to
Mr. Dangerous and tell him what he’s about to get in five minutes. Once he
focuses on getting his dick in your mouth, there won’t be anything either one of
us can do.” Green was playing the teen like a violin.

Tiffany felt sick, but knew she had no choice. She glanced around nervously and
started to move behind a display.

Green stopped her. “Right there where you’re standing,” he ordered. “If you get
to skip a blow job, the other guys are gonna be pissed and want to know why, and
I need to be able to tell them it was a fair trade- off.”

Actually, Tiffany didn’t realize that her three other tormentors were standing
right outside the entrance, blocking the door, which served two purposes. First,
it prevented mall security from wandering in unannounced. Second, Brown had the
video camera out and was getting the whole thing on tape to add to the Tiffany
Blackmail Video. The men had already scoped out The Rant and figured out this
variation in their plan.

“Better get busy with those buttons,” Green told her. “And smile, baby. Don’t
think of it as showing off those pretty tits of yours. Think of it as avoiding a
nasty encounter with Mr. Dangerous back there.”

Tiffany swallowed hard. The room seemed to be wavering again, but this time there
were no d**gs in her system. She knew what she had to do, and began unbuttoning
her white blouse. When all the buttons were undone, she reached out to the halter
top Green was holding. The teacher stepped back out of her reach.

“No, first the shirt comes all the way off. Lay it on the floor, and then ask me
politely for the top.”

Tiffany cursed him under her breath, then slid the blouse over her shoulder and
down her arms. It fell to the floor, and the 16-year-old cheerleader was standing
naked from the waist up in the middle of the store.

She realized the store was utterly quiet. Two teenage girls who had been looking
through the clothes and stopped and were staring at her. The ugly man behind the
counter was ogling her magnificent tits too, and from somewhere in the back, two
teenaged boys had appeared and started pointing and nudging each other. The poor
girl wanted to die.

Tiffany instinctively crossed her arms over her chest.

“Hands at your sides, Tiffany. Get ’em there this second, or I’ll ask some of
these guys to come over and hold them there.”

With that, the tattooed man bounded out from behind the counter and was at
Tiffany’s side even before she could obey. “You need some help here, boss?” he
asked. “Little lady causing you problems?”

“I don”t know,” Green answered. “Are you causing me problems, Tiffany? Do we
need this gentleman to assist us?” The burly man towered over Tiffany and stared
straight at her cleavage.

“No, sir,” Tiffany said, and slowly lowered her arms to her sides. Her 36-inch
breasts, capped with the beautiful pink nipples, were on display for all the
world to see.

“Oh, man!” said one of the teen boys in a voice louder than he intended. “Check
out that rack! Jesus Christ!”

“Please, sir, may I have the top?” Tiffany said, her voice steely. It was taking
all her will power not to run screaming from the store.

“Let’s ask our salesperson,” Green said, taunting the girl. “Do you think she’ll
look good in this?” He held up the black “JUST DO ME” halter.

“I don’t know, man,” said the man, playing along with the game. He wasn’t sure
what kind of weird shit these people were into, but he was willing to see where
it went. “It’s kind of small, and those tits of hers are awfully big.”

“How big are they, Tiffany?” Green asked.

“Please, please, please, sir,” the schoolgirl begged. “Can I just have the top?”

“Not until we find out how big your tits are,” Green replied. “What’s your bra
size, honey? We need to know to make sure we get this fitting right.”

“36 C, goddamn it!” Tiffany spat.

“Yup, they look about that size,” said Mr. Green. “Here, you can have the top,
but since this gentleman works here, I think maybe he ought to help you into it.
And that’s the only condition you can have the top.”

Tiffany started to shiver. It was cold in the store, and her nipples were getting
hard. The metalhead music blared, and the teen boys were now giggling like Beavis
and Butthead. The two girls had crept closer as well, and the customers formed a
ring around Tiffany, staring and pointing. She knew she had to do whatever Green
said or he would just keep her standing here with everyone staring at her naked

“OK,” Tiffany said softly.

“OK what?” Mr. Green asked.

“OK, he can help me try it on.”

“Ask him,” Green ordered.

“Would you please help me try this halter top on?” she said to the ugly biker.

“Oh, one more thing, Tiffany,” Green said nonchalantly. “To make sure we get the
best fit, I want you to take a real breath and hold it till I tell you to let it

Tiffany knew what the sadistic teacher was doing, but had no choice. She inhaled
a lungful of air, which caused her to stomach to flatten in and her chest to
stick out even more. It looked as if she was deliberately flaunting her fantastic
bare tits at the customers in the store.

Mr Dangerous grinned, and Mr. Green handed him the JUST DO ME top.

At the entrance to The Rave, Roger White was capturing the whole scene on video.

The biker held the tiny top in his meaty paw and eyeballed the scared, half-naked
cheerleader standing in the middle of his store. He slowly untied the two sets of
strings on the back, taking his time. The four other teenagers in the store just
stared. It felt as if everyone was holding their breath, waiting for the next
move in the strange little drama of dominance and submission.

Mr. Dangerous laid the halter down over the tops of Tiffany’s beautifully jutting
breasts, then stepped behind her and pulled the two strings that tied around the
back of her neck. Although her breasts were now partially covered, the pink
nipples, stiff with cold and fear, still poked out for all to see. She wanted
more than anything in the world to cover them, but knew she had to keep her hands
obediently at her sides, or else the whole process would be dragged out even

The clerk took hold of the bottom of the halter and pulled it gently down over
her breasts, brushing the hairy backs of his hands over her nibbles as he covered
them. The top came down a little below her nipples, but still left sweet-looking
half-moons of teenaged flesh hanging out below.

“Doesn’t look like it’s gonna cover ’em up, boss,” he said to Green. “These
titties are just too big.” Tiffany was mortified.

“Let’s keep trying, maybe we can make it work,” Green replied. Dangerous pulled
the second set of strings behind Tiffany’s bare back and tied them there.

“OK, you can exhale, Tiffany,” said Green. She did, but even as her body regained
its usual shape, it was apparent to all in the store that the halter top just
barely covered her. In addition to the breastmeat that hung out the bottom, she
was flashing as much cleavage as if she was wearing a Wonderbra, and only a
Wonderbra. The small amount of black fabric that covered the middles of her
breasts and the still-erect nipples was stretched extremely tight, and the logo
JUST DO ME was slightly distorted, but still readable.

“What do you think?” Green asked the burly clerk.

“Well, I liked her better with her tits hanging out,” he answered honestly, and
the teen boys watching nodded furiously in agreement, still speechless. “But it
does make her look pretty fuckin’ hot, I gotta say that.”

“Tiffany, do you think you look pretty fuckin’ hot?” Green asked.

The tormented teenager didn’t know what she was supposed to answer. She decided
the best course was to quickly agree with everything, just to get the ordeal over
with. “Yes sir,” she whimpered meekly.

“I’m worried that when you leave the store and start bouncing through the mall,
your tits are gonna pop right out of that top,” Green told her. “So hold your
arms very firmly against your sides.” Tiffany did so, and the effect was to push
her bosoms out even more, accentuating the cleavage.

“Very good,” Green said. “And since you have your arms holding the sides of your
new halter in place, you won’t be needing this.” And he deftly reached around and
untied the strings stretched across her back. Tiffany instantly knew that she had
to keep her arms locked at her sides, that any release in the pressure on the
sides of the halter would probably cause it to pop right off her chest, so tight
was the fit.

“Tell you what,” Green said to the tattooed clerk. “How about giving us the
halter in exchange for the little show we put on?” There was no disagreement,
only a big grin and a nod.

“So, let’s go, sweetie,” Green said, and guided Tiffany by the elbow toward the
entrance, where she saw her principal clicking off the video camera that had
captured the entire humiliating display.

As the young girl walked out of the store and into the mall, she realized how
vulnerable she was. The high heels made her walk unsteady. The ben-wa balls began
slooshing around again inside her wet teenaged pussy, sending wonderful erotic
messages throughout her confused body. She had to keep her arms locked down at
her sides as she walked. From behind, she was naked from the neck to her ankles,
except for the micro- mini skirt that clung tightly to her hips. From the front,
she had a little more covering, but was advertising herself as the biggest slut
in the world with the JUST DO ME logo on her shirt. It was all she could do to
keep walking, and yet she knew that was her only hope of eventually getting out
of the mall.

“One final touch, bitch-baby, and then we’re done here and ready to go home,”
White told her. As he pulled her into a small alcove of pay phones that was
fortunately empty. He reached into a Spenser’s Gifts bag and pulled out a plastic
tiara, the kind little girls would wear for dress- up. It was silver and crusted
with cheap rhinestones, and the plastic had been molded in front to spell out the
word “PRINCESS.”

“Since you think you’re such a princess,” White told the girl, “We thought we
should make it official.” He put the tiara on Tiffany’s head, adjusted it, and
tucked its clips into her hair. Somehow the tiara was the worst touch of all to
the girl. The slutty clothing was at least a coherent ensemble, but the tiara was
like a sick joke, and just called even more attention to her, if that was

“You can take a stroll up the length of the mall and back again, by yourself,”
White told her, “and then we’ll take you back to school.” He pulled out the video
camera. “And make it look like you’re enjoying yourself. We’re not quite done
with our evening yet; there’s more to come when we get back to school. If you put
on a good show here at the mall, maybe we’ll go a little easy on you when we get
back. But if you look like you’re miserable, we’ll just have to think of some
more things to do. Think we can come up with any, fellows?” he asked the three
other perverted men in the group.

“Oh, I got a little mental list,” whispered Joe Black. ” A looooong mental list.”

“Get going, babe,” White said, and slapped Tiffany hard on her Spandex-covered
ass. She took a few wobbly steps out into the mall.

Once she got going, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. At least it wasn’t a
rainy Saturday afternoon, she told herself, when the mall would have been packed.
Or at least it was the Beverly Mall at home, where she couldn’t avoid running
into friends and classmates. As she walked, the balls in her pussy worked their
magic, turning and churning, upping her lust level with every step. She tuned out
her surroundings and barely saw the middle aged men who stopped in their tracks
to stare, the boys from The Rave who had hooked up with some friends and were
trailing her every step a few yards back, the disapproving stares of the women
who saw only a cheap slut strutting around, offering her nubile body to every
man. White got the whole thing on video, even the cutaways to the onlookers.

Finally she was finished with her long walk. The whole trip to the mall had only
taken an hour, but it seemed like an eternity to the poor girl. She wondered how
much more abuse she could take from these men, and whether it would get worse.
She knew that so far, none of them had fucked her, and she’d only sucked off two
of them, and she somehow knew, even though she wouldn’t let herself dwell on it,
that such a status quo could not possibly last much longer.

Nor would it. The men had carefully timed the evening’s events, and knew that if
they left the mall now, and drove quickly back to Beverly, they’d have about half
an hour with Tiffany before she was due home. All four had raging hard-ons based
on what they had done to the school’s best-looking cheerleader, and based, as
well, on what they had in store for her when they got back to school.

(Dr. Wu would like to pay homage to James Dawson, whose classic story
“Cheerleader’s Torment” provided some of the inspiration for this chapter.)

* * *



The big Lincoln Navigator sped through the night on the way back to Godfrey
Daniels High School and the remainder of Tiffany’s evening with her tormentors.
Traffic was non-existent, but had there been any, they would have seen a strange
sight: out of the back seat window on the driver’s side stuck a cute bare foot.
And out of the passenger’s side back seat window, another cute bare foot.

In the back seat, Tiffany was in agony. After she had left the mall with the men
and gotten into the SUV in the parking lot, they had ordered her to strip off her
panties. Mr. White, the principal, had told her they would see how the trip
worked without handcuffs this time, but that they were ready to cuff her again if
she wasn’t completely co-operative.

Wedged again in the back seat between Joe Black, the school janitor, and John
Brown, her algebra teacher, the cute cheerleader was ordered to take off the
high-heeled pumps in which she had been strutting around the mall looking like a
slut. She did so willingly, as they had really been hurting her feet. Then White
told her to stick her right foot out the right window, and her left foot out the
left. To make sure she obeyed, Old Joe got out the cuffs and rattled them in her

Although it was difficult, the girl quickly complied, so anxious was she to avoid
being cuffed and helpless again. Fortunately, her cheerleading practice and
teenaged limberness served her well. She went into what amounted to a splits in
the backseat of the Lincoln, and managed, barely, to get each foot out of each
rear window. As soon as they were out, White hit a button in the control panel up
front and both windows began to move upward.

“Nooo!” Tiffany shouted and started to pull her feet in. But in a flash, Black
and Brown each grabbed an ankle firmly in their hands and held her feet in place.
Up, up, up went the power windows, until finally Tiffany’s feet were trapped in
place. The glass pinning her ankles to the ceiling wasn’t really painful, but the
position was a terrible strain. Her beautiful naked legs were now spread as wide
as they could possible be spread, almost but not quite in a straight line. In
order to accommodate the position, Tiffany had had to scoot her butt forward on
the seat, hiking the black miniskirt up almost to her waist, and completely
exposing her gorgeous blonde pussy to the lustful gazes of the men. The muscles
in her thighs quivered slightly at the difficulty of holding the position, but
Tiffany knew that she had no choice, and that in all probability she would be
trapped like this – spread wide, vulnerable, naked from the waist down – for the
entire half-hour drive back to town.

The teen beauty’s big blue eyes were filled with fear and anguish. “Ohh, please,
my legs hurt,” she begged her captors. As the Navigator picked up speed, the wind
blew against the naked soles of Tiffany’s feet, tickling them slightly, adding
yet another sensation to the over- stimulated girl.

“Hush, Princess,” said Tom Green, her English teacher, from the front seat.
“That’s what we’re going to call you from now on: Princess. You’ve even got the
crown to prove it,” he added, referring to the cheap plastic c***d’s tiara
Tiffany was still wearing. “You’ve always acted like such the little princess,
and now we’re just following through on that. It’s going to be a real hoot when
you show up at school tomorrow wearing that tiara, Princess.”

The teenager’s perfect breasts heaved up and down as she struggled to maintain
her composure at the thought of appearing at school in such a ridiculous mockery.
“Now that we’re alone,” White said, “we can do without the halter top.”
Instantly, Joe Black grabbed the bottom of the skimpy black halter and yanked it
up, and Tiffany’s milky white tits spilled out. With the halter now bunched
around her neck and the miniskirt hiked to her waist, all of her lovely charms
were on full display. Her face burned with shame, her leg muscles ached, the wind
tickled her feet, and the SUV pushed on relentlessly.

“Before we start our next game,” White told the 16-year-old girl, “I want to tell
you a couple of stories. I suggest you listen well, because your future depends
on how well you understand them.

“As I told you earlier, these games have been going on for about 10 years. I
started it, then Old Joe joined me, then Tom and John. We wait for a student at
Daniels to fuck up, and then we exploit her weakness and blackmail her. Sexual
abuse is part of the game, but after you’ve fucked 40 or so teenaged girls, the
mind longs for more, er, creative pursuits. So we’ve been focusing more and more
on entrapping the stuck-up cunts, the cock-teasers, the princesses, the little
girls who walk around like their shit don’t stink, and then humiliating them
utterly. Coming up with new ways to accomplish that keeps us on our toes and
keeps the game interesting.

“So far,” White continued, “you’ve performed better than some of our past
victims, but still not quite at the level we expect. Back there in The Rave, for
example, we told you to smile when you were trying on your halter top, and you
didn’t. We were shooting the whole thing on video, and it would be much more
effective if it had appeared like you were doing that little number of your own
free will. Now we’ll have to have our friend, Mr. Isherwoood, edit the tape, and
it will probably only be snippets of you, stripped to the waist in public being
ogled by a gang. Admittedly, once we get those few shots added on to your ongoing
video, along with the shots of you strutting around the mall like a whore in
heat, it will look to anyone viewing it that you are not under any duress, which
is, of course, the idea. But we hate it when one of our victims makes our little
games harder for us, and when we hate something, it makes us even more creative
and even nastier. So I suggest you get with the fucking program, Princess!”

Tiffany sniffled, and shuddered. They were madmen! But she was trapped, so she
simply said, very meekly, “Yes, sir.”

“Now let me tell you about a little girl named Claire. This was about eight years
ago, and Claire was a senior at Daniels. An honor student. National Honor
Society. Salutatorian. Played first violin in the school orchestra. A virgin. A
little on the thin side, but a real beauty. She could have been a model. Such a
good girl. But to keep her grades up and manage all of her workload, Claire had
developed a bit of a speed habit. Not a lot, just sometimes, for studying. One of
her teachers suspected, and sent her to me. I did a search of her purse –
i*****l, of course, but I guess Claire wasn’t that bright after all – and found a
few capsules.

