Uncle Steve

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Uncle Steve
My 18th birthday is today, mom and dad have invited the whole family and some of my friends for my big blow out. Dad went to the airport to get my grandparents and my Uncle Steve from Florida. Mom’s parents are already here. Granny is helping mom in the kitchen and gramps is helping my brother Sam put up the tables and chairs.

I look at myself in the mirror and say this weekend will be the best. I’m getting my shorts on and look at my breasts in the mirror. Nice firm mounds with perky nips. I circle my nips then pinch them as they grow harder. I squeeze my mounds and pinch again. I’m getting horny. I sit on the counter with my shorts unbuttoned, then slide one hand down my panties and finger my wet pussy.

I slip a finger into my wet pussy hole. Awww, I moan as my wetness feels good. I pinch my nipple as I’m fingering my clit. I’m needing to get fucked bad. My boyfriend is out of town this weekend, it makes me very sad. So the best I can do is finger and play by myself. I was just getting ready to cum again, when mom yells up to me to get going with mowing the back yard.

I button my shorts and slip on my exercise bra. My hair is pulled up into a ponytail, then slip on my yard shoes. I walked into the kitchen, gave granny a kiss on her cheek then headed to the garage. Sam and gramps were cleaning the tables. I pulled the lawn mower out, filled the gas and checked the oil. Gramps said he was impressed that his granddaughter can do a mans job.

I started in the front yard, making a cool design with diagonal lines. The neighbor across the street always tells me how our yard looks nice with the way I mow. When finished, I headed to the back yard. I used the weed eater first, then began mowing in the same fashion as the front yard. I’m in the back of the yard, when my dad pulls in the driveway. He honks to let me know they are there.

Dad and Uncle Steve took the luggage in the house. Grandma and grandpa motion me to stop and give them a hug. I’m all hot and sweaty, but they didn’t care. My nipples were hard and poking through my bra. Grandpa pulled me in for a tight hug, my nipples went soft real quick when I gave grandma a hug. Uncle Steve was talking with my dad when he came from the sliding door of the dining room.

I got a big smile when I seen him with no shirt and his basketball shorts. His chest was like he was carved from clay looking like the man of steel. I have always admired Uncle Steve, he always plays basketball with me and dad when he visits. I ran over to him to give him a hug. Uncle Steve looked at me from the top of my head down to my feet, then his eyes looked back up and stopped at my chest.

My nipples grew hard and goose bumps covered my body. Uncle Steve licked his lips and said I’m looking good. Uncle Steve is dad’s youngest brother, he’s just 10 yrs older than me and very hot. I turned on my heels and went back to mowing. Uncle Steve watched me mow and clean up around the flowers. When I started back to the garage, Uncle Steve was helping my dad take the tents to the yard.

I excused myself and went to take a shower. Mom said for me to make myself all cutesy for the party. Mom is a stickler about me always looking like a young lady and I should act like a young lady at all times. I don’t know too many young ladies who mow the yard, take the trash out and cleans the garage like I do. But this young lady, she likes to get dirty with dirt and oil. I’m going to college in the fall to be an auto mechanic.

I’m in the shower when I hear a knock on the door. Before I could say just a minute, Uncle Steve walks in to use the toliet. He can’t really see much, my silhouette of my body. I could hear him peeing as he said I did a nice job with the yard. I said thanks, then asked him to hand me my towel. I stepped out of the shower with my towel wrapped tightly around my chest.

Uncle Steve gave me those eyes again, then said to me that he was admiring my perkiy titties when I was working. I looked at him and asked what he had in mind? His hands were on my shoulder at his arm length away as he was telling me how good and grown up I was. I wanted to pull away, but I really just wanted to run my hands down his chest, then on down to feel what his package was like.

My towel started to come undone, I went to grab it but Uncle Steve grabbed my hands and let the towel fall. My nipples grew about an inch. Uncle Steve touched them just on the tips, then gently massaging them between his fingers. I moaned with the feeling I was getting between my legs. My pussy twitching and wanting to be touched. I just stood there letting him touch me.

I reached out to touch his chest. When I stepped closer, Uncle Steve groped my breasts. I ran my hands up and down his chest, working my way closer and closer to the elastic of his shorts. When I stopped touching him, he looked at me with hunger in his eyes. I looked at him and smiled. He said that he has wanted to touch me since he set eyes on me in the back yard.

Uncle Steve pulled me closer and gave me the hug he really wanted. His hands were up and down my backside, then groping my ass cheeks. I could feel his dick growing harded agains my belly. I groped his rock hard ass, as he opened and spread my ass cheeks. He slapped my ass as I flexed them shut. I looked at Uncle Steve and told him that I’ve always wanted to be with him.

My brother was yelling for me as he came upstairs. I ran for my bedroom to get dressed, Uncle Steve snuck into my parents room, before Sam seen us leave together. Sam said mom wants me to get dressed and go to the market to get my birthday cake. I asked what dad was doing and why he couldn’t go, Sam replied that mom wants you to go. I pulled out my yellow sundress, slipped on a pair of white lacey thong underwear and found my white flip flops.

