Uncle Joe Comes to Visit his Niece Chrissy

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Uncle Joe Comes to Visit his Niece Chrissy
I had just turned 18 two months ago and now that I was ‘mature’ enough, my parents had decided I could stay home while they went on a second honeymoon. Of course I was ecstatic! I always been a very popular girl, but I did see it as the perfect time to bring a few guys home! Plus, I was dying to have some time alone in the house without my parents, they could be quite controlling and this was my chance to be naughty for once!

There was a catch, however. My Uncle Joe would be coming over to keep an eye on me and the house. Well, that was the excuse this time. Apparently his girlfriend had kicked him out again and this was an excuse that my dad could use to let him stay with us for a few weeks. He wasn’t really a bad guy, and was actually quite good looking for 47, but it did sadden me a little to realise I wouldn’t be as alone as I’d hoped. 

Let me tell you a little about myself, my name is Chrissy. The reason I am really popular is because I’m a bit of a slut. It’s not because I’m really hot or anything, but because I put out. I’m 5ft tall, with medium length wavy brown hair, blue/green eyes and small but seductive lips. Now I am quite a big girl, so my breasts are large at a size 36DD. I also have a bit of a belly and my ass is quite perky and round.

Although they don’t admit it, guys my age seem to like my body. But what I really like is guys that are a bit older. Truthfully I have a bit of a fetish for older men, even really old men in their 50’s or 60’s. The oldest guy I had ever been with was 42 years old, but it didn’t last because I never got time to be with him. I had never gotten much privacy from my parents so most of my sexual adventures to date had taken place at school or in a car. 

My parents planned to be away for 3 weeks and the night before they left my uncle arrived. As usual, he had all his worldly possessions in the few bags he brought with him and, like always, was given the room next to mine. We had a bathroom joining the two rooms so I would have to share with him while my parents were away. I hadn’t seen my uncle in a few years now and as we all ate dinner together I was given a chance to really look at him. He was in his early 40’s but he still looked young and cheeky. He had short brown hair that kind of stuck up and flopped over his head, brown eyes and a strong defined face. He was taller than me and a little chubby, but I could still make out his muscular chest and arms.

I also noticed during the dinner Uncle Joe was looking at me too, probably surprised at how much my body has matured since he last saw me. I was wearing a thin strapped summer dress that covered most of my body but made my breasts stand out like mountains. His eyes drifted over my body and when I stood to get a glass of water his eyes widened appreciatively at my arse and legs. I smiled at him and was surprised at myself for liking the way he looked at me. I knew I liked older men, but I had never thought of my family members that way.

That night before bed I quickly took the secret dildo I had out of my bathroom and hid it in my bedside drawer, the last thing I needed was my uncle to find it and my parents to go ballistic! I always slept naked and as I lay in bed, absently stroking my bare pussy lips I couldn’t help but thinking about the way my uncle had looked at my body. It turned me on having him look at me like that and for some reason, it was even more exciting to think that my own uncle was looking at me like a real woman.

I spread my pussy lips with my fingers and gasped as I lightly touched my sensitive clit, it was already swollen and I felt a little guilty that it was my own uncle causing the arousal. I had always been quite sexually aware, and self pleasure was something id become good at. 

I heard the bathroom door open and close. I lay still in my bed as I heard my uncle in the bathroom right next door. I heard him turn on shower and I resumed rubbing my clit, sliding a finger in my slit and using the juices that escaped to further dampen my clit. I was soon moaning softly as my finger fucked my wet pussy harder while my free hand felt in my draw for my dildo. It was about 8inches long but quite thin. I moaned as I grabbed it and wasted no time in sliding its length deep inside my cunt. I was so turned on by my own uncle and the fact that he may find me sexually attractive. 

lost in my own pleasure, I didn’t notice my door to the bathroom creaking open. My legs were spread wide and my naked body made fucking motions as I thrust onto the fake cock. I was suddenly overcome by wave after wave of pleasure as I imagined my uncle’s cock filling my mouth with hot sperm. I thought about how he would fuck my mouth and talk dirty to me as I came hard, my pussy clutching and squeezing the dildo.

I lay on my bed panting for a few moments before I heard my door click closed. I opened my eyes surprised to see nothing, but then heard my uncle finally exiting the bathroom. I realised that I must have been loud enough for him to hear me and I silently panicked at the thought of what he might have seen.