“The game was on, and for awhile, it went pretty much the way yours was going. We
started with some videos, to get even more blackmailing material on Claire. While
she technically was cooperative, at every step she made it difficult for us.
She’d threaten to tell her parents, or she’d cry throughout a video shoot to make
it unusable, on and on. What a pain in the ass!

“Her attitude just pissed us off. Normally, we cut our girls loose after we’ve
had our fun, and let them go back to their little teenaged lives, dry-humping
boys in the backs of cars and watching MTV or whatever the hell they do. But not
Claire. We felt she hadn’t learned her lesson, so when she went away to Harvard,
we kept tabs on her. We flew up midway through her freshman year with a video
from her senior year of her giving eight consecutive blowjobs to some guys we
recruited, her face clearly visible, and told her we’d show it to her boyfriend
and all her teachers if she didn’t make a new one. We rented a hotel room, and
tied her down spread-eagle on the bed, and brought in a German Shepherd we’d
borrowed from a friend.

Tiffany’s heart was racing as White told the story. My God, she thought, these
men are worse monsters than I thought! A dog! Oh my God!

“Little Princess Claire freaked out, but fortunately she was well tied and
thoroughly gagged. We spread Alpo all over her pussy and turned the Shepherd
loose. His big, rough tongue started licking, and licking, and licking. We’d
tucked some Alpo well up inside her, and he was rooting that nose up into her
pussy, and lapping for all he was worth. Pretty soon the inevitable happened.
Against her will, Claire started to get turned on by the dog going down on her.
She stopped struggling, and started bucking her hips upward. We took the panty
gag out of her mouth and instead of screaming for help, she started moaning,
“Ohhh, Jesus, yes, Jesus, don’t stop! That feels so good!” And right there on the
bed, Claire had herself one shattering, mind-blowing orgasm from being licked by
a dog.

“That’s when we told her we had been surreptitiously taping the whole show. She’d
forgotten how devious we were, and when she didn’t see a video camera and started
focusing on the dog, she just forgot everything. That was one of our all-time
best videos, and we showed it to Claire. Although the Internet was pretty new at
that point, we’d managed to get in touch with a Japanese businessman who had
offered us big money for that kind of tape, or several other types. We told
Claire she could either continue to cooperate, or we’d sell the tape. She didn’t
know if she’d ever even visit Japan, but the thought of a bunch of Japs sitting
around watching her orgasm with a dog and whacking off had a powerful effect. We
turned off the video camera and boned that Harvard freshman up the ass for one
solid hour. She was still so turned on from Rover that with a little tweaking on
her clit, she came over and over even when Old Joe had his rather impressive
piston at work. Hell,” White added with an evil leer, “especially when Old Joe
was working that ass!

“So flash forward a few years,” White continued. “Claire graduated Harvard, went
to Law School, made Law Review, got a great job on a partnership track at a top
firm in New York. She was about 26 now. This would have been about six months
ago. The four of us flew to New York and made an appointment to see a Mr. Mason,
the senior partner in the firm. We told him we had important information about a
young woman at his firm who was about to be made a full partner. We played Mr.
Mason the video of Claire and the dog, and man, I thought his eyes were gonna pop
out of his head. It was a risk, we knew. The guy could have had us arrested, but
we gambled that most men, faced with the opportunity we were presenting to Mr.
Mason, would take the low road, the testosterone highway. Not only did he pay us
nicely for the tape, but we signed a contract, that if we ever needed legal
representation, he would provide it pro bono. Sooner or later, we figure, some
little girl is going to squeal on us, and there’s going to be a trial. But we not
only have high-priced counsel on call, we have the tapes. Any girl dumb enough to
go to the authorities is going to have to sit up on that witness stand, while Mr.
Mason plays the videos we’ve taken of her, carefully edited so that everything
looks non- coerced.

“Imagine yourself on that witness stand, Tiffany, with your family in the
audience, and your friends, watching that video of you masturbating and sucking a
dick, with a table full of d**g paraphernalia spread out in front of you, and
trying to explain it. Or stripping off your top and strutting around a mall like
a bitch in heat. But I digress.

“Mr. Mason told Claire that he was sponsoring a small retreat that weekend with
some powerful lawyers at other firms, but not to tell anyone at the firm because
it might be construed as favoritism. When Claire showed up at the resort, Mason
played the video for her, and then dictated the deal: He would make her a full
partner in the firm, and in return, she would be his sex slave. The guy was in
his 60s, and sometimes had trouble getting it up, but he found that whipping
Claire’s ass until it bled got him good and hard.

“So now, every weekend, Claire meets Mason in an expensive hotel room in New
York, where the walls are so thick they’re virtually soundproof. He orders her to
strip, and he gags her with her own panties, so her screams are muffled. Then he
has her lay face down on the coffee table, and straps her wrists and ankles to
the legs, immobilizing her. A couple of pillows from the bed are pushed under her
tummy, raising her ass up, presenting it as a target. Mason reaches into his
briefcase and pulls out a thin, supple switch, and proceeds to just beat the
bejeesus out of Claire’s ass and the backs of her thighs for a good half hour.
Then, when he’s good and hard, he sodomizes her – fucks her up the ass, which
probably really hurts since she’s covered with raw, bleeding welts.

“And that is Claire’s life for the foreseeable future, Princess.”

The beautiful cheerleader was speechless. Her mind churned with the images her
principal had planted there, of a high school honors student who was now the toy
of a cruel and sadistic boss. She knew that somehow she had to avoid Claire’s
fate, although she wasn’t sure just how far these men would push her. But she
would do anything, she vowed silently, anything!

“Remember the part about the Japanese businessman?” White asked. Tiffany was

“Hey, Princess, I asked you a direct question!” he barked.

“Yes, sir,” she blurted out. “Yes, I remember!”

“Well, we’ve been corresponding via e-mail for some time, and the market in Japan
just gets stronger and stronger. It seems the really rich perverts over there are
have burned out on anything that smacks remotely of commercially produced. They
want fresh victims, with the emphasis on victims. Real girls, American, innocent,
being defiled and abused in ways that are even a bit disgusting for us. That’s
why occasionally we farm out some of our video work to a guy we’ll call Dr. Wu.
You know, like the Steely Dan song: “Are you crazy, are you high, or just an
ordinary guy?”

Tiffany had never heard the song, but responded quickly: “Yes, sir!”

“Anyway, Dr. Wu is where we send girls who really a need a wake-up call. OK, not
girls. So far it’s only been one girl. Tara O’Hara. She was two years ago. One
week a nice, normal high school girl, the next week, a total wreck. I hear she’s
a crack whore now in Dallas, giving blow jobs for $25 a pop.

“Any rate,” White continued, “we were at the mall one night with Tara, playing
pretty much the same game we were with you tonight. Little Tara can’t stand it,
and breaks away from us when she sees a security guard and goes running up to
him, babbling about how she’s been k**napped by those men over there, and they’re
going to **** her, yada yada yada.

“We thought the jig was up. Fortunately, mall security guards are not always your
most upstanding citizens. We quietly offered the guy a sizable bribe and a
half-hour with Tara in his office. Of course, he took it. And he took her. Rather
roughly, from the look of her when she staggered out.

“But Tara needed to be taught a lesson, so we made her call her parents from the
mall and tell them she was staying over at a friend’s house. We drove straight to
Dr. Wu’s cabin, way out in the boonies. Nobody around for miles. The kind of
place where a girl can scream and scream, and no one will ever hear her, except
for a bunch of horny Japanese businessmen watching the tape of her screaming.

“Dr. Wu made several videos of Tara that night, aimed at different markets. One
of the milder ones was for guys who like watching a girl get pissed on. He
brought in half a dozen bikers, gave ’em a few beers each, propped her mouth open
and let ’em all line up and take their turn. She just about choked to death, but
managed to swallow most of it. Then there was a doggie tape, only Dr. Wu didn’t
stop like we did with Claire with just licking. He had a couple of Great Danes
mount Tara and fuck her half to death. One in the pussy, one in the ass.

“Then he made what he called the toys tape, which means different things that
were used to fuck little Tara. He started out small, with a pool cue, then moved
on to a beer bottle. Gradually, her pussy was lubricating and she got looser, so
he moved up to a cop’s nightstick, a kitchen glass, a billiard ball. He finished
her off with the fat end of a baseball bat. Got it in about six inches, if I
remember correctly. Six inches of Louisville Slugger. Man, you should have heard
her howl.

“And while he was filming the finale, you know what song he was playing on his
boombox, Princess? That song by the b**stie Boys that goes “I did her like this,
I did her like that, I did her with a whiffle ball bat.” That Dr. Wu has one sick
sense of humor, but one eclectic appreciation of popular music!” the evil
principal chuckled. He took a breath, then continued.

“Finally, there were the torture tapes. Because she had to go back to her family,
he was not able to do anything causing permanent damage, which limited him
somewhat. But you’d be surprised what a sustained beating with a rubber garden
hose on the soles of the feet can do. Or how an expert can use a cigarette
lighter and hold it just close enough to a girl’s nipples and pussy to make them
unbelievably painful, yet not cause any actual burns. Electricity is pretty good,
too. You shove a metal dildo up a girl’s cunt, attach alligator clips to her
nipples, and attach them both to a hand-cranked generator. Then let her rip!
Yeehaw! Little Tara had thought she was screamed out from the baseball bat till
she started getting jolts from volts!

“And all this, Princess, was being done to a sweet little girl, only 15, a year
younger than you. We split the profits of the tapes with Dr. Wu. Tara, as I said,
was completely broken by her night in the cabin and never even graduated..”

Mr. White paused. “And that’s what happens to little Princesses who don’t get
with the program, Miss Tiffany Daniels.”

The luscious young backseat beauty was in shock. She was beginning to
hyperventilate again, and her luscious breasts bounced with the increasing gasps
of air she was taking. She was hardly aware of the pain in the muscles of her
widely stretched legs, or the presence of the men on either side of her in the
back seat.

“So you are facing a choice, Princess,” White said. “You can give less than 100
percent cooperation, and face the fate of Claire or even Tara. Or you can go
along with us, do exactly what we tell you, never question an order, and do
everything we tell you with a smile, as if it was your idea, your fondest
fantasy. If you do that, we promise you we will not cause you any real physical
pain. That’s not what we’re into. We also promise that you will remain a virgin,
at least technically. That’s as much for our own protection. We don’t like
wearing rubbers, and a pregnancy is just too messy to deal with. Finally, if you
cooperate, eventually we will get tired of you, and some new little piece of
teenaged fluff will present itself, and we’ll move on, and you’ll be left with
only a set of interesting memories, but can go about the rest of your life.

“So what’s it gonna be, Princess?”

“I I I I’ll cooperate, sir,” Tiffany stammered. “I’ll do whatever you say. Please
don’t hurt me like those other girls.” She has no choice, she told herself. No
choice. It was out of her hands.

“That’s a good princess,” White said. “And who knows? Maybe not every moment will
be torture. We like to see our playthings having a good time, like you did that
first night with Mr. Green. There are few things more wondrous than a beautiful
teenaged girl having a body-shattering orgasm, or a string of them. And with
that, let’s have some music.”

White pulled a CD out of the console beside him, pushed it into the Lincoln’s
player, and hit the advance button several times. The track he wanted came on,
filling the SUV with the sound of Mick Jagger’s nasty vocals, more than 30 years

“Under my thumb

The girl who once had me down

Under my thumb

The girl who once pushed me around

It’s down to me

The difference in the clothes she wears

Down to me, the change has come,

She’s under my thumb …”

“Why don’t you relax as best you can, Tiffany, and the guys back there will make
you feel good,” White suggested. Old Joe the janitor and Mr. Brown needed no more
prompting. Immediately, Old Joe put his fingers up to the opening of her young
pussy and ordered, “Push those ben-wa balls out, baby.” Tiffany, obedient, did
just that, and the two metal balls pooped out into Joe’s hand. They were wet with
her pussy juice, and they left her young twat wide open.

“Here’s a little something to fill up that opening,” Joe said, and pushed a pink
vibrator up inside her. He flicked a switch at the end, and the small machine
began to hum and vibrate inside Tiffany’s highly stimulated vagina.

While Joe was busy with her pussy, Mr. Brown reached into a soft drink cup he’d
gotten at the food court and pulled out a large piece of ice. He reached over and
began to run the ice on her left nipple. The tip-tit, shocked by the cold, began
to grow erect. Around and around went the piece of ice, making Tiffany’s nipple
grow more and more engorged with blood. When it reached its peak, he transferred
the ice to her right nipple and began to rub again, making it erect as well.

“Since your hands aren’t cuffed, Princess, I want you to reach down and pull on
your pussy lips and hold ’em open,” Joe ordered. “But no fair touching your clit.
That’s gonna be our job.”

Tiffany, still scared to death of the threats, obeyed meekly, pulling her pussy
lips wide with both hands. Her little clit popped out from under its hood,
looking like a small, moist pearl, glistening with desire.

“Yum yum yum,” murmured the older janitor. He licked his thumb, and then pressed
it down, gently but firmly, on Tiffany’s hot, throbbing clit, and began to
massage it in a circle.

Tiffany inhaled sharply. It felt soooooo good. Her horniness had temporarily
vanished when she was being publicly stripped and displayed inside The Rave, and
later, during White’s long history lesson. But her erotic feelings had really
just been pushed below the surface. She had, after all, spent half an hour
walking through the mall with ben-wa balls jammed up her pussy, stretching her
and massaging the sugar walls of her teenaged twat.

Mr. Black leaned over and began to whisper in her ear. “I gotta tell ya, sweetie,
back there in the mall, you may have been the sexiest girl on the face of the
earth. You looked so sweet and so hot, like Chinese mustard, baby, prancing
around in those high, high heels, that teeny tiny skirt, that sexy top.” His
voice had a low, monotonous quality, almost hypnotic. “You got the longest,
sexiest legs of any girl at Daniels High, sweet cakes. Those titties of yours are
magnificent. And what’s more, you know it, don’t you girl? You know how hot and
sexy you are. You love how the boys all want to have sex with you, how the male
teachers all try to look up your skirt, how everyone ogles those tits. You love
it, Princess.”

And all the while Joe was cooing into her ear, telling Tiffany her own secrets,
she continued to hold open her pussy lips with both hands, and Joe continued to
rub her clit, which was getting bigger and bigger, redder and redder. It was if
the tiny organ had a mind of its own and was straining upward for release at
Joe’s hand. And Mr. Brown, on her other side, kept rubbing the ice over her
nipples, which were so hard Tiffany thought they might explode, that she might
explode, that she was hovering on the brink of an explosion, that she was getting
close and closer to her orgasm, and the vibrator in her pussy was buzzing and
buzzing, and the wind tickled her toes as they stuck out the windows. She was
going to cum so hard, so hard, and Joe’s thumb was moving faster and faster, and
it was a blur, the nipples, the pussy, the legs spread so wide, the clit, the
toes, and she was getting so close, so close….

Tiffany wasn’t even aware that she was moaning, over and over, oh yessss, Oh God
yesss, feel so goooood.

And Jagger spat out the words and the music of the Stones filled the Lincoln,
which smlled strongly of musky teenaged pussy:

“Under my thumb

The squirmin’ dog who’s just had her day

Under my thumb

A girl who has just changed her ways

It’s down to me, yes it is

The way she does just what she’s told

Down to me, the change has come

She’s under my thumb.”

And as she got closer, images from Mr. White’s stories kept flashing through her
mind, disgusting things, hateful things, about girls being fucked by dogs, being
****d by old men, being tied down and whipped, on their bare ass, being fucked
with beer bottles and baseball bats, and being whipped, and fucked, and fucked up
the ass, and dogs’ cocks, and she had no choice, she had to give in to them, it
was out of her hands, she was their slave, she was a sex slave, and she was
getting closer, she was almost there…

“That’s enough, guys!” ordered Mr. White, who’d been watching in the rear view
mirror. Instantly, Brown and Black stopped what they were doing, withdrew their

“Nooooo!” wailed the poor cheerleader, jolted from her dark and jumbled fantasy.
She was teetering right on the brink of the biggest climax of her life. Without
even thinking, she whipped both hands down to her clit and began to rub it in a
frenzy, trying to get over that edge.

And again, she was thwarted, as the two men each grabbed a wrist and yanked her
hands away.

