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ess sat quietly next to her uncle as the car sped away, leaving the teenage correctional institution behind them. She’d been locked up as a 13-year old and now that she’d turned 18 she’d had to be released. She hadn’t seen her uncle in those 5 years, nobody had wanted to visit her. They all blamed her for the death of her parents and younger sister.

Bess had been an uncontrollable c***d. Her parents and sister had been hit by a bus and died instantly when they were driving to pick up Bess from another detention and chat with her principal. Her uncle had taken her in, but she’d gone from bad to worse. She was hanging out with much older boys, smoking, drinking and taking d**gs. Finally she’d been an accomplice in a bank robbery and that’s when the judge had decided that she should be locked up for the rest of her c***dhood.

Uncle Leo would probably not have taken her in if it hasn’t been for a very persuasive social worker. She’d explained to Leo that Bess had changed. She’d managed to catch up with her education while away and then excel far and beyond her years. She’d finished high school with straight A’s at the age of 16 and since then she’d studied medicine by correspondence. A few months from now she’d start the third year on full scholarship at one of the finest universities in the country and with her juvenile record sealed she had a great future ahead of her, but she needed a place to stay for the three months between her 18th birthday and September.

The social worker’s story had been fairly persuasive, but it was her talented tongue and wet cunt that had finally persuaded Uncle Leo. A 45-year old divorced man, he sure enjoyed fucking a lot of different women, and he loved sticking his tool inside the firm body of one 20 years his junior. He smirked at the memory of just how many fuck sessions it had taken the cute social worker to persuade him. He wondered whether he could get her to fuck him again since she was due to visit Bess next week.

Bess was scared. She looked forward to going to university in September, but she was afraid of other students asking her about her past. And most of all she was afraid of these three months in Uncle Leo’s house. The last time she’d stayed there Uncle Leo and his wife had either ignored her or yelled at her. Her cousins had probably left home by now so it would just be her and Uncle Leo. She was planning to make herself as invisible as possible, spending her days at the library. She quite wanted to learn to drive, but Miss Aaronson had said that it was better to leave that until she went to university.

She played with her long, black hair. It had been short and spiky when she was locked up and she hadn’t cut it since, other than the occasional trim of the edges. Her dark blue eyes watched the unfamiliar road ahead of them and she wondered what her future held. She had a little money in a trust fund. It was the money from her parents’ life insurance and what was left after the sale of their property. But they’d been simple people and training to become a doctor took a long time and a lot of money, even with a scholarship.

After 2 hours they finally reached Uncle Leo’s house. It was smaller than the one he’d lived in before and it was dusty and dirty. He showed her to the guest bedroom, which was furnished with a second-hand double bed and a desk and chair. There was an old blind covering the window. Bess shuddered. Even the cell that she’d called home for the last five years had been more homely than this room.

“There are rules in this house,” Uncle Leo said as Bess put her bag on the bed. “You’re staying here for free so I’m expecting you to keep it clean and cook the food. That social worker told me that you know how to do that. You will not bring any of your delinquent boyfriends here and if I find that you’re drinking or doing d**gs again you’ll be out on the street in no time. When do you intend to get a job?”

“I-I-I c-can’t drive and I’m g-going to university in September,” Bess explained nervously, knowing that Miss Aaronson had already told Uncle Leo all this. “S-s-so I was g-going to spend the summer studying at the l-library.”

“You think you’re so much better than us now, don’t you? What fucking university would lower its standards to take a crack head like you? But then, all those schools are full of cocaine snorting mama’s boys, aren’t they?”

Bess had learnt in the last five years that the key to a trouble free existence was to make herself invisible and work hard. She got up at 6 every morning and cooked breakfast for her uncle. Then she cleaned the house and got on the number 16 bus that stopped outside the library. She was usually there by the time they opened at 8.30. She then spent the day with the books, trying to get a head start on the next year at college, stopping only for a sandwich and a cup of tea in the library coffee shop. She caught the 5 o’clock bus back home and had dinner on the table at 6 when Uncle Leo came home. As soon as he’d finished eating she cleaned up after him and locked herself up in her room and read one of the books she’d borrowed from the library.