The next morning my parents left early and I awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. I quickly showered and dressed skipping down the stairs to be greeted by a smiling Uncle Joe and a plate of hot food.

“Morning sweetie,” My uncle said, “I cooked! I figured while I’m here I might as well be of some use.”

Laughing I took the plate of food and sat happily at the table to eat. We chatted lightly while we ate, mostly about school and how much I’ve grown since we last saw each other. I was glad he didn’t show any signs of what he had seen or possibly heard the night before, even though I had hoped deep down that he had liked what he heard.

“So Chrissy…” Uncle Joe smiled, “How did you sleep last night? I hope I didn’t disturb you with my late shower?”

I instantly blushed, fully aware that my uncle had watched me masturbate last night. Crap, I thought, So he really did hear.

Looking down at my plate I hesitated before replying, “No, that’s ok, How was your shower Joe?”

“Chrissy, please! Call me Uncle Joe.” He spoke sternly, but I saw a hint of a smile on his lips as he blatantly looked at my large breasts over the table. 

I had chosen to wear close fitting jeans and a pale button up shirt. It was a little tight and the buttons stretched just enough to let him glimpse my white bra underneath. I loved this top specifically because it, along with my bra, allowed my dark saucepan nipples to be visible through the sheer material.

“My shower was great thanks, very……satisfying.” My uncle smiled knowingly and my blush deepened. He knew I was caught and he was teasing me about it!

The day went on like this. Flirty banter from my uncle mixed with teasing and blatant hints at what he had seen. After a while I relaxed into the playfulness of it, hopeful that he would not tell my parents. I also found myself getting aroused by how he seemed pleased at having caught me masturbating. I started to tease and flirt back with him, making excuses to bend or arch my body and exposing myself just enough to give him quick glimpses.

I was surprised by the way my own uncle seemed to flirt with me, even encourage me to display myself to him. He would ask me to reach up and grab things for him or tell me to bend over in front of him to check something on the floor. As surprising as it was though, I was more surprised at my own arousal. My pussy was damp all day and I couldn’t wait to play with myself again! 

Once again that night I took out my purple dildo and took it into the bathroom with me for a shower. Knowingly, I left both bathroom doors unlocked as well as the shower curtain, hoping my uncle would want to take another peek. I washed myself as usual, lathering up my breasts and bare pussy with soap before thoroughly rinsing myself. I did the same with the dildo, sucking on it when it was rinsed and moaning softly as the smooth shaft entered my mouth. Behind me I heard the door creek and I had to stop myself from turning, I knew uncle Joe would be there watching. I wanted him to watch me and I wanted him to know it.

I leaned into the corner of the shower, turning down the force of the water so it just tricked hot water down between my breasts and pussy. The dildo was now warm with the water and I slid it along my wet slit, gently pushing aside my puffy lips as I made sure I was facing the doorway. I lifted a leg onto the tiled ledge and spread them apart so I had good reach to my now aching cunt. The dildo was soft and warm against my pussy as I teased open my lips, pressing the head of the cock to my fuck hole. I moaned softly as I pushed the dildo up into my pussy. I smiled as I felt it stretch the walls until it was as deep as I could get it. I held it there inside me, panting as I rubbed my clit with my free hand.

Slowly I started to slide the dildo out of my pussy. I gasped as I shoved it back in and the force caused a satisfying slapping sound against my mound. I heard a soft bang from behind the door and as I looked up I smiled to see a shoe sliding back to hide behind it.

I tried thrusting the cock into my pussy faster, arousal taking over with the knowledge that my own uncle was again watching me masturbate.

After a few thrusts I was became frustrated because with the trouble I had balancing in the running shower. So, with a big grin for my uncle, I slid the cock out of my pussy and stuck the suction cup onto the ledge. I positioned myself above the dildo and stroked it before sliding my cunt slowly down the full length as my hand rubbed my clit hard. In this position I was able to ride the cock, I fucked it faster with each stroke as my large round ass slapped against the cool tiles. 

I was lost in my own pleasure and as I began to moan louder my 28E tits bounced against my chest as I roughly rode the sleek dildo. I heard muffled noises at the bathroom door and I couldn’t help but moan louder and pound my pussy onto the cock harder. I wanted my uncle to know how much I wanted him; I was so aroused I didn’t care if I got into trouble so I began to moan his name.