“Pleeeeease! Pleeeeease!” the blonde beauty pleaded.

“No way, Princess,” said White coldly. “You don’t come until we do. But this is
our exit, and we’re five minutes from school, so let’s end the evening with a
bang, so to speak, and we’ll all get our ya-yas out.”

“A siamese cat of a girl

Under my thumb

She’s the sweetest, mmm, pet in the world,” sang Jagger in his anthem of
dominance and control.

Tiffany’s mind was a tangle of dark thoughts, unholy fantasies and images that
she had never thought of in her 16 years, but over all, overwhelmingly, the
desire to cum. Then she felt something, tickling her clit. She opened her eyes,
and saw that Mr. Brown was bending over her lap, over her obscenely splayed
thighs and wide-open pussy, holding the plastic straw from his soft drink, and
blowing on her clit!

It tickled. Wildly. It stimulated her, but not enough. The short puffs of his
breath struck her clit, and where normally it would not bother her at all, now it
was the most maddening thing she had ever felt. It was if the blasts of air were
keeping her clit super-sensitive, keeping her aware of her own pussy, her deep
and abiding horniness.

Her head rolled back against the seat, her hair flying from side to side as Brown
and Black securely held her wrists.

“You ready to cum, Princess?” whispered Black. “You ready?”

“Yes! Yes! Please!” she begged.

“Here’s the school parking lot,” said White, as Green, in the front seat, shut
off the video camera that had been recording Tiffany’s frenzied begging for an
orgasm. “Joe, would you go unlock the cafeteria? Not much longer, Princess
Tiffany, and you’ll have some orgasms you’ll never forget.

He didn’t add, because he didn’t need to, that she wouldn’t be the only one.

* * *



Tiffany practically had to be carried from the SUV into the school cafeteria. Her
leg muscles had gotten sore from striding around the mall in the highest high
heels she had ever worn. Then she had endured the half-hour drive back from the
mall with her long legs obscenely spread into the widest possible splits, each
ankle trapped in a back seat window on either side. Her legs were killing her,
and she was having trouble walking.

In addition, she was still intensely focused on having an orgasm, and her four
tormentors were just as determined that she not have one just yet. Every time
they relaxed their vigilance, the 16-year-old cheerleader would steal a hand down
between the damp blonde public curls of her pussy and begin pushing her clit as
if it were an elevator button and she was impatiently waiting. The horrible
images from the stories that Mr. White had told her continued to spin in her
young, impressionable mind, making her hotter than she had ever been, and ashamed
at how they had affected her. She had to cum, dammit! the horny and confused girl
thought. She just had to. Maybe cumming would release the grip the stories had on
her, she rationalized with the part of her brain that was still capable of some
level of thought.

So it was for the best that John Brown and Tom Green each slipped one of
Tiffany’s arms around their shoulder and half-walked, half-carried the glazed,
trembling girl into the deserted cafeteria, which Old Joe the janitor had gone
ahead and unlocked. They laid her down on a long table in the center of the room,
its fake-wood laminate cold against her bare skin.

“Pleeeze,” she murmured, although she wasn’t even sure any more what she was
asking them to do? Let her go? Let her cum? Some of both? She just knew that
right now she was in hell.

“How’s that little pussy, Princess?” asked Principal White. “Does the little
Princess want to cum?”

Tiffany felt something wet trickle down out of her virgin opening and start
moving down her thigh. Oh God, was she starting her period? She was mortified,
but she had to find out. She reached down one index finger and wiped at the
sticky goo and looked at it. It was clear, so it wasn’t her period. She was so
sexually over-stimulated that her pussy was actually leaking lubrication onto her
body, and running down onto the lunch table!

“Yes, sir, I want to cum,” she answered. God, the shame, she thought. Nearly
nude, in her own school lunch room, begging this man for an orgasm.

“Well, as I told you, we’re going to help you, Princess Tiffany. It’s going to
feel so good. But we’re going to trade orgasms. You make us cum, we’ll make you
cum. And since we’ve promised you that we’ll let you stay a virgin, we’re going
to cum in your ass. That’s right, Princess. It’s time for a gang bang in Tiffany
Daniels’ virgin asshole!” He was practically shouting in jubilation, power and

“Oh nooo!” Tiffany cried and started to get up from the table. Instantly powerful
male hands pushed her back down on her back. She struggled to get up, but Old Joe
was pinning her shoulders to the table while Mr. Brown slipped off the Spandex
miniskirt. Joe grabbed her halter, which was barely tied in place, and yanked
upward, pulling it off. The sweet teen was stark naked, pinned like a beautiful
to the lunchroom table.

“Don’t, oh please don’t do this!” she wailed in panic as Brown pulled on her
knees, moving them up to her chest. While he held them there, Mr. Green grabbed
her flailing arms by the wrists and pulled her wrists around her bunched-up legs
until her hands were underneath her legs. He quickly snapped the handcuffs that
had imprisoned Tiffany before onto her wrists.

Breathing heavily from the exertion, the men stood back to examine their beautilf
captive. She lay on her back on the table, her knees pulled up to her chest. Her
arms circled down below the backs of her knees, where they were locked in place
by the cuffs. She could not move her arms now, nor could she lower her knees. The
most important part of the arrangement, as Tiffany was about to find out, was
that it left her sweet little bunghole poking out between her gorgeous round ass
cheeks. The little rosebud was completely exposed and defenseless as it winked
nervously near the edge of the table.

Tiffany was moaning and shaking her head from side to side as the men rubbed
their erections inside their pants. They’d been playing with her all night,
exposing her in public, forcing her to give blow jobs to strangers at the mall,
teasing her sexually, bringing her to a fever pitch, then abandoning her sexual
needs the moment before her climax. All four men, although well into middle age,
were as rampant as teenaged boys.

“Shut up!” barked White at the moaning, squirming girl. “Listen to my voice!” he
commanded. Tiffany forced herself to be quiet.

“First of all, no one can hear you, Princess, which is why we haven’t gagged you.
But you need to be quiet to listen to me. I want you to think very hard about the
stories I just told you, about what happened to Claire and Tara when they didn’t
cooperate. I want you to know that we aren’t fucking around here, and if you piss
us off you’ve got a visit to Dr. Wu coming, maybe even tonight. And you do NOT
want to go there, girl. Now take a couple of deep breaths, because this isn’t
going to be nearly as bad as you think. Mr. Brown, would you like to do first

Tiffany stiffened her body, thinking that she was about to feel her teacher’s
cock probing at the opening of her ass, trying to penetrate that too-tight hole.
But she didn’t. Instead she felt something wonderful – smooth and warm and wet.
For a few second she resisted, but it just felt so good, and soon she began to
relax. As she let down her guard, her sphincter unclenched, and the warm, wet
object began to make little forays up inside her. It would push in a little, then
withdraw, and make lazy circles all over her asshole. It was beginning to feel
very good indeed.

Suddenly the girl realized what was happening at her backdoor. Her math teacher
was licking her asshole with his tongue!

“It’s called analingus, Princess,” Mr. White explained. “Also known as a rimjob.
It’s a little more sophisticated sexual technique than you and your
clumsy-fingered boyfriends as probably used to, or have even dreamt of. The anus
is as full of nerve endings as the vagina, and properly stimulated it’s one of
the most intense erogenous zones on the body. Plus saliva makes a wonderful
lubricant, as you relax, soon you’ll be able to take in something a little harder
than a tongue.”

Even though she knew what was coming eventually, Tiffany put it out of her mind
and concentrated on the good feelings. Her horniness had returned, and now it was
even stronger because of what her math teacher was doing. It was so wicked, but
so wonderful at the same time! While Brown licked, Tom Green the English teacher
reached between Tiffany’s legs and placed his first two fingers on either side of
her clitoris and began massaging it gently. The feelings on her clit and the
feelings in her ass began to merge and mingle. She’d never realized how close the
two were, never thought of her own ass as anything erotic.

“How’s that feel, Princess?” asked White.

“Mmmmmmm,” was all Tiffany could reply. Her defenses were coming down, as her
math teacher continued to tongue her asshole. As she relaxed, he was able to push
his tongue further and further up inside her warm, moist rectum. Green,
meanwhile, continued to work over her hot, throbbing clit, careful not to tip the
horny youngster over the brink into an orgasm just yet.

Tiffany Daniels had forgotten that she was stark naked, that she was laying on a
table in her own high school cafeteria, that she was handcuffed. The sensations
on her clit and in her little bunghole were indescribable, better than anything
she had ever felt.

“How’s that taste, John?” asked the principal.

“Tasty as can be,” said Brown, taking a break draw a breath. “Her pussy’s runnin’
like nobody’s business, and the juice is like pure nectar.”

“OK, Princess,” said White. “Remember we were talking about a trade? Well, fair’s
fair. You’re getting a hot tongue stuffed up your ass, and now it’s time to
reciprocate.” Tiffany felt the table shift and opened her eyes, and realized that
her principal, Roger White, was now naked and climbing up onto the table. He
knelt so that one knee was on either side of her head, as he faced her feet. His
ass hovered above her face, and slowly he started to lower it.

“Come on, Princess. You can feel how good that tongue is working on your ass.
Turnabout’s fair play. I want to feel your tongue up my ass.” And he lowered his
bulky frame so that his big hairy ass hovered just an inch above the
cheerleader’s mouth.

Tiffany drifted in a dream state of confusion and horniness. She knew what her
principal was asking her to do was grosser than gross, something that even a few
days ago would have made her run screaming from the room. But she also knew that
she had no choice, she had been reduced to a sex slave, she had to do it. She
stuck out her tongue as the principal lowered his buttocks the last inch and
settled his own ass crack right onto the beauty’s mouth.

Her first thought was that it wasn’t as bad as she thought. It tasted weird, like
apple cider or something, but it wasn’t all that nasty, really, if she didn’t
think about what she was really doing. She moved her tongue a little.

“Oh, yeah, Princess, that’s right, use that tongue. Lick that ass,” ordered
White. Tiffany complied, licking back and forth along White’s ass crack. His
erection bobbed in the air out in front of him, and he bent slightly at the waist
so that he could rub the head of his cock, which was swollen with blood and
oozing pre-cum, over the girl’s large, erect nipples. The sensation of having her
nipples stimulated added to the delicious massaging on her clit and the
incredible oral reaming of her asshole, and Tiffany felt herself getting closer
and closer to orgasm.

Tiffany moaned into her principal’s asshole and continued to work her tongue. It
was all so nasty, so humiliating, and yet so wonderful. Her whole body was on
fire. Maybe soon, she thought, they’d let her cum.

She felt Brown’s mouth leave her ass, and then something different. Something
much harder. She knew it must be the head of his cock pushing against her rectum,
knew she was about to be violated. But she also knew she had no choice. She
couldn’t see a thing except her principal’s ass, so she just concentrated on the
feeling of her clit getting rubbed.

Brown pushed slowly, gently, and eased his cock up into the cheerleader’s ass. It
was so tight. So hot. So moist. But his analingus and the girl’s own secretions
had gotten her plenty wet, and she was relaxed from the erotic attentions, and
didn’t seem to be in any pain. Brown pushed forward, inch by inch, letting his
cock luxuriate in the feeling of Tiffany’s rectum.

Finally, he was all the way in. His coarse pubic hair tickled her labia. Tiffany
Daniels, once the most stuck-up cock tease in school, was getting fucked up the
ass by her math teacher. Brown pulled out slowly, then pushed in again. As he
stroked, her ass relaxed and opened up even more. Soon he had a slow but steady
rhythm going, in and out, in and out, pumping his cock up inside her shitter.

White climbed off the table and Old Joe Black the janitor took his place. With
her eyes closed, Tiffany was only vaguely aware of the movement. But she realized
that a different male asshole was now plastered over her mouth, one that smelled
and tasted different – a little stronger, but still not bad. She didn’t even
think about what was happening, she just plunged her tongue upward and began to
give a teenaged rimjob to the school janitor.

Brown plunged his cock into the girl over and over. Like all of the men, he was
so horny and the girl was so tight that he wasn’t going to last long. He could
feel his balls churning and tightening in his scrotum, and he gaze Green a thumbs
up that he was about to cum. Green pulled out the pink vibrator they had used on
Tiffany in the Lincoln and jammed it up inside her pussy, already turned on and
buzzing madly. He pinched her clit between his thumb and forefinger and began to
squeeze it rhythmically, gently but firmly.

The beautiful young victim nearly went insane when the vibrator hit her sensitive
pussy and her English teacher upped the ante on her love button. She was getting
fucked up the ass with one cock, fucked up the pussy with a fake cock, her clit
felt like it was about to explode.

And then it did. Tiffany Daniels launched into her orgasm just as Mr. Brown’s
cock swelled even larger and began to pump a huge load of sperm up into her

Tiffany screamed with pleasure, but the scream was trapped by Old Joe’s buttocks
covering her mouth. The scream went right up into his asshole. Her hips bucked up
and down wildly, her entire body tensed and went rigid, the muscles in her rectum
clamped down ferociously on Brown’s cock as he emptied gush after gush of hot
semen up into her bowels. Green could hardly hold onto the girl’s slick clit as
she writhed frantically on the cafeteria table. It was as if her entire body was
being jolted by blasts of electricity as she jumped and wiggled.

“Mmmmmppffffffff!” the girl bellowed with pleasure into Joe’s asshole. The
janitor raised himself up a couple of inches, depriving himself of the pleasure
of her rimjob so that everyone could hear her orgasm.

“Yessssss! Oh God yesssssss!” the cheerleader yelled as she continued to cum.
Finally, after about 10 long seconds, she began to subside, and Brown withdrew
his cock, which was still stiff, and now coated with his own jism and Tiffany’s

“Who’s next?” he asked with a leer. In a flash, Tom Green, her English teacher,
had moved to the edge of the table where her asshole, now gaping open somewhat,
waited, poised, to be filled again. He didn’t wait, but plunged his tool in
immediately. Unlike Mr. Brown, he didn’t have to ease her into the anal fucking.
He just shoved his cock in, as hard and as far as he could. Tiffany’s eyes bulged
out in surprise, but she was well- greased enough that it didn’t hurt. In fact,
it felt good to be filled up again.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” she started muttering. Her head whipped from side to
side, banging against Black’s thighs. White motioned for the janitor to climb
down off the table, and he did so. As soon as he was down, White aimed the video
camera at the young beauty’s face.

“Tell us what you want, Princess,” the principal said. “If you like that feeling,
tell us!”

“Feels so good!” Tiffany managed. “More! More! More!”

“Tell us exactly, Princess, or we’re gonna stop and you won’t be allowed to cum
anymore,” the older man guided her.

“I want to cum!” she panted. “Cum! Cum! Cum!” The former cock tease had been
teased for so long that now, when she was finally being granted a sexual release,
she had entered another plane of existence. She was barely aware of the men
around her, focusing only on the incredible feelings coming from her pussy and
ass. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and White’s voice seemed to come from some
distant place, an order that she had to follow to keep the good vibrations

As Green stood at the foot of the table, plunging his cock in and out of the
teenager’s ass, he reached down between her upturned legs, between her handcuffed
wrists, and located her clit with his fingers. He began again to rub it, again
sending the girl shooting upward.

“Do you like the cock up your ass, Tiffany?” asked White. “Do you like having
your clit rubbed? Tell us what you like, Tiffany, or we’ll stop.”

“Don’t stop!” she moaned. “Please don’t stop! Make me cum! Fuck my ass! Play with
my clit! Please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, don’t stop!” The more she
said it, the more she felt it. Her desire now permeated her whole being, became
her entire being. White focused the camera tightly on the girl’s face as she
begged to be fucked in the ass. It would be the perfect climax, so to speak, of
the video scrapbook the men had been compiling, the one he was mentally calling
“Toying With Tiffany.”

Tiffany wasn’t the only one who felt as if she’d been teased for the past few
hours. Green and the other men were practically going out of their minds with
unslaked lust, and the juicy friction of his cock rubbing against the walls of
the cheerleader’s rectum soon proved to be more than he could bear. Even though
he wanted to make it last, he was soon ready to blast her ass with another load
of sperm.

Tiffany felt her teacher’s cock head swell inside her ass; it felt like it was
the size of a tennis ball. But it was the magic fingers diddling her clit that
had most of her concentration, as the youngster approached her second orgasm of
the night. She had forgotten about White’s instructions, and was now just
screaming for more of her own free will.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Make me cum!”

