Tribute story Part 3: The last birthday present

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Tribute story Part 3: The last birthday present
At the carpark, we already decided to stay the night at a nearby budget hotel so we proceeded. Grab some chips and drinks at the 7-11 beside the hotel lobby before we went up to our unit. Tomorrow, we have to check out by 12 noon so we have lots of love to give tonight.

Opened the door. Switched on the lights, the air conditioner and put our stuff at the side of the bed. Straight to the shower room for both of us. Put on the warm shower and we started soaping each others’ back. The kinkiness began too.
I helped her with her back. Working the soap into a latter massaging from her neck to her shoulders then to her ass. She liked it when i worked my fingers between her ass crack. This is evident as she will tend to fidget her feet wider apart and leaned forward a little giving me a better access to her back door. I slipped in my middle finger without any invitation and received a pleasant reception. She was warm. Seeing her reacting really got me turned on slowly. My middle finger disappeared in her back door while witnessing her slow backward mini thrust. She was enjoying it so i remained that way while caressing her slippery breasts with the other hand. Rolling her nipples and then flicking it sensually as they were getting harder. My erection grew too.
She reached out to my shaft with some soap and played along with me. She can’t focused though as my finger was probing deeper than she could imagine i guess. I got her weakened. Rendered her strokes on my shaft to a complete halt. Her breathing was picking up as she was holding on to this wonderful feeling of being pleasured by a mere finger. Then i decided to up the ante. I removed my finger and got a bit more soap working to a latter. She was about to stand straight but i said in a sexy voice in order to continue the mood…

“No babe, I ain’t done with u yet. Get back into position.”

“OK baby it feels soo good anyway.” she exclaimed.

She bent over the sink and her feet even wider apart. I continued my massages on her brown back door. It was gaping quite a little. Without any warning, i inserted 2 fingers as deep as i could in one swift motion. She let out a loud gasp of pleasure as her body signals went into haywire momentarily disrupting her brain functionality to comprehend the sudden unexpected probing stretching her out down there. I smiled. She began to smile too.

“Fuck yeah baby! Thats really unexpected. I nearly cum instantaneously just now.”She exclaimed again.

I began slowly but gotten faster and vigorous as i went on. I was like a mad man i thought to myself. Not long after, she came as she held onto my wrist stopping me from probing further. Felt her back door kind of locked up on my fingers. After she regained her composure, i removed my fingers out. The soap latter was a bit yellowish. I must have given her a thorough cleaning up her sewage pipe as i told myself making me giggled. She noticed of my fingers and said it was a souvenir from her as she bursted out in laughter.

We quickly showered ourselves down and went out to the room. Drying ourselves as we looked at each other. Then both of us climbed onto the bed to start kissing and caressing then cunnilingus and analingus followed by sexual intercourse. Started off in missionary then ended in spoon position. She swallowed every drop of my sperm. I was totally spent. Felt like my knees were about to dislodge themselves. She grabbed a bottle of iced tea and drank up while i had a can of Red bull. We snugged in comfortably afterwards, greeting each other off and dozed off.

It was already morning then as i was awakened to the very much familiar feeling on my morning wood. My eyes were still a little heavy but i knew she was riding me. I greeted her and received a return greet back.

“Enjoying the wake-up call baby?” she asked as she was busy bouncing.

“Yeah. Very much indeed.” I replied.

She giggled. After awhile, i opened my eyes after multiple kisses on the eyelids and around my face. I smiled but then to my horror when i looked closer, my shaft was in her anus with a condom on.

“What the hell babe?! I told u i’m not into anal sex, didn’t i? ” i asked anxiously.

“Yes baby i know…..but i’ve been itching to want it for a couple of weeks now. I’m sorry baby. Please, just this one time as a badly needed last birthday present! I’m really sorry” she explained in apologetic manner.

Took me a few seconds to respond back.

“Well ok. Just this one time since i’m already inside. This is a one time off as the last birthday present to u. Understand babe?” I told her before letting a big sigh.

“Understand perfectly” she replied.

I looked over the table and there was a lube. I asked of it. She brought it from home along with the condoms in case i don’t prefer bareback.
I pumped her anus in doggy style later with more lube on my shaft. She moaned with great pleasure. Grabbed her hair as i shoved deeper into her stretched rectum. Dunking vigorously to satisfy this lady who loves anal sex. Her pussy juice started dripping and sticking like strings of web as the pumping kept going. I must admit. It felt rather amazing but the thoughts of ‘chocolate chunks’ smeared possibly all over my shaft just enough for me to not love it. I only followed her instructions of getting her off through her back door. Pounding her hard and deep as i wondered if she would have any problems sitting in the next few hours. She had multiple orgasms from that pounding which later mine came. I remained inside her rectum as i released my juice in the rubber containment that i was wearing. Her rectum was actually clean from close inspection of the condom. Threw it away and we had shower. We both were starving so we ate our snacks and had proper breakfast soon after we checked out. I sent her home once we were done. She thanked me for everything and apologised for the unwanted anal sex. I reassured that it was fine and asked her to forget about it.

We continued having sex regularly till she met ‘the one’ 9 months later. Naturally, our meet ups were not as regular anymore and the sex has stopped. But we still continued to text or call each other since then. Then 6 months afterwards, she got married. 3 weeks before her marriage, we actually hooked up for one last time. A good old sex-a-thon with condoms. 3 rounds within 6 hours – pretty decent i guess. Laying beside her after the last sex, i asked about her sex life with him thus far. On their second date, they started to have sex. He just slid it in her ass without even asking. She loves when fucked in both holes alternately. He was a bit smaller than me but could perform the same. But he is into bareback anal so that makes them a perfect match. No wonder her anus has a wider gap than before.

“Your first night together will be so much fun i reckon.” i said to her.

“Hehehe yeah. Both holes are ready for his service. No pulling out is required! And NO condoms!” she said with excitement.

“But to be honest with u….i’m 1 month pregnant now. It was intentional. And one last thing….he knew i am sleeping with u today for one last time.” she told me and left me in shocked. I didn’t noticed much difference on her except the gaping of her anus that was pretty obvious.

Since then, we stopped contacting anymore as she became a wife and a mother. All the best to her and her family. Hope she has a great family and a wonderful life now.

Thanks for taking your time reading this story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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