“Mmm Uncle Joe…Mmm you like my pussy uncle Joe? Oh yes fuck me please Uncle Joe!” I couldn’t help but moan at my own words as I felt my orgasm build up inside me and explode out of my cunt.

My whole body shook and trembled on the dildo, hurting my insides a little as I bounced up and down with the force of my orgasm. My large breasts swung in front of me slapping against my chest and adding more pleasure. As my orgasm subsided, I stood shakily, still impaled on the dildo as I turned up the water and let it wash over me. I slid my cunt up and down the shaft of the dildo slowly and enjoyed the sensation of being stuffed before I finally let it pop out of my cunt so I could finish off my shower. 

Just like the night before I heard the bathroom door click closed and I wondered what would happen tomorrow. I knew for a fact that my uncle watched me masturbate, and I hoped he was jerking his cock too. But would he tell? Would I be in trouble for such a display?

The next morning uncle Joe was already up and gone for the day. I was a little disappointed and felt more than embarrassed for my performance the night before. What if he was ashamed of me? What if I was in trouble? Or worse, what if I’d gotten it all wrong and he didn’t want to see me in a sexual way? Had I been just a naive little girl?

I didn’t know, but as I showered and dresses, I decided to go out for the day to distract myself. If I was to be in trouble with my parents, I may as well enjoy my last piece of freedom. I decided to go shopping.

The shops were relatively quiet and I was free to try on whatever clothes I wanted with out my parents or anyone else telling me they were inappropriate. I tried on a few things, then decided to buy myself a few new bikini’s. I didn’t wear them often, because I was a larger size, but when the beaches we’re empty and while I was mostly home alone I wanted to have some.

After about an hour I was on my way home again armed with a bag of new clothes and feeling a little better after some retail therapy. As well as two sets of sexy bikini’s, I had also brought myself a range of skimpy, revealing panties and a silky summer dress that I thought suited my curvy body well. The house was silent so I went up to my room with my stash of clothes, eager to try them on in the privacy of my bedroom.

Twisting and turning in front of my floor length mirror, I admired the way my new bikini barely covered my breasts, my hair was loose and fell around my shoulders in auburn waves, stray strands resting on my breasts. They sat perfectly on my chest, semi hard nipples poking through the material, leaving plenty of flesh visible outside the small triangles of cloth.

I heard the front door open. I knew it would be uncle Joe so I didn’t pay much attention.

My new bikini was a pale blue colour, with pinkish stripes across it. The bottoms were small and only covered half my butt cheeks, making the round buns clearly visible as they poked out of the bottoms. The triangle of cloth that made up the bottom portion of my bikini was so small my chubby belly was well in view, but made the completed look quite sexy. The material was sheer and smooth, it felt great against my skin and I couldn’t help but get wet as I stood admiring myself.

Standing with my back to the door I hadn’t noticed it open, I didn’t notice uncle Joe standing in the door way, also admiring my new bikini. 

Seeing something in the corner of the mirror I looked up. 

I gasped when I saw my uncle standing in the doorway and I hurriedly looked around for something to cover myself with, but didn’t get a chance when he came into the room, and stood in behind me of me. I turned to face him, our bodies barely inches apart as his eyes moved down my body. I was stunned silent as he ran his hand down my shoulder, turning me back around to face the mirror as he blatantly looked studied my body.

I was blushing wildly as my uncle inspected my revealing outfit. His eyes travelled along the curves of my body, I couldn’t help but notice the lust in his gaze.

It was strange to see my own uncle this way, but I was beginning to get over the taboo of “i****t” as I became more and more aroused.

“Well, your parents will never let your wear this Chrissy! Where on earth did you find such a thing?” His words were sharp, but his voice was deep and husky with lust..

I didn’t know what to say, so I just stammered and shook my head as I watched Joe in the mirror, he had stepped back a little but he was now looking at me in the mirror. I stood straight on with my arms by my sides, and I felt a shiver of pleasure run through me as I started into his eyes.

“Well, I suppose you like it? And it does look…great on you.” Uncle Joe said with a cheeky grin.

I didn’t know what to say. “Ahh thanks, uncle.”