The English teacher obliged her, groaning loudly as he emptied his balls into the
student. He roughly gripped her clit and shook it from side to side, like a dog
playing with an old sneaker, and Tiffany once again went rigid with an
overwhelming orgasm.

White turned off the camcorder, having gotten the footage he wanted. He was dying
to fuck the blonde cheerleader, and had moved around to stand behind Mr. Green.
Mere seconds after Green had withdrawn, White rammed his hard-on deep into the
girl’s bowels. In Tiffany’s swirling, lust-crazed mind, it was as if the
ass-fucking had never stopped.

Joe Black looked at the girl laying on the table, the bitch-princess who had
never even noticed his existence as he pushed his mop and bucket around the halls
of Daniels High. Her mouth was open and she was breathing heavily, and he decided
he wanted to put that mouth to more good use. So he climbed back up onto the
cafeteria table, knees planted on either side of Tiffany’s head again, and
lowered himself onto the cheerleader’s face. His aim was true, and he managed to
maneuver his dangling scrotum right into her gaping mouth.

Tiffany was startled by having her mouth suddenly full of the janitor’s heavy
balls, but by this point she was on automatic pilot, and just moaned. Her moaning
vibrated her mouth, which vibrated Joe’s testicles, giving him the most exquisite
pleasure imaginable. He just knelt there, unmoving, letting his scrotum get a
hum-job from the teenager. His cock, huge and purple, waved in front of him like
a divining rod, one that sensed teenaged ass instead of water.

As Tiffany tickled the janitor’s balls with her tongue, Principal White was
practically a blur between her legs. She was now slick enough from two massive
doses of semen shot up her butt that he could ram away on the girl as if she were
a piece of meat, which is exactly what he did. He did not neglect her pussy and
clit, though, knowing that if he could give her a third orgasm, she would clench
her muscles so tightly that he would have one of the greatest orgasms ever.

Joe pulled his balls, wet with teen saliva, from Tiffany’s mouth, and scooted
down the table a short distance. He knew their time was growing short, and he
wanted some more rimming from the girl. He saw that Brown had picked up the
camcorder and moved in close, framing the shot so that all that could be seen was
Tiffany’s face, glazed with lust and drool, and the anonymous midsection of a
middle aged black man hovering over her. Joe lowered himself down onto Tiffany’s
face as the camcorder captured every moment.

“Lick my ass, Princess!” Joe commanded. “Ream me out with your tongue. The
farther you get your tongue up my ass, the bigger the orgasm you’re gonna get.”
Tiffany was at a point where everything said to her seemed like a command she had
to obey, and she obediently stiffened her tongue and drove it as far as she could
up between the janitor’s butt cheeks. She penetrated his anus with her tongue,
and kept going, inch by inch, until her tongue began to ache.

“Now wiggle that tongue, Princess,” Joe ordered, and Tiff again obeyed, moving
her tongue as best she could within Joe’s tight asshole, giving the man the
sweetest rimjob he had ever had in his life. She was so insane with lust that she
was barely aware of the musky, sweaty odor and taste of the asshole she was
rimming wildly.

Inevitably, White’s orgasm hit, just as Tiffany’s third orgasm of the night
launched like a Saturn 5. For the third time, she felt wave after wave of
pleasure wrack her delightful young body as her principal emptied his seed into

Joe reluctantly climbed down from his perch on Tiffany’s face. He had fucked
plenty of girls at Daniels High during his recent career of blackmail and
humiliation, but the rimjobs had been a recent addition to the gang’s repertoire,
one that combined extreme pleasure for them with extreme degradation for the

But his monster cock needed satisfying, and he moved into position with the head
at the entrance to Tiffany’s bunghole. Joe had gone last for a reason. Although
racial stereotypes frequently are false, in this case there was some truth. Joe
Black was hung like a stallion, and the other men had discovered a while back
that if they let him go first, he would ream the girl in question so far that she
wouldn’t be tight enough for them. So Joe had become the clean-up hitter, and now
he rammed his baseball bat of a cock home into the cheerleader.

“Ahhhhhh!” Tiffany screamed, this time in pain. Even with a thoroughly reamed-out
asshole swimming in semen to provide lubrication, Joe”s Dirk Diggler of a dick
hurt. “Noooo!” she wailed. “Take it out! It hurts.” But Joe ignored, and while
his comrades in torment watched, began to fuck the girl’s ass in earnest. In and
out, in and out he pumped, and gradually Tiffany’s protests subsided as she got
used to the ravishing.

White unlocked her handcuffs, which allowed her to spread her legs. He took her
hands and placed them on her pussy, and instantly her fingers began a frantic
dance on the surface of her clit, rubbing the hard, swollen nub for all it was
worth. Soon she was once again screaming “Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Make me cum!” as
another orgasm built in the girl.

When it hit her, it was the biggest one yet. Her blue eyes rolled back in her
head, her face went red, her whole body rigid. Green had leaned over her with
both hands and was tugging on her erect nipples, pulling them gently but firmly
upwards, adding to her pleasure. As her muscles tightened, her rectum clamped
down on Old Joe’s prick, and he began to cum, gushing his hot sperm up inside
her, the fourth time in the evening she had gotten an assfull of thick, salty

After a few moments, the cafeteria was completely quiet. Tiffany and Old Joe were
both panting. White and Green were already pulling their pants on. It had been
quite an evening, but tomorrow was a school day!

“So Princess,” asked Mr. Brown, “what did you think about your first fuck?”

Tiffany was coming back to reality, realizing where she was and what had
happened. The buzzing in her firm young body was dying down, and she was now very
aware that she was laying naked on a table in the school cafeteria, that she had
been fucked up the ass by four men. And the worst part was, she had wanted it!
She had begged for it!

Suddenly a wave of shame and humiliation washed over the confused girl. All those
names they had called her on the way to the mall, slut and whore. It was true!
She was a slut, a whore, a worthless scumbag. She hadn’t wanted them to do this,
but when they did, she had liked it! How could she face them again? How could she
facer her parents, her friends, her little sister Stephanie?

The day had been a long one. It had started that morning with Principal White
putting ants up her ass and her pussy, which she had suffered with through the
school day. Then had come the humiliating trip to the mall, the blow jobs, being
forced to strip in front of other people, the horrible songs, everything. And
after all that had been done to her, her response had been to get excited and cum
over and over!

“Up you go, Princess Tiffany,” said Mr. Green, helping her sit up on the table.
She was so embarrassed, and put one arm across her breasts to shield them from
the view of the men. They all laughed, and she realized how absurd it was to try
to cover herself.

“Here’s the clothes you came to school in,” White said, holding out a bag. “You
need to wear them home so nobody gets suspicious. We’ll keep all the stuff we got
at the mall here at school. Now get dressed, and you can just make it home on
time.” He patted her condescendingly on the head, as if she were a five-year-old
or a puppy dog that had successfully been paper-trained.

In a daze, Tiffany got dressed.

“Tomorrow morning, I want you to report to my office first thing in the morning,”
White told her. “Don’t even think about calling in sick, or I’ll plan an audio
tape of you begging to be fucked in the ass over the loudspeaker for the morning
announcement. It’ll seem like an accident, and I’ll be safely somewhere else when
it happens. But just imagine how your girlfriends on the cheerleading squad will
react when they hear your voice. Or even better, just imagine your sister
Stephanie sitting in freshman homeroom, listening to her big sister hollering
“Make me cum!

“So tomorrow morning, first thing, my office,” he repeated to make sure she
understand in her dazed and confused state. “After all, tomorrow is another day!”

* * *



The alarm went off, and Tiffany slapped it, shutting it off. She awoke from a
deep dream, an erotic dream, in which her naked nubile body was stretched out in
an X and being fondled by anonymous men, and in which she was having orgasm after
orgasm. She realized she was alone, in her own bed, in her own bedroom, and that
her pussy was wet with excitement.

Suddenly, the events of the previous day came flooding back to her in a jumble of
memories. The ants in the pants, the boys cheering her in the hallway, the
humiliating trip to the mall, the clerk at the Rave and the others ogling her
naked breasts in public, the anal gang bang in the school cafeteria. She had been
****d by her principal, her English and math teachers, and the school janitor.
Her ass, she realized, was a little bit sore, but she wasn’t really in much pain.

But was it ****, she wondered. She had cum, harder than she had ever cum in her
life from her experiments with masturbation. She had begged for them to do it to
her, given herself over to the lust. They had told her she was a slut, and she
had acted just like a slut. Nothing in her pampered privileged upbringing had
prepared her for such a situation. She was from one of the upstanding local
families – the high school was even named after her grandfather, Godfrey Daniels!
– and her parents were rich. She was beautiful, popular, envied, admired. Boys
wanted her, but she had always called the tune. Now others were calling the tune,
and it felt … well, young Tiffany was ambivalent about how it felt. It felt
awful, demeaning and degrading, but it also felt kind of exciting. After all, her
pussy was wet. What more evidence did she need?

There was a knock at the door, and her little sister Stephanie, 14, burst in,
full of girlish excitement as usual. Tiffany thought that if possible, her sister
was going to be even more gorgeous than she was. She hadn’t yet sprouted big
breasts like Tiffany’s, and her figure was still coltish: long legs just
beginning to take on their womanly shape, thin hips just starting to fill out.
She was tall, though, like Tiffany, and blonde and tanned and fit.

“Hey s*s, what’s up?” said Steph. “Can you take me to school today? I really,
really don’t want to ride the bus. Those awful Davis twins have been sitting next
to me and trying to feel me up. Please don’t make me ride the bus.”

Tiffany felt sorry for the younger girl. If only she knew that life could hand
her a far worse situation than a couple of 14-year-old boys brushing up against
her on the bus and giggling, trying to cop cheap feels. But Tiffany couldn’t tell
her sister, couldn’t tell anyone about the horrible situation she was in, lest
she end up at Dr. Wu’s cabin in the woods for an all-night session, the way her
principal had threatened. She shuddered at the thought.

“Sure, honey, I’ll take you. Be ready in about 45 minutes.”

As they drove to Daniels High in Tiffany’s Miata, top down, the breeze ruffling
their hair, Stephanie suddenly asked, “What happened to you yesterday?”

Tiffany stiffened. “What do you mean?”

“I just heard this weird story, that you changed clothes in the middle of the day
and you were wearing this really short pleated skirt and a white blouse, and some
people said you weren’t wearing a bra. And then I heard that between 5th and 6th
period you were out in the hall and your blouse was all wet and boys started
making fun of you. And I just couldn’t believe that anybody would have the guts
to make fun of you or that you would really dress like that.”

What should she respond? The truth was out, but if she said it never happened,
Stephanie was bound to find out otherwise. She couldn’t squeal on her tormentors
or they would make the videos public as they had threatened, so she in the
uncomfortable position of having to pretend it was all her idea. There was no
other way.

“Yeah, s*s, I just got sick of always wearing the same tame stuff to school, so I
went for a sexier look, and I guess I took it a little far. And you know guys,
they went a little nuts. So I learned a lesson.” She glanced at Stephanie. The
younger girl digested the story and nodded. The ruse had worked.

They pulled into the school lot and parked, then hugged goodbye. Stephanie went
off to her first period class, and Tiffany went off to Principal White’s office,
as she had been ordered to do the previous night. When she got there, she noticed
that the usual receptionist, an elderly battle-axe named Mrs. Milano, was not at
her desk Roger White stepped out of his office and motioned her inside.

“Sometimes the fates just work in a person’s favor,” he told Tiffany. “Mrs.
Milano’s husband had to go into the hospital, and she’s taking a couple days off.
I figured I could get by without her. And it’s one less person to notice your
comings and goings. Speaking of coming, how are you this morning, Princess?” he

“I’m fine, sir,” Tiffany said, flushing. She hated the “princess” business, but
guesses it was better than the filthy names they had been calling her before. And
she was embarrassed by the reference to last night, and to her own mixed feelings
about it all.

White closed the office door and locked it. The 16-year-old cheerleader was alone
with her main tormentor. “Time to get naked, Princess,” he ordered.

Tiffany, not surprised anymore by the outrageous demands of cruel men, obediently
stripped. She paused at her bra and panties, but Principal White just glared at
her and waved a hand to continue, and she did so. Within a minute, she stood
stark naked in his office.

“I went through all the clothes and stuff we collected last night to pick out
your outfit for today, Princess Tiffany,” he said. “As much as I like novelty, I
decided that the slut clothes you wore at the mall would be the best for school
today. Here they are. Put them on.” He handed her the obscenely short black
Spandex miniskirt and the skimpy black halter tape with the Nike knock-off that
read “Just Do Me.” On his desk, she noticed the high-heeled black pumps she had
worn last night.

“Oh please don’t make me wear these,” Tiffany begged. She couldn’t bear the
thought of her friends and classmates seeing her in such a revealing outfit for
the entire day. God almighty she thought, Britney Spears wouldn’t even wear these
for a photo shoot!

“I thought I told you I don’t want any back-talk or disagreement,” White said
unpleasantly. “Now get ’em on. And leave the panties and bra on the floor. You’ll
be doing without underwear today.”

Tiffany was mortified, but again told herself she had no choice. She was their
slave, their plaything, their toy, and had to do as she was told. The
alternatives – release of the blackmail videos to her friends and families, the
postings on the Internet, possible even a trip to Dr. Wu – were far worse than
strutting around school all day in a slutty outfit.

Anxious to cover her nudity, the blonde beauty quickly dressed. As before, the
micro-mini came down only a couple of inches below the cheeks of her ass, and her
large breasts barely fit into the too-small halter. Her tits bulged out at the
sides of the halter and threatened to spill out over the top completely. She
stepped into the high heels, elevating her 5-foot-7 frame to nearly 6 feet tall,
and stood before White.

“Now don’t move a muscle, girl,” he said harshly. “I hear that slit skirts are
all the rage these days, and I wanted to make sure you were fashionable.” He
pulled a pair of fabric shears out of a desk drawer and knelt in front of
Tiffany. Grasping the hem of the skirt in his left hand, he used the shears to
begin cutting her dress. He snipped carefully along the ride side, from the hem
up to the waistband, and then repeated the cutting on the left side, hem to

Tiffany was horrified. The dress had been terrible enough before, but now her
long, tanned legs were completely bare up to the waist. Depending on how she
moved or sat, she would have to be very careful or she would inadvertently expose
her ass or pussy. And she wasn’t even wearing any underwear!

“Mr. White,” she stammered, “I can’t go to classes like this! I’m practically

“That you are, my dear, that you are. You know what might help? A couple of
safety pins. You could pin the dress on each side and then it wouldn’t be
flopping open and exposing your charms for every boy in the school to ogle. Would
you like some safety pins to pin your skirt?”

“Yes, please,” the humiliated cheerleader answered meekly.

“I happen to have some right here,” he said. “But you’re going to have to earn
them. Why don’t we change positions? I’ll stand up, and you can kneel in front of
me and see if you can figure out a way to earn your safety pins before the first
bell rings. You have five minutes.”

The abused girl knew what he wanted, and decided it was best to get it over with.
On her knees, she unzipped White’s fly and pulled his cock out through the
opening of his boxers. Leaning forward, she wrapped her lips tightly around the
swelling purple head and began to suck. She wrapped her fingers around the length
of the shaft and began a gentle but insistent tugging motion, jacking him off
while she blew him.

“Oh, my, that is just excellent, Princess. You’re getting to be really good at
this. What a great little cock-sicker you’ve turned out to be!” Tiffany’s face
burned with shame, but she kept on sucking. Within a few minutes, she felt the
principal’s dickhead begin to swell, and she could taste the pre-cum oozing out
onto her tongue. She sucked harder than ever as he started jamming his crotch
forcefully into her face, shoving his cock deeper and deeper.

“Swallow it all, Princess,” he ordered, and suddenly his cum was exploding into
her mouth. She dutifully kept her lips clamped around his cock, and allowed the
gushes of cum to flow over her tongue and down her throat. Her swallowing caused
her throat muscles to milk White’s cock even more, until finally he was done.

“Here are your safety pins,” he said, handing her two small ones. Tiffany looked
down to her sides, trying to figure out the best way to preserve her modesty, and
finally decided to place each safety pin about half-way up each slit in her
skirt. If she put them at the bottom, she figured, the entire slip would gap when
she sat down, exposing more skin. But no matter what she did, she knew, she was
in for a school day of far more exposure than she had had the day before.