She could hear the sound of the TV, and her uncle’s laughter when he watched something funny, and sometimes she had an urge to join him. But she knew that he hated her and since she hadn’t watched TV for five years she figured that she could do without it for a few more months. She was usually asleep by 10.

Bess and Uncle Leo were both at home on the day that Miss Aaronson was due to visit. Uncle Leo looked around and had to admit that Bess kept the place spotless, it was cleaner than he’d ever seen it. Her cooking was quite basic, but it was edible and he didn’t have to cook it himself. It was hard to believe that the quiet mouse who snuck around his house was the same brat he’d known five years earlier. He’d taken to study her. She didn’t look much like his brother, but she did have his blue eyes. Everything else was a copy of her mother. The black hair, the olive skin, those delectable feminine curves and the huge tits. Leo had dated Joanna first, but the minute she’d met his brother she’d dumped him. Now Joanna’s daughter was living under his roof, and at 18 she was as beautiful as her mother had been at that age.

He was rather annoyed that Bess had to be here for the social worker’s visit. How the hell was he supposed to get her to suck his cock if the brat wouldn’t go away? He’d tried to get her to go to the library or wherever she spent her days, but she was adamant that she had to see Miss Aaronson. In fact, it was the only words she’d spoken against him since he’d brought her home. He’d even told her that he’d tell Miss Aaronson to go see Bess in the library so that she wouldn’t miss a day’s studies, but to no avail. He was horny as hell and the brat just wouldn’t go away. Maybe he could persuade the hot blonde to go out for coffee with him after her chat with Bess. Yeah, in some deserted car park where he could once again feel her sweet mouth wrapped around his hard cock.

The meeting was OK. Miss Aaronson didn’t really need to talk to Leo so he went and watched TV, but he could hear that Bess had become a little Miss Chatterbox with her social worker. All of a sudden the quiet mouse had become animated and smiling and a far cry from the invisible shadow he’d seen since she’d arrived. Eventually Miss Aaronson came to talk with him and he could hear Bess tidying up after lunch in the kitchen.

“Mr Jenkinson.” She smiled, as though she’d forgotten all those times she’d been naked and sweaty with him. “Bess is doing very well and I hope that you’ll be happy to let her stay here until the end of the summer as we agreed.”

“Sure,” he smiled and undressed her with his eyes. “How about you and I go and get a cup of coffee?”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” she said apologetically, the consummate professional now and not the horny whore that he’d fucked only two weeks ago. “I have another client to see this afternoon.”

With those words she was gone and Leo’s cock was achingly hard. With Bess around and about he couldn’t really whip it out and start masturbating to one of his porn flicks, could he? The girl had gone quiet. He assumed that she’d locked herself up in her room again to spend the afternoon doing whatever she did in there. He needed some release. He decided to have a shower and do the business in there. He’d never got around to fitting a lock on the bathroom door while he was living here alone, but he assumed that Bess wouldn’t walk in on him when she could hear the shower going.

He went to his bedroom and stripped off his shirt and jeans and then he walked to the bathroom with a towel in his hand, covering his bone hard cock, just in case Bess happened to step out of her bedroom. He opened the bathroom door and was shocked by the sight before him. There, in his small tub, sat Bess, her long black hair was wet, her firm d-cup tits were floating on the water, and she was obviously in the middle of shaving her pussy. He couldn’t tear his eyes off her dark nipples that were fully erect in the cool air.

“Uncle Leo!” Bess exclaimed, being the first to snap out of the mutual shock of what had just happened.

“Bess…” Leo walked closer to her, as if in a trance.

“Please,” Bess begged. “You have to turn around.”

“I knew you looked like your mother, but I never got to see how sexy your mother was without any clothes on.”

“Uncle Leo,” Bess begged him again. “This isn’t right.”

“Oh, this is so right,” he smiled and dropped the towel in his hand. He pulled off his boxers and stood before her with his raging erection. “This is more than right.”

He stepped into the water, his feet locking her hips in place. He then leaned forward until his cock was in front of her mouse, the tip of it glistening with precum.

“Suck my cock, Bess,” he commanded her. “Suck it like the little whore we both know you are.”

