Trying On Outfits With My Half-Sister Laura

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Trying On Outfits With My Half-Sister Laura
I used to spend summers with my half sister Laura at our dad’s house. We didn’t see each other much, but were still pretty close. The summer
I was starting to realize I had feelings for girls we were alone in the house picking outfits out for a party. We had been naked in the bath growing up and changed in front of each other many times. But, this summer she was suddenly really cute and I felt awkward around her. I kept getting my words mixed up when she stripped down to her bra and panties. I felt myself getting warm between the legs when she looked at me, her tummy bare and her nipples poking through the white cotton of her underwear. A tiny splash of pubic hair poked through her white cotton panties. And, when she bent over to pick a skirt up off the closet floor, I could see the outline of her vagina, the slit and camel toe of her labia, outlined clearly. I was really curious about her body and all her details. Feeling all steamed up and trying not to show it was exhausting. I kept shifting, trying to get comfortable in my own skin while my panties were getting drippy.

She had this one top she wanted me to try on. I was trying not to be weird about it, but she was obviously reading something. She laughed as if she was trying to make me feel comfortable, then came over behind me and said, “Here, I’ll just hold it up to you and you can see if you think it will fit.”

Sitting behind me, she d****d the top across my front, holding it against my breasts to check the neckline. Her warm hands pressing against my boobs made me breathless.

“You like it?” She asked.

“It feels really nice,” I said absently, my vagina throbbing like a fire alarm. It took me a second to realize I said “feel” when I meant to say “looks”, but by then it didn’t matter. She was massaging me thorough my shirt, kneading my chest. She seemed to like it, and especially enjoyed that I liked it. She continued for a minute, leaning in even closer to me.

“It’s ok?” She asked.

“I want you to…” I answered, barely finding the words.

She let the top fall, feeling me up through my dress only. I felt her nuzzling my cheek with her mouth. It felt heavenly. I turned my head and let our lips drift softly across each other. She continued to touch me, then eased my top down, exposing my breasts to the air in the room. It was intoxicating being undressed by her. No one had ever touched me like this before. She played with my nipples, making my breath skip. Her hands were warms and her fingers nimble with my sensitive places.

My hand wandered down between my legs. I was aching to be touched there. I rubbed myself softly while she nuzzled and felt me up. I could feel her eyes on me, watching my hand go up and down across the fabric of my jumper, my thighs falling more open with each stroke.

She laid me back and unzipped me. My panties were off in seconds and I felt the air on my moist vagina. She began to
explore me, parting my lips, rubbing me in different directions, playing with the skin in different ways. I tried to tell her what I liked by making noises when she touched me in a pleasureable way. But, we were both learning how my body worked. So, I let her experiment and enjoyed evere second of it. It felt so good when she massaged my skin, especially up towards the top of my opening.

I felt her breath on my pubic hair, her open mouth dragging across it. Tingles shot down my thighs when her mouth passed over my pussy. Her tongue came out and she licked me like a lollipop, flat tongue across my slippery skin. “Oh,” I said without being able to control myself. Encouraged by my response, she continued to lick me there, her fingers playing around with my lips on either side. “That’s so gooodd…” I purred like a cat. She continued to lick my hungrily.
Her tongue made circles across the top of my opening, then down and inside me a little, then back up. She pushed a
finger inside me, too. I found myself grinding against her in rhythm that picked up the more pleasure I felt. Soon a feeling was growing inside me, like a balloon with too much pressure. “Ohh don’t stop don’t stop, something’s happeninggg!” I didn’t know what it was. But, it grew and grew until I was overwhelmed with it, pumping my hips into her face and crying out in ecstasy. She did her best to stay with me. I couldn’t do anything but twist around in the joy of it, clutching at her and the bed sheets until it passed.

I lay panting, feeling cool sweat on my upper lip and forehead. I realized her mouth was on my nipple again. Her hand came up and caressed my breast. I held it in a sisterly gesture of “thank you”.

“I don’t know what that was, but WOW.” I said, finally able to speak.

“I think we are going to have fun this summer,” she answered, smiling. And we did!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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