“On your way now, Princess,” Principal White said as the first bell of the day
rang. “And I want to see you back here in my office between every single class.
Since Mrs. Milano isn’t in, just walk on in. And if you miss a period, we’ll see
what we can do about making sure everybody sees that video we’ve been compiling.
Maybe we can project it on the wall during halftime of the homecoming game!” he

Tiffany rushed off to first period, which unfortunately was algebra with Mr.
Brown. As she walked quickly through the halls, all the students around her just
stopped and stared. Tiffany Daniels, the most stuck-up cheerleader in school, was
wearing a skirt so short it barely covered her ass, teetering on high heels, and
nearly bursting out of a tight halter top that invited “JUST DO ME.” “Whoa,
Tiffany!” shouted a senior boy as she brushed past. “Even better than yesterday!”
“Tiffany Tits!” yelled another, and everyone laughed. She flushed crimson, and
kept moving, her ears ringing with their mockery.

Finally she reached Mr. Brown’s math class. and hurried to her seat. A boy in the
back of the room whistled, and again everyone laughed. There was an excited
murmur among the boys, and Tiffany knew they were all ogling her and talking
about her. Their lustful gazes burned her exposed skin. Out of the corner of her
eye, she saw several adjust their pants, and knew they had sprouted hard-ons.
They were fantasizing about her!

“Quite an entrance, Miss Daniels,” Mr. Brown said with a smirk as the second bell
rang. “Did you come to class today to participate or disrupt?”

Damn him, thought Tiffany. He knows exactly what White has done, and he’s just
taunting me. And I can’t say a thing against him.

“To participate sir,” she replied.

“Very good, then. Class, open your books to Unit 8, quadratic equations, and Miss
Daniels, you can do the first problem at the blackboard.”

The bastard, thought Tiffany. He’s gonna play me like a fish. But she got up,
wobbling slightly on her heels, and tugged her skirt down to cover her ass. The
room was hushed as she walked to the board and began writing in chalk as Mr.
Brown dictated a problem to her.

She could hear the whispering, and feel the hot stares of the boys. She knew her
ass was the focus of every thought in the room. At least her back was to them,.
and they couldn’t stare at her breasts. Her hand shook as she tried to follow
what Mr. Brown was saying, and the formula she wrote on the board was a mess. She
looked at it and didn’t have the slightest idea how to solve it.

“Go ahead, Miss Daniels,” Brown said haughtily. Tiffany didn’t move, and soon
snickers were mixed in among the whispers.

She heard a whisper from the back of the room, intentionally loud enough to reach
her ears. “What’s the square root of piece of ass?” one boy asked. “Speaking of
root,” said his friend, “I’d like to sink my root into that!”

“That’s enough, fellas,” Mr. Brown said sternly, but he was smiling as he said
it. “Miss Daniels, it appears your unusual attire today is distracting the class
after all. Perhaps you’d better have a seat.” Grateful, but totally humiliated,
Tiffany sat back down.

It seemed as if no time until the bell rang signalling the end of first period,
and Tiffany marched glumly back to White’s office, again through a chorus of
catcalls from horny boys who now lined the halls, waiting to see the biggest cock
tease in school in an outfit that made Victoria’s Secret models look modest by
comparison. White was waiting for her, and her stomach turned over when she saw
he had the shears out.

“Time for another alteration, Princess. How was math?” Tiffany just looked at the
floor as White approached her, and moved around behind her. This time he grabbed
the back of her tiny skirt and cut a slit all the way up the rear, exactly
following the crack of her ass, all the way to the waistband. Her naked ass now
hung out, completely exposed!

She instinctively reached around behind herself to close the gaping skirt around
her delicious young ass, but White reached out and smacked her hands away. “I
kind of like you like that, Tiffany,” he said, “and I’ll bet the boys will, too.
I wonder if there’s anything we can do to help the situation?”

Tiffany saw where the game was going. “Can I please have some more safety pins.
sir?” she asked.

“More than one?” White replied. “Goodness, I don’t know about more than one. Can
you earn more than one?”

Not even knowing what he would ask, Tiffany knew that her only chance to survive
this hellish day was to get out of his office with her skirt pinned rather than
flapping wide open exposing her entire ass. “I’ll earn them, Mr. White. What do
you want?”

“Gee, Princess, I just came an hour ago, and I’m not the young buck I used to be.
I don’t know if I’m quite ready to cum again. So it’ll have to be something else.
How about a little addition to our video, Toying With Tiffany?” He had been
planning this all along, and quickly pulled out the digital camcorder.

“I want you to look and speak directly into the camera, tell us your name, and
then talk for a minute about what a slut you are. I want you to be nasty, and
vulgar, and crude, but most of all creative, If I approve of the first take, you
get safety pins. If I think you’re being too coy, out you go into the hallways,

The beleaguered teenager swallowed hard, knowing she had no choice. They already
had so much on tape, what was one more minute? White swung the camcorder eyepiece
to his eye, hit the record button, and Tiffany began.

“Hello, my name is Tiffany Daniels.” She paused, not knowing where to go. But she
had to make herself, had to get those safety pins! “And, I’m, uh, uh, I’m a slut.
I’m 16 years old and I uh, like to masturbate, and uh…” she trailed off. White
shut the camcorder off.

“Not good enough, Princess,” he barked. “That bell is gonna ring in two minutes,
and if I’m not happy, it’s gonna be an interesting rest of the day for you. Now
are you gonna do this little scene that’s only for me and the boys, or are you
gonna give the entire school a treat to remember? Now get nasty!”

This was agony, Tiffany thought, but she steeled herself and started again. “My
name is Tiffany Daniels, and I’m a slut,” she said. “I like to masturbate. And I
just got fucked in the ass for the first time. It happened last night. These four
older men stripped me naked and laid me on a table and they took turns fucking my
ass. I thought it was going to hurt but it didn’t, except for this one guy, who I
guess had a really big dick. And even with him, I had a really big orgasm.” She
did not even realize it, but she had become caught up in re-telling her story,
and was hardly aware of what she saying.

“And while they fucked me up the ass, some of the other guys made me lick their
assholes. They called it a rim job. I thought it would be really gross, but it
was OK. And I just had the best orgasms I’ve ever had in my life.”

She stopped. White lowered the camera. “Nice work, Princess,” he said. “I think
you earned your safety pins. Would you like to do them or should I?”

Tiffany didn’t want the older man fumbling with her skirt, but she remembered
everything he had done so far, and it didn’t seem so bad by comparison. And she
knew she couldn’t pin behind herself properly. So she asked White to pin the gap,
and he did, one pin near the top and one near the bottom. There was still a
slight gap in the skirt, and her ass crack was visible slightly, but it was much
better than it had been. She hurried away, on to second period.

“Tiffany Daniels!” snapped Mrs. Wolfe, her second period science teacher. “What
is wrong with you girl?” Tiffany had walked into the science classroom and the
elderly teacher had instantly turned on her. “I realize this school doesn’t have
uniforms, but we do have a dress code that states students must be modestly clad.
I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but that outfit is not acceptable.
Report to the principal’s office immediately.

The classroom snickered and guffawed. It was an entirely new batch of students,
nearly all of them seeing Tiffany for the first time. She had tried to slink
quietly into the room, but Mrs. Wolfe had called her up short.

“Please, ma’am, I’m sorry, but please don’t send me to the principal’s office!”
she pleaded.

“I’m sorry, Tiffany, but your rear end is practically hanging out of that skirt.”
The boys in the class exploded with laughter, and several yelled “Hell yeah!”

“And I won’t even repeat that message on your, er, top. Have you lost your mind
dressing like that? Now get to the principal’s office at once, and don’t come
back until you are decent! No argument! Go!” Tiffany bowed her head in shame as
the other students stamped and whistled, and slunk back to Principal White’s

“Why Tiffany, back so soon?” he asked in mock surprise. “You must enjoy coming
here,” he mocked.

“Mrs. Wolfe sent me here,” she said grimly. She hated this game.

“Oh she did? Well, I’m not going to let you change into anything else, and Mrs.
Wolfe won’t let you back, so I guess you’ll just have to stay here for the entire
period.” He grinned wickedly.

“Unfortunately, I have other business to attend to. As much as I enjoy our little
games, I still have a school to run. On the other hand, I don’t want you at loose
ends. Idle hands are the devil’s playground, as I’m sure you know. So let’s make
sure your hands aren’t idle. Go ahead and have a seat in my chair here, and put
your feet up on my desk. That’s a girl. Now spread ’em nice and wide. Wider.
Wider. Come on, remember last night in the van? You can get your legs further
apart than that.

“There. Perfect.” Her skirt had ridden up to her waist, completely exposing her
naked pussy. “Now I want you to start masturbating. If you can get yourself off,
be my guest, but please don’t stain the leather seat with your secretions. You
will masturbate for the entire period. I will close the door so you won’t be
bothered, but you’re not allowed to lock it. I will come back at random times,
and when I open the door, you’d better be in exactly this position, with your
fingers in your crotch, playing with yourself. You got that, girl?”

“Yes sir,” Tiffany replied. At least he wasn’t going to cut her clothes up

She began to masturbate as the principal pulled the door to. At first she was
just going through the motions, but soon the solitude, and the confusing memories
of the sexual exploitation she was undergoing, and the orgasms, began to mess
with her young mind, and she became aroused. Unable to help herself, she started
thinking about the previous night, and what it had felt like to have a man’s
tongue probing her tender, virgin asshole. It had been so warm, so moist, so
thrilling. She’d never imagined something so nasty could feel so good. Her
fingers dug deep, and her little clit began to lift out from under its hood. She
gasped as her fingertips made contact with the button, which had been worked over
more in the past 24 hours than it had in her entire life. But the little clit
loved it, and wanted more, and more, and more.

Tiffany drifted, her naked legs splayed out obscenely on the principal’s desk,
her hands busy in her lap, bringing her closer and closer to another orgasm, when
suddenly, the door to the office burst open. The girl looked up, expecting to see
Roger White, and instead saw the Davis twins, Bret and Brian, standing in the
doorway staring at her.

“Whoa, dude, check it out,” said one. Tiffany had no idea which was which. These
were freshmen, beneath her contempt, nasty little boys. Normally she would have
squashed them with a glance.

“Hey, you’re that Tiffany Daniels the cheerleader!” said the other. “Everybody’s
talking about what a slut you’ve become. What the fuck are you doing jerking off
in the principal’s office?”

Tiffany quickly pulled her legs off the desk and tried to sit demurely in the
chair, but she painfully aware of what the boys had seen, and could still see.
“What the fuck are YOU doing here?” she screeched shrilly.

“The principal told us to walk on in and wait for him,” said one evil twin. “He
must not have known you were sittin’ in here playing with yourself. God, you’re
an even bigger slut than everyone says.”

“Can we see your pussy some more?” asked the other.

“No!” Tiffany yelped. God, this was the worst thing yet! These wretched little
boys had seen her masturbating and now they were going to tell the entire school!
“Listen, this isn’t what it looks like,” she said frantically. “Principal White
told me to come in here …” she trailed off. She realized she couldn’t tell them
the truth, how she was being blackmailed, or they’d have an even bigger story to
tell the school.

“Oh yeah, right,” said one Davis. “The principal told you to wait in his office,
so you sat in his chair and started playing with your pussy. Makes sense to me!”

“Please,” pleaded the mortified teenager. “Please just go away and leave me

“Yeah, well, I guess we could. But he told us to wait here. So we can’t. By the
way, where did you get that cool halter. JUST DO ME. Is that, like, an invitation
for guys to fuck you or something?”

Tiffany was beyond mere hell. Just then Principal White walked in and took in the
scene he had obviously set up. He smiled. Motherfucker, thought Tiffany.

“Goodness gracious, I’ve got a full office,” he said, pretending to be unaware of
what was going on. I’m surprised to see you in here, Miss Daniels. I hope you
weren’t going through my files. Boys, I had intended to speak with you about your
grades, but I guess I need to speak to Miss Daniels first about coming into my
office. You go on back to class now.”

The twins grinned at each other. They didn’t know what was up, but they knew they
had just witnessed something that would spread like wildfire throughout the
school, as soon as they got done telling every single guy they knew. Stephanie
Daniels’ big sister, the most stuck-up bitch in school! They’d seen her naked
pussy! They trotted off, slowly, because of the boners they had sprung in their

“What a shame Mrs. Wolfe kicked you out of class, Princess,” the principal said,
continuing to toy with her. It’s almost time for third period, though. Time for
another modification for your outfit.”

“Oh God, please don’t do this to me, please sir please,” the poor girl begged.
“I’ll do anything. Please. I’ll suck your dick again. I’ll do the other guys.
Anything. But don’t make me go back out there.”

“Oh, you’ll do anything we want anyway, Tiffany,” he chortled. “Now stand up and
take your medicine.” He pulled out the shears and this time, instead of going for
the dress, he inserted them in the front of her halter, right into her cleavage,
and began carefully cutting downward. In seconds he reached the bottom, and the
tiny top, which had been terribly stretched to begin with, parted. Her huge
breasts sprang free, unfettered.

“Oh my, you’re really going to need a safety pin for that,” he smiled. “I think
one will do it, though.” He reached out and pulled the halves together and ran
the pin through them. They stayed closed, covering her bulging tits, but only
barely. A full two inches of bare cleavage now shown through from the top of the
halter to the bottom. She might as well have shown a spotlight on her tits and
walked around screaming “Look at my tits, everybody!”

“There you go, Tiffany. Time for third period. See you after class!”

She had to do something. No way would she go to another class like this, her body
screaming for every male in the school to ogle her, a walking target for teenaged
lust. She ducked out of the principal’s office, ran down the hall, her boobs
bouncing so violently that they almost flew out of the halter, and ducked into
the girls’ restroom. She entered a stall and shut and locked the door. Safe. For
a while, anyway.

Tiffany spent the next period in the restroom, trying to remain calm. But soon
the bell rang again, and she knew she had to go back to White’s office. He was
waiting, shears in hand. “How nice to see you, Princess,” he said. “I have good
news for you. This will be the last cut.” And he put the shears at the front of
her skirt and sliced neatly upward, halving the mini right in front of her naked

“I have to confess, I’m running out of ideas for tormenting you, and that’s
unlike me,” he said. “It’s not pity, mind you, but for now, here, take the safety
pin and pin that front together. What’s your next period, by the way?”

“Lunch,” Tiffany said without thinking.

“That should be interesting,” White replied. “I’ll come in to the lunch room and
check up on you. I wouldn’t want you to skip and, say, hide in a bathroom or
anything. Off you go now.”

And Tiffany, beaten, left the office. Even when the outfit had been intact it had
been provocative beyond belief. Now, with the slits exposing her all over, she
was a walking exhibitionist. She tried to shuffle to keep her skirt from gapping
and exposing her bare ass and pussy, but it did little good. She headed for the
lunch room, which was filled with students.

* * *



“Vanity of vanities, all is vanities,” says the Bible, and if ever there had been
a girl full of vanity, it had been Tiffany Daniels. But never had there been a
girl in the history of Godfrey Daniels High School brought so low from such a
height. Only a few days ago, she had been queen of the school, a cheerleader,
dead ringer for Anna Kournikova, rich bitch driving her Miata and going to the
tanning salon, hanging at the country club. Her daddy was rich and her mama was
good-lookin’, and Tiffany Daniels was both.

Technically, all that was still true, but the games that Principal White and the
others were playing with young Tiffany had changed her image drastically. Now she
was walking toward the cafeteria in her black high heels, the ones so high they
made her walk like a cheap whore trolling for tricks, her pelvis rolling as if it
was mounted on greased ball bearings. The halter they had made her wear,
advertising JUST DO ME, was ripped down the middle and barely held together by a
single safety pin; her gorgeous teenaged tits threatened to spill out with every
step she took. Her black Spandex micro-mini just barely covered her bare pussy
and ass cheeks, and had been sliced all the way up on both sides, as well as
front and back.

The effect was almost worse than being actually naked, as it was so grotesque to
the normally prim girl. Her mind was a swirling vortex of shame, humiliation and
anxiety as she approached the cafeteria. It was the very room where she had been
fucked up the ass just the night before, and had licked the janitor’s asshole,
and had come over and over, but she wasn’t going to think about that now. She
really wasn’t, she thought.

She stopped outside, and took a deep breath. There was only way she would survive
this, she told herself. She must remember who she was. She was a Daniels Ñ her
grandfather had founded this school, her father was a wealthy businessman about
to be elected to the City Council. Every boy wanted to fuck her, and every girl
wanted to be her. But none could.

She would brazen it out, she decided. Her teachers might have the upper hand over
her, but these were mere students, none of them good enough to wipe her ass, she
told herself. She squared her shoulders, stood up straight, and forced her face
into its usual gaze of haughty condescension. And walked into the cafeteria.