“Please don’t,” Bess was close to tears, but he was so horny and he decided he’d waited long enough. He never fucked Joanna, but her daughter was a good looking alternative. He pressed his cock against her mouth the next time she opened it to protest and soon his fat cock head was inside her. She had no option but to start sucking him. He started fucking her mouth as she sucked him. She was not an experienced cock sucker, but it was good enough.

She nearly gagged as he forced himself into her throat and the tears fell down her cheeks. This was awful. Why was her uncle doing this to her? He moved faster and faster and she sucked harder and harder. It was hard to fit her tongue inside her mouth with that monster cock taking up all the space, but moving her tongue around only seemed to excite her uncle. He was moaning out loud now. Just as she thought it couldn’t get any worse he groaned and with a final shove into her mouth, his balls hitting her chin, he started shooting her load inside her. She couldn’t do anything but swallow the sticky liquid.

When he finally pulled out she thought the awful experience was over, but he stepped out of the bath and pulled her with him. He wrapped her in a towel and started kissing her deeply, his tongue ravishing her mouth, where seconds earlier his cock had cum. He picked her up in his arms and took her to his bedroom. He laid her on the bed and removed the towel. He parted her legs and looked at the pussy she’d just shaved. She was mortified with embarrassment.

As he got closer to her pussy he parted her legs wider and wider, watching her dark red folds open up like a dew covered red rose. She protested again, but he took no notice. The twin peaks of her tits heaved as she panted and he could see from the dampness of her pussy that she was horny. He just needed to persuade her. He dove in and licked her from her ass to her clit and she squealed with delight.

She’d never felt anything like this. Her uncle’s rough tongue was setting her pussy on fire. It wasn’t right, what he was doing, but what he did now felt so good. He started flicking his tongue across her clit and she moaned with pleasure. Then he moved his tongue to her hole and started lapping up the juices that were now starting to drip from her. He started tongue fucking her, teasing her cunt mercilessly. Then he let his fingers fuck her. He had two fingers in her tight cunt as he wrapped his lips around her clit and started sucking on it, occasionally rubbing it with his tongue. Bess thought she’d died and gone to heaven.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned as she kneaded her tits and was absolutely overwhelmed by the feelings in her pussy. “Don’t stop, Uncle Leo.”

He had no intention of stopping. Her pussy tasted so sweet and her moans egged him on. She was a little slut after all. She’d protested at first, but she loved it. He couldn’t wait to feel his fat 7 inches inside this tight little cunt. He picked up the pace with his fingers and the 18-year old was starting to squirm.

She didn’t know how much longer she could take this exquisite torture of her uncle’s fingers and mouth on her pussy. She moaned louder and louder. Finally her entire body exploded and she shivered all over. Her pussy showered her uncle’s fingers with pussy cum and she cried out with pleasure as she experienced her first orgasm.

Uncle Leo slowly pulled his fingers out of her cunt and then he licked and kissed his way up her body, taking a lot of time with her wonderful tits. He buried his face between them and then he tweaked one nipple while sucking on the other. By the time his lips met hers she was on fire again, and so was he. His hard shaft rested against her pussy as he kissed her fervently. This time she responded with passion, wrapping her legs around her uncle’s hips, rubbing her wet pussy against his cock.

“Oh, Uncle Leo,” she moaned as his chest crushed her tits. “Oh, Uncle Leo…”

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” he panted against her lips. “Say it!”

“Fuck me, Uncle Leo,” she cried out. “Fuck me now!!!”

He moved his hips back ever so slightly, placing his mushroom head against her hole and then he penetrated her with one hard thrust. She cried out in pain as he broke through her virginity and he stopped for a moment. The horny little slut was a virgin. He hadn’t expected that. He’d realised that she was tight, but he was sure she’d done things that minors weren’t supposed to do. He stopped for a few seconds to give his niece a chance to adjust to his size.

The excruciating pain ebbed away and soon she could only feel pleasure. She started rocking her hips to get her further inside and he wasn’t slow on the uptake. His hips soon started rocking against her, thrusting his cock deeper inside her cunt with every try. Their joint pants filled the bedroom as the uncle fucked his niece for the very first time.

