Trash picker

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Trash picker
Thrown out like yesterday’s garbage, sat a young blonde girl mixed with the rubbish of the beach trash. Her body covered in bruises and deep cuts, I gently woke her up.

Miss what happened? Idk where am I?
Oh ok
Where do you live?
She passed out, I scooped her up and carried her to my bungalow. I laid her down and looked her over. Her vagina looked like a elephant banged her, so swollen and bruised.
2, cuts on her leg that a bandaged up, no signs of broken bones. I covered her with a sheet and put a glass of water next to her.

Hours later she came too, I got some water and food in her. She had no clue who she was or where she was from. I told her she could stay to heal as long as she needs.

Days passed and she slowly started to heal. A few weeks later she was all healed. I ordered her some sundress’s so she had clothes. I named her Daisy . I just picked a name. She liked it.

One night I was asleep in my bed. She ran in and laid next to me.
I had a nightmare can I sleep in here. Yeah no problem. This happened 4 nights in a row.
Daisy tell me about this nightmare.

Well I’m on a yacht, drinking with a bunch of people having a good time, next thing I see is a man beating me with a belt, another man in between my legs shoving a baseball bat in me.

Daisy your remembering! That’s probably what happened. You were really bruised.
Try to remember more tonight.
Well can I atleast sleep with you? Yeah no problem. Will you hold me? Ummm
The thing is umm your very attractive and…
She giggled you afraid of getting a boner?
Yea pretty much I laughed.
Chris I don’t care about that. She grinned

We went to bed that night I was behind her holding her waist, she wiggles back into me. Oh that was quick she laughed.
It’s ok she whispered.

4 hours later she woke me up . I remember Chris!
She gets up and straddled my body sitting on my crotch essentially.
Chris my name is Amanda! I was with a group of girls so called friends who left me with those men. She started bouncing up and down. Chris this is exciting, except the baseball bat thing. She laughed. She goes to bounce her ass goes up and so does my dick.

Now I wore boxers to bed and she wears a long t-shirt. I ordered her panties but they were way to big, she didn’t know her size I guessed and was way off. So she basically just wears dresses and long shirts.

Back to the story her ass now in the air, my cock pointing straight up through the flap. Her ass comes down and my cock slides right in her pussy. She gasped when my balls bottomed out. We were both quiet, staring at each other.
Speaking of baseball bats she giggled.
I laughed
She looks at me, actually feels really good like really good she smiled. She pulled her shirt over her head. Her long blonde hair her beautiful breasts. She leaned down and we started kissing. She rocked her very wet pussy up and down on my cock. My hands fondeling her breasts.
Omg Chris we should have done this sooner she moaned. She sat up riding me like a bull, her tits bouncing. I held her hips firmly.
Omg I’m gonna cum she moaned. She bounced harder I reached down to rub her clit. Her nails dug into my chest scratching me as she came.

I wanna watch you fuck me ! She rolled to her back. I kneeled between her legs pulling her ass onto my thighs. I rubbed my cock on her asshole.
Are you going in my ass?
No I laughed as I slid in her pussy.
She looked up well maybe tomorrow then she smiled.
I thrust my cock in and out of her pussy .
Oh let me lay on my stomach she smiled. Ok I pushed in her pussy she moaned yes pound me hard. Her asshole gleaming from her pussy juices. I slipped my thumb in her ass.
Oh fuck yes she cried as she came again.
Pound me baby! I pounded over and as she moaned harder I was on the verge of climax when my cock slipped out and rammed into her ass. Holy fuck she screamed as I blew my load.

I look down. Omg I’m sorry!
That you came in my ass? Or slammed into my ass?

Ummm both
Don’t be apparently I love it in the ass she giggled , now pull it out so I can suck it!

The next morning we sat out on the deck. Ya know who cares about the past. Your single I’m single I think. Want a live in girlfriend?

Yeah dummy she laughed

Umm let me think about it?
She looks at me
Just k**ding of course.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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