The usual clamor assaulted her, of 400 students talking at once. But as her heels
clicked across the linoleum, she noticed the room getting quieter. Conversations
continued, but in a low buzz, and she could tell, by all the faces looking at
her, that the buzz was about her, and the way she was dressed.

An outrageous wolf whistle sounded from somewhere, breaking the tension, and
everyone laughed nervously. Tiffany tried to ignore and gathered her usual lunch,
a veggie wrap, yogurt and a bottled water on a tray, paid for it, and looked for
a place to sit. She saw a table of her fellow cheerleaders Ñ Marla, Brittany,
Suzy Ñ with an empty seat, and even though the table was in the middle of the
room, she wanted so badly to be among friends who wouldn’t mock that she walked
over and sat down.

“Jesus, Tiffers,” exclaimed Brittany, “What is, like, the deal? Halloween is so

“Hello to you too, Britt,” she replied. “I don’t have a problem if you don’t.”
She was still trying to bluff her way through.

“Yeah, but come on!” said Marla, a perky redhead. “What is with you? Everybody is
talking about the way you’ve been dressing the last two days, like some kind of,
like, whore or something. I mean, that dress is all ripped, but even if it
wasn’t, you can practically see your butt!”

Tiffany was painfully aware that the conversations at several nearby tables had
ceased as the k**s tried to eavesdrop on the cheerleaders’ conversation. She had
to just plow ahead.

“Why is everybody ragging me about the way I’m dressed?” she demanded, trying to
take the offensive. “I can dress however I want to! I don’t follow fashion
trends, I start them!”

“But Tiffers,” Brittany squeaked, still not buying it. But before she could
finish, a blast of music roared forth from across the room. At first it was hard
to tell what it was or where it was coming from, but as Tiffany looked around
frantically she could see it was a table of several football players, not the
cute ones that she sometimes dated, but the big ugly grunts who played lineman
and rarely got the good-looking girls.

“I met a babe in a backseat drive-in/

Back in the saddle she’d sit/

Pulled on the reins just to keep me risin’/

She loved to chomp at the bit.”

Tiffany didn’t know the lascivious song, but the boys all did: “Cheese Cake” by
Aerosmith, a dirty little ditty by a dirty little band.

The songs was apparently being played on a portable CD boom box, which was
strictly forbidden on school grounds. Tiffany looked around for the cafeteria
monitor who would make them turn it off, and spotted him: Mr. Green, her damned
English teacher and one of the men who was abusing her. He was standing against a
wall, smiling, arms folded, tapping his foot in time to the music. Although the
boys were violating the rules, he made no move to stop them.

“Daddy do it, ooh, just do it/

Daddy do it, please let me see/

Do it, please just do it daddy/

Do it, do it, drivin’ me crazy.”

As Steven Tyler sang, one of the beefy boys climbed up on his lunch table. At
least, thought the embarrassed cheerleader, the students were now all looking at
him instead of at her. But then he pulled his T-shirt up to the middle of his
ribcage, imitating her halter top. He reached under the shirt with both hands and
with a mighty heave he ripped it in half down the middle, just as Tiffany’s
halter was ripped. He looked right at her and grinned and stuck out his tongue
and wiggled it obscenely, and the place went completely nuts, as if Aerosmith
themselves had just appeared in their midst to perform for free. They were
cheering her degradation, Tiffany knew, and there was nothing she could do about

“She always walks with her eyes down on her bootlace/

She lives to give it away/

She don’t believe in the right time or the wrong place/

She’s always liable to say/

Cheese cake, looser than her sister/

Cheese cake, mmm, her sugar gets me high/

She knows I can’t resist her (cheese cake)/

Got my fingers in her pie (cheese cake).”

The brutish lineman did a bump and grind, waggling his pelvis, and everybody
roared with laughter as Tyler’s voice boomed out. Green continued to do nothing
about the scene.

The moment the song stopped, Tiffany heard a loud splash, and realized it was
right beside her. She whirled away from watching the football player, and saw,
out of the corner of her eye, Old Joe the janitor hovering near her. Brittany was
standing up and shrieking, “Ohmigod, ohmigod, you knocked over my Coke, you
clumsy oaf!” Brittany’s enormous cup of Coke was laying on the floor, ice and
cola flowing everywhere. Some of it had splashed onto Brittany’s and Tiffany’s
ankles, as well as Joe’s.

“Oh ma’am, I am so sorry, I really am,” Old Joe said, taking on the subservient
tone he was well-known for, one that bordered on a Stepin Fetchit parody. But
Tiffany knew the man better, knew what he was capable of. Briefly, she flashed on
last night, when he had been the last to fuck her up the ass, the one with the
biggest cock, and the one who gave her an orgasm that still made her tremble,
even as a memory.

Old Joe’s voice was obsequious, but his eyes glittered with hardness, Tiffany
noticed for the first time.

“You idiot!” Brittany was still shrieking.

“I apologize, miss, I surely do,” Joe said. “I wish I could clean it up, but my
back went out this morning, and I can’t bend down for nothing. Would one of you
girls do me a big favor and clean this up for me?”

The cheerleaders all looked at him as if he were insane. Old Joe the janitor was
asking them, the cheerleaders, to get down on their hands and knees in the middle
of the cafeteria and clean up a spilled Coke? As if!!

“It’s a little thing to ask,” Joe said. “How ’bout you, Miss Daniels. Would you
do this for me?” he asked. “‘Scuse me a minute, girls, while I talk privately to
Miss Daniels here.”

He loaned over so that his mouth was close to Tiffany’s ear, and only she could
hear. He whispered, harshly. “Cunt, if you’re not down on your hands and knees in
10 seconds getting this floor spotless, tonight we’re gonna take turns on you,
and we’re gonna fuck you with my mop handle. How far up do you think we can make
it go if we push reeeeeeal hard?” he hissed.

Tiffany flushed with anger. Goddamn it, they had trapped her again. She had no
choice.. She got up out of her chair as her friends all started babbling. “Jeez,
Tiff, what are you doing? You don’t have to clean up that mess. He knocked it
over, it’s his fault, let him do it.”

Joe pulled a large rag, almost as big as a towel, out of his pocket and handed it
to Tiffany. She bent down, and realized the only way to clean the floor was to be
on her hands and knees. She knelt with the rag, which was dry but very dirty, and
began to mop up the spilled soda.

Within seconds, she realized the sight she presented. Bending over on her hands
and knees caused the skimpy halter to hang away from her chest, and the better
parts of her tits were in full view. If someone were standing above and in front
of her, they could see right down her front almost to her nipples. The rear view
was even worse, she knew. Because her skirt had been split right up the ass
crack, then pinned back together, and because the skirt was so tight, the bending
of her ass caused the skirt to pull apart, exposing the crack of her ass
completely. With no underwear, she was showing off her booty to the entire lunch

Still, Joe’s threat was real. She had no doubt the men would fuck her with the
mop handle if she refused to cooperate. Or worse. They had told her they expected
full obedience of everything they told her to do, or she would end up being video
fodder for the perverted Dr. Wu. All she could do was mop up the Coke, and do it

But even though she was working fast, rubbing at the Coke for all she was worth,
there was so much of it all over the floor. And many of the boys, realizing the
position she was in, had decided that subtlety was for wimps, and they wanted a
good look. A couple dozen boys had stood up behind Tiffany, and several more had
walked over, so that there was a good-sized mob of teenaged boys all gathered
behind her, staring at the fine crack of her young ass, and at the rounded globes
as they pressed on the tight Spandex of the skirt. Another crowd of youngsters
had gathered in front of Tiffany, ogling her tits. The two groups gawked, and
laughed and pointed. Elbows nudged ribs, guys jockeyed for a better view, and
teen dicks started stiffening inside jeans.

“Ohmigod, Tiff, what do you think you’re doing?” Marla called to her. “You are
putting on such a show. You don’t have to do this. Get up, girl! Show some

But Tiffany’s self-respect, once an armor she had worn with pride, was now in

And just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Aerosmith song started
again. They had only pushed pause on the CD player, and there was more to sing
about still:

” Cheese cake! Sneakin’ out the back door/

Cheese cake! Rollin’ down the lawn/

Everybody’s kissed her (cheese cake!)

At the crack of dawn!”

Tiffany scrubbed at the soda, slowly soaking it up into the dirty rag. The crowds
of boys grew and grew, and they hooted at the richest, prettiest girl in school
down on her hands and knees with her ass and tits showing. A rubber band was shot
out of the crowd and smacked her right on her naked butt crack and she flinched,
but refused to look around at whoever had shot it. She was focused intently on
getting through the outrage and getting this day over with.

Mr. Green walked over, finally. “Is everything OK here?” he asked blithely.

“This nice girl is helping me with a spill,” Old Joe explained, winking at his
co-conspirator. “I just don’t know what I’d do without her.”

“Why Tiffany Daniels, I’m pleasantly surprised,” Mr. Green said in a voice louder
than it needed to be. “You used to have a reputation for being stuck up, but here
you are down on your hands and knees mopping up Coke, helping our janitor. Good
for you!”

The students all guffawed at this. Tiffany grit her teeth and didn’t say
anything, but her face was crimson with embarrassment and her skin burned with

“I hope I’m not out of line here, but this kind of sacrifice deserves to be
honored,” Mr. Green said with fake sincerity. “Why don’t we all give Tiffany a
hand?” He began to clap, and the students joined in. The applause rose, louder
and louder, echoing off the lunchroom walls. It was supposedly for her doing a
good deed, but Tiffany knew they were all really applauding the spectacle of her
near-nudity, her position of submission at the feet of the janitor, the sudden
and drastic change in her image from prim and proper to dressed-to-thrill.

Tiffany had always craved the spotlight, but only when she was in control. Now
she no longer was. It seemed to her as if everyone else in the school was above
her, putting her down. She had never felt so low.

Of course, she hadn’t gotten to Homecoming yet.

* * *



The next morning was beautiful as Tiffany drove her younger sister Stephanie to
school through the suburban streets of Beverly, Texas. It was Friday, and tonight
was the big homecoming game, something that Tiffany had been looking forward to
for the entire school year. Until this last week, though, when the four sadistic
older men had embarked on their campaign to blackmail, abuse, degrade and
humiliate the lovely 16- year-old. Now she dreaded the game, wondering what sort
of torment they would dream up to shame her even further.

She was lost in her own dark musings when Stephanie spoke up. “I hate to bring
this up again, Tiff, but you know yesterday, in the cafeteria? People said you
were even worse than the day before! I told em that when we went to school you
were just wearing jeans and a T-shirt like you always do, but I heard from
bunches of people that at lunchtime you were dressed in this really whorey
looking black skirt that was all cut up and held together with safety pins, and
you were down on your hands and knees on the floor and guys were staring at you
and laughing.”

Tiffany wanted so badly to tell her innocent young sister the truth, the awful
truth about what bastards men could be, and the unspeakable predicament she was
in. But she knew that telling Stephanie would somehow put the girl in danger
also. She had to lie.

“Yeah, that was a little but out there, I have to admit,” Tiffany said. “I’m kind
of embarrassed about it now. I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.” She
stopped, hoping that would end Stephanie’s questions.

An embarrassed silence fell over the girls. Tiffany felt that her sister wanted
to talk further, but that it would be rude to question an older sibling, and one
who was so beautiful and popular.

Added to that was the conflict raging within Tiffany. It’s the dirty little
secret of nearly every cheerleader that there is a bit of the exhibitionist
lurking somewhere within. Most cheerleaders, and certainly Tiffany, don’t get off
on the thought of all those hormone-driven teenaged boys fantasizing about
fucking them, and all the middle-aged pervs in the crowd staring at their
panty-covered crotches and thinking evil thoughts. But to be a cheerleader, to
prance about in front of crowds in a tight sweater and a short, flippy skirt,
exposing your bare legs and your underpants, there has to be a small part that
enjoys it. And that was certainly the case with Tiffany. Normally she felt as if
she were operating from a position of power Ñ this was her nubile young body, and
nobody could touch her unless she said it was OK.

But the events of the past week had reversed that, and Tiffany was confused. In
some ways, her tormentors had just taken her love of being looked at and
amplified it far beyond her wildest dreams. Her name was on everyone’s lips at
Daniels High School, the image of her slutty outfits and bizarre behavior the
talk of every classroom and bus stop. The part of her that craved the spotlight
secretly loved all that, even as she was mortified by the stunts she had been
forced to pull in recent days.

And then there were the orgasms. Although she had masturbated a few times and
petted a little with boys her age, she had never cum the way she had the other
night when the men were fucking her ass in the cafeteria, or the way she had in
her bedroom crushing the ants with the big dildo. What was happening to her? Was
she secretly a slut who had just been liberated, or was she still just a normal
teenaged girl?

As she pondered all that, she pulled the Miata into the parking lot, kissed
Stephanie on the cheek goodbye, and trudged to her first stop of the day:
Principal White’s office.

Today wasn’t just any day, though. It was Homecoming, the Big Game. Cheerleaders
always wore their uniforms on game day out of school tradition, and even with all
Tiffany had been though, she had worn hers. The tight white sweater with the big
gold letter D clung to her shapely chest, and the pleated gold skirt swirled
around her lovely tanned legs as she walked into Principal White’s office.

“Shut the door, Princess,” he ordered. She complied.

“Well, well. Homecoming,” he began. “Big night for you and your little friends,
eh? I suppose you’re wondering what’s in store?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, me and the boys decided to let you have a day off. Not completely, but
almost. We want you to save your strength and focus for the game, to be able to
help our players on to victory. And I’m sure you’ll be able to help them.”

Tiffany had no idea what he was getting at, but had heard the “day off” part and
focused on that, hopefully.

“Whatever you say, sir,” she said. It was best to wait and see where it was

“Take off your panties, Tiffany,” he said. The youngster reached under her short
skirt with both hands and pulled them down to her ankles, where she stepped out
of them. She bent and picked them up from the floor.

White took the white underpants from her hand and laid them out on his desk. He
pulled out a big black laundry marker and wrote across the crotch of the panties
in large letters “FUCK ME.” Then he flipped them over, and across the ass he
wrote “SPANK ME.” He handed them back and told her to put them on.

Tiffany’s heart sank. Was this his idea of a day off? Wearing panties all day
under a short skirt, worried that ay any moment a breeze could expose them, or a
careless drink of water at the fountain.

“Aww, come on, Princess,” he joshed. “It’s not so bad. It’s not like I’m gonna
fuck you up the ass or anything. Then again, you kinda liked that, didn’t you?
Maybe you’re disappointed cause you wanted to be fucked up the bunghole again.
Maybe it was the Joe Black dick that got you over the top. Hmm?”

“No sir,” she said, staring at the carpet and blushing, because he was close to
the truth. “May I go now?”

“Sure, Tiffany. See you at the game tonight.”

Compared to what she had endured over the last two days, Homecoming Day wasn’t
that bad. She was back in her cheerleading uniform, and that helped Tiffany feel
in control. In class, other students would whisper and dart their eyes at her,
and sometimes giggle or guffaw, but there wasn’t any outright harassment. Even in
the lunchroom, the scene of her humiliation the previous day, she sat with her
buddies and ate in peace. Everyone seemed focused on the big game coming up.

And before she knew it, it was game time. 7:30, and the gymnasium was packed.
Daniels High School students in one set of bleachers, and facing them, the
students of Jefferson High School, for what was sometimes referred to as the
annual Jeff-Daniels Game. Tiffany took the floor with Marla, Brittany, Suzy and
the rest of the squad and they started their routines: high kicks, spins, back
flips, cheers, as the basketball warmed up by shooting baskets and following

As the girls formed a chorus line and kicked in rhythm to the band’s music,
Tiffany saw the students in the front few rows begin to point at her and nudge
one another. Damn! She had managed to forget that FUCK ME was written across the
front of her panties in big black letters. Every time she kicked, she was showing
it off to the boys. Soon the whispers began to spread through the Daniels crowd,
and more and more teenaged boys moved down close to be able to see.

Tiffany scanned the crowd nervously, and saw one man who wasn’t moving down: Mr.
Green, who sat about half-way up with the camcorder held to his eye. He was
aiming it right at her. It was very common to see high school parents in the
bleachers with camcorders, videotaping their sons on the basketball floor, but
Tiffany knew that Mr. Green wasn’t taping the game. He probably had the zoom lens
cranked up all the way, she thought, and was zeroing in on her pussy and the bold
advertisement that was printed there. Just more for their little collection, she
thought bitterly.