“How about I take you to the beach? Give you a chance to show it off before your parents come home. I know the perfect place we can show you off.”

I stood staring at him through the mirror with a look of pure stupidity on my face. Was he serious? I was standing practically nude in front of my uncle and he wanted to take me to the beach to show me off?!? 

By this stage I was surprised at how not shocked I was. After the last few nights and the way we had both been flirting the last few days, I was really liking the new attention from my own uncle. 

A small smile broke across my face as I happily agreed to go to this beach of Joe’s.

” Sure uncle Joe! This beach sounds fun.” I hesitated and turned to face him, quickly giving him a kiss on the cheek, my large breasts pressed against his body briefly, I could feel my sensitive nipples rub against his chest. He hesitated for a moment before wrapping his arms around my wait and hugging me for just a second. 

Before I left the room I said “just let me grab a few towels and ill be right out.”

I sat in the front passenger seat of my uncle’s beat up car, the window wound down to let the summer breeze caress my skin. I’d decided if my uncle wanted to show me off, why not give him a real show. Instead of covering up for the drive to the beach I had simply threw on a short wrap around sarong, it was the same pale blue as my bikini and didn’t leave much to the imagination.

I did have a hard time trying to keep my breasts from falling out of my bikini, I still didn’t know how far Joe wanted to go, and although I was up for anything, I still had a small feeling that we were doing something wrong.

I sat with one elbow on the window, hand holding my hair off my face as it blew about in the wind, while Joe drove on in silence. I still had no idea what beach he was taking me to but I soon forgot about that when one of his large hands fell onto my leg.

I looked down, it was rough and warm, gently squeezing my smooth skin. I didn’t move, but I did give him a sweet smile as he took his eyes off the road to glance at me for just a moment. 

Slowly his hand began to rub up and down my thigh, so slowly, it was as if he was trying to reassure me.

“Hmm so where is this beach uncle Joe?” I asked in a soft tone, trying to achieve a relaxed but sexual atmosphere.

” Oh its quite a long trip sweetie, an hour or two. I used to go surf there with a few mates, remember?”

I did. They used to come over to the house during Joe’s little “visits”. There were about four of them, big bulky men. Two were brothers, they were black, deep dark sexy skin that made every woman wonder just what they would feel pressed naked against such b**sts.

“Sure uncle, I remember well.” Smiling sweetly I placed my hand on his and squeezed.

The drive went on like this for awhile, Joe’s hand never left my leg and we fell into conversation easily. Id never noticed how much we actually had in common, we had become a lot closer over the last few days, but now we got on like old friends.

Joe’s hand began to move higher up my thigh as we spoke, trying to push the material of my sarong out of the way. I felt my legs part slightly as my breathing deepened as cars sped past us, no one looking in but I suddenly got a rush at how exposed we were to the public. 

“Take off your seat belt and turn around to face me, I want too look at you.” Joe’s voice had become deep with lust again.

I slowly did as he said. I had to spread my legs wider and lift my right leg up onto the seat so that I could face him properly. This position seemed to please him greatly, my legs spread, one knee bent up on the seat showing off the crouch of my bikini underneath my sarong. 

Keeping his eyes on the road he began to undo the knot in my sarong, throwing it to the side and off my body. With my legs spread like this my puffy pussy lips were clearly visible through the thin material, as was the small damp line accentuating my wet slit.

Being so exposed I suddenly became shy, what was I doing? This is my uncle!!! I wrapped my arms around my belly, unable to cover my breasts as I spoke to Uncle Joe.

“Umm..uncle? Should we be doing this … I mean, y-you’re my uncle?” my voice was shaky, but as his eyes found mine I saw them soften. 

He pulled the car to the side of the road slowly, pulling his seat belt off and turning to face me when he was parked. 

“Chrissy baby, I’m sorry. We don’t have to do anything your..uncomfortable with.” he was serious, but I felt a little sinking disappointment as I sobered up a little from the lust filled morning.

“I know we’re related, but I don’t mind. Actually I think you’d be surprised how much I don’t mind! I don’t want to force you, but I care about you and if you want to stop we can baby.”

I was a little shocked at how open he was talking about us actually having i****t sex! But I still couldn’t deny how I felt. I was really starting to like my uncle and I was up for the sex no matter who I was with.