Uncle Steve knocked on my door before entering, then stood in the door frame watching me french braid my hair. I told him how mom wants me to look cute. He smiled and said I was always cute. Sam yelled down to mom and said i was on the way. I looked at Uncle Steve and asked if he wanted to ride along with me. He smiled and said yes.

Mom said I looked very nice, then gave me the keys to the minivan to pick up the cake and the pasta. Uncle Steve and I left for the store. We were chatting about how it’s been so long since he’s been around. He asked about my boyfriend and why he wasn’t here. I explained why he was out of town, then asked him if he had any new girlfriends. He said he has a few FWB’s but that’s about all. Mrs. Right hasn’t came along.

I turned on the old gravel road that leads to the river, a place that everyone goes to for making out and just to hang out. I knew no one would be there in the middle of the day. I parked near the woods, just incase someone decide to pull in. Uncle Steve and I got of the van and walked to the nearest picnic table. I sat on the table, while Uncle Steve sat on the bench.

I had my legs spread a bit, hoping he would touch me again. He asked if I was a virgin. I busted out laughing and said I hadn’t been a virgin since I was 13. I told him my cousin Charlie broke my cherry with his big dick. Then when I was 15, i learned to give blowjobs and swallowed the cum. I’ve had mulitple boyfriends since my freshman year, but Bobby has been my boyfriend for over a year.

Uncle Steve was rubbing my leg, working his way to my panties. I spread my legs for his enjoyment and for mine, too. He asked what was my favorite thing to do while having sex. I told him I love everything from having my pussy eaten, licking my ass, fingering, fucking, sucking dick, and anal. That raised his eyebrows with a huge smile. I told him Charlie tried once, but i told him it hurt. Then Bobby and I watched a video that said to use lube.

We tried it, when we were on a camping trip. He took his time with me and it was a success. We fucked a lot that weekend, everytime we were able to sneak away from our friends, we were having sex. Bobby carried the lube in his tackle box, took it out covered his dick, then when I was bent over tieing my shoes, he slid his dick in. I think that was the best camping trip ever.

Uncle Steve had his fingers tracing the slit of my pussy from the outside of my panties. I lifted my dress when he pulled my panty to the side and slid a finger in. I moaned as he began to slide his finger up and down my lips, fondling my nub, then just barely entering my pussy. I screamed out with ecstasy when he pulled me closer to lick my clit.

“Ohhh Uncle Steve, your tongue feels great. Please finger meeee…..” I pulled his head further into my crotch wanting more of his tongue. He nibbled on my nub, then he sucked each lip, pulling on each side. I leaned back on my elbows to watch him finger, lick and suck me to a full blown out orgasm.

Uncle Steve stood up at the end of the table, pulled his shorts down to reveal his length and size. I sat up to oogle his goodies. I grabbed his dick and told him that my dad is just about the same size. He pulled away and asked how I knew that. I giggled and said I seen him and mom getting ready to fuck one night. They had sex in the shower, then was heading to their bedroom, with his dick flopping as he walked.

I pulled him close to me as I sat on the bench to begin sucking his head. Long licks up his shaft, then down to his balls. When I held his sack, his balls grew harder. I sucked each nut, one at a time, then took both of them the best I could. Uncle Steve groaned from the back of his throat as he plunged his dick further into my throat. I sucked him like there was no ending.

I looked up to Uncle Steve with the eyes of a girl who wants to be fucked. He lifted me to sit on the table again, pulling my dress up over my waist and leaving my panties on. He looked at me as he was entering me, then stopped to ask if I had a condom. I told him no, but it was ok I was on birth control. With that being said, Uncle Steve led his big purple head into my tight opening.

“Mmmm” we both moaned as he slid in further. I tugged on my straps of the dress exposing my nipples to the sunlight. I tugged and pulled on them as Uncle Steve drilled my pussy. Uncle Steve bent forward to suck my nipples and I let out another loud groan. My body started to shake with enjoyment of this big dick.

I looked Uncle Steve in the eyes as he said he was ready to cum. He pulled out to stroke his cum in my mouth. Long hot ribbons flooded my mouth and oozed down my chin. the man kept cumming. I lifted my legs for him to donate his cum to my pussy. He slid back into me again and gave me a nice cream pie.

I licked my lips as he fucked me some more, he tried to use his lubricated dick to slide in my tight ass. I told him it wasn’t enough. He agreed and said next time we will be prepared. I fingered my pussy to get more of his cum. I gobbled down as much as I could get on my fingers. Uncle Steve watched me play and asked if he could help. He took his semi soft dick and slid it deep in my cummy hole. Pulling back out and feeding it to my wanting mouth. The more he did this,the more he grew hard again. I sucked him to his cumming again. This time not so much cum, but still a mouthful. We got ourselves cleaned up and headed for the market.

When we got home, mom asked why it took so long. I told her I took Uncle Steve around town to jog his memory. I left the kitchen and headed to the bathroom. I needed to wash my inner thighs, they were sticky, but I smelled of sex. I don’t need everyone to know that I had been fucked and didn’t clean up.

Uncle Steve came in and got undressed to take a shower. I grabbed him a clean towel and told him to use whatever he would like. He popped his head out the door and said that he has already had the best time of his visit and he hopes we can do more of that before he leaves on Monday morning. I winked then told him that we will have more fun, I promise.

to be continued…

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