The first half of the game went quickly, with Tiffany and the other cheerleaders
taking the floor occasionally during time-outs. After one flip, the hem of
Tiffany’s short cheerleading skirt rode up and accidentally clung to the top of
her panties, exposing her delectable cotton-clad 16-year-old bottom and the words
SPANK ME printed there. She blushed furiously and quickly pulled it back down,
holding it there with her hands. She didn’t know how many had noticed, but surely
some of the horny boys, who were not even watching the game any more, had seen.

The whistle blew, signalling the end of the first half. Tiffany looked toward one
end of the gymnasium and was shocked to see Principal White standing there, his
back to one concrete-block wall, talking with Stephanie, her 14-year-old sister.
White caught the cheerleader’s eye and gave her a hand signal to come over.
Tiffany obeyed, her stomach sinking. The torment and abuse of her was bad enough,
but she had to keep Stephanie away from these predators no matter what.

“Hello, Miss Daniels,” the principal said in almost courtly way, his voice of
free of sarcasm. “I was just talking to your sister here, whom I’ve barely had a
chance to get to know.” His words seemed so innocent on the surface, but Tiffany
knew there was great potential for evil lurking somewhere within them.

“I need a favor, Miss Daniels. You know Old Joe, the janitor? His back is still
bothering him and he asked if you’d help him out for a few minutes. While you do,
I’ll just visit with Stephanie here for a few more minutes. I’m sure you’ll be
back for the second half.” His eyes were clear and pure, devoid of malice, but
Tiffany got the message: Obey me, or Stephanie becomes part of the game as well.

She left the gym and found Old Joe standing right outside the doors. To Tiffany’s
surprise, he was dressed in a snazzy suit rather than his janitor’s uniform. He
motioned her to step back into a stairwell.

“So you saw that Mr. White is talking to Stephanie, Princess? I’m only going to
explain this one time, so you better listen closely. If you don’t follow every
instruction perfectly, we’re going to take a trip to Dr. Wu tonight to make one
of those special videos. Not just you, but you and Stephanie as well. Dr. Wu
tells us he’s getting impatient, and so are his friends, for a little tender teen
flesh to abuse. Do you remember the little talk the other night about how Dr. Wu
treats teen meat like you and your sister? Of course you do. So you’re going to
obey, right.”

Tiffany swallowed hard, and nodded. She had to keep her sister safe. She would do
anything to keep Stephanie out of trouble.

“It seems that both the coach and the assistant coach from Jefferson had their
cars stolen from our parking lot during the first half,” Black continued.
“They’ve just been told, and they’re out in the parking lot now talking to the
police. They’ll probably be gone about 15 minutes. That means the Jefferson boys
team is in their locker room, with no adult supervision. You and I are going to
go in their now. I’m just going to stand over in a corner, keeping an eye on
things. It’s going to be your show, Princess, your special half-time show. You’ll
do all the talking. If I don’t feel as if your performance is exactly what me and
the fellas have in mind, I have a cell phone, and Mr. White has a beeper. I’ll
just dial the beeper, and Mr. White will leave right then with Stephanie and take
her to Dr. Wu’s. You will join her there later. If she has an hour’s head start
on you, though, she’s likely to be in pretty bad shape by the time you show up.
You with me so far?

Tiffany nodded. “I have no choice,” she told herself over and over. “I’m their
slave. I have no will. I have to do what they tell me to.”

Joe told her what he wanted her to do, and together they entered the visiting
team’s locker room. The noise hit the lovely teenager like a tidal wave – the
sound of 14 teenaged boys pumped up on testosterone and adrenaline, left without
adult supervision. Some were yelling, some were snapping towels, others were
laughing. They all fell silent as soon as they noticed Tiffany and Joe Black. As
he had promised, Joe faded into a corner, leaving poor Tiffany standing alone in
the middle of the locker room. She had never felt so vulnerable and alone.

She took a deep breath, told herself she had no choice, she would do this to save
her sister. She forced a seductive smile onto her face.

“Hi boys. Would anyone like a blowjob?”

The room instantly erupted again with hoots, laughs, rebel yells, screams of
“Fuck yeah!” Several of the boys advanced toward the cheerleader.

She raised a hand. She had to keep some control or she would be gang-****d. What
she was about to do would be bad enough.

“Hold on, boys,” she called out. “Settle down. My name if Tiffany, and as you can
see, I’m one of the cheerleaders at Daniels. I heard your coaches weren’t here,
so I came over to offer a little oral relief to y’all. But if y’all are gonna get
out of hand, I’m just gonna have to leave.” She was following the script that Old
Joe had outlined to her.

“Now everybody knows there’s a pecking order, so we’re gonna have ourselves a
pecker order. I’ll blow as many of you as I can, beginning with the starting
lineup. I hope I’ll have time to get to the substitutes as well, but I can give
them hand jobs while I blow the starters. So I can take on three guys at one time
– one in my mouth and one in each hand. Everyone will have to cum as quickly as
he can so the guys who are waiting can have a shot.”

“What the fuck is this about?” shouted one Jefferson player.

“Just a little Daniels hospitality,” Tiffany answered. “Plus I really like the
taste of cum, and love to have a big old cock spurting into my hot little mouth.”

“Who’s the black guy?” another yelled.

“Don’t mind me,” said Joe. “I’m just the little lady’s escort. Now you guys gonna
stand around and ask questions, or is somebody gonna get this girl a towel to
kneel down on so she can start sucking some cock?”

All the boys started moving and yelling again, many of them “Me first!” and
“Dibs!” Instantly a towel appeared and was laid down on the cold concrete floor,
and Tiffany kneeled down. No sooner had she assumed the position than she was
presented with the crotch of the team’s starting center, a huge black teenager
whose dick was already halfway hard. She opened her sweet young mouth and closed
her lips around the thick purple head and began to suck.

Mere seconds had gone by when she felt both her hands being raised up. She was
vaguely aware that two other teens were now standing on either side of her, then
shorts and jock straps down around their ankles just like the center she was
blowing. Each of her hands had a hard-on stuffed into it, and she dutifully
wrapped her fingers around each shaft and began a pumping motion back and forth.

“Oh, fuck, this is unbelievable,” yelled a boy who was getting a hand-job. “Jack
me off, you little whore-dog!”

“What a slut! What a whore!” the mob of boys yelled. The center took his large
meaty hands and put them on either side of Tiffany’s beautiful face and began to
face-fuck the girl, pushing his large cock in and out of her mouth, which made a
series of rhythmic slurping sounds. She could smell his heavy sweaty smell, could
feel his large balls, loose in his scrotum, banging against her chin repeatedly
as he fucked her mouth.

Jesus Fucking Christ I’m gonna cum in this slut’s mouth!” the boy suddenly
bellowed, and as Tiffany felt his cockhead swell up in her mouth, he erupted.
Gush after gush of hit salty semen poured into her young mouth, and she swallowed
frantically to get it all down.

“Me next!” hollered a guard, and pushed the center out of the way before his dick
had even begun to soften. Tiffany felt the first cock pop out of her mouth, only
to be replaced by a second erection, this one pink and thick, but also tasting of
sweat. She started to suck again, when suddenly her left cheek was hit with a
huge gob of ejaculate.

“Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!” grunted the boy on her left as she pumped his cock into her
fist. He was spewing his sperm all over the side of her face. She was disgusted,
but knew she didn’t have time to stop and wipe it off. She had been ordered to
get all 14 boys off in 15 minutes, and knew she would have to work like mad to
accomplish her task. Fortunately, she knew, they were teenaged boys, and could
cum quickly. The sticky sperm dripped down her cheek and rounder her jawline,
just as the boy on her right exploded in orgasm. His cum hit her in the right
eye, temporarily blinding her, and continued shooting out of his dick, coating
her face.

“Man, you’re cummin’ all over the cheerleader cunt’s face!” yelled a player.
“This is sooo fuckin cool!” The room erupted in cheers.

As the cheers echoed off the tile walls, the second player erupted into Tiffany’s
mouth. He seemed to have even more sperm than the first guy, and she gagged
slightly as wave after wave filled her mouth. Half- blinded by the sperm in one
eye, she groped out with her fingers and found two more naked erections,
throbbing with adolescent lust. She began to pump both of them, her fingers slick
with the semen of the first two boys.

The time passed quickly. Tiffany did not even have the time to consider the image
she presented, one of unspeakable depravity and nastiness. A beautiful
16-year-old girl, on her knees in a boy’s locker room, dressed in the opposing
team’s cheerleading uniform, surrounded by panting, cheering, swearing, rutting
boys, all with the shorts and jock straps pulled down to their knees or their
ankles, their erections bobbing angrily in the humid locker room air.

Another blast of boy-cum hit Tiffany’s other eye, and as the boy spewed his seed,
some went into her thick wavy blonde hair as well. It barely registered, because
yet another player was cumming in her mouth, jamming his cock forward so hard
that it banged against the back of her throat. Tiffany’s gag reflex kicked in,
but the muscle action of her gag reflex just milked the boy’s cock all the

They came on her hair. They came in her face. Their sperm sealed her eyes shut
and coated her cheeks. Thick globs of semen dripped down her chin and fell on the
large gold D on her chest. Her tongue felt thick from the semen that had flooded
over it again and again, and her jaw ached terribly from having her mouth open
and stuffed with cock so much.

Tiffany Daniels had become a mindless blowjob and handjob machine. To the
Jefferson basketball team, she might as well have been some inflatable love doll,
or a piece of meat. They used her, they called her names, they laughed joyfully
as they watched the mask of sperm get thicker and thicker on her face. It was the
most un-fucking-believable thing that had ever happened to them – to have a
cheerleader from the opposing team walk into their locker room at half-time and
give everybody blowjobs and handjobs!

Cock after cock after cock assaulted the willing, kneeling victim. She had
stopped thinking about what she was doing, what was happening to her, the shame
and humiliation she had felt at first. If the boys viewed her as a machine,
that’s how she viewed herself as well – a robot with no purpose except to extract
the seed of 14 young men in a specific time.

She was surprised when she heard Old Joe’s voice in her ear. “That’s it, babe,”
he told her. “Let’s get out of here.” Tiffany realized that the last boy’s cock
had cum in her mouth, that she was done. She had taken seven loads of sperm in
her mouth, all of them massive, because unbeknownst to her, the Jefferson coach
had forbid his players to have sex or even to masturbate for five days before the
game. The boys had obeyed him, so that each had built up a huge load. Tiffany’s
stomach gurgled with nausea. She wondered weakly how much sperm was sloshing
around in her stomach.

In addition to the cum in her stomach, her face was a mask of white; eight boys
had come on her face while she was jacking them off.

“Hey, you want to come back after the game?” called one boy. “We could all shower
together!” The room exploded with whoops and high-fives. Tiffany was now moving
out of her trance-like, robotic state, returning to the real Tiffany Daniels, and
she flushed at the boy’s comment. The humiliation of what she had done washed
over her.

“Let’s get you to a restroom, Princess,” Old Joe told her. “You done good, but
the second half’s about to start, and you can’t go back out there like that.”
Tiffany nodded, numb from what she had endured over the past quarter-hour. Joe
led her from the room of goggle-eyed boys, some of whom were not pulling up their
shorts and getting ready to go back out on court for the second half.

That half passed in a blur for young Tiffany. She knew she was out on the court
between Brittany and Marla, going through the motions. At one point Marla had
even leaned over and asked “What’s that in your ear, Tiffers?” Tiffany had stuck
a finger in her ear and pulled out a small gobbet of sperm that she had missed
while washing off the mask of cum.

She was vaguely aware that the Jefferson team, which had been up by 10 points at
the half, played the second half as if they had 10-pound weights strapped to
their ankles. They couldn’t shoot, couldn’t rebound, could barely even focus.
They grinned at one another as they jogged lazily up the court while their coach
screamed at them from the sidelines, wondering what had happened to his team.
Occasionally one would glance over at Tiffany and give her a thumbs-up and a big

Tiffany never noticed. Her mouth still tasted like sperm, her tongue ached, her
jaw ached, her hands ached. She knew what she had done, what she had been forced
to do, and her whole being ached with the shame of it.

But at least she had kept Stephanie safe, she thought. That was her consolation.

* * *



Over the weekend following the Homecoming game
Friday night, Tiffany tried to recover. The harder she sought to put the events
of half-time in the visiting team’s locker room out of her mind, though, the more
they stuck with her. She had been horribly assaulted, used as if she were a
common whore or a plastic sex doll, sodomized against her will by 14 boys!

And yet, she knew, it did not appear that way to the boys of Jefferson High’s
varsity basketball team. To them, they had been minding their own business when
the most gorgeous beauty they had ever seen, a cheerleader for the home team no
less, had flounced into their locker room and announced free blowjobs and
handjobs for everybody! She had done it willingly, in their eyes, and this
injustice burned at young Tiffany as surely as their hot semen had burned being
pumped down her throat by the cupload.

As bad as the indignity and public humiliation was, however, Tiffany gnawed on an
even worse fear: What if one of the guys from Jefferson told one of the guys from
Daniels about what had happened? Word of such an incident would spread like
wildfire through the school, and her debasement would be complete. She just had
to pray that over the weekend no one from the Jefferson basketball team had
bumped into a member of the Daniels High team.

Her prayers were not answered, she found, on Monday morning, when she had only
been in the hall a few minutes before the first bell when Jay, a reserve guard,
walked up to her boldly and said in a loud voice, “Well, well, if it isn’t our
own little Blowjob Betty!” Several students paused in the conversations to

“I heard you were quite the Little Miss Mouth at halftime on Friday night,
Tiffany! Is that what all the slutty outfits have been for lately? Have you been
getting into training for your big blowjob run on Jefferson? And hey! How come
you didn’t come to our locker room and give us all blowjobs? Aren’t Daniels High
School cocks big enough for you.”

Tiffany’s face was hot and scarlet, and her heart was pounding. “Please, Jay,
please, could you at least whisper?” she begged. It seemed as if the whole high
school could hear, and she knew she couldn’t deny it or it would only get worse.”

Jay leaned over to the cheerleader’s ear. “I’ll be happy to whisper, Tiffany, if
you’ll meet me after school and put a lip-lock on my love muscle!”

“No, please, don’t do this,” Tiffany pleaded. “Leave me alone.” She forced
herself to walk away and duck into her classroom.

Fortunately, when she had reported to Principal White’s office that morning, as
she had been ordered to do every morning, he hadn’t been there, so Tiffany had
gotten away without having to change into some slutty outfit. She was dressed
like her friends, in khakis and an Abercrombie and Fitch T-shirt, to all outward
appearances a normal teenaged girl, not some remote-controlled whore being
blackmailed and threatened by a gang of authority figures.

An old John Mellencamp song popped into Tiffany’s head: “I fight authority,
authority always wins…”

As the day wore on, it seemed that more and more of Daniels High was learning
about what Tiffany had done last Friday night. When she walked into the
lunchroom, three whole tables of boys, about 20 in all, had gotten pints of milk
and smeared the milk all over their lips and upper lips, looking like perverse
versions of the “Got Milk?” ads. “Hey Tiffany!” they roared in unison when she

“Got cum?!!!” The cafeteria exploded with laughter. The entire school must know,
Tiffany thought.

In English, when she got up to read a poem, several boys made fake coughing
sounds into their cupped hands. But instead of coughing, they were saying
“Blowjob! Blowjob!” When she walked in the hall between classes, boys whistled at
her, or made loud lip-smacking sounds, or grabbed their dick through the front of
their pants and squeezed, in a contemptuous come-on.

Somehow, she managed to get through Monday. Tuesday was as bad, although once
again Principal White was not in his office, so she could stay in her regular
clothes. Wednesday, the taunting and teasing started to die down a little.
Teenagers have such short attention spans. Thursday was as close to normal a
school day as Tiffany had had in two weeks.

But on Friday, when she reported to Principal White’s office, there he was,
sitting smugly behind his desk, his eyes glittering with lust. “Come on,
Princess, and lock the door behind you,” he said pleasantly.

Roger White was counting a large stack of money. “Know what this is, Princess?”
he asked. “This is money I won off the Jeff-Daniels game Friday night. Five
grand. I won it betting with a bookie on Daniels High School. And you know what
made it possible? You did, Tiffany. Our boys were getting beaten in the first
half, but you really took the energy out of that Jefferson High team the second
half. So thanks to you, I won $5,000. Kinda like I killed two birds with one
stone, huh.