Her tight cunt fitted him like a tight glove and he kept feeling her pussy muscles squeezing him tight. Each thrust bounced her tits up against her face and made for a very erotic view.

“Suck your tits,” he commanded and helped by pushing one of them up against her lips.

Bess wrapped her lips around her nipple and started sucking. It felt so good. Her uncle was pounding her pussy, grinding himself against her clit with every thrust and every time he pulled out to get his cock even deeper she could feel her juices escaping down her ass crack. Fucking was wonderful.

He was fucking her fast and hard now. She met each of his thrusts with her hungry cunt and sucked him inside her. Her moans got louder and more intense. She wasn’t far off now. He picked up the pace further, fucking his niece’s cunt with vigour. Then she squealed, followed by a loud, satisfied moan as her cunt convulsed around his shaft and her body shivered underneath his.

She could tell that he hadn’t cum. She thought she’d done something wrong. She’d just had such a wonderful orgasm with his cock in her cunt and then he hadn’t felt the same. He pulled out of her and turned her over on her stomach. Then he pulled her up on her hands and knees and soon he penetrated her again. Her cunt was dripping wet and slippery and his thick cock got even deeper than before. She screamed with delight as she was filled with his wonderful tool.

In this position he had even more access to the tight wet cunt he was fucking. He grabbed her hips tight and rocked deep inside her, with long, fast strokes. She was so wet now that her pussy squirted out juices every time he shoved his cock inside. Her juices ran down the insides of her thighs and he ran a finger in it and licked it. She was so sweet.

He reached around and pulled her up by her tits. He was rocking in and out of her cunt from behind, his hands cupping her tits, squeezing them and pulling her nipples. Her moans were full of passion. She doubted she could feel any better than this. Her previous two orgasms had taken almost all the strength out of her body and yet she wanted more. She wanted to be stuck at the end of her uncle’s cock forever.

The wet slaps of skin against skin filled the room, as did their ever more urgent moans. Bess started recognising the signs and knew that another orgasm wasn’t far away.

“Oh yeah, Uncle Leo,” she moaned. “I think I’m gonna cum again. Don’t stop fucking me. I’m gonna cum!”

This time he was finally ready and as her cunt squeezed his cock again he groaned as he finally let himself release his load inside her cunt and she milked him dry. They soon collapsed in a sweaty heap on his bed and he played with her tits as they caught their breath.

“I always wanted to fuck your mother,” he said between heavy gasps. “But now I fucked you instead.”

“That was wonderful, Uncle Leo,” she admitted. “I never realised my first time could be so good.”

“And it’s going to get better,” he smiled and pulled her with him. Their joint cum was running down her thighs as he walked her to the shower, which he turned on hot and pushed her inside. He picked up the soap and started lathering his niece up. He spent ages on her tits and even longer on her thighs and pussy. She was on fire for him again and his cock was eager to be inside her again.

He grabbed her by her thighs and lifted her up on his cock and started fucking her against the cold tiles of the shower. He sucked on her nipples and bit them. He licked her water covered tits and then he sucked her nipples back inside. This fuck was even faster and harder than before and the uncle and his niece soon exploded together in the steamy shower. They took their time getting clean together.

That afternoon Uncle Leo took Bess to the family planning centre and got her a prescription for birth control pills. He also picked up a generous amount of condoms for use until the pills started taking effect. When they returned home Bess started cooking dinner, but was soon interrupted as her uncle pulled her shorts down and started fucking her from behind. They were insatiable. They spent every moment together fucking.

For the rest of the summer Bess still spent her days in the library when her uncle was at work, but as soon as he returned home they both stripped off and fucked in every position known to man, and probably some new ones as well. In the mornings Bess would ride her uncle while he had his breakfast and after dinner he took her from behind while she did the dishes. They slept in the same bed and on the weekends they rarely ventured outside.

It was with a heavy heart that Uncle Leo drove his niece to university, grateful for the two nights in motels that they got on the way. He drove home alone, thinking up plans for a new young mistress – he’d already picked her out from the supermarket checkout, while Bess embarked on university life, confident about her sexuality and eager to discover what it was like to fuck other men.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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