I hesitated for a second before I sat up and leaned forward. looking up at his eyes as I pressed my lips against my uncles, his lips were warm and hard against my skin. I felt his surprise last for a second before he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his lap. We kissed deeply, almost shyly, his lips caressing mine like I’d never felt before.

It was more than it had been with other guys, I felt a connection to uncle Joe, and it was as if all that love and lust was in just one kiss.

We both pulled back to gasp for air, looking into each others eyes, I giggled happy and knew I really was comfortable at what was happening.

It was a good thing uncle Joe had parked off the road, the view of the car was obscured by some bushes and we were a little distance from the main road. Joe’s hand reached up and grabbed one of my breasts, he squeezed gently and looked up into my eyes as if asking my permission.

Smiling shyly I kissed him again, slower this time but as I did I leaned into him my crouch pressed against his in the driver seat. The flimsy material of my bikini didn’t last long, Joe pushing it to the side with both hands, my large round breasts swinging free. My nipples were already hard and I gasped as I felt him grip them in each of his hands, pulling, squeezing.

As uncle Joe teased my nipples I ground my pussy on his crouch. I could feel his cock getting hard underneath me and I knew just how wet the bikini bottoms were. I reached down between my legs to place my hands on the lump under Joe’s jeans. The movement of my arms pushing my breasts together, my nipples now right in Joe’s face. 

The moment I felt his hot mouth on my nipples I thought I was going to cum. I have always had extremely soft nipples, sometimes men hurt me if they were too rough, but uncle Joe knew just how to please me. He sucked one deep into his mouth, lifting my breast slightly as he squeezed and teased my other breast.

I quickly undid his zipper and couldn’t help moaning out loud as I reached in his pants and grasped his cock. He wasn’t wearing boxers and I was treated to the soft skin on his semi hard dick, releasing him slowly from his pants Joe gave a returning gasp. I loved the way my breast’s bounced against my chest as it fell from his lips, his hands now grasping at my ass.

He pulled me against him hard, pulling my face forward and to the side and he kissed and bit my neck. We were both so horny by now I didn’t see any point in wasting time. I reached between my legs and pulled the crouch of my bikini to the side, revealing my shaved puffy little cunt. He grinned, his hand instantly brushing along my slit, spreading my pussy lips and rubbing my clit.

I moaned out loud as he teased my clit. He soon found my hole and began forcing one of his fingers deep inside me. Sitting with my legs spread over his lap in a car on the side of the highway I suddenly felt so good. I was really starting to fall for my uncle and the way he made me feel was way better than I ever hand with any other man. 

I looked down between our legs, uncle Joe’s hands were occupied between my ass and my cunt and he slid his finger slowly in and out of me. My two hands were wrapped around Joe’s thick cock, I guess it was about 8inches, but I hand never felt one so thick. I held it firmly, enjoying the smooth skin and the way pre cum leaked from his pee hole. As I began to thrust against uncle Joe’s finger, so too did my hands begin to jerk his dick.

Joe couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled his finger out of me and lined his cock up with my cunt. My puffy pussy lips were open and ready for his meat as he pushed his hips up to meet mine. The smooth skin on Joe’s uncut cock slid inside my wet pussy, filling my tight little hole as I slowly settled his dick and buried it deep inside me.

“Mmm A..Joe!” I caught my breath, not moving for a moment and his hand reached up and covered my mouth.

I was happy to be silent as I began to move up the length of Joe’s cock. It was awkward in the front seat of a car, the steering wheel was digging into my ass cheeks but I didn’t want to stop. Pressing myself against him I began to bounce up and down, hard and fast, my breasts covering his face.

I felt his hands grip my hips, fingers digging into my skin as he met my thrusts, fucking my cunt. His dick felt so good, deep inside me as I bounced, only concerned with my own pleasure.

I didn’t last long, but then, neither did Joe. I felt his cock spasm inside me just as I came, hot sperm spurting out in jets, deep in my womb. I wasn’t thinking of the implications at the time, only the pleasure I felt as my own orgasm erupted.

I shuddered in Joe’s lap, moaning into his neck as we roughly thrust against each other, his cock slowly going limp inside me.

We stayed like this for awhile, arms wrapped around each others bodies. we kissed again, deeper, his lips pressing tenderly against mine. From that moment on I knew my life would never be the same.

Thank you Uncle Joe




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