“I’m not a greedy man, so I thought it only fair that I share it with you. I
figure $5 a blowjob times 14 is $70. So here are your earnings.” He pealed off
three 20s and a 10 and handed them to the girl.

Tiffany continued to be amazed at the small things that could humiliate her. She
was rich; her daddy probably made 100 times as much a year as a high school
principal. Yet here she was being paid $5 a blowjob, like the cheapest prostitute
on record. The blowjobs had been bad enough, but getting paid for it, and so
meagerly, made it even worse.

“So you’ve gotten kind of a break for four days, haven’t you, Princess?” White
continued. “No nifty new clothes to wear around school, no ants in the pants, no
rimjobs, no gang-bangs. Do you miss it?”

“No, sir,” Tiffany said, and she was telling the truth, but it was also more
complicated than that for the confused teenaged girl.

“Well, me and the guys decided to give you a little taste of what it would be
like to go back to the old Tiffany Daniels for a few days. Now I hear a lot of
what goes on around here, and I know some of the boys were having a little fun at
your expense for a couple of days, but that’s already pretty much died down now,
hasn’t it.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And the way things are going, I imagine in a week or so nobody will hardly
remember all this nonsense if we keep going on this track, right?”

The youngster nodded in agreement.

“On the other hand, if you start dressing like a slut again, and doing really
nasty outrageous things in public, like showing off your tits to a bunch of
strangers in a store in a mall, then it’s all gonna start raining down on you
again, Princess. Maybe this time we would pick a place a little closer to home
for you to show off those tits. Maybe next week’s basketball game, we could have
you go braless under your sweater, and rig the sweater somehow so that it comes
off when you’re in the middle of the floor in front of a couple thousand people.”
He smiled at the thought. Tiffany remained silent, knowing he was just tormenting
her, not expecting a response.

“So the choice is yours, Princess. You do one last thing for us, and we let you
go. You’re free forever from us. If you refuse to do this one last thing, though,
the last two weeks is gonna look like rookie camp before the big leagues. We’re
talking public exposure on a scale you haven’t even dreamed of. We’re talking
trashing your reputation so thoroughly you won’t be able to find a decent boy to
piss on you. We’re talking all-night sessions with Dr. Wu and his vide equipment,
being tortured in ways that would make the Marquis de Sade puke.

“So what’s it gonna be, little Tiffany?”

“What do you want me to do, sir?”

“Give up your sister,” White said, as if was the simplest thing in the world.

“sis-sis-Stephanie?” stammered Tiffany, shocked.

“You got any other sisters you want to give up?” White said sarcastically.

“Please, sir, anything but that,” Tiffany said. “She’s only 14.”

“That’s why we want her, Tiffany. We’ve had a good time with you, but we’re
always on the lookout for fresh meat. We want Stephanie, and we want you to help
us get her. We could wait forever for her to screw up the way you did. So we’ll
give you a bag of cocaine to put in her backpack. A significant amount, enough to
count for distributing. I search the backpack, and voila! Stephanie is ours, just
like you are.”

Tiffany stiffened. “I won’t do it,” she said simply.

“The word ‘won’t’ is not a part of your vocabulary, Princess. You will do it.

“I won’t,” Tiffany repeated.

“Very well, then,” White sighed. “Strip off your clothes.”

Tiffany knew she would have to be tough to save Stephanie. But she would do
anything. She stripped naked in front of the principal.

“Hop up on my desk and spread your legs. Feet flat on the desk, you worthless
cunt.” As soon as she did so, White reached into a drawer and pulled out a small
metal cylinder about the size and shape of a lipstick tube. He roughly placed his
fingers on her tender young labia and spread them apart, then pushed the tube up
inside her. Without lubrication, the dry metal hurt going into her virgin pussy.

“Don’t move, you little piece of shit,” White said. The next object he pulled out
was a real lipstick tube. He pushed up the bright red lipstick and began to apply
it carefully to one nipple, then the other one. When he finished, each was a
bright crimson.

“Get down and get dressed,” White ordered, throwing two pieces of clothing at
her. The first was a tiny pair of denim shorts – Daisy Dukes, the k**s called
them. But these shorts were so tiny Tiffany couldn’t believe it as she pulled
them on. They came up over her ass and kept going, so that the bottom third of
each delectable rounded ass cheek hung out the bottom of each side. The crotch
fit snugly up into her own pussy – naturally, White had not given her any panties
to put on. She tugged at the top of the shorts, trying to get the waist up to
snap them, and the more she tugged, the tighter they bit into her pussy. Soon the
rough seam of the jeans material was working its way up into her snatch,
spreading her labia apart.

Finally, painfully, the Daisy Dukes were almost ready to be snapped. She sucked
her tummy in as much as she could to pull them around her waist, and barely
managed to fasten them. But now she could barely breathe. Plus, sucking her
stomach in had the effect of pushing out her already large breasts even more.

With the Daisy Dukes in place – biting into her pussy painfully – she quickly
pulled on the white blouse that White had given her. It was a sheer material,
bordering on see-through, the type of thing a teenaged girl would wear over a
two-piece swimsuit at the beach as a coverup. These must have been in the pile of
clothes we got at the Gap last week, Tiffany remembered.

She buttoned the blouse, but like the Dukes, it was much too small for her, and
the buttons barely met. Her tits were straining against the thin fabric, rubbing
against it. When she looked down, she saw to her horror that her breasts were as
visible as if she had been wearing nothing at all. Even worse, the lipsticked
nipples were so obvious they might as well have had blinking neon signs attached
to them.

“You can wear your own sneakers and socks,” White told her. When she was dressed,
Tiffany stood in front of her principal, dressed in the most provocative outfit
yet. Her ass hung out of the teensy denim shorts, and she was afraid that when
she sat down, if she didn’t keep her knees together tightly, people would be able
to see the actual lips of her pussy peeking out on either side of the center
seam. Her breasts would be on full display for everyone in the school to see.

“One last thing, cum-breath, and then off you go to class.” White pulled out a
small object that looked like a television remote control, only with a small dial
and just one small green button in the center. He pushed the button….

And Tiffany’s crotch exploded with pain! It was as if she had been kicked with a
heavy boot. She doubled over and grabbed her midsection. Her breath had been
knocked out of her so suddenly that she couldn’t even scream. The pain lasted for
a second, and then stopped.

“Oh gee,” said White at the bent-over girl, who was gasping for air. “I think I
set it a little too high. It’s a remote control for delivering electrical shocks
to that little tube in your cunt. Here, let me turn it down,” he added, and
twisted the dial a bit.

He pressed the button again, and this time Tiffany could feel a painful jolt of
electricity stab her from inside her own pussy. She let out a little yelp and her
hands involuntarily shot down to her crotch.

“That’s better,” said White. “I want to toy with you, Tiffany, not destroy you.
Now that tube is gonna stay inside you all day long. And I’ll be walking around
school with this remote, which by the way has a very good range. You’ll never
know when I’m going to zap you. And while you walk around today in your rather
creative attire, which I’m sure all the boys in school will really appreciate,
and you get random shots of electricity at different levels zapped straight into
that sweet little snatch of yours, I want you to be thinking about how long you
can endure this, and whether it wouldn’t be better to just do what we ask so
we’ll leave you alone. Now off to class with you, girl.”

And Tiffany obediently went to class. When she first appeared in the hall after
leaving Principal White’s office, she nearly caused a riot. She was dressed like
some model out of Hustler Barely Legal magazine, and the boys started flocking
around her. “Man, nice fuckin’ tits, Tiffany!” they yelled. “Nice fuckin’ ass!”
“Think those shorts could be a little shorter, Tiff?” From somewhere, she knew
not where, a hand reached out and grabbed the naked part of her ass cheek which
hung below the hem of the cut-offs. The boy’s hand squeezed, and a finger tried
to push up under the jeans, but they were too tight.

Tiffany was about to slap the intruder’s hand away when Zap! She felt the metal
tube in her pussy deliver a strong, painful burst of electricity. Instantly both
hands shot down to the crotch of her tiny cut-offs.

“Hey guys! She’s grabbin’ her crotch! What a whore!” yelled a boy. A small crowd
of boys had gathered around her, hooting and grabbing at her. Tiffany’s back was
forced up against a row of lockers, and she was surrounded by horny young men,
breathing hotly on her, poking her with their fingers, laughing and mocking her.
She felt a hand reach up under her blouse and try to grab at her large breasts.
She tried to reach up from her crotch to knock away the intruding hand, but the
crush of boys against her made movement impossible. An unknown face leaned in and
began licking her neck, and she could feel other hands running up her smooth
young thighs, pinching at her crotch. She felt trapped and panicky.

Suddenly the bell rang signalling the beginning of first period. When the boys’
attention was diverted for a second, Tiffany marshalled all her strength and
pushed through the crowd. Suddenly free, she started to run, heading down a hall.
She could hear the mob behind her shouting and calling her filthy names.

She hit the door of the girls’ restroom at full run and burst in, heading
straight for a stall. She locked herself in, breathing hard, on the verge of
tears. Just yesterday, it had seemed possible that she might get her reputation
back, that everything would be forgotten. Now she knew that her tormentors could
and would ruin her, torture her endlessly, escalating their nastiness. But she
couldn’t betray her innocent young sister. She just couldn’t do it.

Another blast of voltage, stronger than the last one, ripped through her pussy.
She doubled over and screamed. “God damn it! Leave me alone! Stop torturing me!”
It burst from her mouth before she could stop it.

She heard the bathroom door open, heard footsteps. “Tiffany?” a girl’s voice
called out.

It was Stephanie!

“Go away, Steph, I’m OK!” she called from inside the stall.

“What’s the matter? Why did you scream?”

“I can’t talk about it. Please just go to class and leave me alone.”

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s been going on. And if you don’t
tell me, I’m gonna tell Mom and Dad!” Stephanie threatened.

Tiffany took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. She swung the door open and
saw her little sister standing there, looking at her with curiosity and
surprising calm. Without warning, Tiffany started to talk. Like a dam bursting
under great pressure, the entire story poured out. How she had cheated on a test
and been caught, and then d**gged and videotaped. How the men had continued to
put her into compromising positions with their blackmail threats, then made more
and videos, getting her in deeper and deeper. She left nothing out: the ants, the
trip to the mall, the blowjobs, the public exposure and humiliation, the anal
gang bang, the rimjobs, the half time show for the Jefferson team. And now,
finally, this horrible dilemma: They wanted Stephanie.

Tiffany was crying as she talked, tears running down her cheeks. Finally she ran
out of words.

“Jesus, Tiff, I had no idea,” Stephanie said. Her eyes were huge, and she was
trembling. “Come here and give me a hug.”

Tiffany embraced her 14-year-old sister tightly, and was surprised to feel the
girl’s nipples were hard. She pulled back. “Stephanie, are you wearing a bra? I
can feel your nipples!”

“Uh, no,” said Stephanie, “I usually don’t wear a bra. My boobies aren’t as big
as yours yet,” she said, using the term the girls had used when they were little
and took baths together. “And as for my nipples being hard, well, I guess they
are. I thing your story kind of excited me.”

“Excited you?” Tiffany was puzzled.

“Well, yeah,” said Stephanie. “Listen, Tiffany, since it’s confession time, maybe
I ought to tell you a little something. I’m not the sweet little innocent you
think I am. I’m not a virgin.”

“You’re not? Who have you slept with?”

“Well, actually, lots of guys. I, uh, lost my virginity a couple of years ago.
And I liked it. Actually, I loved it. Fucking was just about the coolest thing in
the world. I started doing guys all over the place, all the time. After about six
months, I realized that boys my age were so pathetic that they’d probably even
pay me for it. I’d get to feel their cocks ramming away inside of me, and I’d cum
like crazy, plus I’d make some money. I charge $25 for a blowjob and $100 for a
fuck. I’ve got more than $2,000 saved up so far. I just wish I’d thought of it

Tiffany felt as if her universe was being scripted by lunatics. Was everyone but
her a depraved pervert? Her own little sister was a high school hooker?

“I I I I don’t know what to say, Stephanie. Isn’t it demeaning?”

“Fuck no, s*s. Get your head out of your ass. Fucking is about the greatest thing
in the world. And to get paid for it is even better!” The freshman was grinning
from ear to ear, and Tiffany could see the youngster’s hard little nipples poking
through her T-shirt.

“But I still can’t turn you over to these guys, Stephanie. You wouldn’t be in
control. They’re vicious bastards, they get off on power- tripping over girls,
humiliating them and making them do nasty things. It’s way different from humping
14-year-old boys who don’t know what they’re doing.”

Stephanie’s eyes glittered. “Actually, Tiffany, the whole thing kind of turns me
on. 14-year-old boys aren’t that great, to tell you the truth. Most of them don’t
know what they’re doing, and some of them last about 10 seconds before they cum,
if they don’t ejaculate when I just touch their dicks. But one time, this older
boy, who was about 16, he was doing me in his parents’ bed, and he started
holding my arms up above my head. I felt trapped, almost helpless, cause he was
bigger and stronger. And it was the best fuck I ever had. I came so hard I almost

“So anyway, Tiff, I started thinking that maybe I’m just a girl who likes to be
dominated, who likes to feel helpless, to have the guy be in control. And if a
16-year-old boy pinning my arms down was a turn-on, I can only imagine what a
group of older, sadistic men would be like. I’d be in heaven! My pussy’s getting
juicy just thinking about it!”

The teenaged sisters continued to talk for a few more minutes, with Stephanie
gradually convincing Tiffany of her position. They left the girls’ restroom and
walked to Principal White’s office. Tiffany hesitated, but Stephanie took her by
the hand and marched right in.

White sat at his desk and looked up, startled. “Good morning, girls,” he said,.
not sure where this sudden arrival was heading.

“Good morning, Mr. White,” Stephanie said, taking the lead. “I’ve been a bad
girl, and I need to be punished.” White felt his cock stir in his pants.

“What have you done, Stephanie?”

“Does it really matter?” she responded, in an exaggerated little- girl voice.
“I’m sure a man like you can think of a suitable punishment for a little
14-year-old girl like me. If you don’t wash my mouth out with soap, maybe you can
wash it out with something else.” She looked right at his crotch, and licked her

This wasn’t the game plan White had been counting on, but he was one to go with
the flow.

Stephanie spoke up again. “But while you’re punishing me, sir, and I’m sure it
will have to be spread out over a long time, I think you’re done with yucky old
Tiffany, don’t you. Why don’t you have her get dressed in her regular clothes and
go back to class. Then you and I can be alone and you can start my punishment.”

White licked his lips. His dick was throbbing. God almighty, an
honest-to-goodness real teenage submissive slut, right here begging him for
punishment. Wait till the rest of the gang heard about this!

“Good idea,” he said. “But Tiffany, once you get those shorts off, take out that
little device in your pussy. I think it’s Stephanie’s turn to wear it.” Stephanie
was already stripping of her clothes, and soon stood naked in the principal’s
office, her nipples hard as little erasers, her teen pussy oozing moisture. She
took the tube from her older sister and without pausing slipped it right up
inside her. With the lubrication, it slid in easily.

“Why don’t you kneel down, Stephanie. It’s time to get started,” said Roger
White, coming around to the front of his desk and unzipping his fly. His erection
waved stiffly in front of him, and Stephanie watched it closely, her mouth

Tiffany was dressed and heading toward the office door to get back to her old
life. She paused and saw her sister Stephanie, naked, kneeling on the carpet, her
mouth just beginning to slide over the head of White’s cock. Just before her lips
made contact, White pushed the button on the remote and Stephanie stiffened as
she felt a blast hit her young twat. A small orgasm shook her body. She was
getting off on the pain!

“Oh yes, master! Make me cum! I’ve been a bad little girl!” Stephanie moaned.
Then she leaned forward and pushed her mouth onto White’s cock, taking it as far
back into her young throat as she could.

Tiffany shook her head, and left the office. The last thing she heard was her
sister happily humming away on the cock in her mouth.

Warning: This story is of an adult sexual nature. If you are under 21, you are
forbidden from reading it. Go somewhere else.

Important mumbo jumbo: This story is copyright 1999 by Dr. Wu. It may be freely
distributed on any newsgroup or any part of the Internet where access is
completely free and unhindered. It may not be archived or be made part of any
site that charges for access in any form.

The usual blah-blah: This story is complete and utter fiction. No one bears any
relation to anyone real. In real life, anyone who tried to do any of the stuff
described in this story would be guilty of both serious felonies and major sins,
and would deserve punishment. But this is a fantasy world, so enjoy.

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